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Shoulder Mobility / Medicine Ball

Here's a very powerful overhead stretch I made up for restoring the shoulders and countering forward shoulder slump / increasing overhead range of motion dramatically

Increase Overhead Range of Motion

Huge Fat Loss and the Kettlebell Swing Dan Piper RKC, FMS Dan’s Kettlebell and Barbell Club Kettlebell Swings are huge for fat loss, period. I can safely say that if you’re seriously into kettlebells and the swinging of them …

Fixing Muscle Imbalances Is Easy Many of us have muscle imbalances - learn how to eliminate the pain that comes with exercise when you are no longer a spring chicken.

Training at Shoreline Beach

Bec performs the Deep Six at Shoreline beach

The Deep Six - Kettlebell Strength

Get in shape for anything with Dan's Kettlebell Club in Alameda. Get strong, become more flexible, get in shape!

Just Do It Get in here, do this, look like that. Shush with your excuses.

[12/15/15]   $ on fitness or $ on alcohol - it's your choice

[11/09/15]   By Dan Piper, CPT, FMS, HKC, Dan's Kettlebell Club,

Isolating muscles leads to imbalances, poor body mechanics and injuries. Most folks dedicate most of their time in the gym to creating these imbalances without even knowing it. Isolation is executed by folks who are there for improving their looks, not for those who are developing athletic strength. Changing your focus away from your image, and gearing more towards strength and health are surefire ways to avoid confusion in your protocols.

Examples of Isolation, and how to change it up:

Bench Press - While a great exercise, most overdo it. Pressing too much makes your chest tight, pulling your shoulders into a forward slump. This affects your body mechanics, and will cause you to be injured during another type of lift, most likely a press or a pull. I'm still a fan of building up your chest - just don't make it 2-3x stronger than your core, lower back, glutes and legs can support - Do push ups in volume, wheelbarrows, and kettlebell military presses instead.

Curls - Curls are for looks only. If you want to get truly strong, go in with a buddy and play some tug of war with the battle rope. Or you could try some bent over rows - challenging your core, back and legs while pulling - Now that's an ATHLETIC pull - and you'll be the real deal compared to the sissy who craves your attention to their fat biceps. Think about it some - when in life is weight ever held out in front of us like it is during the classic curl? Answer - NEVER. Practice like you play -

Back Squat/Machine Squat - These are great exercises for your quads, back, and hips - also great for expanding lung capacity and for your heart. But most folks erroneously believe that this builds the entire lower body, but are stuck with a weak butt, hamstrings and back after years of squatting! Balance out your routine with some barbell and kettlebell deadlifts (there are many variations). The Deadlift is the the #1 most powerful human movement, the #1 builder of your posterior chain (butt, hamstrings, shoulders, trapezius and back), as well as the proven #1 fat burning resistance exercise that exists.

Ken Blackburn on Kettlebell Design and History

Ken Blackburn of the International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation gives a brief history lesson on the kettlebell and how the design impacts its use in worko...

The Role of Human Fascia Dan Piper, CPT, FMS, HKC, Reblogged from Fascia & Tensegrity Fascia is the biological fabric that holds us together. You are about 70 trillion cells all humming in relative harmony; fascia is the …

Alignment of the Back Muscles and Rehabilitation and – It’s Time to Feel Good Again This is a guide on how to re-align the muscles of the posterior chain. Adjustments to the spine are only part of the job - alignment is a learning process.

He Started Lifting at age 60 “Life’s requires strength. By now, you know this.” Dan Piper, Certified Personal Trainer, HKC Kettlebell Instructor, How much can you bench press? If it’s less than 187 pounds – a 91-year-old man in …

why blog about a hoodie? By Dan Piper, Certified Personal Trainer, FMS, HKC I’m posting about this sweater because this is an American success story based in San Francisco, about a business that does things much differently than …

Practice Like You Play Comparison of a kettlebell workout to the typical split program

Herophilos (Ἡρόφιλος) “When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot become manifest, strength cannot be exerted, wealth is useless, and reason is powerless.” – Herophilus 335BC – 280BC

The Farmer’s Carry kettlebell exercises

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