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[04/29/12]   Bay Area A-List

[04/29/12]   Team FitBoot Achieves Their Goal!

[03/16/12]   Bay Area A-List - Best of Voting

HOO-YAHH!! Kudos to the HardChargers who just completed Warrior Dash 2011 for N. California. Race well run, a few of us vets and a couple newbies, obstacles enjoyed and even a few trepidations (heights) conquered. It is my privilege to compete with you knuckleheads. Motivated and planning for upcoming competitive challenges. Well-trained and highly motivated! Hoo-yyahh!!

Reebok Agrees To $25M Settlement In Refunds For 'Toning Shoes' : NPR

Good job FTC. Finally. Hopefully no HardChargers reading this would ever have been daft enough to have given credence to any of these clearly bogus claims in the first place. Skechers? You can understand and accept that it's puffery and they couldn't possibly come up with anything remotely helpful for fitness. But Reebok? Should absolutely know better. Perhaps 25 big fat ones'll help them learn the difference b/w ad-copy and science! Reebok came to a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission over charges of deceptive advertising about Reebok's toning shoes.

[09/26/11]   2 athletes compen women's See Jane Run sprint triathlon. 1 veteran competitor, 1 newbie w/minor phobia about open water swim *lake" swim. After designing and supervising their training, seeing them thru 14 weeks prep, and coaching them all the way thru race warmup, so pleased and proud to see them come in top 10% among all competitors, well prepped and NOTHING left on the field. FitBoot! That's how we roll! Congrats, ladies!!

How Much Water Do You Really Need to Drink a Day?

Nice piece on the proven facts about hydration, how easy it is for you to get and stay hydrated, and how to monitor. My comments here are brief but I also supplied background and data that precisely echoed info from others quoted. Stay hydrated and enjoy!! Doctors question the 8 glasses of water a day rule. Here, we share tips on how much water you really need to drink a day to have proper hydration.

FitBoot Newsletter -- Vol. 4 Jul/11 - iContact Community

Hoo-yahh! The FitBoot newsletter is out. Click to read it now, sign up at the fitBoot website to get them sent to you if you haven't already. Enjoy the day and happy summer! ANNOUNCEMENTS & HARDCHARGER HAPPENINGSFITBOOT COURSE SCHEDULES & NEWSTHE TRAINING TABLE:PERFORMANCE & PHYSIQUE:COMMENTS FROM COMMAND

[06/21/11]   CA - Upcoming Short Run Challenge

Weight Training? Put Your Mind to It | Psychology Today

Just quoted in Psychology Today. Check out this good article including tips (includin mine) on mental focus during strength training, applicable in all your other training as well. Stay focused, stay motivated, Charge on!! 5 experts offer advice on using brainpower to build brawn. By Linda Wasmer Andrews...

[05/04/11]   Liposuction won't solve the problem

FitBoot Newsletter -- Vol. 4 Apr/11 - iContact Community

The latest FitBoot newsletter is out. If you're signed up, check your inbox (be sure it's whitelisted - my spam catcher imprisoned the test copy :0) If you need it, please visit complete the signup box found on most pages at FitBoot website. See the current issue at the link here. Remember: ask your training, nutrition, recovery, injury, sports questions. Answers here or newsletter! Enjoy the day!! ANNOUNCEMENTS & HARDCHARGER HAPPENINGSFITBOOT COURSE SCHEDULES & NEWSTHE TRAINING TABLE:PERFORMANCE & PHYSIQUE:COMMENTS FROM COMMAND

Fitboot - Basic Training For Professionals, LLC | East Bay Daily Deals

Get your Daily Deal!! -- If you're in the Alameda area, be sure to check out Alameda Magazine's Daily Deals to get 50% off FitBoot training -- cuz it went up today, it'll be good all weekend, so get on it and tell your friends to sign up for the Daily Deals as well! Time for Spring, Time for Boot Camp!! $197.50 for 6-Week Bootcamp with Fitboot (regularly $395.00)

[03/30/11]   We're Top 10!!

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Army swaps sit-ups for combat run in new PT tests

Ah, Army dawgs. Finally LOOKING AT updating their fitness testing to include true functional readiness evaluation. Better late than never, Caissons!! (see prev. post: Marine Corps adopted Combat Readiness Testing beginning '08, and simply ADDED it to standard fitness testing, not replaced). Ah well, welcome to the party! The Army plans to toughen its fitness tests for the first time in 30 years to make sure all soldiers have the strength, endurance and mobility for battle, adding exercises like running an obstacle course in full combat gear and dragging a body's weight.

[02/26/11]   Rover's Too Fat!

Boot Camp Test Drive

Hey Alameda -- time to come out and see what boot camp is supposed to look like and what it can do for you! Sign up now -- Class is this Tues and Wed morning. Next Recruit courses start: Feb 28 (standard course) & Mar. 28 (SOS) Heard about FitBoot but put off joining us? Curious about the great results you've seen in friends who train with us? Been "working out" but still haven't gotten as lean, strong, fast or coordinated as you should be? Curious what boot camp should look like? Come Test It Out! Feb. 22-23, 2011 6:

[02/15/11]   Yelp Discourages Your Biz Getting your own Customer Reviews?!

