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Do you have an extra copy of "Decoy Brands" by Bob Woolens...?????
Dale's Decoy Den is the only retail outlet in Ohio selling Ray's Gun Wax.
I’m posting this FOR Dale Dalrymple. He is concerned that his valued customers who frequent Dale’s Decoy Den ( website and/or page or even his book sales offered through Amazon ) may be wondering why he isn’t replying or responding to your inquiries or purchases. His Internet has been “down” for the past 3 days, today included. Please contact him directly via telephone, 740-707-0156, until this unfortunate situation is resolved. Thank you!
What kind of decoy is this and how much is it worth? Bought it at a yard sell for $10 and owner didn't know anythin bout it? Thanks

Decoys. Calls. Sporting Collectibles. Hunting Books. Fine Double Guns. Original Art. Fine Accessories and Supplies.

Dale's Decoy Den carries collectible game calls, including duck, goose, predator and crow calls, featuring Glynn Scobey calls and the very collectible P.S. Olt calls. My selection of hunting books includes grouse hunting, big game hunting, African hunting, upland hunting, waterfowl, duck, and goose hunting and much more. Decoy collecting books are a specialty. I have tried to list some of the limited edition sporting art on hand, but there are many more as yet unlisted. The same holds true with vintage shot-shell boxes. Please feel welcome to contact me with questions, whether you're a lifelong hunter, beginner or just curious about my craft. All are welcome!


The Shorebirds of North America

75 species covered in text and appendix, and those most commonly seen in painting by Robert Verity Clem.

amazon.com Both an art book and a complete reference book, this was the first work to cover the shorebirds of the North American continent. 32 paintings in opaque water color produced in six-color lithography.


Duck Calls - An Enduring American Folk Art

Best duck call identification book there is

amazon.com The history and evolution of the American duck call. A culmination of over twenty years of collecting and research on the subject. Presenting photographs and advertisements on a scale never before undertaken of calls and their makers from past and present. The first book presenting this craft as ...


The Shorebirds of North America

Magnificent book, stunning with super artwork of all 32 species of North American shorebirds.

amazon.com Both an art book and a complete reference book, this was the first work to cover the shorebirds of the North American continent. 32 paintings in opaque water color produced in six-color lithography.


American Factory Decoys

Signed, Inscribed and with an original sketch of flying canvasback by the Author

amazon.com "This book focuses on the factory-made decoys, but unlike other books of similar titles, it is the only one that also explores the smaller and lesser known of the factories and their products in some depth. An excellent title, full of numerous photographs, advertisements, etc."


Duck Calls and Other Game Calls

I have a photo of this book on my website: dalesdecoyden.com

amazon.com Duck Calls and Other Game Calls

Only 11 more Mondays until Christmas and Dale is busy in his shop creating everything you need to give that meaningful, thoughtful, one of a kind gift to your loved one!

email [email protected] or check out https://etsy.me/2nCPG6T to claim one for yourself!

The process of creation is something we rarely get to see. In this world of instant gratification and 2 day shipping, we miss out on the wonder that is one of a kind creations made specifically for you. With time, patience, and incredible attention to detail, these chunks of wood become works of art.

Order yours today by visiting www.dalesdecoyden.com or visiting our etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/DalesdecoydenShop


Dale's Decoy Den is an outdoor collectible shop. by DalesdecoydenShop

We are excited to share our new Etsy shop! Song bird listings can be now also be found here.

We'd love to create a custom songbird just for you or a loved one! These make great and meaningful gifts and look beautiful as home decor. What's not to love?!

Check it out! Let us know what we can create for you!


etsy.com You searched for: DalesdecoydenShop! Discover the unique items that DalesdecoydenShop creates. At Etsy, we pride ourselves on our global community of sellers. Each Etsy seller helps contribute to a global marketplace of creative goods. By supporting DalesdecoydenShop, you’re supporting a small bus...


The Waterfowl Gunners Book: An Anthology

Signed, leatherbound limited edition in slipcase from Amwell Press. As New

amazon.com The Waterfowl Gunner's Book , an Anthology Edited by F. Philips Williamson with original Illustrations by Donald Shoffstall. # 439 of 1,000 copies. Editor signature missing, Signed by Donald Shoffstall and Jim Rikhoff. Amwell Press. Slipcovered . From the estate of a sportsman who purchased but n...


Tanzania safaris

Amazon tells me I am the lowest price on this book. Don't snooze...

amazon.com Tanzania safaris


Turkey Callmakers Past and Present - The Rest of the Best

Signed copy in New condition

amazon.com Definitive guide to turkey callmakers past and present includes plenty of photographs, names, addresses and phone numbers of the best makers in the business. A collectors dream.


