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Cairn Yoga was founded by Jessica Chacon; Registered Yoga Instructor, Mental Health Counselor and Wellness Advocate. Cairn Yoga was developed with the intention of bringing love, light, healing, community and inspiration to the people of the San Luis Valley and its visitors.

The name Cairn Yoga was developed through Jessica's fascination of the intricate cairns that humans made along trails to help others find "the way" and the root meaning of Yoga, which is "to unite" or "to yoke." Thus, Jess created the mantra for Cairn Yoga to be: "The Way to Unity." Cairn Yoga has offered free Yoga in the Park on Summer Sundays, a Yoga & Leadership workshop, an Emotional Wellness Workshop, many classes throughout Alamosa and surrounding towns. In the future you can expect Cairn Yoga to offer private yoga sessions, Kundalini Yoga, private mental health counseling, more workshops and plenty of more LOVE. Contact Jessica Chacon for more information on services, answers to your questions etc. she would love to connect! [email protected] Sat Nam!

Operating as usual

Managing Mental Health during the COVID-19 Pandemic | Open Sky

Written by my friend Brian!
Hope you are caring for yourself during this tough and uncertain time. Reach out and know I am here! 🙏🏼💜 Evidence has shown that substance use has risen throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. We provide strategies and coping skills for managing mental health.

On #worldmentalhealthday I send my love out to all humans struggling right now.
You are not alone.

Even though I have many tools to cope, take care of self etc., etc., I too have had many days when I just wanted to sleep, days I’ve struggled to wake and days where I have felt more anxious than I ever have.

Our mental health is really taking a hit right now and so much is truly out of our control.

I have been working on being really gentle with myself when I am feeling sad, agitated,, because I know it’s not permanent, two, because I know it will only exacerbate what’s up and three, because I know this experience is collective.

I have been working with clients to bring their lives back to simplicity. If all they can do to take care in a day is wake, brush teeth, splash cold water on the face, drink a glass of water and/or consciously take a deep breath, then it’s cause to celebrate.

In all seriousness-many are struggling with simple tasks and you might be too. Life is sucking air and prana right out of us, causing frozen energy. Keep your life simple my friends, do something nurturing, reach out and take care.

Peace and Love ✌🏼💕

Happy Autumn Equinox 🍁🍂
Find a ritual today to honor the change-
Our psyche thrives on this, as it helps us to develop more meaningful relationship to self and the Natural world!

Also-today is National Voter Registration Day so don’t forget to register! Your voice matters 🗣✊🏽💌

So much love from me to you 🙏🏼

My Psychology Today profile is Live. If you have family or friends struggling with any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues at this time please share my information with them as I am happy to support.

For those who may be unaware of what I can offer, it can be found on here or my website ( I am a licensed professional counselor in the state of Colorado, an EMDR practitioner and AcuDetox Specialist. I am also currently in a professional training as a Yoga Therapist. My offerings are integrative and can support anyone who ready to take the steps toward healing.

Mindfulness & The Elements

While you are home today, enjoy a short and sweet meditation that moves you through the five elements.


This is a little piece I put together for Park Rx America which is part of the National ParkRx Initiative. These organizations are trying to promote providers to prescribe nature to patients and reduce the amount of medication scrips! Something I can get behind 🙌🏼

They will be featuring this in their upcoming newsletter! Enjoy! 🙏🏼

Enjoy a short mindfulness meditation that will lead your body and mind through the elements. Connect to the natural world inside of yourself.

Use your yoga practice for social justice & dismantle white supremacy

PSA to all my yogi friends:
Check out this training!

Today is the last day to register :)
Who wants to join me? Find your focus, choose your next steps with intention, and start working toward the future you want to see with Race & Equity in Yoga: Disruption As a Practice, led by Kelley Palmer.

What Is A Lymphatic Massage & Can It Actually Aid My Immune System?

Self-Massage has so many great benefits!

