Mountain Harmony Yoga and Bodywork

Mountain Harmony Yoga and Bodywork


The weather should be nice this evening, and we'll be back in Cole Park at 5:30. Grab your mat and start the week off right by connecting with your SLV yoga community and getting in mindful practice.
Two spots left! Starts tonight in Cole Park!
When are you going to have another beginners series?
I have a history of doing other types of yoga other than the Hatha ...and I have really enjoyed being re-introduced to this at Mt. Harmony yoga studio. Becca has been great at integrating, not only the positions, but breath work, explaining how to do them right, safely, and the principles of why we do yoga and what it can do for us. I really appreciated her passion for it~ she fueled my fire :)

Come as you are. �

Providing yoga instruction and massage therapy to the San Luis Valley in Alamosa, CO

Can’t wait for tonight!

The weather should be nice this evening, and we'll be back in Cole Park at 5:30. Grab your mat and start the week off right by connecting with your SLV yoga community and getting in mindful practice.

😂😂😂😂 See you in our next series!

Mountain Harmony Yoga and Bodywork

One week from tonight! 💚

We are so ready to step back into some normalcy at Mountain Harmony Yoga. Though we can't go back to the studio yet, we CAN come together at the park! Join us in two weeks in Cole Park on Mondays at 5:30 pm on the lawn. New YTT graduate Sarah Rhett will be leading this class and we just can't wait to get started!


Sign up today for your next series! 💜

#fridayfunny enjoy your weekend yogis. ❤️

July Yoga Newsletter 💜

July Alamosa Yoga Newsletter is in your in-box. (or click below) There a lot of goodness there. 💜 It's hard to believe that here we are, and another month are not stepping back into our studio. Although...for those of you who practice with us in the summer, you know how hot it can this just might be a blessing! ;)

Monday Nights are back!

We are so ready to step back into some normalcy at Mountain Harmony Yoga. Though we can't go back to the studio yet, we CAN come together at the park! Join us in two weeks in Cole Park on Mondays at 5:30 pm on the lawn. New YTT graduate Sarah Rhett will be leading this class and we just can't wait to get started!

Yoga in the park was so perfect and just what this momma needed! The class was rejuvenating, the park was revitalizing and getting to see our yogis filled my heart with JOY! Let me know if you want to join us. 💜🌳 #mountainharmonyyoga #alamosayoga #chacotanlines #outdooryoga #takeyouryogaoutside #yogainthepark #ineededthis #sunshinetherapy

2020 has been significantly stressful. But this garden is a #happyplace. We are grateful for the distraction this brought during quarantine and now for the bounty of veggies we will enjoy in the months to come. This is the best garden I’ve grown in my life! And #highaltitudegardening gardening is no joke...❤️ How are you keeping sane in 2020? #mountainharmonyyoga @ Alamosa, Colorado

Check out our new studio for the next month or two.

Classes begin this week in the Park! Check out our page and pick what time works for you! We have flow class that starts on Thursday.

It’s going to be hard not to hug you, but I promise to keep my distance. 💜

I feel so helpless. How do we fix this problem? #ifeelhelpless I vow to raise socially conscious humans and promote equality in all situations. #justiceforgeorgefloyd

Those that know...know. #fridayfunny

[05/27/20]   June Newsletter is in you mailbox this morning.

Google has been redirecting emals to the promotions, folder, so check there if you haven't received it yet.

Can't wait to see you soon!

Save the Date!

The first of our quarterly Continuing Education series at Mountain Harmony Yoga is for certified yoga teachers only.

This amazing weekend will provide con-ed credits toward the Yoga Alliance requirements while we deeply explore how to safely and expertly teach this much needed practice.

Only 8 teachers will be accepted. More details to come!

We need to give a shout out to these 7 amazing women! They worked so hard, grew so much and rolled with the punches to graduate 2 months late because of #coronavirus. They passed their exam today with flying colors and completed their program today with grace. I love each of these women individually and together they are amazing-ness multiplied! I can’t wait to see what they do! #mountainharmonyyoga #alamosayo @ Mountain Harmony Yoga and Bodywork

[05/15/20]   I stopped by the studio today...and do I miss our space! I miss you too! I miss us coming together...breathing, learning, moving, laughing.

Looking ahead.

I’m looking forward to how we can open the safest way.

We won’t be able to use studio props for quite some time.

I was throwing around the idea of putting together a prop kit for our student. I’m thinking 2 blocks, 2 blankets, a strap, eye pillow and maybe a bolster. We would use the high quality of products we use in the studio, for a discounted price!

We could do a curbside pick up (which is my sneaky way to see you!)

Who would be interested in this? Comment below and we’ll get this started!

#fridayfunny ...but seriously.

How many of you have been getting your hands in the dirt?


T-shirts are coming it! I love seeing your faces, so keep sending the pics!!!!

❤️Again I love and thank you so much for supporting the studio at this time!

