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Black Bullets International

Black Bullets International manufactures poly-coated bullets. This makes the bullets clean and accurate. They are also uniform in weight and dimension. "Poly-M" bullets means the polished coating results in higher velocities, reduced barrel wear and a big reduction in lead fouling and smoke. Because of our "Poly-M" coating our bullets are safe to shoot indoors and your dies will remain clean during the reloading process. Our goal is to offer high performance, accurate bullets at competitive lead bullet prices.

Mission: We provide personal service and exceptional quality. Our unparalleled service, competitive prices and overall value are why our loyal customers keep coming back. We look forward to serving you!

[04/14/20]   New website and online store coming soon. Should be up in a few weeks with new features and layout.

[03/31/20]   Special Notice: We are fully caught up and maintaining our normal policy of shipping the day after the order is placed. We are working 16 hour days to try and maintain that status. That being said and please dont take this the wrong way - PLEASE LET US WORK. The post office is experiencing delays on getting the packages to their destination and there is absolutely ZERO that we can do to improve this based on the current state of affairs. Please DO NOT CALL US regarding a delay in shipping unless it has been at least 15 days from the receipt of the tracking information. Your package will arrive - just give it time. My apologies for being blunt but it is proving very difficult to field 20 calls per day on something we don't have control over and try to keep production to a level where we are meeting the current demand.

[03/26/20]   Special Notice: We have recovered from last weeks high order volume and are back to shipping the day after order receipt. Thanks for your patience and we appreciate your business. Please be considerate with the USPS right now as they are moving as fast as they can considering the increased volume.

[03/22/20]   Many thanks to Chuck Mize and David Tindle (for letting me borrow Chuck) for helping me at the shop over the last few days dealing with the huge spike in bullet orders. Without him I would not have been able to keep up with demand and ship orders on time.

[03/20/20]   Well the days are getting crazier and crazier but we are maintaining demand at this point. Will continue to bust our ass to get it done for you all. Thanks

[03/18/20]   We are rushing as fast as we can to get orders out. However due to the sheer volume of orders we have received in the last 5 days there will be some slight delays in shipments. Please bare with us. We are processing orders as fast as we can.

[12/25/19]   BBI would like to wish all of our customers, sponsored shooters, friends and followers a very Merry Christmas. As a token of our appreciation we are announcing a flash sale until New Years using the code BBICHRISTMAS. 10% of all orders over $50.

[11/22/19]   The Black Friday sale is now on!!! Use the code BBIFRIDAY for 10% off all orders over $50.

[08/29/19]   Coated Bullet Basics - Series 4
My round isn't chambering - it must be a bullet issue!!
More often than not this is not the case. More often it is actually 1 of 3 issues.
1. Improperly sized brass - It is extremely important that brass be sized properly. To achieve this 1 main thing is important. The sizing die must touch the shell plate as the stroke of the reloading press reaches its final position. Any space left will not allow the complete engagement if the sizing die to the brass.
2. Improper Overall Length (OAL) - while it would be easy to go strictly by the reloading manual this is not the case most often. It depends on the manufacture of the gun in most cases. Often times 9mm guns like CZ, Tanfoglio, and Sig are short chambered to a length of 1.10 while a Glock (depending on the series) will accept a longer load length of 1.135. It is often necessary to verify/modify the acceptable load length of the completed round in order to get the optimal length. If you prefer longer lengths the chamber can actually be reamed by a gunsmith to accept alternative lengths.
3. Offset reloading - In progressive presses dies should not be adjusted/locked down without brass being in each of the progressive positions. There are tolerances to the threads of the dies to threads of the body that holds the dies. As those tolerances stack they can actually offset the insertion of the bullet into the case and cause a mis-shaped round.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding chambering issues and we will be glad to assist.

[08/13/19]   Coated Bullet Basics: Series 3
Misconception: The application of the coating affects bullet sizing.
Answer: As cast - bullets are actually slightly oversized in the casting process due to mold design. The raw cast bullets are then coated with 2 applications of our blend of Hi-Tek lubricant. The coated bullets are then run thru an automated sizing process by forcing them thru a carbide sizing die to the prescribed diameter. Therefore the size of the bullet is unaffected by the coating process since the sizing is the last process in the chain pior to packaging. Multiple quality checks are in place to ensure the sizing is finite.

[08/07/19]   Coated Bullet Basics: Series 2
The importance of crimp, what should it be and how to accurately measure it.
Setting crimp is critical to coated bullet performance as an improperly set crimp can lead to a host of problems including leading, tumbling, varying feet per second, and feeding issues.
Measurement Process: The only way to accurately measure crimp is by pulling the bullet from a competed round and measuring the diameter with a caliper at the crimp line.The crimp line is the slight depression in the bullet generated from the edge of the case on a completed round. If no crimp line exists then there is not enough crimp produced by the crimp die in the reloading process. Measuring the case for crimp is not an accurate method and is neither a repeatable or reproducable process.

