New York Bicycling Coalition

The New York Bicycling Coalition is the premier resource for bicycling advocacy and information in New York State. We work every day to make New York a more bicycle-friendly state. Check out our website at

Interim Executive Director: Kyle Hatch

Mission: NYBC’s mission is to provide a voice for bicyclists in New York State. We represent the interests of all bicyclists, whether you use a bicycle for daily transportation, ride on- or off-road, ride for recreation or take part in bike races. We achieve our goals by working with individual cyclists and cycling clubs throughout the state.

The Stony Brookside Bed & Bike Inn

Thank you Marty for highlighting the need to extend the much desired Empire Trail to Long Island! Well done and well said!

The Stony Brookside Bed & Bike Inn

Thank you Marty for highlighting the need to extend the much desired Empire Trail to Long Island! Well done and well said!

The City That Cycles With the Young, the Old, the Busy and the Dead

How bicycling became the go-to mode in Copenhagen: Nearly half of all journeys to school and work in Copenhagen take place on bicycles. And people like it that way.

A great day for Long Island!

Today was amazing as the groundbreaking for the North Shore Rail Trail has begun! A huge thank you to so many people who helped to make this happen. This will become another highlight in our community. Can’t wait to ride this!😊🚴😊🚴‍♀️😊

NYBC Long Island

Many thanks to Martin Buchman who spoke out In support of this important program on Long Island!

Minnesota nursing homes embrace Danish cycling idea that puts older adults on wheels

Stories like these inspire us to continue working towards making communities all over New York more bicycle friendly.

We first heard about Cycling Without Age from a Long Island Cyclist working to start a chapter in his community ( Programs like these are reliant on infrastructure, policies, and a culture that acknowledges the bicycling as a viable form of transportation. Once that foundation is laid, the possibilities are endless.

What inspires you to make your community more bike friendly? Cycling Without Age gives older adults with limited mobility a thrilling change of scene on electric bikes.

Calling all Capital Region riders: join us next Sunday, August 18th at the Carey Institute for Global Good for the 2019 R'ville Ride: Ride the Five! A portion of your registration will directly benefit NYBC - sign up today!

We're proud to be partnering with the Carey Institute for Global Good and Helderberg Brewery to participate in this year's "Share the Road" campaign at the ride. We'll be speaking with riders and family members before the ride about safe riding practices, and leading brief on-bike safety clinics on the free 3-mile Fun Ride route open to all. We look forward to seeing you there.

Fenton Bicycle Pin

Interesting NYS bicycle history tidbit:
The Fenton Metallic Company of Jamestown, New York produced this souvenir pin advertising for Fenton bicycles around 1896. Fenton was one of many companies who parlayed their existing business (in this case metal office goods) into bicycles when the bicycle boom began. Similarly to those companies, the Fenton ceased manufacturing cycling parts when the bicycle boom ended in 1898.

Chilean Startup Makes Cities Safer For Bicyclists Around The World

“When I heard that Ivonne died, I put all my passion and grief into something positive,” she said. After Paulina Barria lost her best friend in a bicycling accident, Barria founded a startup that helps bicyclists safely navigate cities with a mobile application and wearable device. BikeLite is based in Santiago, Chile – a city known for its socially-minded startups.

Domestic manufacturers welcome Chinese tariff increase

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post about the impact of tariffs on bicyclists and retailers, the view from a couple of U.S. manufacturers: FREEPORT, N.Y. (BRAIN) — The U.S. bike industry has largely become an importing industry, but some remaining U.S. manufacturers said they welcome the recent tariff increase on Chinese imports.

Tariff-Driven Bicycle Markup Will Fall On U.S. Consumers

More than 90% of bicycles and bike parts are imported from China. NPR's Michel Martin talks to Morgan Lommele, director of state and local policy for People for Bikes, about how the bicycle industry is being affected by President Trump's tariffs on Chinese goods.

Summit to advance active transportation

An opportunity in Rochester for those of you working to promote active transportation in your communities! The Active Transportation Summit, Ideas in Motion, on May 23 is a convening of professionals and activists from multiple sectors to advance transportation and recreation opportunites across the Finger Lakes region.

[05/04/19]   What an awesome way to end the day! Angela won her very first bike donated by the New York Bicycling Coalition at the Bike New York Expo. She just learned to ride in NY through Bike NY and always wanted a bike since learning. We were so overjoyed to help her out!❤️

We are having a great time at the 2019 #BikeExpoNY with our friends from New York State Tourism Industry Association & Parks & Trails New York . If you are here, stop by and say hi. Meet our Interim Executive Director, Kyle Hatch!

Ready to roll. Excited to be at the Bike Expo for this fantastic event! Please stop by if you are nearby!

