TrashTalk Paintball Team

TrashTalk Paintball Team


It's going down June 6 and 7th 2020 at Hell Survivors. The Return of Global Conquest Real-Life Scenario Game makes a come back and I get to take on roll as president of Germany. This is my first time taking a leading roll at an event and I plan on bringing the heat. Come join me and my vice president/xo Djuan Mitchell from 13th legionnaire as we face against thy other 6 superpowers of the world #ApexPredators #MiChapter #HellSurvivors #ExoticSportz #Germany
West Point red or dead?
going to ASC tomorrow, FYI
Hello TrashTalk Paintball, This is Josh, Event Director for On Target Paintball. I want to formally invite you and your team to come join us for "Arkham's Revenge 2", a 7-hour big game scenario being held on April 22, 2018. From outside Gotham's city limits Arkham's most twisted inhabitants have escaped, pouring back into the streets. Two sides will fight for control (Gotham City P.D. vs Arkham Inmates) with the help of 2 separate hero team entities, Batman and his closest accomplices versus Arkham's most vile. Heroes have special abilities and each side will have to work for and against larger team entities to ensure Gotham's fate, this game will deliver the first chapter in a competitive and fun scenario series. Don't miss out we are nearly a week away from our big game! Pre-register online today, information below. This message should help to explain the details for our game, registration information, promotions and exclusive incentives and more! I want to thank you in advance for your time and please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. - Event Page: - Player Group Page: - Registration Link: Pricing: Preregistration - 45$ Online Registration (until 4/19/17) ~ Register anytime before our event online and be entered to win a brand new Planet Eclipse Etek5 (black) - 45$ Day Of Registration 4/07/17-4/19/17 + $10 For Gun/Mask/Ammo Belt Rental Paint (FPO Event) $65 Mid-Grade $75 Competition Grade *Purchase Paint ONLY Day of the Event 2018 Official Command & Hero Roster: - Gotham P.D. Comissioner Gordon: @Rodriguez Andy of 13th Legionnaires Scenario Paintball Team XO: Jeff Holland of Jopo_llc - Arkham Inmates: Ra's al Ghul: Shane Robert Eslinger of War Machine Paintball Penguin: Frederick Young of Sons of Vengeance Scenario Paintball Team - Justice League Batman: Mike Crash May of 13th Legionnaires paintball team Superman: Christopher Weldon of Rest In Paint - RIP Cyborg: Carl Walls of TSSOC Paintball Robin: Jeff Reis of 13th Legionnaires paintball team - Akrham’s Worst Joker: Mackenzie Blair of Jopo_llc Scarecrow: Jeff O'Donnell Bane: Mike Dalton of Jopo_llc Two-Face: Matt Yost of Black Hawks

Est. 2005 as a Woodsball/Scenario team. Members of the 518th Brigade.

TrashTalk Paintball is an Albany, NY based Scenario Paintball Team. Active in the local and national paintball community. The team consists of 17 registered members comprising of all ages and professions. Members of TrashTalk Paintball have been featured in national Paintball Magazines such as Facefull, Jungle and PB2X. Current Roster Mataeus "MattyLAW" Law Gabe "GodFather" Vitetta James "Jackal" Fischer John "JC" Hoefer Tony "T-FEZ" Fernandez Martin "Shepard" Kipp James "Fish" Fisher Ed "Doc" Sanford Seph "Pops" Garland Chris "Metz" Metz Geoff "Blitz" Gurzler Jim Ocker Dominick Patrigani Anthony "Fruitcake" Perrotti Douglas "Tank" Hennessy Kai "Ninja" Garlipp Tony "BigBear" Seymour

UpState, NY Scenario Paintball Team

[01/17/20]   Who we got going to Hoth on Feb 16th?

[04/06/19]   Wake up!!!!!!! Time to go shoot faces off!!!!!!!!
2019 West Point Spring Classic!!!!!

Look for the Infamous TrashTalk Paintball Tank owned and operated by Seph Garland. But watch out for all the TTPb savage players in the woods, they will get youuuuuuu!

Two more wake ups till arrival. Three more wake ups till we mowing faces off at the Spring Combat Classic, West Point we coming in hotttttttttttt!

[02/03/19]   West Point............
Combat Classic........

Couple quick pics from the CCZ Christmas Peril game this past weekend. Here you see our very own Tony Fernandez AKA: Tfez. Don’t let’s his boyish looks and smile fool you, he is a straight killing machine!

West Point Spring Combat Classic 2018
Most Valuable Team. TrashTalk Paintball.

Gearing up. Game kickoff coming up fast. 518!

[04/20/18]   TTPb players pulling into Lake Fredrick! One more wake up. Combat Classic gonna be lit!

