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$25/60-min Personal Training session. To claim the last spot and get the final schedule please e-mail [email protected].

Fitness BootCamp: 6-weeks + Body Composition Tracking. All Levels Welcome. Starts 6/22.
details at the link:

Just a few spots left in upcoming BootCamp + PT

Very limited space for our next bootcamp round. details at the link:

Starting next Monday and Tuesday (1/13,14) we are running 530am and 6pm bootcamps. Find information and sign-up at the link below. e-mail [email protected] with questions.

$7-$8/class, morning and evening sessions, starting in 2-days. To get all the details and reserve your spot follow the link below. e-mail [email protected] with questions.

Next Bootcamp Starts Soon | NEW Massage Therapist

Very few spots left for the BootCamps starting Thursday. Sign-up now

Next Bootcamp Starts Soon | NEW Massage Therapist

Introductory Massage Packages, Next BootCamp starts this week

Next Bootcamp Starts Soon | NEW Massage Therapist

Next Bootcamp Starts Soon | NEW Massage Therapist

Less than $30each personal training session. Offer expires Friday, 9/6.
email questions to: [email protected]

Last spot still open! Follow the link below to reserve your spot now (MWF 530am). Begins Friday
email [email protected] with questions.

When you don't exercise regularly your metabolism naturally declines. At the same time, if you are cutting calories in an attempt to lose weight you might cause your body to burn muscle in an attempt to feed your body which further reduces your metabolism creating a negative cascade for your ultimate goals. You must exercise regularly to maintain muscle mass and obtain a healthy weight.

4 spots left for the PM BootCamp starting next Wednesday, 6/19. This progressive series will run MWF for 5-weeks. Find all the details and sign-up at the link.

After work option added for BootCamp starting 6/19.
$8/class, 5-weeks.
Plus 10% OFF massage

Everyone gets demotivated on occasion. Get back on track with workouts on a set schedule. Monday, Wednesday, Friday workouts for 5-weeks start 6/19, $8/class! Summer Break BootCamp!

Michael is back! You've probably visited him at other establishments on Park Street, and back to practicing massage in the Bay Area after a brief hiatus Michael has joined us at Alameda Personal Training. He will be available Tuesday-Saturday offering sports massage (including specific problem areas), deep tissue massage and reflexology. Currently you can purchase massages with him OVER 30% OFF. Find those deals below.

It is generally accepted that men need to work on their flexibility as they age to help prevent injury, but the benefits from working on flexibility can be found in all adult men.
In all exercise your body is supposed to work as one complicated unit. If any part of the body is not able to work optimally (ie. is inflexible) other muscles, joints and soft tissue have to over exert to pick up the slack. This will at least make your workouts inefficient or worse lead to injury.
There is more to flexibility work than static stretching. If you need help with a flexibility routine let us know.

When unexpected rainy days (when do those ever happen?) get you down or make you sleepy exercise can help counteract the effect of gray skies.
The lack of sunlight brought about by cloudy skies decreases human production of serotonin (associated with wakefulness, mood, dietary decisions, memory, etc). Exercise (especially aerobic exercise) increases serotonin production.
When the rain rolls in try to get a workout early in the day to combat the lack of sunlight stimulated serotonin production. The boost will help you stay productive throughout your day.
Let us know if you need help keeping your aerobic routine interesting.

As women age it becomes exceedingly important to maintain their muscle mass. It's well known that women are more prone to bone density issues such as osteoporosis than men, and one way to combat the decay of bone density is by preforming resistance exercises regularly to maintain strength.
Read this ( for more info and for examples of strength/resistance exercise

If you wake up bloated, swollen and lathargic most mornings you probably need to change something. That feeling doesn't need to persist. There is a laundry list of issues that could be causing morning bloating, and you will feel more energetic if you can identify your particular issue(s).
-eating too late
-eating too much salt
-not enough water
-eat too much protein at night
-each too much processed food
-drink alcohol right before bed
for more details visit
or send us a message

Next BootCamp round begins Wednesday, April 24th. So get your tax refund and then treat yourself to a healthy 5-week workout routine. Message us for details regarding $7 group fitness classes!

Getting to your GOAL WEIGHT takes a consistent, concerted effort (exercise, nutrition, sleep). What we need individually to lose (or gain) weight is different, but it always comes down to the proper combination of those three factors working with our internal biology. If you don't know where to begin to find your combination that will lead to results reach out to us. That's why we are here. Always feel free to ask questions.

This is a famous quote from legendary college football coach Bear Bryant. It has physical, mental and emotional implications, but we are talking about PHYSICAL STRENGTH today. Strength training increases your metabolism, lean muscle mass and bone density as well as imparting many other health benefits (learn more here: when done safely. Always be certain you are using proper form and working within your abilities when completing a resistance workout.

When it is difficult to do planks, if it hurts or is unstable to lift weight over your head and if reaching for every day objects is uncomfortable you probably have an ISSUE with your ROTATOR CUFF. To add stability and strength to your shoulder before injury occurs try strengthening your rotator cuff muscles. For example:
Learn more about your shoulders ( Be sure to always use proper form to avoid injury. Let me know if you have questions.

Too often it happens that fewer people show up for group workouts and there are a higher number of 1-on-1 cancellations when the weather is dreary. Make yourself get to the gym! We all know that exercise gives us an endorphin rush which is much needed on gray days. When someone (a trainer, a friend, work colleagues) are expecting you at the gym you are more likely to go. Consider taking group fitness or finding a personal trainer if it is difficult for you to find the motivation to move when it's raining.

So how do you strengthen your core to alleviate back pain? You have to activate your lower abdominal muscles properly. Try these:
reverse crunch (easiest) -
leg lift (more difficult) -
TRX rollout (more technical)-
Done improperly these exercises will at least target the wrong muscles, what's more, poor form will worsen your back issues. Consult your trainer for proper technique.

For the weekend warrior long distance runner: Running is fantastic exercise, BUT our bodies are incredibly efficient; If you selectively work your lower body your nutrients will be selectively sent to your lower body and internal organs creating a nutritional deficit for your upper body and core muscles which can create postural and bone density issues in the long term. There is more to this story (for example but the short story is don't neglect your upper body. Consult your trainer for the best upper body/core routine for your goals.

Having goals is necessary; Work for that 6-pack or defined arms, but don't lose sight of why we exercise. We are trying to build our bodies in to effective tools to navigate life efficiently. There is no singular aesthetic that constitutes fitness. So work hard, constantly learn, critique your progress AND be HAPPY WITH the RESULTS you are seeing.

Anyone who works at a desk, has a commute or spends a long time in the seated position likely has excessive tension in their psoas and hamstrings muscles. You should work on elongating these muscles daily to avoid problems with your posture which lead to back pain (
Try this for your psoas:
You must do a light dynamic warm-up before performing static stretches (consult your personal trainer for warm-up tips)

Usually developing after the age of 50 years, degenerative scoliosis leads to back pain, sciatica and shrinking of the torso among other issues. Strengthening your core during earlier years could help prevent degenerative scoliosis. If degeneration has already begun focusing on core mobility and strengthening are often prescribed (consult your physician). Working erector spinae and transverse abdominal muscles over the long run can make a difference. Try this

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Fitness for All

No matter your fitness goals (reduce pain, improve fitness level, increase exercise and wellness knowledge...) we are here to help

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