The Island Personal Training

The Island Personal Training is a private gym which caters to professional personal trainers located at 430 Westline Dr in Alameda, CA.

The is the official page for The Island Personal Training located at 430 Westline Dr in Alameda, CA.

#mahalo to all those who take the time and care to keep our oceans clean. Much #aloha to you on world oceans day.

[06/04/19]   Fully equipped, private, & classy. Come check out our supportive awesome community.

🙏🏼Thank you for your service. We remain open today in honor of the spirit of the Great Americans that gave it their all so that we could be #free 💪🏼 🇺🇸 God bless you and this great country.

Sure you found it on #groupon and it surely was cheap but where is your buzz at with all that grape juice?!🤣

76 years old. 3 hour long workout sessions per week. Down 36 lbs total and 12% body fat. Never gives up. So what’s your excuse again?

#personaltrainers who knowingly and wittingly work in fake gyms (gyms with no quality equipment) be like...
Don’t fall for it! If you’re doing mostly body weight exercises you can actually save money and do that at home🤔 or you can find a real #gym that has all the #equipment you need and make some real #progress towards your #goals 💪🏼. If you’re going to do something - DO IT RIGHT AND MAKE IT COUNT!

Don’t be that sucka that pays for hot trash posing as a gym. Train in a gym that cares enough about their clients to provide access to new top of the line equipment. Not OLD DIRTY TRUCK TIRES! That’s not real equipment. So many fake gyms around the Bay Area; we pity the fool that gets robbed that way. Don’t fall for it!

What all the #moms are!

Think you’re too old for a fit life? Checkout IFPA Trainer Rick De Gregorio.
Rick is 90 years old, training 92 year old, Robert Gallegher.

Robert is a rice farmer and has a goal of jogging from his house to his barn, a distance of 80 yards.
The team has been training together for 8 months. Robert trains three times a week, doing 18 different exercises, hitting all muscle groups.

Both trainer and trainee are an inspiration to us all!
PS Thanks @stonefitcalifornia for the pics! #seniorfitness #nevertooldforfitness #ageisjustanumber #personaltrainer #makeadifference #fitfam #ifpafamily

This red head prefers top quality equipment in her gym💪🏼

We have all the fitness stones... @ The Island Personal Training

There is only one gym in #alameda that gets to truthfully call crown beach their front yard.

Happy Easter🐣

Hey South Shore Apartment Residents! This discount is just for you. If you find yourself wanting access to the most private, exclusive, classy, & fully equipped gym on the Island then look no further than right underneath your nose. It doesn’t get any better than this. Come check us out! You’ll save money, get personalized small group training at a discount, and break through any fitness plateau that’s been halting your progress. Groups are always small and you’ll never have anyone in your way of fitness ever again. Call us today and schedule your free orientation with a personal trainer to talk about your fitness goals and get your own tailored program design.

April is here so it’s time to step up the fat burning. Everyone in our small group roster show up early to weight in and take your body fat. The person who loses the most weight & body fat in April wins a new pair of #underarmour workout shoes. Let’s do this!

South shore apartment residents receive 1/3 discount (normally $300) for membership to our personalized small group training classes: That’s access to 60 classes per month for just $200. With your gym and personal trainer right where you live life’s distractions won’t get in the way of your fitness goals so easily anymore. No need to drive anywhere. All you have to do is literally walk downstairs or around the corner. Come enjoy the newest top quality equipment in the fitness industry at a completely private location & tailored program design from experienced personal trainers. Simplify your life. Swipe 👉🏼 for our class schedule.

We bring back class & top quality equipment to the fitness industry.

We are the only FULLY EQUIPPED & COMPLETELY PRIVATE personal training gym in Alameda. It’s just you, your personal trainer, and an entire gym full of top of the line equipment.

