Ahimsa Yoga by Cristin Shea

We believe deeply that we are here to make a difference in our community and hope to bring positive change to everything we touch. We believe that yoga is the fundamental tool to help diversify our tool-kit of coping techniques. Our world is changing and we want to play an essential role in helping others develop their coping skills so, as a community, we begin to operate from a place of compassion, kindness and peace. The capacity to engage with and embrace the world with love starts from within. We'd like to help develop that capacity in each person that walks through our doors by offering an environment where all participants can image, pursue and embrace. We hope that ability to engage freely and safely equates to individual success. A person is more likely to pursue a practice of mindfulness and compassion if they are connecting with the class, the teacher and, ultimately, themselves.

[05/08/19]   So excited to announce that I'll be teaching Valerie's Yin Yang class this Friday, 5/10 @ 5:15-6:30pm at Symmetry Yoga. Super warm-flowy-juicy class! I can't wait to see all of your lovely faces!

Hello Ahimsa Yoga community! As many of you know, I stopped teaching last year when Alameda Yoga closed and life got busy. I now have the opportunity to start subbing at Symmetry Yoga starting in March. I'll keep you posted on days and times ~ so excited to be back at such a beautiful studio! 🥰

[10/06/15]   Subbing for Annabelle tonight ~ Class starts at 7:15pm. Vinyasa flow set to candlelight, soft music and a warm environment.

[07/14/15]   Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Heading out on that family vacation but finding that your yoga mat won't fit in the luggage? Just remember, yoga doesn't always happen on our mats. Often times our "yoga" is simply breathing through one of your great aunt's stories you've heard a gagillion times, or closing your eyes and enjoying the sun rays on your face, or eating your meal slowly savoring every single bite.

Moving meditation through your vacation is another way to capture every moment and enjoy it to it's fullest while practicing other aspects of our practice. If some stretches are an absolute must to simply ground yourself amidst the family chaos, here are some suggestions:

grab a piece of grass or hotel room - maybe get the kids involved
- do a few sun salutations (vinyasas) to warm up
- boat pose for 10 breaths to remind ourselves we still have a core
- forward bend for 10 breaths
- repeat 2-3x - feel free to add a vinyasa between each sequence
- butterfly pose (soles of the feet together; knees fall to the side)
- double pigeon - great if you've been sitting for too long
- legs up the wall - this can be done either afterwards or at the end of the day. It's a great way to adjust the attitude!


[05/08/15]   A huge thank you to all those that showed up to our pre-Mother's Day class this evening.

So many times, I come into class with a scripted flow sequence with carefully thought out transitions set to meticulously chosen music and perfectly timed flow. Along with a carefully selected piece to read that highlights what I'd like to focus on.

And other nights, I come in with nothing and let the energy of the class guide my next move. Tonight was one of those nights! I have been so busy these last couple of weeks: did registration for my daughter's next race get done, is the kitchen stocked for my husband in school while I'm away for yet another weekend, are the animals cared for and walked regularly, am I on top of all my Salty Dog Cafe paperwork ... and the list goes on. So grateful and so blessed but the list goes on. Anyways, tonight I had very little in my head because it was so full already so before showing up to class, I blindly pulled in whatever song spoke to me first. When I got to class, I set aside the first page I opened in my We-Moon calendar. And when the music started, I closed my eyes and spoke to what I saw. And it was truly yummy what I saw!

Tonight I was reminded that it's not always perfect and during those times when it's not, you so often find the most perfect moment! I am so lucky to have the most beautiful women show up every Thursday (yes, sadly we're a little shy of men) so I had faith that through their beautiful selves, I would teach what needed to be taught.