The optimal crimp is 0.002 under nominal bullet size.

Example: on a 0.400 diameter coated bullet a measurement of 0.398 is needed at the crimp line using the measurement method indicated above. Adjust your crimp die to produce the correct crimp.

Notes: Crimp is more of a function of feeding that it is for bullet retention. The sizing of the case is the function for bullet retention although some crimp is needed to avoid setback. Too little crimp will lead to varying speed and pressure and create accuracy issues. Too much crimp can actually undesize the bullet and create accuracy problems as well as cause leading by stripping the coating as the bullet exists the case upon ignition.

We hope this information is useful and as always please contact us with any questions. Please consider BBI for your bullet needs.

[08/06/19]   Coated Bullets Basics: Series 1
Why does your coating look thinner than other manufacturers, theirs looks thicker and more aesthetically pleasing?
Great question and the answer may actually surprise you!!!! If we go back to the purpose of the coating it is designed to replace wax as a lubricant. We dont want to change the function of the lead to actually seal the lands and grooves with the coating doing the sealing. We want to lubricant the lead as it travels down the barrel. Creating a thick coating while more aesthetically pleasing actually reduces the performance and accuracy of the bullet. We have performed thousands of hours of testing thru Six Sigma Design of Experiments to develop a coating at the optimal thickness to maximize adhesion of the coating to the lead and durability of the coating. In this process we found that a thicker coating becomes brittle and has a detrimental impact on the accuracy of the bullet. In competitive shooting we view the accuracy of the bullet to be the #1 factor in quality and performance, not aesthetics. Aesthetics is important to us as well but not so much as to impact performance, accuracy, and quality of the projectile.

[08/01/19]   After several years in this business and hearing about every question that can possibly be conceived regarding coated I thought it would be a good idea to poll shooters and customers for questions regarding Coated Bullets and common misconceptions regarding what makes a good coated bullet in addition to answer some of the questions regarding why are bullets look different from some of the other manufacturers. I plan on doing this in a series both on facebook and thru our website. If you have some specific questions about coated bullets I would love to hear them and add them to this series. Thanks in advance for your participation.

[07/15/19]   Shooter Friends - has your shooting been eating at your budget? Tired of subscription programs or having to jump thru hoops on a bulk buy to collect money and deliver product. Would you like to earn FREE product thru BBI and get your shooting buddies discounted pricing on bullets as well. BBI has the solution with our BBI INTERNALLY MANAGED BULK BUY program. Message me for details on how you can do this and start earning FREE product!!

Black Bullets international - Coated Bullets / Projectiles, Bullets For Idpa / Uspsa / Bullseye / 3gun / Competition Shooters

Black Bullets International is happy to announce NEW LOWER PRICING!!!!! The website and store have been updated. Over the years we have gained some efficiencies and are proud to share those with our loyal customer base. Please share and visit the website at

[06/05/19]   There is a rumor being spread that we are merging with the people from Blue Bullets.
IT IS TOTALLY FALSE!!! The thought has never crossed my mind to sell my company. I appreciate my customers and would not want to disappoint them in the least.

[04/24/18]   Congrats to Tyler Turner of Team BBI for taking the Overall Production win at Battle in the Bluegrass IX over the weekend. Also congrats to Jeremy Manis for taking B class Single Stack. It was a great match put on by an even better staff and it will continue to be one of my favorite places to go. Great times with great friends doing what we love to do.

Black Bullets International

I am looking for some input from our customers on a quantity discount program that would be beneficial to you and help our business as well. This business has been my life for several years now and its not getting any easier for me or the people who participate in the shooting sports. What can we do to become a more beneficial supplier to you? What can we do better?

I am looking for a little feedback from our customers on a quantity discount program. We have had one always but never really published it. Please be realistic and understand that we are not a large business with multiple employees. It's just me, my equipment, and a lot of work hours to try to keep you guys in great product with even better customer service.

[04/16/18]   I am looking for a little feedback from our customers on a quantity discount program. We have had one always but never really published it. Please be realistic and understand that we are not a large business with multiple employees. It's just me, my equipment, and a lot of work hours to try to keep you guys in great product with even better customer service.

[12/25/17]   Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. You all have given me the best Christmas gift ever by allowing me to serve u and become part of your shooting journey.

[12/09/17]   BBI Customers
We have seen some shipping delays from the USPS since black friday. We are still getting the shipments out on the same day, next day as normal but due to the holiday volume of all packages shipped the USPS is running behind. Please be patient as it will likely not improve until after the 1st of the year.

Please also be mindful that the tracking information does not come directly from us, it comes directly from the USPS. Please check your spam if you didnt get tracking information about your order.

If you have questions regarding your package please email me or text me. I run the entire operation and often cannot take phone calls due to noise generated by the equipment.