Having way more energy. Feeling and showing self confidence. Living longer lives. Being happy. Being physically active. Having less pain and disease. Running fast and long. Hiking all the hard trails. Swimming in any water. Having great sex more frequently. Eating better name just a few things they do better.

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The only time your #personaltrainer can get away with being #fat ,or anyone in the #healthindustry for that matter,is if they’re the mascot for Fatboy Ice cream and getting paid for it😂Otherwise they should lead by good example. So many fat personal trainers now; what the hell is the fitness & health industry coming to when they can’t even set a good example for people they are helping! First they don’t care about having top quality equipment and now they can be fat?! Fat gym owners, fat personal trainers, and fat doctors/nurses are everywhere now. It’s an epidemic. Are they even working out or dieting anymore in the fitness and health industry?

Which car would you rather drive (scroll over👉🏼)? Get out of the Stone Age! There is absolutely no #gym in #alamedaca that even comes close to having what we offer. Stop blowing out your back tossing around make shift cave man equipment and come check out what a real gym looks like with personal trainers who know how to actually use real modern top quality equipment. We offer #personaltraining & personalized small #grouptraining as well.

@ Alameda, California

We here how our competition is so #thug all the time. We took it a couple steps further. #thuggeelife 😂.

Every time your personal trainer says you don’t need top quality equipment in a gym it’s just more #fakenews and a spin to keep you in their 💩 gym with no real quality equipment. We don’t accept that level of denial or cheap mentality here and that’s why we have turned down far more personal trainers for jobs than any other self proclaimed “gyms” in the area. Many local fake gyms are starved for personal trainers and will take any of them in just to make a dollar. We have turned down many and kicked several out who don’t stand up to our level of knowledge and professionalism! We only want/have the most knowledgeable and professional personal trainers at our location- no children who are still trying to figure out their lives here. The truth is real gyms have all of the newest and top quality equipment available for their patrons (this doesn’t include old dirty truck tires and your grandmas cheap workouts bands from target🤦🏻‍♀️) and great personal trainers know this. Come check out what the new standard in fitness looks like and take a tour of our top quality equipment/location.

Which private gym in Alameda took the time and care not only to have the best equipment collection in the Bay Area but also the best location on the island of Alameda right by the beach? Only yours truly. Everyone else will have you pushing an old dirty truck tire around and pulling some cheap bands they got at the Walmart sale isle in an attempt to Jedi mind trick you into thinking it’s a workout when in reality it’s most definitely not. Come check out our standard of fitness and see how it compares to these fake gyms.

Some people unfortunately don’t care about their diet or obesity now enough to correct it; but remember the first people to get eaten in Zombieland! Rule#1Cardio!

Does your personal trainer talk & act like they were on Eminem’s last 3 albums when they are conducting him/herself whilst training you? Sure that vibe is cute when you’re in middle or high school and all with your pants pulled down and the sideways hat on🧢 but when it comes to the front lines of the health industry is that the attitude & professional level of service that you want to spend your hard earned money on?
Our personal trainers are knowledgeable & experienced adults who conduct themselves in the most professional manner. Always classy and never ever flakey. Come check out the new standard in fitness. Private, exclusive, fully equipped, and beautifully located by crown beach in Alameda.

Does your gym have all the latest and greatest high quality equipment on the market? Most likely not but that’s okay because we do. Come on by and see what a real gym looks like. We bring back top of the line equipment to the fitness industry. With all these fake gyms out here getting people injured doing their cookie cutter CrossFit exercise programs- we recognized it was time for a serious change in the industry- that’s why we took years to select/acquire our equipment and the perfect location for our clients. That’s not all that separates us from other gyms either. We have the most professional personal trainers in the Bay Area who never cancel or flake on you. We are set at a beautiful location right by the beach in Alameda which is our front yard. You have your own secure parking at our private & exclusive gym with access to both private or personalized small group training (never cookie cutter like so many others). We have water and towel service, and the classiest cleanest gym on the Island guaranteed. You can text/call 510-517-1255 for any info at any time. Come see what real fitness looks like and why our standard has our competition hating on us and running scared.

