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Another custom color rod done at Reel Time Rods! This one is the “All American”!! Red rod with blue camo Winn Grips, white wraps with blue flake mixed in the flex coat. We have 12 awesome colors to choose from in 16 different actions. Everything from a 5’ 6” light action to a 7’ 6” heavy action. Come by and see for yourself!

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Another custom rod finished up for Mr Kevin Guthrie! This ones a 7’8”-12/20. 12” solid cork handle with red wraps,red trim bands and silver glitter.Kevin’s gonna put lots of big bass in the boat with this one! Thank you Kevin for letting us build you this beauty!

AIR BEARINGS!!! Just installed our line of air bearings in this Shimano Curado 200E5 for Larry Lovell. He wanted to be able to get more distance on his Carolina rig. Better keep the spool full of line or he’s gonna spool it on the cast! Over 40 seconds of spin time on just a table spin!!! These things are awesome! Come by the shop for a bearing demo... it will amaze you.

Here’s a beautiful custom build goin out to long time customer Robert Keeling. This is an MB73-8/15 spinning rod with black Winn grips, black wraps,gold trim bands and gold flake! This is the second rod Robert has had done with these colors. It’s one of my favorite combinations. You oughta see it in the sunshine!!! Come by the shop ( or call us) and let us design you a rod that’s fits your style and personality!!!!

Here’s one for the ladies!!! This custom build is an MB73-8/15 spinning rod with Winn grips, pink wraps,silver trim bands,silver flake and her name of course! Eric is gonna make some serious brownie points with this present for his better half! Still time to get a custom rod built for that special someone ( or for yourself! ) for Christmas. Still got our 15% discount going till the end of the month on all stock and custom rods!!!

Another custom rod going out to one of our “team” members Mike Callahan. It’s an MB 78-12/20 with orange Winn grips,orange wraps with silver trim bands and silver flake in the flex coat. Matches his Skeeter colors!! There’s one just like this on the bottom of Lake Fork somewhere!

Another custom color rod done at Reel Time Rods! This one is the “All American”!! Red rod with blue camo Winn Grips, white wraps with blue flake mixed in the flex coat. We have 12 awesome colors to choose from in 16 different actions. Everything from a 5’ 6” light action to a 7’ 6” heavy action. Come by and see for yourself!

Two custom rods done this morning! The black rod is our stock drop shot blank with split cork grips, colored thread and a little blue glitter in the flex. The orange rod is a new line of colored rods we are building. This one has black camo Winn grips, colored wraps and orange glitter in the flex.

Red seems to be the color of choice this week! This MB73-8/15 with red Winn grips,red wraps with silver glitter and initials goin out today! Only one more week of the 15% off discount on stock and custom rods!

We don’t build a lot of rods out of blanks other than ours,but when a customer wants a yellow rod with red Winn grips and red thread...we build it for him! I wasn’t sure about the the color combo but once it was finished,it looks awesome. These blanks come in 12 different colors,so if you want a special color,we can probably make it happen! If you can dream it... we can build it!!!

Two custom drop shot rods goin out today for long time customer Mike Callahan. One with Winn grips and one with EVA foam. Both with awesome orange wraps and orange flake to match his Skeeter!

Custom MB73-8/15 on the drying turner going out to longtime customer Robert Keeling. Rod has black Winn grips and is wrapped with black thread, gold trim bands and gold flake in the flex coat. And of course his name on it! Thank you Robert for letting us build you this beauty!

Here’s a reel just finished cleaning and installing air bearings in. These bearings are amazing! Check out how long and smooth spool spins! If your looking for longer casts,these are the answer!

4 custom builds finished up and ready to be picked up! These are for graduating seniors from a high school fishing team. Dell Brown is giving them to these lucky boys! They will make many memories with these babies!

Got one custom order done today! 4 rods for one customer. Every one a different color wrap and trim. No days off this week! Worked mon and today. Starting new week tomorrow with 15 reels to clean and 5 more custom rods to build. WE BE WORKIN!!!

