Willow Creek Custom Calls

We are a custom call company specializing in fine acrylics, stabilized burl woods, inlays, and custom tipped calls. Each call is meticulously hand tuned!

Our Policies: #1 Kill Ducks. Don't like the call? Send it back in 30 days for a full refund as long as the call is not damaged. We are that confident you will love the sound of these calls. **Want to sell Willow Creek Calls? You must be an established retail business with a valid resale license number to receive wholesale pricing. Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested. We'd love to have quality retailers on board. Willow Creek Custom Calls values your business! Thank you! Brad

Frosted Juice Speck with a little Bling.


There's a lot of talk about "Hot Cropping" and to those folks that think they've got it all figured out, should we ban railcars because they're short stopping the migration? Mallards are THE king at survival and reproduction and will forever mystify us that chase them.

Y’all hunting any rail yards? Thanks Chris O’Brien for sending this in. Hashtag found the X


Atlantic Black Brant vs Pacific Black Brant Call

Brant Season is upon us! Get your order in, tons of new colors!

This video demonstrates the difference between a Pacific Black Brant Call and an Atlantic Black Brant call.

MOA Outfitters

Hey Guys, if you want a guided goose hunt in Northern California, give MOA a like and check them out. Just a regular customer for Willow Creek and they went out on their own to give us a really nice review. Thanks MOA Outfitters!

One day only ever at this price! Get the new 2k-19 Speckabelly Goose call. No frills no bling, just pure hunting call. 100% Acrylic in flat black. 50%off!!! Sound file on website.

Willow Creek Speck Call Sound File

They're selling out fast! Easier to run than the competition and the Specks react to the sound like crazy!

Our all new gut system in the Tule Speck Series is a game changer!

It’s been a real pleasure seeing this kid go from a junior to a fine young man and a heck of a Speck caller. Our new guts passed his test.👍 On sale now! Check out the website.

Colusa this weekend!

In 2012 we were the first to offer this color in the industry. 6 years later people still want it. Woodland Camo first run. West Coast Cutdown.

One of the best “perks” of being a call maker is having the opportunity to donate to our heroes. This one is going to a Firefighter or first responder in California helping with the wildland fires. Thanks to the goofballs on the page Nor Cal Waterfowl & Sh*t!

Honored to be part of a collection with so many greats.


Pretty quick adoption!

This Animal Control Officer found 10 baby ducks on the Southfield Expressway. They had been abandoned. She stopped traffic, rounded them up and brought them to the South Winds Golf Club. We put them in one of our ponds. Our pet duck, who we had named Stella, had hatched her family of nine 2 weeks ago near our cart shed, was swimming at the time. As soon as the officer put the babies in the water, without hesitation, Stella left her family and welcomed the new ones! Way to go Stella!

Happy 4th of July to you and your families!

#2 Juma Red

The stuff is called Juma and it’s expensive and bad ass!

Stabilized and dyed blue Redwood Burl. Piano Glass CA finish.

Bling Bling! These are in stock!

Lignum Vitae hand turned oil finish. Excellent runner on sale today! $130 shipped!

Little story behind this Call. Buddy of mine a few years ago gave me a shed elk Antler and asked if there was anything I could do with it. By the time I got it Stabilized and then completely forgot about his call, at least 3 years has gone by. I get to surprise him at a dinner Wednesday night and the best part is it’s a gift. Can’t wait to see the look on his face!

💯 % Hand turned. Pearl Galaxy Florescent Green with an acrylic band. This color combination only available here!

Our first 1-5/8” square x 7” square blank. These are made from a new nearly indestructible epoxy blend that cure under high pressure for a flawless finish. We will be selling these blanks soon to other Call makers.


The new Galaxy Series. We’ve got a bunch of new unbelievable colors coming. Nearly indestructible tough new material that puts out a sound that’s incredible! #willowcreekcustomcalls #newmaterials #indestructible #galaxyseries #ducky #duckcalls #duckcall #duckcalling #duckhunting #innovation #silverriver #ducksunlimited #californiawaterfowl #oregonwaterfowl #washingtonwaterfowl #idahowaterfowl #utahwaterfowl #arkansaswaterfowl #mississippiwaterfowl #kansaswaterfowl #illinoiswaterfowl #oaklahomawaterfowl #louisianawaterfowl #duckdynasty #mallardmadness #availablesoon

We love to hear success stories! Another happy customer having awesome success in Mexico hunting Pacific Black Brant with Sonora Premier Outfitters. Check them out!

If you’ve followed us from the beginning then you know we like to pioneer new ideas into Call making. We will be offering custom Galaxy Call blanks to Call makers and also offering calls in a variety of Galaxy colors. The material is practically indestructible non toxic resin blend and turns like wood. This is only a brief sample of what’s to come.

Here’s the status in California if you want to buy ammunition from Walmart. If you didn’t plan ahead or don’t have a FFL deader near you, you’re screwed.

What happens when someone tries a Willow Creek Speck Call? Pandemonium sets in. Why? Slightly different tone that the birds want to hear. #speckscantresist #specklebelly #californiacallforcaliforniaspecks #itsnottrendy #hangupyoursqueelers #willowcreekcustomcalls #goosefever

Our Little "Sweet P" made the rainbow journey this morning. 1,000's of ducks in her career and the best friend a man could ask for. RIP Pepper. 12.5 years.