Turkey Callmakers Past and Present Mick's Picks: Stories and History of Callmakers

Tough to find this one. My price is lower and condition better than others I have seen offered.

amazon.com This 253 page book is a definitive text on turkey callmakers by renowned expert, Earl Mickel. From the rear cover: "I began spring turkey hunting and soon decided it was the most challenging of all hunting. One turkey call led to another, and it wasn't long until I had many calls. But m...


Duck Calls and Other Game Calls

Oodles of photos, lots of info. Scarce

amazon.com This book is a concise and detail reference for beginning or advanced collector wishing to quickly identify duck calls and other game calls.


Dales Decoy Den, Sporting Collectibles:

Fb keeps telling me no one has heard from me, so here goes:
I cannot begin to put all the items i have for sale on fb, so if you are interested in decoys, L L Bean decoys, duck calls, Glynn Scobey calls, shotshell boxes, sporting books, hunting books, duck or turkey call books, Amwell Press books (I can’t keep up with the books, so they are not up to date-call to see what I have in areas that interest you. My phone number, email and address are at the top and bottom of every page), Sporting art, Grulla shotguns (I can have Grulla make your dream gun come to life, just like the dream gun Gene Hill writes about in several stories, only YOU do the dreaming for your perfect gun), even concealed carry handguns guns (Better call abt them, as I have many not on my website yet), go to dalesdecoyden.com and spend a few hours shopping. I try to make it interesting with plenty of informative jargon. Website builders say lookers don’t want to read. I tell them my audience DOES read very well and even enjoys reading. See what you think.

dalesdecoyden.com Dale's Decoy Den sells hunting decoys, collectible decoys, hunting books,limited edition sporting prints, original sporting art, vintage duck calls, vintage goose calls, shotshell boxes. Importer of Grulla shotguns.


Amazon.com: Buying Choices: American Hunter: How Legendary Hunters Shaped America

Interesting book. Try it, priced right, brand new.

amazon.com New York Times bestselling author and star of A&E’s Duck Dynasty, Willie Robertson, teams up with William Doyle, the bestselling co-author of American Gun, to share the history of America’s most well known hunters.American Hunter is the first book ever...


The Grizzly Book

As usual, the photo from Amazon is NOT the book I am offering. Mine is a red leather bound, signed limited edition in black slipcase. Quite stately and handsome.

amazon.com The Grizzly Book


Bright salmon and brown trout,

amazon.com Limited edition hardback book with slipcase titled BRIGHT SALMON AND BROWN TROUT by Dana S. Lamb. Published in a limited edition of 1,500 copies by Barre Publishers in 1964. Illustrated with black and white drawings. See my photographs 94) of this book on main listing page. Bookseller since 1995 ...


The Fishing's Only Part of It

Dana Lamb. Need I say more? Questions, call me 740-698-5060

amazon.com Essays and short stories of the author's life long love affair with fishing. A delightful read that any sportsman or sportswoman would enjoy.

[10/26/18]   The 3 photos about duck season are from an article in the latest issue of Country Living Magazine, not by Dale’s Decoy Den, as my publicist stated. Dale’s Decoy Den loaned them the duck calls in one of the photos and they were gracious in giving us credit for same. Great magazine, you might consider adding it to your reading if you live, or wish you lived, in the country

Some of Dale’s calls were featured in this months Country Living Magazine! Check out the spread and select your own calls or decoys at www.dalesdecoyden.com

Check out this one of a kind collection. This collection has been built over the past 35 years. It ranges from standard Scobeys to Scobeys used and favored by Glynn himself, and even includes calls uniquely designed and created just for me (Dale's Decoy Den's 20th Anniversary Duck Call and 25th Anniversary Goose Call). There are just over 100 calls. There is a description of each one below the photo. These are NOT run of the mill Scobey calls. Each one is special for one reason or another. Read descriptions closely.

I asked Glynn frequently to make a painted wooden wood duck call. One day, one showed up in my mailbox with a letter saying there would never be another made like it. It even features its own unique number in Glynn's standard numbering system. It's number is 901 - the only 900 series call that exists to my knowledge.

Please let me know if you have any questions! I look forward to hearing from you!


Wings of Thunder: New England Grouse Shooting Revisited

amazon.com Mulak examines every aspect of New England grouse hunting as it is today -- the bird and its habits, the hunter and his dog, guns and loads, shooting and hunting techniques. He illustrates his points with anecdotes from a lifetime devoted to dog training and birdshooting.


Gun Talk

I just listed this on Amazon. I have another copy in even better condition I am going to list soon. Stay tuned...

amazon.com Hardcover collection of original writings from contributors to Guns & Ammo, Outdoor Life, Sports Afield, Shooting Times, Field & Stream, The American Sportsman, Argosy and many more.