In the Ayurvedic system is a practice called Abhyanga-
Where warm oil is used to massage from the scalp of your head to the soles and toes of your feet. It’s such a yummy experience. (Using sesame oil is recommended as it’s neutral and will not warm or cool your internal system).

With self-massage you can work with the lymphatic system that’s talked about in this article. And you can also experience increase in sleep, improved vision, softer skin, lubrications of joints and also receive a dose of oxytocin! We all can use some of that, in this time of disconnect from those we love 💜 This simple massage may have major benefits.

It has been quite a week navigating my sweet Leo daughter and this Leo Season! ROAR! 🦁

Boy has she taught me a lot this week about how much people feed off one another’s energy! She also taught me that as she continues moving into adolescence, my meditation practice is going to be even more important.

“Just breathe Jess” was my mantra.
But, I made it!

Hope you were able to navigate stress and frustration in healthy ways! If not, be gentle with yourself-we’re all human after all...

Come join me to release, relax and let go before moving into another awesome week!

Yoga starts @ 1 in Cole Park!
Hope to see you there! 🌼😘🌈

Ajeet Kaur - Kiss the Earth (La Luna) [Live in Amsterdam]

As the Full Moon takes its place in sky tonight, let yourself take a moment to connect with it!

Ask yourself: "What am I carrying that I can release tonight?"
"What can I create in this new cycle?"

Then take a deep breath-
On your inhale feel the creation that you are and on your exhale feel whatever you release begin to dissolve in the light of La Luna!

Ajeet Kaur performing "Kiss the Earth" live in Amsterdam with Ezra Landis and Raffa Martinez. Stay connected with Ajeet Kaur: Instagram:

I have found some of my greatest moments of connection to myself and Mother Earth from my bare feet being on the grass and in the dirt while doing yoga.

A misconception I’ve heard from clients and others is that you need a mat to practice. Mats are great, they have their purpose, (I love mine)-yet, I think they can be a barrier to access. I believe they can also portray privilege as some of “the best ones on the market” can be upwards of $100!

If you were to look at the roots of yoga, you would see that mats weren’t used-instead yogis reached for natural fibers such as cotton or wool.

When we place our feet on rubber, we actually insulate ourselves from electromagnetic energy entering our body. Yet, when we place our feet on the grass, we plug into the earth’s grid and absorb the energy!

There’s been great research around “Earthing” to show how putting our feet on the ground can help with sleep and reduction of pain as our feet absorb the electrons.

Nature is truly our medicine y’all! 🌎

Come join me tomorrow (Sunday 8/2) for some natural medicine, earthing and of course some free, socially distant, communal Yoga in Cole Park! I will be teaching at 1pm for the next 3 Sundays! Remember-you don’t need a mat, but if you prefer it, make sure to bring your own. A blanket or towel will work too.

I hope and can’t wait to see you!
It’s been a while...💜

I have many exciting things formulating in my life right now...yet, I’m not ready to share what that looks like just yet! What I will put out there though, is this hand lock I am doing right here. This is called: PINGALA MUDRA. This mudra is used to bring awareness and attention to masculine qualities-including rationality, assertiveness, determination and detailed planning. It can also help cultivate energy, vitality and concentration.

When trying to make plans, goals, visions (as I am), we often look for the feeling of empowerment...that’s what this mudra can provide, as it works with all the qualities listed as well as your left brain, sympathetic nervous system and solar plexus.

In my personal practice, I use mudras as another way of setting intention for my mediation practice and as an anchor for my mind to return to when it starts to wander. Mudras are ancient, powerful and used by you every day!

Our hands and fingers contain many sensory and motor nerve endings which are directly communicating with the body and brain. If you were to look at a homunculus, your hands would be the largest part of your body! (Fascinating right?)

So, instead of throwing the fire mudra (middle finger) at every “Trump for President” sign you see, maybe throw up a peace ✌🏼 sign instead. As that will communicate more harmony internally and the other...well, we all know how throwing the middle finger feels and what it channels😆

Lastly-we can transform our anger by VOTING!
If you are not registered...get on it!