FitBoot - Basic Training for Professionals

Next FitBoot Recruit course starting this Monday, Feb 14 (yes, Valentine's Day - morning) in Alameda. If you've been thinking about it but not DOING anything, it's time to get up!! Sign up online at the FitBoot website. For those who know folks who've been looking to finally get in shape, send 'em over! Time to make that change and become one of the Hard, Fast and Strong!! FitBoot - Basic Training for Professionals. The best authentic boot camp fitness training . . .anywhere. Created by former USMC officer

FitBoot - Basic Training for Professionals, LLC in The Bay Area on BayList

Vote for us on the S.F. Business BayList to unlock a great Voter Deal! Just $60 for a Complete Nutrition Analysis to help you jump start your weight loss/muscle building/performance efforts ($120 value)! Jan 27, 2011 - J C. voted for FitBoot - Basic Training for Professionals, LLC as the BEST Boot Camp ... Vote for the places you LOVE on the SF BayList and earn points, pins and amazing deals along the way. Voting ends Mar 18...

[02/04/11]   FitBoot - Boston Seeks Manager and Instructors Video

Check out CNN's Rafer Weigel getting a great taste of true core training with Todd Durkin from UnderArmour, strength trainer for prior SuperBowl quarterbacks. FitBoot HardChargers, this is what we've been working towards! Pay attention to what gluteal involvement, real core awareness, balance and coordination are required and deliver. Just a glimpse but now THAT's training! Hoo-yahh!! Watch the latest breaking news, politics, entertainment and offbeat videos everyone is talking about at Get informed now!

[02/01/11]   Govt Nutrition Intake Recommendations

LaLanne's Last High-Dive Act

A little recap of the various stunts and escapades Jack LaLanne was up to at various decades of his quirky but landmarking life -- AND it turns out he started out out here in the Bay Area and quite possibly on this little Island that FitBoot-S.F. calls home! Enjoy! Alameda's only locally owned and operated newspapers

Warrior Dash, NorCal -- Charla "Crusher" -- 29:17 (4th in age group of 123 females); "Fire" Barclay -- 34:23 ( a respectable 46thour of 273 age group females); and "Sampson" Cisek -- 34:11 (a motivating 133rd out of 322 age group males). Many of those competitors were running sub-6:00 miles, y'all, on a cow-patch path with major obstacles -- this ain't no joke! But the BEST organized and most fun race event I've ever seen. Keep your eyes peeled for this event in your area next year (East Coast look for Run Amuck, Spartan Race or Muddy Buddy as well, but I'm tellin ya, Warrior Dash is the best organized and smoothest run of all). Hoo-yahh!!

And after our 1pm wave, sharing the afternoon with 5,000 other people (yeah, it's that big), having run, climbed, crawled, slid, hi-stepped, and slithered . . . Posting finish times/standings next. . . .

Kudos to FitBoot HardChargers who completed the Warrior Dash, Northern Calif. this past weekend (including me). 3.5 miles of xcountry running with really quite challenging obstacles starting after about mile 1.5: junk cars, rope web, a steep hill (plus down), wall vault series, hay bales, cargo net, tires, tunnel crawl, plank walk, fire and imoveable mud. Here's how we all looked, nice and clean, BEFORE

FitBoot - Basic Training for Professionals

Congratulations to FitBoot Recruits - Alameda. Full squad successfully negotiated their PFT and graduates to advanced training invite. Next recruit course starts Aug 23. If you haven't followed through on your intention to get out and join us to get to your best fitness ever, no need to wait any longer. Visit the FitBoot website and get signed up! Hoo-yahh!! FitBoot - Basic Training for Professionals. The best authentic boot camp fitness training . . .anywhere. Created by former USMC officer

[03/17/10]   Army Finally Implements true Combat Readiness Training - AP story

[03/02/10]   Bay Area: Please vote FitBoot Best of Alameda 2010!

Heavy Artillery : The New Yorker

It's satire but unfortunately true. We are and have been for some time in a crisis re: the fitness levels of our youth and the future of our armed forces as the world's finest. Quit feeding the kids crap, people!

So many young
people between the prime recruiting ages of 17 and 24 cannot meet
minimum standards that a group of retired military leaders is calling
for more investment in early childhood education to combat the insidious
effects of junk food and inadequate education. “We’ve never had this
problem of young people being obese like we have today,” said Gen. John
Shalikashvili, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He calls
the rising number of youth unfit for duty a matter of national
security.— Read more: The enemy had gathered in a small copse upstream from our location. The decision was made to engage them in force. The assault would require a direct approach along the river, the only significant obstacle to attack being a small hillock approximately a hundred metres from our location. ...


For all the folks so easily swayed by the latest alleged "energy" drink or supplement or going overboard with their latest training obsession (practical application? ultimate ideal? trying to kill yourself to prove how "hard" you are?), here's my new favorite parody. Enjoy.

T-SHIRTS! Harness the power of 400 babies!

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