Mostly Tailfeathers: Stories About Guns and Dogs and Birds and Other Odds and Ends

SIGNED BY GENE HILL. This is Gene's second book.

amazon.com "This book is about hunting and fishing, but its more than that. Its about the animals and objects, the people, the attitudes, and emotions that make hunting and fishing important. Readers will identify themselves and friends in the delightful pages."-Western Outdoors


Mostly Tailfeathers: Stories About Guns and Dogs and Birds and Other Odds and Ends

SIGNED by Gene Hill

amazon.com "This book is about hunting and fishing, but its more than that. Its about the animals and objects, the people, the attitudes, and emotions that make hunting and fishing important. Readers will identify themselves and friends in the delightful pages."-Western Outdoors

[06/28/18]   Top row, left of middle there is a plain duck call. This is my earliest Glynn Scobey duck call. Pre-signature with very rounded shoulders. Mint

Moving to the right in the top row the next four are scribed with partial paint. They are not all the same, you can see the progression Glynn made as an artist especially in the wings.

Continuing to the right the next three calls are all paint with no scribing.

When you get to the end of a row drop down to the next and go to the approximate middle.

The next thirteen calls show progressively better painting as his artistic abilities improved.

If your counting we are going to begin with number seventeen still in duck calls. All these have brown inserts that he used for three years. Glynn told me he used these brown inserts for three years approximately 1966-1968.

Numbers 22,23,25 are all wood. Number 22 is Diamondwood, #23 may be Nigerian brownwood and #25 is birdseye maple.

Numbers 25-29 are plastic reed calls; all calls before this have been metal reed calls. Number 24, I believe, is the earliest plastic reed model what he called "three quarter bore".

30 and 31 are a boxed set of duck and goose calls . They are tiger maple calls with cocobolo inserts. Here Glynn has gone back to his beginning by scribing the birds before painting and then scribing a marsh scene below with flocks of either geese or ducks in the air above. The box is signed and dated 2010.

Number 32 has a brown insert and 5 painted ducks.

Number 33 is 2 duck plastic reed.

Number 34 is a 3 duck with brown insert. Number 35-38 are an unusual shape Glynn made for a club in Minnesota about 1990, per Glynn himself.

Number 36 is a tiger maple call with 3 ducks painted on it

#39 is on the next row down a little left of middle. It is a plastic reed maple call with brown insert. Glynn made this call as a prototype for a limited edition of 20 he was going to make for me to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Dale's Decoy Den. We changed the insert to cocobolo for the actual 20 he made for the Anniversary calls. That make this call one of only one. There is no other exactly like it.

#40 has three ducks painted on it.

#41 has 4 ducks on it.

#42 has three ducks

#43 is an all wood cocobolo duck call.

#44 is a 2 duck plastic reed call.

#45 was made the the President of the Labrador Retriever Club of greater Boston, Mark Kaufman. (I don't know if he is also the Mark Kaufman who is a file director or not.) Dated 1995.

#46 is an exotic wood call with cocobolo insert, but I can't recall what it is. The call is an unusual plastic reed model he made for a short time in the early 1990s as per the note I have stuck in the barrel, so it must be info Glynn told me at a show or the like.

#47 is tiger maple with cocobolo insert. It is a later call, loosely revisiting the 1990 model he made for the Minnesota club above.

#48 and 49 are plastic reed calls made especially for me with only a single mallard HEN painted on it. We forget the calls are really hen mallards we are trying to imitate. we talk of "Susie" in its various spellings, so it just seemed right to have a hen on a few calls. He made 6 of them for me, and from his reaction these are the only ones me made with just a female duck on them. Here are two of the six made he made for me. There are no others. #51-53 are wood duck calls with Wood ducks painted on them. Glynn really worked hard at making a quality painting he could render in a hurry. He once told me in his shop that he could paint a mallard on a call in about 7 minutes! He said his aunt could paint them almost as fast when he needed help. #51 is a special one of a kind Wood duck call he painted for me. He even gave it a unique number in his model categories. The box proudly sports the number 901 instead of the normal 800 number for his production wood duck calls. With it he included a note saying "so now you know I can't paint a wood duck..." That note will be included with the collection. Years later he came up with a Wood duck he could paint in a hurry and that he liked, that he felt truly represented a Wood duck. I never told him, I liked the one he did for me better. You can decide when you buy the collection, as both are included.

#54 is Glynn's personal call in 1980 with a note from him included on my invoice in 2003. When I called in to order calls for resale I asked Glynn at the end of each order to put in a special call for me. This is one such call. He wrapped it in a label that said "Special" in large letters. He put a note on the invoice stating the call has 6 rings, and it was his personal call in 1980, and it is "One of a kind"!

Well, that does it for the duck calls. I am exhausted. I will get to the goose calls as soon as I can. Many of the calls have notes in the barrels telling more about them, but it would take forever for me to look in each call and type all of it.

