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Cairn Yoga was founded by Jessica Chacon; Registered Yoga Instructor, Mental Health Counselor and Wellness Advocate. Cairn Yoga was developed with the intention of bringing love, light, healing, community and inspiration to the people of the San Luis Valley and its visitors. The name Cairn Yoga was developed through Jessica's fascination of the intricate cairns that humans made along trails to help others find "the way" and the root meaning of Yoga, which is "to unite" or "to yoke." Thus, Jess created the mantra for Cairn Yoga to be: "The Way to Unity." Cairn Yoga has offered free Yoga in the Park on Summer Sundays, a Yoga & Leadership workshop, an Emotional Wellness Workshop, many classes throughout Alamosa and surrounding towns. In the future you can expect Cairn Yoga to offer private yoga sessions, Kundalini Yoga, private mental health counseling, more workshops and plenty of more LOVE. Contact Jessica Chacon for more information on services, answers to your questions etc. she would love to connect! [email protected] Sat Nam!

I See You

What a Powerful message πŸ™πŸΌ
Yoga is for EVERY-Body...
Poor, rich, overweight, skinny, disabled, black, white, man, woman, child, teen, straight, gay, any religion.

It is your birth right to practice, as it is an opportunity to connect with yourself and the universal consciousness. That connection belongs to you, and you only! Move past the judgements and stereotypes and TAKE UP SPACE on your mat or in a class! πŸ’«β€οΈπŸ”₯

Setu is a yoga community dedicated to promoting and advocating inclusivity in yoga. The community is home to hundreds of teachers and leaders who promote diversity…

Humans have 5 basic senses, each correlating with a sense organ that sends information to the brain, allowing us to understand and perceive the world around us. When we develop awareness of our senses we create a deeper connection with our self, our traumas and our ability to heal.

This workshop will encompass Kundalini Yoga, Touch Skills, Zero balancing and AcuWellness.

Zero Balancing is a hands-on bodywork system that addresses bone held tension and organizes ligaments. AcuWellness is a 5 point Ear Acupuncture technique to support detoxification in the body, the reduction of stress and increase in energy and sleep. We will be offering these treatments after engaging in a Kundalini practice and learning touch skills that link us to bone felt connection with one another.

Join us & register before: February 16th
at: or call 719-888-9288.

Happy Monday!
How are y’all hangin’? πŸ€™πŸΌ
Driving home from NOLA feeling exhausted yet energized and full of love for the soon to be bride, all the new friends I made and grateful for my dear friend Liz Bosworth. I tell you what...there’s nothing like a group of powerful, conscious and loving women!! I didn’t know how much my heart and soul needed that trip until I had to board a plane at 5am this morning to come home...

Surrounding ourselves with community is so important for us! It helps us to remember WHAT IS REAL in life. It gives us the support and connection that our heart longs for. It opens us up in a safe manner to heal the wounds of our past so that we can live more fully in the future!

Tonight, you have a chance to be a part of something bigger than opportunity to come together with community and channel good for you, them and all of humanity! Join me tonight at 6pm for a Slow Flow Hatha Yoga class at @btugym! We will be focusing on the Heart Chakra...tis the β€œseason” right? πŸ’“β€οΈπŸ’«

Furthermore...join Laurel Ann for our retreat ( at SunMountain Center on March 13-15 for some deep healing, fun and nourishment with sweet a community! Register now! πŸ™πŸΌ

Have you listened to your body today?
Does it need grounding like the earth, moisture like the water, movement like the air or heat like a fire? Pay attention, because the answers are always there. πŸ’« πŸ’œπŸ™πŸΌ
Join me tonight in listening to your body, your vehicle for this life. Hatha Flow: All Levels; 6pm; @btugym. $7 drop-in.
πŸ“·: @treybell

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Cairn Yoga Therapeutics

Today I started a new group called Yoga of Recovery with clients living in a correctional facility. As I asked the question: β€œWhat is Yoga?” One person replied: β€œI always thought it was an exercise that rich people did.” My ears perked up, my heart felt sad, and I thought to myself, β€œShe’s kind of right...”
A few moments later, I shared my story of yoga and why the practice is important to me. I began to cry...I apologized to her that the industry has portrayed such a thing. I disclosed that I found Yoga at one of the darkest and β€œpoorest” times in my life and had I not, I could still be living in dire physical pain, angry and resentful for how life had unfolded. Furthermore, I expressed gratitude to all of them for stepping out of their comfort zone and being open to trying something new, after all it is because of them why I got to teach today! I informed them that it is part of my Dharma to ensure that Yoga is accessible to ALL and that is why I have chosen to bring this practice TO them, because Yoga (Union) is their birthright.
My heart is still feeling still about what I β€œwant” in 2020 for what I already have is great. I can feel shifts I will continue to hold space for intentions to move in. What I do know is, I will continue to bring Yoga to my community in the most accessible way possible. Let’s find that balance together! Tell me what you need.
With Great Love, Respect & Integrity. -Namaste ❀️

@babaramdass has left his body.

