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B2B or Break2Build Personal training is passionate about helping you meet your fitness goals through strength and conditioning training.

Our philosophy is move well and move often. This page is to educate, communicate and inform ideas and practices that are relevant to our philosophy. We also hope you use it to communicate with us as well as post fitness and health ideas that are important to you! :)

[04/27/15]   Starting tonight I (Erika) will be teaming up With ARE and Positive Motion PT leading strength training classes on Monday @ 6pm and Wednesday's at 7:30. Let me know if you're interested in joining me for a class!


10 Common Fitness Mistakes | FitnessRX for Women

Couldn't agree more:

www.fitnessrxwomen.com 10 Common Fitness Mistakes Avoid these to reach your goals faster by Marcela Tribin Friday. 1 November 2013 Share This! Are you doing your best in the gym and with healthy eating, but aren’t seeing any improvements in your physique? Here are 10 common fitness mistakes that could prevent you from rea…


T Nation | Weight Training for Endurance Addicts

Don't forget those weights in the new year endurance athletes!

www.t-nation.com Obsessed endurance athletes like triathloners need to pick up some heavy weights if they want to stay strong and injury-free. Here's how.


7 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

Weight losing tips...

muscleandfitness.com Follow these nutrition and training tips to drop more LBs.


7 Drinking Habits That Are Making You Gain Weight

Watch what you drink...

www.womenshealthmag.com From smoothies to soda, read this before you sip.


12 Expert-Approved Tips To Avoid Thanksgiving Weight Gain

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Eat smart:

www.huffingtonpost.com By Barbara Brody for Life by DailyBurn Gravy-drenched drumsticks, buttery mashed potatoes and gooey pecan pie all sound scrumptious -- until you think about what they'll do to your waistline. While you shouldn't deprive yourself of all your favori...


T Nation | The 5 Jackasses of Fitness

Well stated: "Avoid fats made in a lab. Butter comes from cows, olive oil from olives, but extracting oil from corn takes a lab."

www.t-nation.com Let's improve the fields of fitness and strength training. How? By calling out these five types of jackwagons.


3 Healthy Breakfast Ideas That Reduce Afternoon Food Cravings

The key to staying fuller long? Protein!

www.fitnessmagazine.com Looking for healthy breakfast ideas? These easy recipes have you covered.


21 Ways to Burn Fat Faster and Lose Weight

Some solid advice...

www.harpersbazaar.com Medically proven moves that'll burn fatand help you drop some pounds.


5 Reasons Weightlifting Is Critical To Fat Loss. (And why calorie reduction and cardio alone just don't cut it). Team PrettyFit explains: http://www.fitnessrxwomen.com/fat-loss/fat-burning-tips-tricks/5-reasons-weightlifting-is-critical-for-fat-loss/


10 Reasons Protein Is Even More Important for Women | FitnessRX for Women

Ladies don't forget your protein!

www.fitnessrxwomen.com 10 Reasons Protein Is Even More Important for Women Body, beauty & long-term health benefits! by Team FitRx Wednesday. 4 June 2014 Share This! Experienced exercisers know the importance of protein, and while physiques are fine-tuned in the gym, they’re really assembled at mealtime. But adequate prot…


T Nation | 10 Mistakes Women Make With Diets

Stop making these mistakes!

www.t-nation.com Women like to say abs are made in the kitchen. Then why do so many struggle in that area? Here's where they're going wrong with their diets and how they can fix them for long-term leanness.


T Nation | Cardio Kills


www.t-nation.com Endurance training may make you leaner, but it'll eat up muscle, damage your cardiovascular system, elevate cortisol, put you in an acidic state, and might just kill you.


T Nation | 10 Mistakes Women Make in the Gym


www.t-nation.com Women get curves by building muscle. They show those curves by losing body fat. Why then are they doing everything to make both those things so damn hard?


Bodybuilding.com - 4 Awesome Reasons Women Should Train For Strength

A few good reasons for ladies to hit those weights:

www.bodybuilding.com Feeling unhappy with your current physique-based workout plan? Drop the baby dumbbells for compound lifts and heavier weight.


Best & Worst Fast-Food Breakfast Picture Slideshow

Good to know for breakfast on the run:

www.m.webmd.com No matter which fast-food chain you visit, high-fat and high-calorie breakfast choices abound. But healthier fast-food menu options do exist. Here are some of the best and worst foods at several major chains.

Who needs the gym?

Always use a spotter...

Let the Arnold Classic 2014 begin!!

#tnation has a way with words...


