24 Hour Fitness - Alamo, CA

24 Hour Fitness - Alamo, CA


Aging backward @ “SilverSneakers” workout led by amazing Emily Potratz.
Dance 💃 to wonderful music 🎵 , International flairs & fun beat led by Berrin Ayanak. End session in stretching to hypnotic tune. Learn Bebe’s esthetic dance moves !
💕 “SilverSneakers” class builds core strength, stretches, enhances balance, & yoga poses are adapted with chair. Emily Potratz, Fitness Manager, choreographs workout moves to music tempos & beats. Aerobic workout uses free weights, stretch bands & balls, moving to the pace of upbeat music.
New Silver Sneakers Facebook group for our Alamo location!! 24hr Fitness Silver Sneakers Alamo Please join if you attend our classes!!
Here’s a long shot, but a Good friend of mine is up in your neck of the woods and lost his Best Friend (his dog Riley) he’s asking for your support in any way possible (and so am I) if you would be so kind as to share this with your members, and members please share this with your friends. Riley was last in Alamo 94507, if found there is a hefty reward. Thank you for your time. I have pictures but I cannot post them here due to admin control. If anyone is interested please send me a message directly, Thank you.
Silver Sneakers Classic TODAY @ 12:00pm 👟👟 See you soon!!
Hey everyone, I'm looking for a few more killer trainers to help my members accheive their goals and create success If you're looking to start your career in fitness, apply today! If you know someone who might be intersted, share the awesome news and spread the love!
Sub-Alert: join me tonight at 6:00 pm subbing for Mary Lindemuth #Zumba.

Welcome to the fan page for our 24 Hour Fitness Alamo club. We love to hear from our valued members so feel free to send us a message or post on the wall.

"Welcome to our Alamo club in Alamo, CA. At our health and fitness center, we believe in changing lives through fitness. Our state-of-the-art facility has just about every feature you could wish for in a gym membership. Our club offers a wide range of group exercise classes, personal training and a wealth of other benefits and features. Whether you plan to lose weight, tone-up, or train for a big event, our club offers a wide variety of gym memberships which you can buy online or in-club. Join our club on-line or download your free day pass from the 'Get a Free Pass' tab. Still not sure? Stop by and visit our club or call us at 1.888.243.5002. 24 Hour Fitness Mission: Throughout our 27 year history, we've held fast to our mission of helping people change their lives through fitness. We recognize that every person has their own set of goals and their own unique perspective of what a fitness center means to them. Some members want to shed a few extra pounds and some members simply want to get healthier. 24 Hour Fitness makes clubs affordable and accessible to people of all abilities and fitness levels because we believe there is an athlete in all of us."


In Search of the Afterglow—What It Is and How to Achieve It | 24Life

An afterglow is that warm feeling you experience after exercise. Cynthia Pasquella-Garcia explains how positive, consistent work out habits can offer a health benefit that lasts long after you leave the gym.

24life.com Regeneration | If you haven't experienced "runner's high," no sweat. Here are tips to get that afterglow and maximize it, for physical and mental health.

Drill on compound movements like seal jacks and squat kicks to test your endurance and build stamina.


Motion Creates Emotion—and That, This Instructor Says, Is Worth It | 24Life

What makes group fitness #WorthIt? Sarah Alexander says it's the feeling that you get.

24life.com Mindset | 24 Hour Fitness GX24 instructor Sarah Alexander says motion creates emotion, and that's one of the reasons she finds group fitness is worth it.

Build lower-body power with explosive movement in all directions. You’ll advance your training by leaps and bounds with this workout.

Huge congrats to Kelli Vandermoer, our Sunrise Sport personal trainer who's been invited to train with the U.S. Olympic Rowing Team! We'll miss your upbeat energy at our club - but we can't wait to see where your journey takes you. Read more about Kelli's story here: https://www.24life.com/this-team-usa-athlete-says-only-you-can-stop-you/


Deadlift Basics: All You Need To Know To Master This Move | 24Life

Master the deadlift with techniques from Les Mills

24life.com Movement | This primer on a classic workout movement gives tips not only on form, but also what the move feels like when it's done correctly.

Our FEEL SOMETHING NEW event is just days away, with free guest access to all our #LesMills classes from March 14 to 20. Load up your calendar with as many classes as you can — like BODYPUMP, BODYCOMBAT, RPM and more — and start inviting your friends now! Click here to see the #GX24 schedule or use the #24GO app to invite friends with a tap: https://www.24hourfitness.com/classes/gx24parties/


Afterglow Smoothie | 24Life

Boost recovery with this afterglow smoothie!

24life.com Nourishment | Seize the afterglow of a tough workout (and boost recovery while you’re at it!) with this refreshing, vitamin-packed afterglow smoothie.

Which women inspire you to be your best each day? Tag them here to send them a free 3-day pass and tell us what qualities we missed on our list!

