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[11/08/17]   Who wants to train Tae Kwon Do this winter?



[03/29/16]   Who is attending class this Friday? I have spoken with Kira, so I'd like to get a small group at the least.

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[12/18/15]   Class tonight 6-7PM--Albany Location--Final 2015 Assessment

How To TaeKwonDo--Footwork 1A/1B

In How To TaeKwonDo: Footwork 1A-- we see some basic exercises to improve speed and footwork. If you would like to see mo...

Karla Benitez vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyk

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How To Soccer: Touring the Indoor Soccer Surface

Sparring Tips From How To TaeKwonDo

Complete with a few learning tips in the comments--

One mInute of Sparring work can generate many lessons...

How To Tae Kwon Do Start learning by forgetting: How to TaeKwonDo-- is a Youtube channel specializing in training in the arts from a serious and conditioned...

[10/30/15]   Peter Z will teach tonight's Albany Training

6:30 Regular Class
7:30 Black Belt Palgwe Series

5196 Washington Road
Albany Oh

ATA Songahm Fall Nationals Watching ATA Songahm Fall Nationals on Check out the full replay if you've missed the livestream.

How To TaeKwonDo: Palgwe Sam Jang--Fire and Sun

Instructions for Taekwondo Palgwe Form 3 (Sam Jang) - Black Belt Wiki


Koryo Sa TaeKwonDo
6:30pm Albany School
Black Belt Academy 7:30-8:00PM--Palgwe 3 Here are written and video instructions for Taekwondo Palgwe Form 3 (Sam Jang). Step-by-step written instructions for this form are on the bottom of the page.

How To TaeKwonDo: Taekwondo Sparing - Alex & Amy

[10/16/15]   Albany TaeKwonDo meets with Peter tonight 6:30-7:30

October 23 Tad //Pre- Black Belts Palgwe Sam Jang #3
October 30 Holly

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Race Wong

This kid is something

How To Tae Kwon Do

How To Tae Kwon Do - Videos - Google+ How To Tae Kwon Do - Visit the YouTube Channel at-- or the Blog at--

Palgwe 2- Grand Master Park

Here is the 2nd Palgwe Form-- We trained in Palgwe Il and Y Jang

This is Y Jang JoyFulness

Taekwondo form Palgwe 2 performed by Grand Master Park and Master Park in Boca Raton Florida. Park' Federation.

[09/25/15]   Live Anew Address:
5196 Washington Rd
Albany, Ohio

Instructions for Taekwondo Palgwe Form 2 (Ee Jang) - Black Belt Wiki

Black Belt Training Camp Palgwe Series Begins tonight-- Here are instructions & videos to help you learn Taekwondo Palgwe Form 2 (Ee Jang). This form is also known as Yi Jang. Step-by-step written instructions for this form are on the bottom of the page.

Advanced and Adult Classes are rocking again Wednesdays

Albany Indoor - Athens Soccer Academy

1--KORYO SA-- a new and free TaeKwonDo gym has begun operations in Albany, Ohio. Follow the link to get directions and facility Ground rules. Lead Instructors are Holly, Peter, and Tad who will rotate. This Friday Tad is on the Hot Seat, last Friday Holly Delong had the Group. Peter Zeisler will host us all for our first October gathering.

Training takes place from 6:30-7:30PM Every Friday, thanks to Mark Groll and Live a New, a business we will learn more about shortly. Don't forget to thank Mark Groll if you see him and learn a bit about the Mission and Core Values of his work.

7:30-8:00PM is for Pre-Black Belts--the program is dedicating this quarter to learning and understanding the First Four Palgwe and next quarter to Palgwe O, Yul, Chil, Pal. Notice these are the same Prefixes as the 8 TaeGeuk set they should already know.

The focus is on getting the pre-Blacks knowledgeable enough to test--they may still need to train more to be "Ready"-- to test if they feel they are ready!

Please message me or reply to all if a ride-share/carpool options interests you.

Directions to Friday Training--

2--Advanced Adult Wednesday--We have a very good group. Tonight we talked about how progressing through the belts should change you both outwardly and inwardly, and we worked together with a partner practicing Attack and Evade, Inhale and Exhale, Inward and Outward Focus.

The calm fist has potential energy. These students are maturing physically and emotionally, and to see them train and successfully assume a more disciplined attitude assures me they will house the greatest Potential Energy as well.