All ready to get this Bike Expo started. We are happy to support the New York Bicycling Coalition at this exciting event!
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🚲 Your NYBC Bike News 🚲

NYBC is ready for spring. Check out our newsletter! There are several pieces of legislation that support better bicycling in New York. Our top three legislative priorities this year are:

Love seeing this on a police vehicle! Yes, NYS...this could be us.

Sometimes you just have to remind oneself of the importance of sharing the road by comparing!!! We can do it to New York State!! .
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Parks & Trails New York :: I Love My Park Day

Many of our NY State Parks are home to bike paths, mountain bike trails, and great road rides, not to mention hiking, fishing, skiing, snowshoeing, and more.
Why not roll on over to Parks & Trails New York and sign up to show a little love for your local park May 4th for Love My Park Day? Click below to learn more! #ILoveMyPark

Visibility is advocacy: Buffalo-Niagara region hold first women's bicycle festival

NYBC members and partners across New York State are working to get more women on bikes! Alternative transportation advocates often encourage people to ride bicycles if they can, but that community is facing a big challenge. Women only account

'Cycling in the City: A 200-Year History' Opens In New York

“The recent renaissance of cycling, as well as the 200-year anniversary of the arrival of the first bicycle in New York City in 1819, makes this an opportune time to rediscover New York’s rich cycling heritage and foster discussion about the bicycle’s role in the metropolis—past, present, and future,” Whitney W. Donhauser, president of the Museum of the City of New York, said in a statement. A new exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York explores the city's relationship with the bicycle.

Our Long Island bike advocates showed up in full force at the Complete Streets Summit held by Vision Long Island; all united to bring about positive change to Long Island. Let’s do this!

This Designer Turned a Wine Barrel into a Bicycle

Steel is real and wine (barrel) is fine. What’s your favorite frame made of? Turns out a wine barrel has enough wood to make about two bikes.

'Trails Across NY' Advocates For Empire State Trail

NYBC member, Marty Buchman is a tremendous advocate for the Empire State Trail and its Long Island Extension,"Tell me, have you ever seen someone on a bike trail who was in a bad mood?” Supporters kicked off a new “Trails Across New York” campaign Monday to seek further support for a multi-use trail system in the state.

SkyRide 2019 | Buffalo, NY

Head out west! The GObike Buffalo SkyRide is now open for registration. Described in Buffalo Rising as: " of those Buffalo moments that has to be experienced to be truly appreciated... It’s an exercise in placemaking, demonstrating that there are better uses for highways" Join GObike Buffalo for the 6th annual SkyRide, an incredible fundraising bike ride over the 100-foot-high Skyway!

Kingston Women's Bike Fest planned for March 31

Kingston, NY has a great event coming up to get more women on bikes, and it includes free child care. Well-done, Kingston! Check it out: #doingitright #internationalwomensmonth KINGSTON, N.Y. — A one-day community event aims to help women develop the necessary skills and improve their confidence to become more active bicycle riders.

In Ivory Coast, organic chocolate made with a bicycle

The bicycle plays a key role in one woman’s entrepreneurial venture. Read more: Dana Mroueh's chocolate factory is a rarity for Ivory Coast and not only be...

U.S. Olympic cycling medalist Kelly Catlin has died by suicide at 23, her family says

Sad news. Our condolences to Kelly Catlin’s family, friends, and teammates.
This in-depth article states: “Control was harder to come by for Ms. Catlin after crashes late last year in which she broke her arm and sustained a concussion, according to family members.”

FHP: Car veers into bike lane, kills cyclist, 72, in Golden Gate Estates

The writer noted that the cyclist "was wearing a helmet..."
As if that was relevant.
Condolences to the victim's family and friends. William Cahill, 72, of Naples, died after he was struck along Golden Gate Boulevard near 10th Street Northeast.

More Cities Are Taking Responsibility for Clearing Sidewalks of Snow

When it comes to clearing snow from sidewalks we're not surprised that Rochester, NY is a leader and Syracuse is making strides. Does your city, town, or village clear sidewalks? What about maintaining access to bicycle parking facilities? Rochester, Burlington, Minneapolis, Duluth and Syracuse have either started clearing sidewalks or are moving in that direction.

Video: All the Major Kinds of Bike Lanes, in Three Minutes

The different bicycle facilities and other complete streets features shown in the video are on one person's bike commute to work: San Jose shows off what a complete street looks like.

Bike Pittsburgh survey: Bicyclists trust self-driving vehicles, lose confidence in human drivers

Interesting read from Pittsburgh. How do you feel about riding in the presence of driverless cars? A follow-up survey by Bike Pittsburgh found increasing confidence in self-driving vehicles but bikers feel less safe around human drivers.