Harbinger 20500 Big Grip No-Slip Padded Nylon Lifting Straps

For those who asked here are links to lifting wrap options on amazon. The first pair I have, the second pair is a cheaper alternative:



www.amazon.com Harbinger 20500 Big Grip "no-slip" Padded Nylon Lifting Straps are built for the serious heavy duty lifter.


7 Workout Habits You Should Drop Now | TIME.com

Change it up a bit...


healthland.time.com Here's how to get more by doing less


10 Skinny Foods You Should Have on Hand

Healthy foods.


www.fitnessmagazine.com How often do you get home too tired to cook, struggle with what to eat, and end up ordering takeout? We all know when hunger hits it's convenience over health that ultimately wins, so make it easy and be prepared. Stock up on these 10 staples and nix the takeout pizza. Just think of the money you'll...

Let's talk Deadlifts...


6 Reasons Why You Gotta Deadlift
by Charles Staley

No other single exercise provides as many benefits as the deadlift:

• Skillfully performed, heavy pulls provide an amazing stimulus for the entire posterior chain, the quads, lats, core musculature, traps, and grip muscles, among others. Simply put, no other lift develops so many muscles at once.

• The strength you develop performing deadlifts has significant positive transfer to almost every other lift you do in the gym. Again, killing many birds with one stone.

• Learning to pull is like earning your Ph.D. in movement mechanics, particularly core stabilization. You'll learn how to maintain a neutral spine under load, and also how to create the intra-abdominal pressure required to maintain a rigid torso on all of your heavy lifts.

• Because we have lots of powerlifting statistics on deadlift strength, you'll be able to rank yourself compared to other lifters. And, unlike the squat and bench press, the deadlift isn't artificially enhanced through lifting suits, knee wraps, etc. So when you see someone pull 800 pounds, you know you're looking at a beast.

• Deadlifts require minimal equipment. All you need is a bar, some plates, and enough space to perform the movement. And unlike the Olympic lifts, you don't even need a particularly good bar!

• The deadlift provides a sense of personal accomplishment not provided by any other lift. There's simply a raw, animalistic feel to it. - CS

More from Charles Staley here: http://www.t-nation.com/ALSAuthor.do?p=Charles%20Staley


Bodybuilding.com - Women And Protein: Your Complete Guide

Women, eat up your protein: "Choosing chicken over chocolate and hitting the weights hard won't turn you into an "overly ripped" version of yourself. Put your mind at ease and know that this simply won't occur."


www.bodybuilding.com Protein is an essential component of the muscle-building process. Yet, many women stray away from consuming enough protein for maximum results. Let go of fear, bust through myths, and learn about the power of protein!

Second breakfast otherwise known as post-lifting eats: scrambled eggs with chives and organic cheese on whole wheat waffles with grapefruit, v8, and coffee. -Erika

@testosteronenation. #meatetarians.

[02/13/14]   FFDP is cancelled tonight due to the weather. Participants can makeup class tomorrow night or doubling up next week. Plz email class you plan to attend. Thank you!

[02/12/14]   I love running but hate the treadmill but the cold more. So when I run at the gym I imagine Adam's chasing me yelling "commit" and I wonder why I'm running faster than outside...

Sounds like Adam...

[02/05/14]   Due to the weather no FFDP lifting tonight. Rest of the week as schedule.

The gym will still be there later...

[02/05/14]   It's not the snow I mind running in, just the cars and snow plows...

[12/28/13]   Lifted hard yesterday. Rest today. Every good workout routine needs a rest day schedule into it.

Deadlift + cheat food = :)


T NATION | CrossFit: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

The difference between CrossFit and B2B weight training...


t-nation.com T NATION - The Best Strength Training and Bodybuilding Articles, Workouts, and Supplements to Help You Get Bigger, Stronger, and Leaner!

[12/25/13]   On Christmas Adam lifts with his brother. Erika picks out her marathon for the year and starts with a 5ml run. What's your Christmas fitness routine?

Putting on our holiday spirit faces... To each his own :)

[12/25/13]   Merry Christmas from the B2B to you! Enjoy your day!

Yes! Rules to Gym by.

[12/03/13]   Brenda Fish is the winner of our $25 Trader Joes Gift Card!!

[11/30/13]   It's Small Business Saturday! If we get 125 fans on B2B's FB by Monday a random winner will rec'v a $25 Trader Joes Gift Card: https://t.co/KRT6J6y5St

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B2B Personal Training

Training of various groups: Fleet Feet Distance Project and Fleet Feet Racing Team.

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