[06/28/18]   GOOSE CALLS:

Beginning on the far left of the top row are 14 goose call roughly in order of age, all with wood inserts.

#2 is a rare very early painted maple call.

# 2 and 3. Wings are hard to envision and paint. I doubt that a goose could get airborne with the wings on these two. But Glynn was tireless in striving to get better, which makes the early attempts more precious to me as a collector.

#8 is the earliest model I have seen two geese painted on it.

# 4,5,7, 8 and 9. Glynn used this style for a while and it is one of very few styles he painted with the winds down.

#10. These wings will carry a goose, big improvement of the earliest style.

#11-14. Now we enter a period of wings drawn back and arching bodies beginning to land. There are a few more of these in the nest row too. I won't take the time to point them out, as you can spot them yourself.

Back to the left and down a row: #15. I believe this call is butternut, as close relative of walnut but lighter in weight and color than walnut. The instant I picked it up I noticed the weight difference. Pretty wood.

#15-23. Still all wooden calls, barrels and inserts. He told me he went to the plastic inserts about 1985. He also switched from the original gray boxes to the first of two brown boxes in the early 1980s. For a while I am sure he had both the first brown boxes and left over grays and used them indiscriminately until the grays were used up. The latest gray box I can accurately date was bought by the original buyer in 1984. He and his wife confirmed it was on a trip to drop a daughter off for here first year of college. Who could forget that? Just because he bought it in '84 doesn't mean Glynn still had them that late. The calls could have sat in inventory in the shop he bought them at for a year or two, maybe more. But it is a good approximate date. I have another call dated 1981 that has always lived in a gray box, so I know Glynn still had some on hand then.

#21. "Special Wood" Glynn wrote on one of his mailing labels. It was one of those special calls I asked for each time I ordered calls for resale. The walnut in the barrel is stunning burl. It shimmers in many different places when you turn it in the light. It was a keeper for me as soon as I saw it. There are lots of good guns out there that wish they had walnut like this. #22. is out of order, it looks like the earliest landing style. The closer wing is solid gray with no brush strokes at all.

#24-26. Plastic inserts. 24 has a really deep dark barrel.

27. is his first year Magnum call. For the first year Glynn had made the innards out of a white nylon looking material. That was 1988. I bought this ans one or two in the next row from Glynn in his shop in the 1990s.

28. Another Magnum, later innards but still the conventional barrel.

29. Fancy wood, which I forget and 2 geese painted on it.

30. Later style Magnum with tiger maple and 2 geese.

Drop down a row and move to left edge as if reading a page: 31. Magnum. This is the first variation on the standard barrel Glynn made to make the Magnum short reed call look different than his standard, conventional, goose call. Very limited production!

32. Another of his first year Magnum calls, with hand made guts and 2 painted geese. Special wood. Rare


33. Osage orange with 2 geese.

34. Fancy walnut with 3 geese.

35. Later style Magnum made of tiger maple with 2 geese.

36. (goose) and 37. (duck) Set. This is a very scarce set made for L L Bean and sold thru them. 2 Geese on goose call and 2 ducks on duck call. Inside lid of custom box has hand painted birds by Glynn, signed also. Front lower corner has L L Bean on it. Since I collect both Scobey and Bean, it has been a perfect fit for me. I trust it will be for you also. Very difficult to find.

Next row down, starting at left: 38 - 46. Snow goose calls, all painted, in rough order of age, except one.

38 and 43. These seem to be the original snow goose models, because they have the standard conventional goose call barrel. Later he made special barrels for his snow goose calls.

44. This is the only 3 goose snow goose I have seen in over 30 years of collecting Glynn Scobey calls.

45. I know this call has no equal. It has 9 snow geese painted around the barrel! One of one I am sure.

46. Latest painting style I have seen.

47. Specklebelly Goose call, with painted Specklebelly landing painted on it.

48. This is a unique call made for me to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Dale' Decoy Den. It comes with a letter from Glynn (on invoice) stating he made this design specifically for me and he would not use the design (pattern) again, excepts for me if I needed them. I have not had any more made. Decal announces the 25th etc. Signed of course, by Glynn. One of only 25 such calls.

I have not mentioned the calls that have boxes and or paperwork, as you can seem them yourself in the photo. As with the duck calls, many of the calls may have a note in the barrel with info about that call.

Most of these calls are mint in the box or Excellent. There may be one or two that only grade very good, but I can't recall any off hand. Condition and rarity make this collection stand out in my mind. I have always tried to collect the best and rarest calls available.

I have arrived at a price. Those of you who said you were interested in buying the entire collection will be notified asap. Any one else who genuinely wants to buy it all, please contact me. I do not intend to make the price common knowledge to protect the buyer. Please honor this and don't spread it the price around.

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