Aren’t you tired of hearing yourself make excuses and embarrassed for the loved ones who still enable and/or believe them?Then make that change that you’ve known for years that you need to!

In a world full of Bob’s, be a Linda.
1) Misses workouts regularly.
2) Wastes $400-$600 monthly on eating out ignoring diet.
3) Gets mad at Personal Trainer for not losing weight.
4) Reasons that “fitness is a waste of time and money.”
1) Works out consistently
2) Saves money by meal prepping at home and follows her diet.
3) Loses weight every week on her program and is accountable.
4) Understands that it’s a lifestyle and that it took years to get here so it’ll take years to get right. @ The Island Personal Training

When you love yourself you will shine and it will show. Conversely when you dislike yourself that shows too.

When you got the equipment you got the glow.

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Are you tired of your ghetto personal trainer making you do the truffle shuffle with old dirty truck tires because they have ZERO EQUIPMENT IN THEIR GYM? Then come see what real quality personal training and equipment can do for your fitness gains. We bring back class and high quality to the fitness industry.

Personal trainers who keep spinning their wheels in fake gyms year after year and getting nowhere financially as compared to those trainers who figure out how to get sustainable clients and 6 figure incomes (scroll over). It’s about being classy not ghetto, it’s about having real equipment, and as all successful personal trainers eventually must figure out (or fail otherwise) ITS ABOUT LOCATION. Sadly some people never learn.

Fake gyms are easy to spot and they are everywhere around the Bay Area. They consist of garbage equipment like old dirty tractor tires, flex bands you can get at target or walmart, a pile of kettle bells on the dirty floor, and a few trx ropes. A high school kid could save his lunch money for a year and start up a fake gym they’re so cheap. Often found on Groupon or giving out free classes (because they’d have nobody there otherwise) these fake gyms are easy to spot. Scroll over to see what a real gym looks like with over a hundred grand put into today’s top of the line fitness equipment (not your grandfather’s old dirty tire!). Which one would you rather work out in? A fake gym or a real gym? @ Alameda, California

Every time we hear personal trainers talk about “accountability” yet they’re always canceling sessions and flaking on you last minute or to go on monthly “vacations” or “fitness expos.”

Some client love in December for us. We ❤️ and appreciate our amazing workout family. Thank you! @ The Island Personal Training

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We find our competition’s lack of equipment disturbing.

Did you eat so many 35 foot long 600 lb twinkies this holiday season that you feel like the stay puff marshmallow man? Who ya gonna call? Not ghostbusters. 👇🏼
The Island Personal Training!

What makes you a great personal trainer? @ Alameda, California

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These are the best gifts a personal trainer can give their clients all year long. After thoroughly schooling your clients on diet and workouts/form be honest with them. When they are in denial hold them accountable. When they stray from their goals and blame anything/anyone but themselves for lack of results pull them up on it and point out what’s really going on. Always remind them why they started.

When all your competitors hate you because your location, equipment, and prices are superior to theirs it’s a good thing. We are the most hated gym in Alameda. They hate us because we have the best top quality equipment in the Bay Area. They hate us because we provide so much more to our personal trainers (and their clients) than they do to theirs. They hate us because we have the most reasonable rates for our personal trainers. They hate us because our personal trainers make 6 figures while their personal trainers struggle to make ends meet every year. They hate us because we don’t have to ever demean ourselves and/or water ourselves down (and the entire fitness industry) by seeking clients on Groupon (beware gyms that sell slots on Groupon there is a reason they’re services are that cheap!). Most of all they hate how we expose the truth to career person trainers and the fitness industry: Real & successful gyms have top quality equipment and prime locations with foot traffic!

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430 Westline Dr
Alameda, CA

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The Island Personal Training is a private gym that caters to personal trainers directly by renting directly to the trainer.
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