I'd like to share the writing that jumped out at me tonight - coincidentally (or not), it is so perfect for Mother's Day:

in a bowl deep and smooth and dark
stir a milky swirl of stars
slowly pare in one whole moon
set aside and rest
in a separate bowl
strain a fresh sun through a sieve of fir trees
sprinkle with birdsong and silence
allow to rise
fold night and day alternately
into a small cabin in the woods
gradually alter seasoning
combine neighbors and friends
sift in a million small acts of kindnesses
until a community blooms
place in a misnamed ocean
at 49 degrees latitude and 124 degrees longitude
you will know it is done when you light tap
anywhere on the surface yields the word 'home'
and when a women inserted into the middle comes out muddy and grateful ~ Sophia Rosenberg 2012



TWO FREE WEEKS of unlimited yoga at CorePower Yoga for NEW STUDENTS!

Hey Ahimsa Yoga community ~ I just joined the CorePower yoga studio and for simply taking their survey and sharing how AWESOME they are, they've given me the CODE below to be used by friends and family. Please take advantage of the free two weeks!

app.listen360.com Please bring in this card to redeem your TWO FREE WEEKS of yoga! *New students and local residents only. Limited time only! Promo code: 2FREEWKS360

Grab a friend, call your sister, rally up your teenager! This Thursday @ 7:30-8:45pm is my "Bring a Friend" vinyasa yoga class. If you bring a friend, you both practice for $8 so no need for your pass.

The class is about building community and having fun with a friend nearby. The class is set to candlelight, fun music and a warm environment (75Ëš). You sweat, strengthen, stretch and decompress from the day while enjoying the community of like-minded souls.

When: Thursday, 4/30 @ 7:15-8:45pm
Cost: $8 per friend; cash, check and credit card accepted


PS - asanas in photos will not be performed in class. they are simply for fun

It's time for March's 'bring a friend for 1/2 off'!

Last Thursday of the month we celebrate doing yoga with our friends and building community. All you have to do is bring a friend and you both get class for $8/ea. What a deal!

7:30-8:45pm at Island Yoga Studio

If you have a class pass, feel free to save it for next time.

PS - pictures are for fun only, we will not be attempting any of these asana's in class.

To funny to not share!

This Thursday is 'bring a friend for 1/2 off' night! Last Thursday of the month we celebrate doing yoga with our friends and building community. All you have to do is bring a friend and you both get class for $8/ea. What a deal! If you have a class pass, save it for next time.


2015 Best of Alameda Ballot - Alameda, California

It's time to nominate your favorites. There is an entry for favorite yoga studio and favorite yoga teacher. Have fun!


alamedamagazine.com Vote now for the best of Alameda food & drink, goods & services, and lifestyle and families

[02/01/15]   So happy to be back on the mat with ya'll after my visit to Dallas, TX. I was able to experience the warm, humid yoga of Sunstone Yoga and the hospitality of that great big state.

See you Thursday night @ 7:30pm for some candlelight yoga complete with poetry, soft music and a warm environment.


[12/30/14]   Hope everyone is having an amazing holiday and New Year! Reminder, Island Yoga is closed and will reopen on Friday, 1/2.

Looking forward to some deep, candlelight flow with you Thursday, 1/7 @ 7:30pm.


Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) is designed to cultivate the skill of self-compassion. Based on the groundbreaking research of Kristin Neff (Phd) and the clinical expertise of Christopher Germer (PhD), MSC teaches core principles and practices that enable participants to respond to difficult moments in their lives with kindness, care and understanding.

To register, or for more information, please contact:
Dr. Amy Honigman:
[email protected] or (510) 421-0434
Dr. Annie Botha:
[email protected] or (510) 594-4338

Starting on Tuesday, October 14th 8 Weekly sessions, 7:15 - 9:15pm & a 4 hour “retreat” (Date TBA)

Market Hall, Rockridge, 5655 College Avenue, Suite 315, Oakland, CA 94618

Fee: $420 per person

*** Bring a friend and both practice for 1/2 off ***

Friendly reminder that tomorrow is our 'Bring a friend and practice for half off' yoga practice. It's a great way to introduce yoga to a friend or simply practice with your buddy for only $8 each.