Weekends on the Rio is back in Cole Park beginning this coming weekend! I will be leading Yoga in August and @brittany_schoer will be leading in July! Join other events like Paddle Boarding, Kayaking and Zumba all for FREE on the Rio or in the Park. Visit for more information!
Loving that we are breaking barriers to outdoor recreation and activities that can often be dominated by more affluent and white cultures by providing this to our community at NO COST. Spread the word & Get Outside!
#getoutside #weekendsontherio #yogaoutside #yoga #breakbarriers #generationwild @slvgo @cityofalamosa @generationwildcolorado

Anchoring Anxiety: Understanding & Transforming our Stress Response

Join me tomorrow at 2pm on Facebook Live as I talk about Anxiety from both a Clinical and Yogic lens. I will be sharing some techniques to use as well!

Also, check out my article below in the Alamosa Valley Courier about Anxiety.

Hope you all are well!
Sending you SO much Love

Did you catch Jessica Chacon's article on Anxiety on Friday's Alamosa Valley Courier newspaper? No? No problem! Read on SLVBHG's Newsroom on our website.

Also, don't miss her live on our page tomorrow!

A tale of two epidemics: When COVID-19 and opioid addiction collide - Harvard Health Blog

In this moment I am holding space for people struggling with addictions...

Currently, I work with clients in the community corrections system. What I have been witnessing recently is a large spike in anxiety, restlessness, agitation, boredom, anger and sadness. Many of these emotional experiences are a side effects of their recovery from substance use overall, yet I would like to honor that they are experiencing a great deal more stress than they were before. For many of them, work is a place that they get to go to get out of the facility, save money, send money home or pay off restitution(s) that are larger than my student loans and right now, many of them are out of work.

Many do not have the best of coping skills-their support groups have been placed on hold, they haven't been able to visit their families and yet are still being asked to remain sober. For many, the locus of control is external...they can't help it (right now) and the things that help them move forward are non-existent, causing many to

Their actions truly have some affect on me as I work with them weekly and very closely-I'd be lying if I didn't say I didn't take some of it in. So, instead of getting mad, sad or annoyed about it, I am practicing compassion and understanding. If you or a family member are struggling with an addiction, I invite you to practice compassion and understanding as well. Life is hard right now and for people with addictions, it can feel even harder! Be patient and Be kind. In our inner cities, the COVID-19 pandemic comes on top of another crisis that has plagued our country for years: the opioid epidemic. The combined effects of these two events are immense, and highlight already-existing problems with our society and our health care system.

You don’t have to be a therapist to know how to listen. You don’t have to be a doctor to know how to care for someone. And you definitely don’t need to solve someone else’s issues for them.

You may actually be doing someone a disservice by trying to be their “hero” or problem solver and you may also be getting in the way of their process!

So...sit back, relax and open your ears.
It’s simple, powerful and sometimes may be all they need.

Be still and listen 🙏🏼


Step into my new virtual office-
The therapy is different, but no less powerful. Today was full of magic. Many breaths were taken, meditations led and tears shed.

Though I am drained-
I am feeling abundant and grateful for all those who trust me in their healing process. 🙏🏼💫🌎💜

Going Live on Zoom at 7pm 💕

Meeting ID: 795 543 3542
Password: CairnYoga

Cairn Yoga Therapeutics's cover photo

Snatam Kaur

Come pray with me & Snatam y’all!
This woman is an angel 😇 💓💫

Meditation circle

[03/26/20]   I accidentally deleted the Kundalini video...
I’m still getting used to this thing!

I’m sorry 🤦🏻‍♀️

[03/25/20]   Going Live w/
Kundalini Yoga 30 mins!

Cairn Yoga Therapeutics's cover photo

The Moon 🌝 is going to come up over those mountains tonight and it’s going to be FULL! Come join me tonight at 6pm at BTU Fitness and Wellness for Hatha Yoga as we honor the ring of light around the moon and strengthen the one around ourselves. 🙏🏼

I don’t bow to the teacher, nor have I ever.

