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Training, continuing education, and mentorship for 26 + 2 teachers and students

Teach From Love | Teach From Love What are you afraid will happen if a student leaves the room? What are you afraid will happen if a student sits down? What are you afraid will happen if they

Bikram Yoga For You

Diane Ducharme Gardner explaining the dialogue and technique for Standing Head to Knee pose

Standing Head to Knee Pose. Dialogue plus explanation.

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“The starting position for all exercises is a relaxation pose that is called Shavasana or 'Corpse Pose.' This posture is also resumed after each exercise and is to be considered an essential part of Yoga, because the system is based on an alternation between tension and relaxation...Out of this relaxation the intended posture is started for the specified time and one relaxes again in the Shavasana pose. Shavasana should not be assumed for too short a time, in any case not shorter than the previous exercise."

“It is better to perform a few exercises, but in complete tranquility, than to execute "one's program" at all costs under time pressure." Dr. Gouri Shankar Mukerji

Hot 26 Revolution

Training starts in Binghamton this weekend and Albany next weekend! Check out the curriculum and sign up at #hot26 #thenotyogaspot #binghamton #albany

Training is starting soon in Albany and Binghamton! Visit for more information!

I took this picture in tonight’s class to show Mike how far he has come. When he started practicing Bikram Yoga he had very little range of motion and barely any flexibility in his spine. At one point grabbing his feet wasn’t even possible. He has totally transformed inside and outside of the room. #thehotoygaspot #hot26 #rabbitpose #sasangasana #nojudgements #noexpectations #transformation

The Dialogue Works

Love this. Go back halfway!!! The dialogue works for all bodies.

Terrific video by TDW Team Members Audrey Holst and Kay Dover

60 Hour Immersion and 200 Hour Trainings starting soon in Albany and Binghamton!

Got to catch up with these two last night! Jenn and Stacy graduated together in our very first training. I got to take Stacy’s class which was such a treat and Jenn took us on a tour of her beautiful new yoga studio and music hall! #yogafam #hot26 #26and2 #teachertraining #yogateacher


Shared this in class today 💗👌🏼 When I went to my first yoga class, I was instructed to put my body in positions that I'd never seen before. Obviously, there were many things I couldn't do, and my goal became to make those shapes...

Our Binghamton trainees took class blindfolded today as one of their exercises in adaptability and accessibility. It’s beautiful to watch the solutions they come up with. Last week they took class with earplugs, next time they will do the standing series with a chair. #thehotyogaspot #hot26 #26and2 #yogateachertraining #binghamton #binghamtonyogis

Fall Training in the Capital Region is approaching fast! Visit to reserve your spot and materials!

It’s our halfway point of the summer training. We ended a really fun Weekend 4 diving into the Hatha Yoga Pradipika 📖 So proud of the work these amazing women have done and how far they have come on their journey so far. This is just the beginning 💗

Teacher training weekend in Binghamton! Tonight’s lecture: Introduction to Sanskrit

Posture Clinic coming up!

The Dialogue Works

Depth is a result!

set up....alignment.....then depth!!!

Mike has been practicing Bikram Yoga for 2 years now and has experienced an amazing transformation. He was kind enough to share his journey with us...
What did I get myself into? This is brutal. This is 90 minutes long? Is there a clock so I can tell how long I have to do this? My face is red. Mama give me money? I can’t even remember the name of this class but I am never taking it again.

From what I can remember, these were some of my thoughts from 2 years ago when I took my first Bikram class and started my Yoga practice. I can remember going home, wasted and exhausted, slumped in a chair still sweating. But I can also remember feeling loose and limber, like a cooked noodle, my body free from any tightness. My back felt like it was unlocked from top to bottom. There was no pain of any sort and in a way it was euphoric. I had never felt like this before. I wanted to feel this sensation again. So I went back to find that euphoric state. Now I go every Wednesday at 5:30 where Bethany guides us through the 90 minutes of Bikram.

I knew nothing about Yoga except what I saw on t.v. or in movies, slender people twisting their bodies into shapes that looked uncomfortable to look at. I started taking yoga because I knew as I got older flexibility would be beneficial to my health. My journey has moved far beyond a simple intent to obtain some flexibility. In my first class I was just trying to survive. Now I do things I never thought I could do, and someday I will be able to do even more. My circulation has improved dramatically, my body feels naturally warm all the time, and people are noticing changes in my appearance. I look leaner, I have more energy, I feel stronger, and more connected to my body. Growing up, I was a heavy kid who was bullied a lot and that made me conscious about my body. But today, in Bikram or any other hot yoga class, I don’t wear a shirt. It’s not because I have a great body. It is because I don’t want any restrictions and I want to feel every movement, every breath, every posture and enjoy every connection that is possible to my mind and body.

Bikram has been about the little things- small details and small adjustments. Each time I take a Bikram class I hear something new, an instruction I’ve never heard before, and when I adjust to the new instruction, the pose changes, and the sensations change. The next time I take a class, I will hear something new, and adjust to that change. Each class has its own experience and it all happens on a yoga mat where all you have to do is show up and breathe. I do not go into a class with the intent of trying to hold a pose from start to finish, I just let it happen without judgement or concern. Whatever happens was meant to happen, so I embrace and appreciate what I can do that day and pay no mind to what I cannot do.

I started my practice over two years ago but I feel 10 years younger. Yoga is my Fountain of Youth. I feel honored to have been asked to share my journey and would like to thank everyone at the Hot Yoga Spot for an incredible experience each and every time I step on my mat.