If you sent your t-shirt to me at the studio, I’m going to be out delivering these in Alamosa tomorrow! If you would like me to drop yours off, send me your address and I’ll drop yours off on the porch.


Can’t wait to get to yoga with my friends. 🧡

Last chance to support Mountain Harmony's Social Distancing T-Shirt Fundraiser!

One more testimonial from our student:

"Mountain Harmony has been a refuge in the storm. This studio has provided a place to practice, meditate, learn and grow. Mountain Harmony and it’s proprietor Becca, have helped me to work on getting certified as a yoga teacher after practicing for 30 years. Please consider investing in this beautiful yoga community. Supporting small businesses in Alamosa is a must in order to keep our community strong."

~Julie Mordecai MA

If you would like to support our studio, you can purchase this fun t-shirt and/or donate to hold up Mountain Harmony. You can either have the t-shirt delivered to you, or we can hold it at the studio, and you can pick it up when we open up for classes again!

Below you'll find the link to check out this special t-shirt!

Thank you so much! We miss you!

Don't forget about our daily 9am yoga class. All are Welcome! Come As You Are!

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 949 6866 6686
Password: Yoga2020

This is the last day to score once of these fun t-shirts and support the Mountain Harmony Fundraiser! We truly appreciate all of the support we've received, and can not wait to see you again in the studio!

Here's what our beloved Tracy Doyle has to say about Mountain Harmony Yoga:

"Becca has created a sacred space at Mountain Harmony Yoga. A sign that reads "Come as you are" greets you and reminds you - yoga is for everyone. Becca is down to earth, authentic, kind, and genuinely caring - not to mention a fabulous teacher. She has built a community that has become so important to many of us. I have always loved yoga, but it wasn't until I walked through the door at Mountain Harmony that I ever felt at home".
~Tracy Doyle PhD

❤️❤️❤️ We are going to miss Tracy soooo much but wish her the best as she begins her new journey in Washington!

Just clink the link below to grab your t-shirt and support Mountain Harmony in weathering this storm.

Thank you! We love you so much!

Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now


The details of daily yoga has changed!

Here are the new details!

Meeting ID: 949 6866 6686
Password: Yoga2020 Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars across mobile, desktop, and room systems. Zoom Rooms is the original software-based conference room solution used around the world in board, confer...

Another beautiful testimonial! ❤️

"Before I moved to the San Luis Valley, I had practiced yoga on and off for several years, and had a studio that I attended regularly, until my favorite teacher moved away. For me, yoga has always been essential to my mental health, and yoga is often where I find my community. I never thought I'd find a place I belonged in the Valley, until I started attending classes at Mountain Harmony Yoga. I felt welcomed, right away, and knew from the positive energy from Becca and the other teachers that this would be my new yoga home. In September of 2019, I started the Yoga Teacher Training program, and I've been lucky enough to help the community through teaching yoga online while we work through the shutdown. As much as Mountain Harmony offers a place of connection when things are normal, that sense of connection is maintained when we can't be together in physical space. Mountain Harmony is an essential place in our Valley, and will continue to be so for years to come."

~Jean Alger PhD, (almost) RYT

Join the Mountain Harmony Yoga Fundraiser! Purchase this fun, commemorative t-shirt of our social distancing in 2020! 🧡

This week we'll hear from what students have to say about Mountain Harmony Yoga.

"While Colorado's stay-at-home order has been critical to protect our community members, it has also felt like a devastating blow to the fragile connectivity of our rural community. Even as we physically remain apart, Mountain Harmony Studio has provided a virtual space to support individuals' health and well-being, and to bridge the divide many of us feel from the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic. I feel so fortunate to be a part of the MHY family, and eagerly look forward to walking through that front door on San Juan Street in Alamosa again -- hopefully in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, I am grateful for the online daily yoga when I'm able to attend and the online yoga series offered now that continue to help me stay grounded in these unsettled times. This fundraiser is a great opportunity to support MHY, which has supported me through thick and thin, and to snag a cute T-shirt that reminds me to maintain a good sense of humor."

~Sarah Rhett MFA, (almost RYT)

Please help Mountain Harmony Yoga weather the storm of the COVID-19 closure by participating in our fundraiser, and purchasing this fun t-shirt below! We appreciate you!

Click here to support Mountain Harmony Yoga for Studio Expenses

Happy Easter beautiful souls!

We are starting a week long fundraiser to support Mountain Harmony!

The COVID-19 has forced our yoga studio to be closed for an undetermined about of time. Because of this our income has been significantly affected, as it has been for so many small business across the world.

We are still offering free daily yoga classes via zoom, which has been an amazing support not only for our community, but to friends and family across the county.

If you would like to support our studio, you can purchase this fun t-shirt and/or donate to hold up Mountain Harmony. You can either have the t-shirt delivered to you, or we can hold it at the studio, and you can pick it up when we open up for classes again!