Giveaway!!! Soldiers and retired veterans participating in this weekends Field of Dreams Warriors in the Wetlands will all get a custom acrylic call from us. 40 Calls in total helping those that helped us! @field_of_dreams_inc #warriorsinthewetlands #willowcreekcustomcalls #fieldofdreams #veteranduckhunt #fieldofdreamsinc #donationworthy #californiaduckhunting #marshmadness #tulewarriors #willowcreekgoosecalls #mallardmadness #givetothosethatgave

When you get a text like this. Makes it all worthwhile! #finallyabeliever #willowcreekspeck #northerncaliforniaspecklebelly #peoplearecatchingon #willowcreekcustomcalls #specklebelly #speckhq #speckhunters #speckhunting #fieldofdreams #wheresarkansas #specksintherice #sickforit #goosehunting #northwindspecks #onsalenow‼️‼️‼️🔥🔥🔥🔥 #getitforchristmas🎄🎄🎄

[11/24/17]   Best Black Friday Hunting gear sales online? Other call makers sales okay to post, love to see what everyone is doing! PS~everything is on sale on our site.

Always a great time!

The weather is going to be beautiful this weekend for the Wings Over the Prairie Festival in downtown Stuttgart! It's not too late to register for all the awesome activities we have going on! Visit our website for the full schedule of events and more information! http://www.stuttgartarkansas.org/duck-festival/schedule_of_events.aspx

When your buddy decides to be Mr. Narrator!

Just when you pull up for the money shot you knock the cell phone over. Doh!!!

Some of today’s action.

Some of today’s action with pops. 28 Mallards for the 4 of us in just under 2 hours. Fun morning!

Little Eastern Washington action this morning. My 81 year old Dad loves to hunt these guided corn pond in your face mallard shoots. We left the hens out of the picture .😁#eaglelakesranch #easternwashingtonmallards #ducknuts #mallardmadness #cornponds #takeyourdadhunting #willowcreekcustomcalls

Interesting data!

November 7th, 2017 – Aerial Waterfowl Inventory Blog

We flew the waterfowl inventory of the Mississippi River on Monday, November 6th. We had some electrical issues with the plane at the start of the survey, preventing us from getting the Illinois River flight completed. I hope to fly the Illinois River on Friday, November 10th.

Total ducks on the Mississippi River were staggering at 146% above the 10-yr average and 86% above last week’s count. We had an influx of divers throughout the Mississippi River bordering Illinois, and we estimated 38,500 bluebills on Pool 19 this week. Most noteworthy was the number of birds in confluence region of the Illinois & Mississippi rivers. Swan Lake, which is part of Two Rivers National Wildlife Refuge, was holding ~324,000 ducks. This number is very large for the first week of November. In fact, this was the 3rd largest duck count at Swan Lake since the inception of the waterfowl surveys back in 1948; only to be beaten by December 5th, 1955 (581,495 ducks) and November 28th, 1952 (341,595 ducks). It was the largest count of northern pintail, gadwall, and ring-necked ducks ever recorded at Swan Lake, and the 65,400 gadwall at Swan Lake was the largest number recorded at one location along the Illinois and Mississippi rivers over the 69-yr history of the waterfowl survey. Enjoy them while they’re here!

For more information about the waterfowl survey, check out our webpage at www.bellrose.org. Stay tuned for more updates next week…….


Duck hunting 2017 (Public land) 22 birds down!

When we aren't building calls in our spare time I like to look at videos everyone is putting out there. This video however is disturbing on so many levels. I hope it serves a reminder to just someone out there. DO NOT POINT YOUR GUN AT YOUR HUNTING PARTNERS! EVER!!!! I can't stress enough how important firearm safety is. At the 2:28 mark the kid on the end ALMOST had his barrell completely blown away. Numerous barrel points at other people. Running with your loaded shotgun? On ice????? The kids were having fun no doubt but this day could have turned tragic 10x's over. Gun safety guys! https://youtu.be/NT0O8Gq3ynk

Join Connor, Trey, Tanner and Josh on a great public land duck hunt in western ok. The boys knocked down 20 birds and 1 goose. Filmed with gopro hero 5 black...

Check out the giveaway! Easy win! (Tap on text)

Attention Brant Hunters! Get your orders in this week to guarantee your “must have” Brant Call by the opener. We produce the worlds most realistic Brant sounds and they are proven deadly! www.willowcreekcustomcalls.com See video clip here. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=V3HcfBUP-eQ #pacificblackbrant #brant #brantcalls #brantcall #willowcreekcustomcalls #californiabrants #pacificblackbrantcalls

Myself and one of the original guys to get involved with the launch of Willow Creek Calls over 5 years ago headed to Canada last week for a self guided, freelance, duck camp, duck adventure of a lifetime. We couldn't have had a better trip meeting great people, finding world class potholes, and being rewarded with some of the best duck hunting I've ever experienced. 3 bonus bands, gotta love Saskatchewan.

So I'm hanging out at my kids soccer practice and this guy comes flying in. What do you see?

Every year before duck season I build a prototype and put it on my lanyard. I'm excited this year because not only did I find a new cast epoxy that's better than anything out there, but I cast, turned and built this large bore timber style call. It turned out absolutely perfect for what I was aiming for. Fingers crossed this will make the 2018 lineup for a loud timber style call.

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