I have taken reverence to the teachings and the practice of Kundalini Yoga as a whole. This practice was passed down to Yogi Bhajan and it does not belong to him, nor does it belong to us. It belongs to our spirits-the eternal parts of us that live on after death. I will continue to practice and teach this yoga as it is very powerful, very needed and has brought me so many gifts in my life.

I hope the people who are seeking justice and healing receive it because they deserve it. 🙏🏼❤️

I am grateful beyond what any words can do justice to for the Sikh way of life which my parents embraced when I was a baby, and for the teachings of Kundalini yoga which I grew up with. These teachings give me strength, a sense of inner peace and joy. My husband Sopurkh Singh and I have dedicated our lives to these teachings, both in practicing them, and sharing them with others. We have raised our daughter with the principals of these teachings, and I feel that she has been given a sacred home because of them. My music, both in concert and recorded, is infused with these teachings.

These teachings came into my life because of the work of my spiritual teacher, Yogi Bhajan, who delivered them with absolute brilliance and love. I will be forever grateful. He left his physical body in 2004. Now many years later, allegations of sexual abuse by Yogi Bhajan are coming to light. My personal connection with him was as a loving and larger than life teacher, and I never experienced anything in the nature of these allegations. However, I am grateful to the leadership of our community organizations for stepping forward and taking on the task of launching an independent investigation.

I have dear friends that I grew up with who have in the past few weeks, conveyed to me varying degrees of sexual abuse that they experienced with Yogi Bhajan. I have been deeply affected and shaken to the core in hearing their stories, and I believe them. My prayer is that the work of this committee is not only a source of truth, but also of healing for my friends, and for anyone effected by these actions. This committee is made up of members of our yogic, community, and religious organizations and it is called the Collaborative Response Team. This committee’s work can be found here at:

Their work is just unfolding, and I invite you to join me and remain engaged with them, and give feedback and comments along the way. I believe that it is our time to find truth, and to heal, and that as a community we can and should carry that responsibility together.

I believe in human dignity and respect for all life, and for each other.

I believe that all victims of abuse of any kind deserve the opportunity to be heard, and supported in all ways to find healing.

I believe that our organizations have the responsibility to insure safe and secure environments for our community to learn and grow in.

I believe in rooting out abusive behavior, and look to myself first in taking responsibility for all of my actions.

I believe in the power of chanting. I don’t bow to any person. I bow to the Shabad Guru, or Sacred Sound as Teacher, a principal practice of the Sikh tradition.

For those who are not Sikhs, we can all benefit from Sacred Sound as Teacher. When we tune in with Ong Namo, Guru Dev Namo, we are utilizing the power of sound to recognize the Divine teacher within ourselves and our link to all that is Divine and all that is Guru, wisdom that resides when we are in awareness of the light and dark.

For people struggling with all this; although social media is a powerful medium for sharing information, it’s not so good at creating healing.
I invite you to:
-take up face to face, or ear to ear conversations
-create community check in circles, where people can just share with each other their feelings even if they come from differences of opinion or perspective.
- gather and chant together, eat together, and support each other
There are two powerful chants that I have been singing lately, that have worked for me to take me out of the sensations of darkness and despair, into the feeling of courage and light.

1. Guru Guru Waheguru, Guru Raam Daas Guru

2. Dhan Dhan Raam Daas Gur

I have recorded tunes for these chants, and there are many beautiful tunes from artists of our community available. I invite you to find your favorite one, listen to it, chant it, or make up your own tune.

We will hopefully soon be on tour, singing from our hearts, and I agree with Ram Dass (who tours with us as a multi-instrumentalist/vocalist), when he said that singing is the best thing we can do right now to heal. These chants are for us.

These teachings are for us. They work. They came to us from a far greater source then Yogi Bhajan. That’s what I believe, and that’s what he in fact taught me. So please join me if you are inspired. Let’s be in the heart. And let’s heal.

