SupAsana East Bay, Alameda, CA Video September 10, 2016, 11:46pm

Videos by SupAsana East Bay in Alameda. Stand up Paddle Yoga on the San Francisco Bay. Classes, private instruction, Retreats and Certifications, founded in 2011 by Malia Hill and Kate Carpenter. class:

Life is a balancing act. SupAsana East Bay

Other SupAsana East Bay videos

Boga Yoga Twist & Flow..
If you still want more.....Sunday Boga Yoga Flow & Twist With Malia Hill

Beautiful Backbend Accidentally Caught on Video...
Sometimes beautiful things happen when you are trying o take a photo, but the cameran't work because its taking a video! Claudia Edwards!!

Beautiful Backbend Accidentally Caught on Video...

Life is a balancing act. SupAsana East Bay

The calendar says summer is almost over, but NOT at SupAsana East Bay!!!

How To Fly with Amy Mayerson and Christina Pacheco…..#SupAsana #BogaYoga Sign up here

SupAsana Easy Bay is Baaaaaaack!
Soooo, we kicked off our first official SupAsana East Bay class today.

SupAsana Playtime Alameda. #BogaYoga

Maila at Ballena...
With Solitude Comes Gratitude. #BogaYoga

Paddle with Mike
Looking for the BEST bay area STAYCATION this 4th of July weekend? Come to Alameda and paddle or do some yoga on the bay with a cool breeze at your back........ Check out Mike's Paddle at Ballena Bay, Alameda, a new location where you will see SupAsna Boga Yoga classes this summer and fall!

SupAsana on CBS--Get Your BogaYoga on here!!!
Fun with Roberta Gonzales interviewing Malia Hill...

Crow on the Water, In the Wind.....

Boga Yoga Hoop Day Fun
it was a little windy for water hoops, but...

Summer in February with Amy P!

Ommmmmmmmmm and Floooooooow with Malia Hill

Tittibhasana and Bakasana at SupAsana East Bay

Camel to Full Wheel at SupAsana

BOGA Yoga Teacher Training, Day 2 Fun
Jeramie Vaine demonstrates a beginner (lol) BOGA Yoga pose. :) :)

KPIX Mobile Weather with Roberta Gonzales visits SupAsana East...

Check out SupAsana East Bay on the news this morning with the lovely Roberta Gonzales!!

Ommmm on a winday day on the water. #namaste #bogayoga

Healing Sounds on the Water Today....Ahhh.

When Malia Met Sally, on a BOGA YOGA...

Can trained professionals fall in the water doing BOGA Yoga??????
"You know we're going in, right?

The BOGA YOGA Headstand w @Malia Hill
SupAsana Paddleboard Pose of the day: The Headstand. SupAsana classes are for all levels of practice, but this pose teaches you the difference between doing headstand in studio as compared with a headstand on the Paddle Board. Private lessons also available.

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