I am so grateful for what you have shared with this world. May your spirit go in peace...
Thank you for the reminder to always:
β€œBe Here Now.”

Akaal, Akaal, Akaal πŸ™πŸΌ

The Earth has just given birth to a new cycle of the Sun. An opportunity for you to give birth to a new foundation of light, love and peace within.
Give gratitude for the miracle of Change & Impermanence. Here are the beautiful souls from solstice chanting for such:

Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru

Live Blood Results After a 20 minute Gong Meditation

Check out this short video about how the blood changes after just 20 minutes of Gong Meditation! FASCINATING! Reduction in inflammation, acidity and more movement!

Gong meditation to be offered various times during our retreat and at the upcoming Solstice offering!!

This tiny glad sits perched in the back of your central brain 🧠. It has the potential of acting as an antenna to convert frequencies/information to move you beyond space-time. It has the potential of allowing you to have a mystical experience and expand your understanding of "who you are." This gland releases melatonin-the chemical that helps us to bring balance to our circadian rhythms, sleep & have these deeper internal experiences. Come learn more about this gland that yogi's call "The Third Eye πŸ‘" at our @rhythmswithin_retreats!
And for now...kiss your loved ones on the forehead to naturally activate their Pineal Gland. Send yummy hormones through their body! Happy Friday! πŸ™β™₯️
Link to Register:
Also visit our hosts:

The yoga vibes have been superb these past couple of weeks! It's been so lovely to see familiar and new faces in class. Thanks to all who have joined in creating a loving and peaceful communal space thus far!

Come join me tonight at 5:30 at BodyTuneUp for a Hatha Flow class! You can expect a slow flow with the opportunity to hold poses for longer periods-an avenue to explore breath, alignment and self. I look forward to seeing you tonight!! ✌🏼β™₯οΈπŸ™

Have you ever wondered about your brain's clock? How we naturally begin to feel tired in the eve and wake to the light of the day? Well, say hello to your Circadian Rhythm!
This internal rhythm is designed to support your sleep-wake cycles, hormone release, your eating patterns and more! This rhythm is controlled by the hypothalamus-one of the major glands in the endocrine system and is influenced by environmental factors. We'll talk more at our #retreat about how you can come into tune with your own rhythm as it's different for everyone. But for now...take a walk around the block when you wake, to say hello to the sun or turn off your TV/Electronics 1 hour before bed time and notice how your brain responds!
Join us March 13-15 2020 at SunMountain Center in Manitou Springs and learn more about other important internal rhythms that influence our mental, emotional and physical health! πŸ™πŸ’«
Link to Register:

Check out our beautiful venue at SunMountain Center:

Cairn Yoga Therapeutics

The Role Of Yoga In Healing Trauma

In my experience, trauma has been a visceral shouldn't our healing from it be the same? I am personally grateful for the deep healing Yoga has brought to my life and am happy that my path has led me to giving back the same gift to others! Trauma informed workshop coming soon!
β€οΈπŸ™πŸ’«πŸ™ŒπŸ½ So-called 'trauma-aware yoga' has mind and body benefits, says Georgetown research.

May your weekend bring you a moment to do just this...
When we bring our hands to our forehead we not only bow the ego to the heart but we send the signal to our pituitary and hypothalamus gland to secrete yummy hormones into our us a little dose of joy, peace, harmony and more πŸ™β™₯️.

She was manifesting a sleepover πŸ˜†

I have two classes ramping up this week that will be held at Body Tune-Up Gym! The Hatha Flow class will be on rotation with my lovely friend Christine; I will teach this first week and she will start the second! The Kundalini class begins Wednesday! I hope to see you at one or both of the classes...

Much love my friends! Have a beautiful weekend!
Om Shanti

Magic happens when we are present...