Free passes are here: http://bit.ly/24HFGuestPass
#BeBoldForChange #WorthIt #YourResultsYourWay

International Womens' Day

Tag a woman who inspires you to be your fiercest self — then take our Daily Challenge together. This two-in-one strength and recovery workout is the perfect way to celebrate all you do and all we can achieve together. Try it on the free 24GO app: https://link.24go.co/9DyZhLihq4
#24GO #24HFChallenge #WorthIt #IWD


What’s Your (Body) Type? | 24Life

Your somatotype is your human physique, but it's what's inside that counts!

24life.com Movement | Body type is much more than outward appearance. Learn your somatotype to better understand your body and how to take care of yourself.

Why wait to feel great? Enjoy the classes you love, wherever you want. Look for live and virtual studio classes in club, plus streaming classes available through the #24GO app. Try cycle, dance, yoga, combat — did we mention they’re included with your membership?
See class schedules: https://www.24hourfitness.com/classes/studio/
Get the #24GO app: https://link.24go.co/tw
#WorthIt #WhyIGX24 #YourResultsYourWay

Wake up your muscles, ligaments, bones and cardiovascular system with this workout—and get a jump on spring training for the sport you love.

Have a ball and live your best! Our Active Aging instructors know how to bring the fun — and this Friday, March 6, we’re opening our Active Aging classes to friends and family. Bring guests and come try a class that maybe you’ve never tried before. Check the 24GO app or click here to find #GX24 classes near you: 24HourFitness.com/GX24
#WorthIt #WhyIGX24 #YourResultsYourWay #FirstFridaysat24

Just like a coin has two sides, so do you—and your strength on each side is different. This workout demands you push and pull one side at a time, from the ground up.

Foam rolling helps release tissue adhesion and stretching puts those tissues back in order. Then nourish what you’ve stretched with moves that encourage blood flow.

Nutrition is an important part of fitness, but what you should eat is different for everyone. Think about what you want to achieve, then eat to nourish your unique body and goals.
#TrainerTuesday #WorthIt #YourResultsYourWay

Power requires that you show up and do the work. This all-in workout gives you the agency, strength and stamina to move mountains and lead your fitness wherever you want it to go.


This #FitSquad24 Influencer Won’t Let Anything Stop Her—And That Makes Fitness Worth It | 24Life

We caught up with fitness influencer Ravon Hardy-Castillo to find out what keeps her going on her fitness journey. #WorthIt

24life.com Mindset | Back in 2016 Ravon Hardy-Castillo (“Ray,” to her friends) spent three days in the hospital after not being able to use the restroom for two weeks. “My

New month. Let's remind ourselves why we set goals.
#MondayMindset #WorthIt

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4 Moves to Help You Open Up After Sitting All Day | 24Life

Open up your hips, spine and shoulders with these 4 moves.

24life.com Movement | Use these four moves to release and open up your chest, shoulders, spine, hips and legs from a day spent hunched over your computer or phone.

GX24 Spotlight Weekend

Shout to everyone who’s made it to our #GX24 Spotlight Weekends! Did you inspire a friend? Discover a new class? Get to know a kickin’ instructor? Tell us your favorite moment below!

Haven’t made it? It’s not too late! Download a free pass for any guests and come join us in class today.

Classes are here: https://www.24hourfitness.com/classes/studio/

Passes are here: http://bit.ly/31W3xoH

#WorthIt #WhyIGX24 #YourResultsYourWay


NEWS FLASH: Does Foam Rolling Work? Gut Bacteria Affects Personality, and More Health News | 24Life

Is foam rolling for you? Check out what this study shows.

24life.com Lifestyle | This week, the latest research on foam rolling, how bacteria affect your personality, and your microbiome and the Mediterranean diet.

Leap toward those fitness goals with a fresh workout brought to you by our newest 24 Hour Fitness Club Team, East Northport. Celebrate the opening of our new club in East Northport, NY with this total body strength and endurance workout designed to get you moving towards the results you want.

Our trainers receive tons of questions on how to define, trim and strengthen the abs and core — both to look good and to perform better. Here are 4 favorite moves from personal trainer Vinh Duong. And of course there’s the other key move: building a healthy diet.

Keep the great questions coming! Comment below or message us.

#AskATrainer24 #WorthIt #YourResultsYourWay


5 Easy Ways to Save Money in 2020 | 24Life

Below are five examples of the mindset switch we’ve made to rein in our budget for 2020, which are not limited to food.

24life.com Regeneration | Resolved to spend less in 2020? 24Life contributor and group fitness instructor Derek Beres shares his tips for saving without sacrificing.


Productivity Expert Ari Meisel on Streamlining Your Life | 24Life

Efficiency expert and best-selling author, Ari Meisel believes that the key to achieving your goals lies not within a busy schedule but instead within fierce clarity and strategic use of time.

24life.com Mindset | Ari Meisel believes that the key to achieving your goals lies not within a busy schedule but instead within fierce clarity and strategic use of time.