Mike F.

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Ghosh Yoga

Thank you Bishnu Ghosh!

Today, July 9th, we celebrate the life and work of Sri Bishnu Charan Ghosh! So many around the world have benefited from his contributions to fitness, yoga and his dedication to teaching. We are ever grateful for his work and may we all remember him today and always...READ MORE... #ghoshyoga

There is no “flat back” in the 26+2 series!

Paschimottanasana, Stretching...

Ghosh Yoga


When we came back from our first teacher training, our good friends and mentors gave us an important piece of advice: When you take a class, take the class. They explained that as you progress as a yoga teacher, your idea of what is correct, good, effective, etc., is going to grow. It will become harder and harder to take classes without being judgmental, and worse yet, arrogant...READ MORE>>

USA Yoga

Good luck to all of the athletes competing this weekend!

Live streaming available for our #usayoga2018nationals @ The competition will begin on Friday at 3 PM and end on Sunday at 5 PM!

Teacher training is not only for people who want to teach! This 8 weekend program is an opportunity to improve your personal practice, deepen your knowledge of Yoga history and philosophy, and gain a better understanding of the body and it’s functions. But perhaps most of all it’s a chance to change your relationship with yourself and create lasting relationships in your yoga community. Training starts June 1! Email [email protected] or visit to sign up.

So proud of the spring trainees for working so hard and teaching a great class today!

Teach From Love

Love this! This is the kind of work that we do in teacher training. We train our teachers not to just memorize the dialogue but to understand how it works and how to use it so they'll keep using it. In addition to extensive dialogue study we cover the history and philosophy of yoga (specifically the Ghosh lineage), anatomy clinics with Dr. Jen White, and much more. 200 hours will change your practice and your life! Training starts June 1 at The Hot Yoga Spot in Binghamton, NY. Visit or email [email protected] for more information!

Steven’s latest blog post is a Dialogue nerd’s delight. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Posture Clinic tomorrow from 11-1 at The Hot Yoga Spot Binghamton! This is a great opportunity to get a taste for teacher training and to ask any questions about the upcoming teacher training in Binghamton starting in June!
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26+2 3 weekend Immersion starts next Saturday in Albany

26+2 200 Hour Teacher Training starts in June in Binghamton!

We are so excited to bring The Hot Yoga Spot to Binghamton. We can’t wait to get to know everyone and grow this already incredible yoga community! #26and2 #hotyoga #binghamton #bikramyogabinghamton #thehotyogaspot #yogateachertraining

[03/18/18]   Join us Tuesday March 27 at the Hot Yoga Spot Albany for an open house from 6-7pm! Bethany will be there to answer any questions you have about the upcoming Hot 26 Immersion! Learn more about the schedule, the curriculum and what to expect from this program.

Hot 26 Revolution Immersion

Bikram yoga was designed for broken bodies and broken minds. When it's taught the right way it is accessible to absolutely anyone. When we change how this class is taught (stop using the dialogue, add variations from advanced class, or change the yoga to fit the body) we take away students right to come in the room and heal themselves. Join me for the Hot 26 60 hour immersion spring to learn the dialogue, how it works and why it's so important. At the end of the program 200-hour certified teachers will have the tools they need to teach the 26+2 90 minute class!

Getting ready for Saturday’s workshop!

The trainees did some hard work today, I think it’s safe to say brains were fried. Thank you Anna for a beautiful rejuvenating class. We got to practice with some familiar faces from Spring 2017 Training!

Many thanks to Audrey Blaisdell for a beautiful seminar and class today!

Stacy's Incredible Rheumatoid Arthritis Transformation

One of our incredible students was kind enough to share this video with me. She was diagnosed with RA in 2003. She was recently interviewed by the founder of her RA therapy program who encouraged her to try Bikram Yoga. Her entire story is amazing and inspiring and if you have the time to listen to it I highly recommend- but they really start talking about her experience with Bikram Yoga at 18:45. Thank you Stacy

Stacy used the Paddison Program

See you bright and early trainees!

Brand new dialogue booklets came in today! Printed on waterproof paper and ready for 9 weekends in the heat! Training starts Saturday!

Hot 26 Revolution 200 Hr - The Hot Yoga Spot

Bikram Yoga is truly accessible to every body. In the hot room it doesn't matter how long you've been practicing, it doesn't matter what condition you're in, it doesn't matter who you are. We are all beginners working together, trying the best we can (the right way!), to heal so that we have a better quality of life when we leave the room.
One of our biggest goals in teacher training is to give teachers the tools to confidently teach every body that comes in the room so that this yoga remains accessible to the people that need it the most! One more week until training starts. Reserve your spot today!

Bed of Nails - Bikram Choudhury

You won't have to lie on a bed of nails during training but you will learn all about Bikram, Bishnu Ghosh and the Ghosh lineage!

Bikram Choudhury performing the Bed of Nails trick with Bishu in 1980 I do ...

Hot 26 Revolution 200 Hr - The Hot Yoga Spot

The next 26+2 Teacher Training begins November 11! Our program is focused on the original dialogue, philosophy and technique of the 26+2 series. Reserve your spot and get more information at:

Hot 26 Time-Lapse

Love this amazing time-lapse that one of our trainees took on our last day of Spring 2017 training!

Meet the Hot 26 Revolution instructors!

Meet the Hot 26 Revolution instructors!

200 Hour Teacher Training begins in two weeks! Reserve your spot and materials and find more details at:

Hot 26 Revolution's cover photo

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