Below you'll find the link to check out this special t-shirt!

Thank you so much! We miss you! Buy a t-shirt to support Mountain Harmony Yoga!

Happy Easter Yogis! I’m so grateful for you.

Have a Blessed Day today. No zoom yoga class this morning, enjoy your time today!

We’ll see at 9am for yoga tomorrow.

Stuck at Home 2020❤️relaxation, a playlist by Rebecca Hardy Jessen on Spotify

Hey yogi.

How are you holding up? We’re doing well here, struggling with the idea of spending another month away from the studio....but here it is.

Miss you.

Here’s my Spotify playlist that has been keeping me calm and steady. Press shuffle and enjoy. ❤️

Can’t wait to see you again. A playlist featuring Susan Tedeschi, Trevor Hall, Deva Premal, and others

[04/01/20]   Having a few technical difficulties. We should be up for class in a few moments!

Alamosa, how are you doing? I miss you and spending time together in the studio.

This is an interesting and important time. It is definitely a test of will and we will always remember these weeks of introspection and uncertainty while reaching out for our loved ones for connection and normalcy.

Mountain Harmony is here for you. Please feel free to reach out if you need help, or just to connect.

This is just a reminder about our free daily online yoga classes everyday at 9am!

And do you want to know the exciting thing about our daily classes? They are not only being taught by our owner, but by our graduating class of yoga teacher trainers this year!

We're so excited to spend a little time with you each day, moving breathing and decreasing stress while practicing social distancing and keeping our community safe.

Connect to the class via the link below and we'll see you tomorrow!

Meeting ID: 171 440 469

Just a reminder, my beloved yogis.

Our daily practices continue at 9am. Today we practice Yoga Nidra. ❤️

Meeting ID: 171 440 469

Yogis. I'm missing you quite a bit. For some of us, it's been the longest we've been away from each other in awhile. :)

Tomorrow (Sunday at 9am) we will begin our free daily yoga classes via Zoom as mentioned and requested. :)

I'm looking forward to coming together as a community and spending time moving, breathing and supporting each other during this changing time. ❤️

Just grab your mat and follow the link below. If you have any questions, just let me know. See you there.
Meeting ID: 171 440 469

[03/17/20]   Emails have gone out for online series classes tonight! Check your inbox. See you soon. ox

After much thought and concideration of the current pandemic of COVID-19, we've decided to close Mountain Harmony Yoga from March 15-29. This is not an easy decision as our studio has been a peaceful haven during trying times, but we feel this is an important step to help "flatten the curve" and prevent any possible transmission at our studio.

To be clear, there have been no cases of Coronavirus reported in our community. However with the increase of cases in the state of Colorado, we would like to be proactive to help decrease any spread in the San Luis Valley.

This does not mean we will not be able to practice yoga together!

1. All series will be moved online. If you are a student enrolled in a series, keep an eye out for emails this week for a link for a Zoom call. Kate and I will be offering our classes online and you can stay safe and snuggly at home too.

2. Monday night drop in classes will be held via Zoom as well. Please send me a text, email or message if you would like access to the class. I will send info on how to join on Monday, prior to class. This class will be free for any community member while the studio is closed.

3. Student's enrolled in Nisa's postpardum class will receive links to her recorded classes.

3. The kids' yoga class will be postponded until a further date. We will hold our class at some point, but I want to wait until the community as a whole is in the clear. Tell the kids Miss Becca misses them. 🙂

4. The 108 Sun Salutations event and the final YTT weekend will be adjusted and postponed if needed. More to come on that.

Please keep an eye on this Mountain Harmony page for details and we will also be updating the community through emails as well.

Factual information:

Please be mindful where your Coronavirus information comes from. For factual and up to date information please reference I'm quite proud of how well our hospital is preparing for this situation. You can even ask questions, so you can feel fully updated and prepared.

Also, I deeply encourage you to stay safe and calm during this time. Continue to keep yourself healthy. Eat for a healthy immune system, refraining from sugar and alcohol (gasp) and try to keep fresh foods available. Stay hydrated, and be sure to practice light yoga and meditation daily. While we can't contol what is going on around us, we can control how we respond. You have the tools to stay calm and be a beacon of light for your friends and family.

Again, please reach out of you need help or have questions, suggestions or concerns.

I'm sending you lots of love. Together we will get through this.

Mountain Harmony Yoga

Integrated Yoga Wellness in Alamosa CO

Mountain Harmony believes that Yoga is for everyone.

We elevate our community to find their strength, flexibility and balance in a supportive, holistic approach to Yoga.

We believe that by cultivating a nurturing environment through compassion, focused guidance and peaceful presence we honor and embrace each student’s journey.

We provide education with passion, wisdom and honesty to support a deep exploration of the Self in Body, Mind and Spirit.

We promote a genuine, integrated yoga experience that instills joy, courage, balance and fun.

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Monday Nights are back!





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