Attaining the Black Belt is like a flash of Kinetic expression.

Then you again assume the role of student....

Finally here is the Facebook and YouTube channel links you should follow...

Hope to see you Friday.

Tad Albano-- Athens Ohio Soccer Academy

How To TaeKwonDo: TaeGuk/Palgwe Forms Meaning

[09/17/15]   Belts Colors and Forms
White belt (Kaboni il)
White with yellow stripe (Kabonis Il, Ee, Sam) (NOTE: It is possible to go straight
from white to yellow if the appropriate forms are learned)
Yellow (Kaboni 1,2,3 and Taegeuk il‐jahng)
Yellow with black stripe (Taegeuk Ee‐jahng)
Green belt ( Taegeuk Sam‐jahng)
Green with black stripe (Taegeuk Sa‐jahng)
Blue (Taegeuk O‐jahng)
Blue with black stripe (taegeuk Yuk‐jahng)
Red (Taegeuk Chil‐ jahng)
Red with black stripe in the middle (Taegeuk Pal‐jahng)
Red and black stripe (pre‐black) – 10 palgwaes
Black Belt

Thanks, Holly

[09/10/15]   Albany TaeKwonDo will be at Ohio Paw Paw Festival this Friday night.

[09/08/15]   Albany White Cloud TaeKwonDo resumes this Friday--Free-- at Live ANew Gym, Alton St. Albany Ohio. 630-7:30 class. 730-800 new forms.

[09/02/15]   No Friday Albany TaeKwonDo this week. Send Tad an update describing your belt promotion experience. Did our Friday cram session help? Yes? No??? Discuss...

Ahn Taekwondo Institute

The tournament on August 26 is here-

For over 50 years, Ahn Taekwondo has been bringing the community of Cincinnati, Ohio the very best in Martial Art instruction.

[08/06/15]   Free Albany Community TaeKwonDo #4 Friday 630-800pm

Albany Community Center Gym
Old Alexander Elementary behind Wells library

[08/03/15]   Found out today that Wednesday TaeKwonDo does not have enough to continue this quarter at the Community Center. Look for free Friday TaeKwonDo

[08/03/15]   This Friday we may have the next installment of Albany TKD...Stay tuned for confirmation.

[07/21/15]   Free Friday 630-800pm
Albany Community TaeKwonDo
Albany Community Center Gym
Old Alexander Elementary behind Wells library

Stage Taekwondo Korea Club Houdeng Belgique VS Club taekwondo Benavente Espagne

Stage Taekwondo Korea Club Houdeng Belgique VS Club taekwondo Benavente Espagne. Une semaine d'entraînement en taekwondo avec une équipe espagnole de Benaven...

World taekwondo family

Taekwondo new methods of training (y)

UFC Champ Ronda Rousey's Dream Matchups

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[05/14/15]   Greetings and Happy Thursday. The weekend is within sight...

Here is a quick update about the content we are exploring in Wednesday night TaeKwonDo.

This message will list the 8 criteria for Poomse (Form) refinement we worked on in class.

These are taken from the article at--,-265,65

Knowledge of Poomse
Eye Focus and Precision
Posture and Balance
Breathing and Kihop

With reference to power and timing, we distinguish between a) power derived from force and b) power derived from timing and technique. The proper balance of timing, technique, and focused force will naturally lead to more effective technique.

With reference to Knowledge and Attitude we discussed the philosophical meaning of forms and how they fit into a bigger circle with 8 component parts. These forms have specific proscribed Attitudes; more can be learned at the above link and here--

Secondly, the Korean Flag exhibits four of the eight trigrams from the above cosmology/context. This flag reminds us of the inter relationship between the "physical" and "attitudinal" aspects of our art.

Finally, as my spring soccer season winds down, I am hoping to be able to attend Don's forms class to learn from and to watch his teaching style.

Thanks for supporting your kid, or thanks for studying yourself. These minutes training in this art will last a lifetime in a way very few other experiences can match.

Tad Albano
Assistant Instructor,
Athens TKD

The name of the Korean flag Taegukki
the Meaning of Palgwe--the Eight Trigrams

[05/02/15]   Self-Maintenance means you have to work to keep your present physical condition, your present mental and spiritual condition,

Maintenance does not reveal potential!

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5196 Washington Rd
Albany, OH
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