Thanks in advance for your patience
Chandler LaFrain
[email protected]

BBI will be doing a match delivery to the 2017 TN Atomic Blast with special match pricing. Please contact me via text 7313434001 or email [email protected] to place your pre-order. Space is limited and normally goes fast so get your order in quickly. Please share so that everyone can take advantage of savings.

You guys all know we normally dont do promotions but we are making some changes. Each month we will feature one of our shooters - this month's feature is Team BBI Shooter Jason Edwards. From now until the end of September we will be offering a 5% discount on orders over $100 to all shooters using the discount code TEAMBBIJASON. Jason plays a huge role on our team and we would like to highlight him for all of his efforts. Please like his page and share this post.

BBI will be doing a delivery of pre-ordered product to the 2017 Free State Championship in a couple of weeks. We are filling up quickly so please get your orders in. PM, EMAIL, or Call us

[05/21/17]   While we rarely do sales or promotions I thought it was about time to thank our many customers who have made us successful over the years. I appreciate everyone of you for supporting the business which provides for my family. Without you we would not be here. So from 5/21/17 to 6/3/17 we are having a customer appreciation event to just say thanks. This event will offer a 5% discount on all BBI orders. Use the code: BBIROCKS to apply the discount at checkout. Thanks again for your support.

Final Reminder:
BBI will be at Battle in the Bluegrass on April 7th and 8th delivering product at special match pricing. Space is limited so please get your order in ASAP. Contact me via email [email protected] or text 731-343-4001.

[02/22/17]   TEAM BBI would like to welcome a new member Kimiko Joanne Donahue from Arizona. She is a very active shooter in multiple disciplines (3gun, USPSA, and IDPA) in Arizona and is an amazing addition to our family.

Black Bullets International will be making a match delivery (pre-ordered product only - no additonal) with special pricing to 2017 Precision Tactical Alabama Sectional. Space is limited as I can only carry so much and it usually fills up very fast. Please contact me thru my email: [email protected] to place a pre-order.
These are cash only sales and must be paid at the match.

Black Bullets International will be making a match delivery (pre-ordered product only - no additonal) with special pricing to Battle in the Bluegrass VIII. Space is limited as I can only carry so much and it usually fills up very fast. Please contact me thru my email: [email protected] to place a pre-order.
These are cash only sales and must be paid at the match.

[02/06/17]   In celebration of the New England Patriots victory in Superbowl 51 with the largest comeback in Superbowl History. BBI will be offering a 5.1% discount on all products until 2/11/17 using the code:

[12/25/16]   BBI would like to wish all of our customers, shooter friends, and industry partners a very Merry Christmas.

Chandler LaFrain - Owner/CEO

[12/02/16]   Team BBI has elected to add another shooter. Congratulations Jeremy Manis.

Shooter Friends - This is a heads up that the lead market is going thru the roof right now. It has gone from $0.80 per pound in May of 2016 to $1.12 per pound as of November 16th, 2016. While we have been working to keep our cost to you the same thru efficiency gains, We may not be able to absorb this level of increase and be forced to raise prices to our customers. We are good thru the end of the year but if it doesnt stabilize and drop by Jan 1, 2017 we will have to increase the cost to you. Lead is 92% of our raw material cost since we use a 92/6/2 alloy.

[11/21/16]   We have been asked multiple times over the past few weeks if we will be offering any Black Friday Sales. Well the simple answer is NO. Our discounts and donated money are strictly for our sponsorship programs. It is our belief that sales of this nature actually cheapen the brand and our brand image. We work extremely hard to bring our products to you at the lowest cost ALL of the time instead of just a couple of days a year. Hope this doesnt ruffle any feathers. This business provides food, shelter, and clothing for my family as we are not a wal-mart or best buy with unlimited resources at their disposal.

[10/27/16]   Made a few website updates today

[09/30/16]   Bullet Order Update: although team sig is going in a different direction. The order was actually for Bruce Grey and the companies he works with. It was not a Team Sig order as originally understood. My apologies for the misunderstanding.

Jason Edwards taking the PCC Division Champonship at the TN State USPSA over the weekend.

[06/05/16]   Sorry but there will be a slight delay in orders taken over the weekend. I got something in my eye and spent the afternoon in Emergency. They numbed it but could not remove whatever it was so I have to hit the ophthalmologist in the morning. Very light sensitive and have little vision in the eye. Weekend orders will ship on Tuesday, Wednesday. Sorry for the inconvenience.

[03/25/16]   Made a multitude of changes to the Product Store today. That stuff gets tedious!

BBI is a stage sponsor of the 2016 Alabama Sectional USPSA Championship. As such we are offering to deliver pre-ordered product to the match. The price schedule is as follows. We have the ability to bring about 34 cases of product and orders will be accepted as a 1st come 1st serve. We normally sell out very quickly and have to turn orders down so please get your orders in soon. To place an order please email me directly at [email protected]

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