Take a moment to slow down and see the miracles happening in every moment. It's in your breath, the functioning of your organs, your brain and all around you πŸ™β™₯οΈπŸ’«

Breathe. Consciously...
With Awareness we create Change.
@george.mumford #themindfulathlete

Buddhist Boot Camp

Practice that Gratitude today πŸ™

Today I am grateful for my health and happiness.
I am grateful for my daughter and the love we share.
I am grateful for a job that allows me to take 2 week long vacations and pays me for it! I am grateful for my lover and climbing partner who will be traveling with me for the next two weeks on the road climbing, laughing, singing and meeting new faces! I am grateful to be and feel alive!

Complaining attracts more things for you to complain about. Gratitude attracts more things for you to appreciate.

Rhythms Within Retreat: Nourishing the Beat of the Endocrine & Nervous Systems β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €
βž–βž–βž– β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €
Mark your calendars for March 13-15, 2020 as YOU are invited to Manitou Springs, CO! A retreat designed to nourish your endocrine and nervous systems through experiential education, Acudetox, meditative practices, Hatha, Kundalini & Therapeutic Yoga. We'll explore the neuroscience behind the offerings, helping you to tune-in to your own internal rhythms. You will leave feeling rejuvenated and empowered to continue exploring your own health & healing. β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €
βž–βž–βž–βž– β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €
3 Organic communal meals per day, opportunities for Soaking, Massage, Hiking and relaxing in many of the lovely areas on the property! β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €
βž–βž–βž–βž–βž– β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €
More information to come on location and prices this week! Stay Tuned & Sat Nam πŸ™

I am SO very excited to receive my "official" Continuing Education Provider designation from the @yogaalliance! This is coming at the perfect time as Laurel and I just booked our next retreat for March 2020! It will take place in Manitou Springs at the beautiful @sunmountaincenter! ...
(More details to come this week)
If you are a yoga teacher, you will be able to receive CEU Credit for attending, as we will be providing your with yummy practices and tools for supporting the health of your Endocrine and Nervous Systems!
Aside from the retreat...
More workshops coming at ya! 😘

"Today I had a realization...I was in Walmart and I knew I needed to buy a book but I didn't know what I should get. Then I heard a voice say, 'turn around, the book is right there.' So I turned around, and there it was! A book I have been wanting to buy for a while. In that moment I knew: When I stop to listen, the answer is always there." - Wise Client
After hearing my client say this, I took a deep breath and let her wise words sink into my heart. My spirit silently said to hers, "Thank you for the reminder."
How often do you struggle to find "the answer?" How often do you seek outside your heart?
Find silence, breathe, listen.
"The answer" is always present.

When I turn my attention to my child, I am reminded of the joy within simplicity β™₯️
pratyayasya para-citta-jnanam
Sutra III, 19: By insight into another's perceptions, one is blessed with the knowledge of their point of view.

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Viparita Karani: Reverse Action
(Legs up the Wall Pose)
We live in a world of polarity, so honoring such with our body is important. Let your legs lift toward the sky and ease your digestion, headaches and increase your sleep. It's a great time to read a book or close your eyes and breathe. Sweet dreams πŸ™
Contradictions: Menstrual Cycle & Severe Eye Issues, as with any inversion

Challenge Accepted πŸ™

Cairn Yoga Therapeutics

I'm leading Yoga in Cole Park tomorrow.
It's Free, it's at 1 and it's SO much Fun!
Can't wait to see you πŸ§˜πŸ»β€β™€οΈ πŸ’—πŸ§˜πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

May The Long Time Sun 🌞 Shine Upon You,
May ALL LOVE ❀️ Surround YOU,
And May The Pure Light πŸ’‘ Within You,
Guide Your Way On
-Sat Nam πŸ™

Wahe Guru! Thank you Señor Sun for all you provide to us, our brother and sister animals, for the nourishment you bring to our Great Mother Earth 🌎, allowing her to in turn provide us with fruits for our vitality!
I hope you let yourself pause for a moment today and salute the sun with some Sun Salutations, sing with gratitude, or just stand in stillness and let it warm your skin...

So much Love on this Summer Solstice!

I echo this...especially after just getting done with a hike! Getting outside and connecting with Pacha Mamma is definitely my medicine.

What's yours?

This is Yoga too.

Make sure you are spending a recommended 120 minutes in the outdoors each week. According to a paper published Thursday in the journal Scientific Reports, people who spend at least two hours a week outside reported being in better health and having a greater sense of well-being than people who didn't get out at all. Read more about it:

We are sure lucky to live in a place full of outdoor opportunities!!!