Thursday 9/25 @ 7:30pm at Island Yoga Studio

*** Bring a friend and both practice for 1/2 off ***

Friendly reminder that Thursday, 7/31 during our 7:30pm vinyasa flow class is where we celebrate friends and community. Bring a friend and you both practice for $8. It's a great way to introduce yoga to a friend or simply practice with your buddy.


Guy Posts 'Yoga Mat For Sale' Ad On Craigslist. This Is Hilarious.

I've been giggling off and on since last night ... here's to keeping our yoga light and fun ... on and off the mat!

tickld.com Click To Enlarge

Last Thursday of every month
***** BRING A FRIEND FOR 1/2 OFF ******
Starting this Thursday @ 7:30pm, bring a friend for 1/2 off. We'll continue the offer for friends on the last Thursday of every month.

We are growing a beautiful community in our Candlelight Vinyasa flow class Thursday evenings and I'd like to extend our circle even wider. Please share with anyone you feel would be interested in some Thursday evening yoga set to candlelight, soft music and a warm environment.


We will be practicing chandra namaskar to candlelight tomorrow evening while we salute the full moon.

Please join us at 7:30-8:45pm at Island Yoga Studio

Such a beautiful shot, I had to share ....

After 7 months of healing from a broken elbow, my dear friend Heidi is able to fly again in Eka Pada Bakasana (1 legged crow).

Happy healing!!

MC Yogi doing his thing!

Lavender eye pillows and dryer bags are back ~ $10!!

Harvested and hand-made here in Alameda by Cristin Shea. Payment is by the honor system so please select any bag you'd like the deposit $10 into the box in the annex at the studio.


Sweet entry back into Life! So blessed to have spent the weekend with some amazing souls. Made new friends, rekindled old friendships and spent time with myself and nature. I'm am truly lucky!

#ahimsa #satya #yoga

Looking forward to an amazing weekend with my fellow yogi's


[05/01/14]   Reminder, vinayasa candlelight flow starts at 7:30pm tonight!

See you there!


How yoga could save a 1,500-pound manta ray | GrindTV.com

Amazing story about how a group of people and their powerful images are bringing change to our underwater friends.

grindtv.com Sidling up to 1,500-pound wild marine animals would give most people heart palpitations—especially when they look like they could swallow you whole and not even [...]

[04/01/14]   Join me tonight for some deep vinyasa flow while I sub for Annabelle at 7:15pm.

Rainy nights are perfect for some candlelight yoga.

See you on your mat!


Yosemite Bug - Rustic Mountain Resort - Cabins, Restaurant, Health Spa, Hostel

Looking for a weekend getaway to regenerate from your busy lifestyle? Treat yourself to 3 days of self care, good food and new friends.

Don't forget to book your massage or hot herbal bath before arriving. The therapists are amazing so they book up fast.


Enjoy the rain!

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TONIGHT ONLY ~ bring a friend to the 7:45-9pm class tonight at Island Yoga Studio and pay only $8 each.

Slow deep flow set to candlelight, soft music and a warm environment. All levels welcome!

Candlelight Moon Practice ~ tomorrow at Island Yoga Studio

Please join us at 7:45-9pm for some slow deep vinyasa flow set to soft music, candlelight and a warm environment.

Looking forward to celebrating the March full moon with you!

[02/17/14]   Save the Date ~ Yosemite retreat May 9-11

Join us for six yoga sessions, beautiful hikes, an oxygenated hot pool and the most delicious food.

Family friendly event! Please contact Satya Retreats for more information.


President's Day vinyasa flow yoga tomorrow morning at 8:45am with Cristin Shea.

Let go of fear and step into love!

well said

Join us on Thursday at 7:45-9pm at Island Yoga Studio to celebrate the full moon with some slow, deep flow candle light yoga!