Guru Guru Waheguru, Guru Ram Das Guru
Guru: The Wisdom that exists in the awareness of dark and light.
Waheguru: The Mantra to cleanse
Guru Ram Das: The fourth Guru of the Sikhs, embodiment of compassion and healing, one who serves (Das), the energy of the universe (Ram), and when we are in our wisdom (Guru), we can experience it.

Dhan Dhan Ramdaas Gur Jin Sireeaa Tinai Savaariaa.
Pooree Hoee Karaamaat Aap Sirajanahaarai Dhaariaa.
Sikhee Atai Sangatee Paarabrahm Kar Namaskaariaa.
Atal Athaahu Atol Too Teraa Ant Na Paaraavaariaa.
Jinee Too Seviaa Bhaau Kar Se Tudh Paar Utaariaa.
Labh Lobh Kaam Krodh Moh Maar Kadhe Tudh Saparvaariaa.
Dhan So Teraa Thaan Hai Sach Teraa Paisakaariaa.
Naanak Too Lehnaa Too Hai Gur Amar Too Veechaariaa.
Gur Dithaa Taa Man Saadhaariaa.
Hail hail unto Ram Das Guru.
The One who has created Thee has adorned Thee.
Perfect is the miracle – the Creator Himself has installed Thee on Thy throne.
Thy students and congregation bow to the Supreme God.
Who is immovable, unfathomable and immeasurable and has no boundaries or limits.
They who serve Thee with love are carried across into the consciousness of the One.
Greed, avarice, lust, anger and worldly love are pulled out of them even while they live amongst family and pursue worldly existence.
Blessed is Thy place and true Thy expanse.
Thou art Nanak, Thou art Angad, Thou art Amar Das, so do I understand Thee to be.
Seeing the Guru, my soul is sustained.

Our Story

Have you ever set out on a journey alone? How about a solo hike deep into the wilderness? Did notice a subtle fear vibrating beneath your skin, or felt a sense of existential loneliness as you stepped forth on the trail, with nobody but your Self to direct you? I have.

These journeys, pathways and passages we willingly and sometimes unwillingly find ourselves on, are not easy. The experience of coming home can be blissful, wild, confusing, heart opening, chaotic, life changing and so much more...sometimes we just need someone next to us to share our story, to listen, to laugh, to cry and to push us to keep moving forward even when it’s hard. Most of the time, we just have to remember that WE ARE NOT ALONE.

The first time I set out on trail for a solo hike, I was sure I’d see someone on the least I was hoping to. After about 3.5 miles in, I found myself at a fork in the trail...“To the scree field or across the creek?” I thought to myself. I noticed the subtle gasp for air as if death was at my doorstep pulling the prana out of me. Not knowing what to do, I reached for my phone (as if that had the answer) and noticed it was missing...“Must have been back where I stopped to pee” I thought to myself. As I walked back, I remember consciously chanting “Sat” as I stepped with my left foot and “Nam” with my right (Meaning: Truth is my Identity). “Just stay calm Jess, you’ll go back and you’ll know what to do! First, let’s find your phone.” Sure enough, I did. As I made my way back to the creek, I immediately knew what to do. “Someone must have known I was lost and put a cairn in the path while I was gone. Weird, there’s no one around,” I thought to myself. So I crossed the creek and kept trucking up the rocky path. When I made it to the top, I wept. There it was, the final Cairn to show me I made it and a Marmot! That creature had no idea how happy I was to see another life...and boy was I glad it wasn’t a cougar. I had never felt so proud of myself in my life and the only person to witness my joy, triumph, grit and shock, was me. Yet, had it not been for the greater outdoor community, I may have never found myself the way I did that day and every day that I utilize a cairn to carry me to my next unknown destination. It was a message from the cairns that bore my path of Cairn Yoga LLC.

It has now transformed to Cairn Yoga Therapeutics to reflect my path as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Yoga Therapist, but my heart is still the same. It is my Dharma to bring the deeper wisdom and teachings of Yoga to you, wherever you are, on your pathway home. If my story struck a cord or if you are trying to find your way and need some support, I am here to: Empower Your Pathway to Unity. Reach out: [email protected].

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