March Social 1_1 (1).mp4

Make your day brighter — and lift a friend’s — by inviting them to come work out with you. Work feels like play (almost) when you have a buddy along for the journey. Create a free pass here: http://bit.ly/24HFGuestPass

#WorthIt #YourResultsYourWay

Sarah Alexander - GX24 Instructor

If GX24 instructor Sarah Alexander could tell members one thing, it’s simply “Do your best. It may be plain to say that…but that’s where the magic happens.”

Bring your best to every class this weekend during our third and final #GX24 Spotlight Weekend! Starting today through Sunday, it’s your perfect chance to meet encouraging instructors like Sarah and try as many kinds of classes as you can.

Check the class schedule here: https://www.24hourfitness.com/classes/gx24parties
#WorthIt #WhyIGX24 #YourResultsYourWay

#FitSquad24 member Miranda Guerra @fitwithmiranda is no stranger to sacrificing for a goal. As a bikini competitor she loves dynamic engaging movements to warm up your muscles and activate your body. Check out her tough but minimal equipment workout that can be used a stand-alone workout when you’re short on time or an epic warm-up before leg day.
Get the workout here: https://link.24go.co/Q4ZMo2eIl4


Take time to schedule the best part of your day. Find #GX24 classes on the #24GO app, including Cycle, BODYCOMBAT, POP Pilates,and more. Add them to your calendar in one tap, invite friends and set reminders.
#WorthIt #YourResultsYourWay


Trish Ignacio Wants Moms to Know the Confidence and Good Vibes Are Worth It | 24Life

Read more about 24 Hour Fitness influencer and personal trainer Trish Ingacio, who hopes her gratitude and confidence rubs off on those tuning in.

24life.com Mindset | Trish Ignacio is a 24 Hour Fitness member, part of #FitSquad24 and helps other moms to know fitness is worth it for themselves and their families.

The strength to get up and go one more round is one of the most liberating aspects of a fitness routine. This functional workout transforms body weight drills into must have mobility, stamina and core strength.


How to Plan a Partner Workout (Plus the Workout) | 24Life

Just like partners, some workout moves lend themselves to a great buddy workout. Here are a few of our favorites!

24life.com Movement | Even if the sweat session is a tough one, a partner can help you celebrate your hard work. It's not hard to get friends to workout once or twice, but if

Can’t make it to Mardi Gras this year? No worries, grab a few friends and bring the fun to the gym for a full out fresh cardio and conditioning sweat session certain to make your every muscle feel alive and your spirit revel in the wonders of the day.

Inspired by Spartan’s world-renowned obstacle race and the brave everyday athletes willing to overcome their excuses and play a bigger game. Consider this strength workout a dedication to the stronger and better side of you.
Check out the full workout here: https://link.24go.co/VwZMQCSGb4

GX Spotlight Weekend

Reignite your motivation at last #GX24 Spotlight Weekend, starting this Friday, 2/28! Come take as many classes as you can, from cycle and #Zumba to yoga and #BodyPump. With amazing instructors and a welcoming community to inspire you, you’ll be impressed with what you achieve. Don’t forget to download a pass for your friends: http://bit.ly/31W3xoH
#WorthIt #WhyIGX24 #YourResultsYourWay

Your journey is more than your goals.
#WorthIt #MondayMindset


News Flash: Why You’re Not Hungry After A Workout And How One Country Slashed Its Soda Habit | 24Life

Ever wonder why you're not hungry after a workout?

24life.com Nourishment | Every week, we’re bringing you a roundup of the latest health and wellness news to hit the wire. This week, we look at research that shows how your

Take time for R&R — because your well-being is worth every minute. The #24GO app has dozens of routines to help alleviate tension and support flexibility. Check out the free collection here: https://link.24go.co/dOKVSQ0043

The key to loving your workouts is falling in love with the feeling of your body in motion. Sink in and feel all the feels with a mobility and stretch workout designed to ignite a long lasting full body affair.


Graphic Designer By Day, This GX24 Instructor Says Power Jumping With You Is Worth It | 24Life

We caught up with GX24 instructor, Chris Albert to find out what motivates him.

24life.com Mindset | Chris Alberts is graphic designer by day, GX24 instructor at 24 Hour Fitness by night, and says doing power jumps with you makes it worth it.

An exciting new workout brought to you by our newest 24 Hour Fitness Club Team, Springfield. Celebrate the opening of our new club in Springfield, NJ with this total body strength and endurance workout designed to get you moving towards the results you want.


Why Being Fit Means Being Smart—Plus More Cool Fitness News | 24Life

Here's a roundup of the lastest health and fitness research, including the link between being young, fit and smart, new facts about fruit juice, the truth about standing desks, and exploring the transfer of fitness via blood.

24life.com Movement | In this roundup of the latest health and fitness research: the link between being young, fit and smart, new facts about fruit juice, the truth about

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