[01/31/14]   Save the Date: next Yosemite retreat will be May 9-11.

Join us for six yoga sessions, beautiful hikes, an oxygenated hot pool and the most delicious food.

Families welcome!

More info to come in the next few weeks so mark your calendars and stay tuned.

Namaste ~

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. continues to inspire millions around the world as he is the ultimate yogi! On his path to enlightenment, he created one of the most powerful sangha’s (community) in history, practiced the selfless service of karma yoga, embodied ahimsa (non-violence) and worked tirelessly for the liberation of all human beings.

Join us in celebrating the life and works of this truly amazing man tomorrow morning at 8:45-10am.


First full moon practice of the year will be held on Wed. 1/15 at Island Yoga Studio

Join us for a gentle, continuous flow as we dance through chandra namaskara (moon salutation).


[01/09/14]   Island Yoga and Cristin welcome you to the new vinyasa flow yoga class Thursday evenings at 7:45-9pm.

Allow your body to slowly unwide by deeply flowing and breathing through your practice as you let the events of the day release. Class set to music and room is warmed to 75Ëš. Bring a towel, mat and water bottle.

See you on your mat!

[09/16/13]   FULL MOON PRACTICE ~ Wednesday and Thursday as we gear up for the Full Harvest Moon this week.

A glimpse into the week from Tosha Silver https://www.facebook.com/tosha.silver.7

Several forces arrive at once now, so if you've been tilling soil and pulling weeds all summer, you can finally let the blooming take over. Once you've done whatever you do and all is offered fully to the Divine, you're smart to relax and have a rockin' good time for a bit. Even if you have NO idea HOW a particular corner will be turned, this Moon together with Pluto will likely do so, as long as the mind is kept wildly open and receptive.

1) Thursday, Sept 19 FULL MOON at 27 Pisces. Ironically the Sabian (psychic ) Symbol is: A HARVEST MOON ILLUMINATES THE SKY. Literally, harvest time. Situations are ripe and full of fruition. Time to celebrate, open, and relax.

Come and enjoy the Moon Salutation and cooling practice as we dance through our yoga Wednesday and Thursday.


Word for this weekend ~ SATYA

Satya means "truth," or "not lying." Practicing satya means being truthful in our feelings, thoughts, words, and deeds. It means being honest with ourselves and with others.

In class when we're being dishonest with one part of our body, it's difficult to be truthful with the rest. Assessing ourselves from a place of honesty and truthfulness allows us to approach our practice with compassion and free of ego. Looking at our bodies, emotions and spirit is not always flattering. Life will often leave scars and bruises in places only we can see. If we can approach these areas with deep compassion and true honesty, the journey within the process of healing becomes our yoga. Not the fancy poses and difficult arm balances but instead the ability to navigate through hardship and joyful celebration alike with the face of TRUTH!

Be well!

Goes well with our practice of ahimsa this weekend.

Ready to teach some hippity hip openers tomorrow. Clearing out, freeing up, letting go. Tuesday, noon, Leela Yoga

Truly love this man

"One love, one blood, one heart, one soul, and one ______"

Word for the weekend ~ AHIMSA!

It's the first observance in the first limb (yama) of the 8-fold path to yoga. There are a total of five yamas and collectively they are thought to be the ethical rules or discipline to right-living.

AHIMSA = non-violence

I grant you all the permission and freedom to practice non-violence with yourselves this weekend. We, the human race, are notorious for beating ourselves up over everything! It ranges from the internal dialog we have with ourselves to the food we choose to nourish our bodies to the choices in the people we surround ourselves with. I invite you to change your thought pattern and the words you choose to describe yourself for the next few days. I invite you to make better choices for yourself. After a few days, see how it feels to have truly loved yourself! Once we're able to manage that within ourselves, we're ready to start practicing this with others and how we treat our family, friends and strangers alike.

Have a Happy, Compassionate and Kind day!


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