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Cairn Yoga Therapeutics

Effects of Yoga on Thalamic Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, Mood and Depression: Analysis of Two Randomized Controlled Trials

I am thoroughly enjoying all of the research that continues to surface regarding the benefits of yoga to one's mental and emotional health! Effects of Yoga on Thalamic Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, Mood and Depression: Analysis of Two Randomized Controlled Trials, Chris Streeter, Patricia L Gerbarg, Greylin H Nielsen, Richa

Longer Exhalations Are an Easy Way to Hack Your Vagus Nerve

Take a Deep Breath πŸ’¨ Respiratory vagus nerve stimulation (rVNS) counteracts fight-or-flight stress.

I Now Suspect the Vagus Nerve Is the Key to Well-being

The Vagus Nerve πŸ’« β€œStimulating” it leads to calmness, but how and why?

Cairn Yoga Therapeutics's cover photo

Crestone Healing Arts Center

Amazing Teachers, Wonderful Location, Quality Training!
This is where I studied for my Kundalini Yoga Cert

Kundalini Yoga Teacher training at Crestone provides a life-long foundation for creating a successful practice as a yoga teacher.

Three Deep Breaths: Exploring the Mental Health Benefits of Mountain Biking - Singletracks Mountain Bike News

I've been visualizing a Yoga + Venture Retreat of sorts with mountain biking or climbing. Who's with me? There's little doubt that mountain biking can improve mental health. Three Deep Breaths is a series that will explore the ways riders can get the most out of the experience.

Doctors should prescribe therapeutic yoga says Prince Charles

Umm, yes please!

The Prince of Wales said more people taking yoga classes could help the NHS save resources because it has 'proven beneficial effects', with Public Health England vowing to fund them.

The small things add up!

Be kind to yourself #22untilnone

Mmm, I could really use some legs up the wall right now. How about you?

We πŸ’™ Legs Up the Wall! There are so many benefits to doing it at the end of the day before you head to bed. What's your favorite restorative pose?
#WarriorsatEase #wae #warrior #restorativeyoga #yoga #legsupthewall #restorative #rest #yogainthemilitary #militaryyoga #yogaforall #yogaforveterans #yogaforvets #army #navy #marines #airforce #coastguard #pose #yogainspiration #inspiration #asana

Our Story

Have you ever set out on a journey alone? How about a solo hike deep into the wilderness? Did notice a subtle fear vibrating beneath your skin, or felt a sense of existential loneliness as you stepped forth on the trail, with nobody but your Self to direct you? I have.

These journeys, pathways and passages we willingly and sometimes unwillingly find ourselves on, are not easy. The experience of coming home can be blissful, wild, confusing, heart opening, chaotic, life changing and so much more...sometimes we just need someone next to us to share our story, to listen, to laugh, to cry and to push us to keep moving forward even when it’s hard. Most of the time, we just have to remember that WE ARE NOT ALONE.

The first time I set out on trail for a solo hike, I was sure I’d see someone on the least I was hoping to. After about 3.5 miles in, I found myself at a fork in the trail...β€œTo the scree field or across the creek?” I thought to myself. I noticed the subtle gasp for air as if death was at my doorstep pulling the prana out of me. Not knowing what to do, I reached for my phone (as if that had the answer) and noticed it was missing...β€œMust have been back where I stopped to pee” I thought to myself. As I walked back, I remember consciously chanting β€œSat” as I stepped with my left foot and β€œNam” with my right (Meaning: Truth is my Identity). β€œJust stay calm Jess, you’ll go back and you’ll know what to do! First, let’s find your phone.” Sure enough, I did. As I made my way back to the creek, I immediately knew what to do. β€œSomeone must have known I was lost and put a cairn in the path while I was gone. Weird, there’s no one around,” I thought to myself. So I crossed the creek and kept trucking up the rocky path. When I made it to the top, I wept. There it was, the final Cairn to show me I made it and a Marmot! That creature had no idea how happy I was to see another life...and boy was I glad it wasn’t a cougar. I had never felt so proud of myself in my life and the only person to witness my joy, triumph, grit and shock, was me. Yet, had it not been for the greater outdoor community, I may have never found myself the way I did that day and every day that I utilize a cairn to carry me to my next unknown destination. It was a message from the cairns that bore my path of Cairn Yoga LLC.

It has now transformed to Cairn Yoga Therapeutics to reflect my path as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Yoga Therapist, but my heart is still the same. It is my Dharma to bring the deeper wisdom and teachings of Yoga to you, wherever you are, on your pathway home. If my story struck a cord or if you are trying to find your way and need some support, I am here to: Empower Your Pathway to Unity. Reach out: [email protected].

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