All 10 turners going ! Haven’t made a post in a while. It’s been pretty crazy last couple weeks. The rod rack out front needs to be restocked(sold 8 this week),built 6 custom rods, cleaned about 30 reels and squeezed several rod repairs in ! Got 5 custom rod orders to build ASAP. We are normally closed on mon and tue but I will be in the shop most of the day tomorrow trying to make a dent in the custom builds. If you need anything,come on in!!

Busy day today here at Reel Time Rods ! All these rods on the turners were shipped to us yesterday for repair. Two rods were completely stripped of micro guides and replaced with our Microwave guides. The rest had 2 to 4 guides replaced. Only had one turner left open! They will be shipped out tomorrow. Fastest turnaround... GUARANTEED!!

A sweet custom build finished up just now for Mark Yates. It’s a SJ72-8/15 with lime green wraps and green trim wraps. It will be dry and ready for action as soon as I get finished cleaning his Lews reels and putting air bearings in em! Gettin it done here at Reel Time Rods!,

Another custom build ready to be picked up at Reel Time Rods! The last silver flake was so good he ordered another one for a late Christmas present for his fishin buddy! It’s a full cork drop shot bait caster.

Another custom build going out at Reel Time Rods! Drop Shot rod with full cork handle and butt. Gotta work on my lighting in wrapping room. These videos just do not do these rods justice. The silver flake on this rod “POPS”! Come by and let’s design you a rod that’s makes us both proud! We build everything from crappie to swim bait rods. I’ll put our rods up against any rod made. ANY ROD !

Another custom build goin out at Reel Time Rods! MB 73-8/15 with Winn grips.Thank you Mr. Gaston for letting us build you this beauty!

First custom build of 2019 going out! Bushido MB 78-12/20. You oughta see this baby in the sunlight!

Saints rods are done! Got the logos in yesterday. All flexed and ready for action! Not delivering them till next week. Hoping for better weather so we can watch these guys break em in on some trout and reds!

Just finished up 2 New Orleans Saints Rods. Black wraps with gold trim and gold flake. Waiting on my Saints logos to come in. After there in and put on I’ll post pics of the finished rods.Going to hand deliver em to new owners Sunday!

Here’s two customs that are ready this morning!

This rod was built for a customer a few months ago and was never picked up! (Our fault for not getting a deposit) We had to take his wife’s name off,so whoever buys it,we will put your name on it for no charge. It’s an MB 6’8”- 12/20. This rod was originally $240. We will let it go for $175 pt !!! Would make a great Christmas gift for that special gal !!

Regular customer Curt Blount came in to pick up a reel we repaired and had a blank he said he has had for years and wanted to know if we could build him a rod out of it. Our answer? Of course! We do whatever it takes to keep our customers happy!

Heres a few custom rods on the turners... just about done! We can do so many different things with rods, I know we can build you just the rod you want ! We can do numerous different style grips and handles, different colored wraps,glitter,trim and even put your name on it. We build em right here at our shop at Lake Fork. You can pick em up here or we can ship em to you. The rod with the gold flake (“Gold Digger”) looks better every time I look at it! Think I’m gonna build me one just like it!

Ghost crappie rod . Notice no wraps guide foot is exposed .

I told you guy's I would so you the build on the redburl fly rod.

Reel time rods custom Dropshot made for lake Fork guide Austyn Fowler.

Custom Dropshot for lake Fork guide Austyn Fowler.

Reel time rod custom, I forgot to mention in the other post. This custom Dropshot belongs to lake Fork guide josh Preist.

Reel time rod custom. This one belongs to Austyn Fowler lake fork guide.

Reel time custom Dropshot.

Another custom going out at Reel Time Rods.

Another custom by Reel Time Rod.

Purple rod built by reel time rods lake Fork

Reel time rods lake Fork Texas

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