Our new Active Transportation & Complete Streets Training features small, personal classes, real life field audits in your community, and customized course content designed to develop like minded people who will drive active transportation in your town. Go to our website for more information on how to schedule a FREE course in your community!

The Montgomery Bus Boycott And The Bicycle > GObike News > News > GObike - Buffalo, NY

Interesting - thanks GObike Buffalo for this post! Guest submission by Jalonda Hill This is proof that bike riding has always been a great asset to our community and has been used as an act of resistance to the power structure. Imagine what we could do today if we used bike riding as an act of resistance against the current conditions of poor

National Bike Month

It's not too early to start planning your #BiketoWork, #BiketoSchool or other #BikeMonth events. Our friends at League of American Bicyclists have some great resources to help you out! May is National Bike Month, sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists and celebrated in communities from coast to coast. Established in 1956, National Bike Month is a chance to showcase the many benefits of bicycling — and encourage more folks to giving biking a try.

Major Taylor, World Champion Bicyclist The first African-American cycling champion, fans called him the Black Cyclone. He blew past terrifying threats, setting records with an elegant grace.

Our new Active Transportation & Complete Streets Training can be tailored to the specific needs of your local New York State community. This free course designed for your local planning board, MPOs, public agency planning staff and key community stakeholders includes customized course materials and a walk or bike field audit to survey real life situations. Go to our website for more information on how to schedule a FREE course in your community!

Women Who Dare To Bicycle In Pakistan

She hopes to resist pressure as long as possible — she loves riding and setting an example: "When girls see us and are inspired, it really gives me immense pleasure. I want other girls to shed their fears and ride a bike."
- Urooj Bisma, 12

We can tailor our free Active Transportation & Complete Streets Training to your local community’s specific needs. Our expert instructors and course materials will help you identify best practices to serve your residents and create streets that encourage active, equal transportation. It’s perfect for your local planning board, MPOs, public agency planning staff and key community stakeholders! Go to our website for more information on how to schedule a FREE course in your community!

Our new Active Transportation & Complete Streets Training provides FREE training three convenient ways for your community. Schedule a free full day, half day, or online course and help shape active, accessible transportation in your community. Go to our website at for more information on how to schedule a course for your local planning board, MPOs, public agency planning staff and key community stakeholders.

If you're looking for some inspiration for your cycle commuting during this winter's deep freeze, then look no further. Nineteen year old Ed Pratt finished his around the world cycling journey on July 27, 2018 --on his 36" wheel unicycle!

2018 was a busy year for the NYBC education team

During 2018 Education Director Ken Crandall, Assistant Education Director Tom Polk, and NYBC’s safety ambassadors dropped in all over the state, with a special emphasis on documented crash hot spots. From Long Island to Plattsburgh to Buffalo, they delivered education services to both cyclists and motorists. We're looking forward to another year in 2019 delivering the message of safe cycling to audiences all over New York State! NY Bicycling Coalition

Our new Active Transportation & Complete Streets Training isn’t just FREE, but it’s also designed specifically for your communities. We’ll work with you to educate and empower your local planning board, MPOs, public agency planning staff and key community stakeholders. Visit our website for more information on how to schedule a FREE course in your community!


We now offer a FREE Active Transportation & Complete Streets training course to communities throughout New York State, thanks to generous support from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH). Go to our website for more information on how to schedule a course for your planning board, MPOs, public agency planning staff and key community stakeholders. NY Bicycling Coalition

City Council Bills Would Legalize E-Bikes And Electric Scooters

This story gives a good overview of the current situation with lack of ebike regulation in New York City, and by association across the state. While the details of new legislation may be open to discussion, it's obvious New York's regulations governing ebikes and escooters are sadly out of date. New leadership in the Assembly Transportation gives a renewed chance to move forward. 'What we're trying to accomplish here is to bring New York City to 2018. There are a lot of cities that have embraced e-bikes, and New York City keeps these archaic and punitive laws.'

NYBC 2018 Annual Appeal: Final Week

When Everybody Rides, We All Win! Have you ever been on a bike ride that improved your life in some way? A ride that made you appreciate beauty? That built your fitness? That taught you how to meet adversity when things didn't go perfectly?

At NYBC, as far as we are concerned, every ride is a winning ride. It improves your health, physically and mentally. It improves the planet, now and into the future. The more people we can get on bikes, the more equal access we can assure, the more cycling friendly facilities we can build . . . the more winning rides there will be for everyone.

If you haven't donated already, please take a few moments to watch our Board Member, Rosanna Coto-Batres, show you what we have done and what we have in store for this next year. Then help us with your donation during this final week of our 2018 Appeal to make this a reality for EVERY New Yorker. For those who ride and those who don't-yet!

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NYBC 2018 Annual Appeal: Final Week
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NYBC 2018 Annual Appeal
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Sharing the Road - Part 2
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