[04/16/18]   4 more wake ups till West Point's 2018 Spring combat classic. TTPb will be there with quite a few players rep'n the 518! Who is ready?

TTPb shooting it up at APE’s Battle if Hoth 02/18/2018. Our players have been playing this game since it started. Keeping the tradition alive!!!

Few more pics from this weekend of our TTPb killas in action.

Some of our killers made it out to the Capital Combat Zone’s Toys for Tots game yesterday. Family is important with our family! Here you see Charles Mahar Douglas Hennessy Jim Ocker Tony Fernandez Anthony J. Perone and Dominick (apparently he hasn’t liked his team page cause I can’t tag him! And is still dead center/front row of this photo) Patrignani.

TrashTalk Paintball along with our Holy Trinity Family teams the 518 Ninja Squad and Rubber Duckies attended the Fulda Gap Scenario in NC again this season. Making this an Annual game for our clubs. Here you see our very own Jim Denue and his better half Paula Howard (His leash holder). The 518 has some of the best ballers (woods, scenario and speed - plus nations refs) in the world. TTPb will be out and about all year long. If you have a scenario you would like us and our 518 family to attend let us know.

Hey a couple of our brothers out in the Upstate NY rain supporting the Where's Waldo? event in Honorable Memory of Garrett Heitkamp Game at Capital Combat Zone. This sport really is a family!

CPX Events - Legends Events

Endless Legends 1 pre-registration is LIVE!! Join us September 22-24 for our first annual event at the historic EMR Event Park!!

Pricing thru June 30th:
• Entry: $44.95
• Air: $7.49
• Paint: $54.95

Pricing July 1 - Sept. 8:
• Entry: $59.95
• Air: $9.49
• Paint: $64.95

Pricing Sept. 9 thru day-of:
• Entry: $69.95
• Air: $14.49
• Paint: $74.95

#EL1 🗝 September 22-24 🏰 EMR | CPX Sports

Great weekend with the family. TTPb 2017 Spring Combat Classic (Red) Most Valuable Team!

[04/19/17]   West Point Spring Combat Classic this weekend at PSI. TrashTalk Paintball and our family in 518 will be in attendance,

Will you????

TTPb and the Ninja Squad made the trip to North Carolina for the Fulda Gap scenario game. 10 guys total from the 518 and we shot everyone dead. NC now knows who the 518 is!

[03/28/16]   4 more sleeps till the land starts to be taken.
4 more sleeps till the 518 starts converging.
4 more sleeps till your nightmares begin.l to take shape in reality.
West Point Spring Combat Classic.

This is what happens when TTPb and the rest of the 518 is left unattended. We take the enemies base for fun and then pose for a mid-game photoshoot.

5 more sleeps and the 518 take over starts. WestPoint CombatClassic!!!!!!!!!

Kill who??????

[03/22/16]   Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. April 1st is almost here. TTPb will be rolling deep along with the rest of the 518.

Who else is attending West Point and for which side will you be playing??

Will TTPb be shooting you?

TrashTalk Paintball's OutLAW start back in 2001-2002. This group talked so much smack and trash to each other I had no other choice to start calling us TrashTalk. I had to work some magic on the photo of the old photo. So I am posting both. So here is our TBT post. We went from this to outlaw games of 60+. Man those days were some fun.

West Point Combat Classic

Excited to come to the Combat Classic? Pre-register below for the discounted early bird pricing! Each pre-registration also gets you $5 off your first two cases of paint!

Also, keep track of the PbN post for more info!

[12/06/15]   Hey all you filthy animals!!!!!!!! Getting ready for Christmas? Make sure you take care of your family and friends by going to OCD Paintball and Tri-City Paintball. Take care of the local and home grown folks that love you and the sport.

[10/23/15]   With WestPoint's Fall Combat Classic being canned due to a weather, its just seems like forever since our brothers and sister have been together in the woods. Gotta make it a point to get out soon and shoot some faces! What are you all up too???

Ryan Leach Photography

TrashTalk Paintball is sending out big THANK YOUs to all our friends that make us look like we know what we are doing out on the field. Please like and share their pages!!!!!!! It’s a thankless job they continue to do for the love of our sport! And if you have an event you would like shot hit them up, there is always a camera or two for hire!

Ryan Leach!!!!

My name is Ryan Leach. For the past year or two I have been getting into photography and in particular paintball photography.

SPBTV - Scenario Paintball TV

TrashTalk Paintball is sending out big THANK YOUs to all our friends that make us look like we know what we are doing out on the field. Please like and share their pages!!!!!!! It’s a thankless job they continue to do for the love of our sport! And if you have an event you would like shot hit them up, there is always a camera or two for hire!

Tooooo many to list!

Paintball enthusiasts from all over the USA & Europe, bringing fun headcam footage and game coverage with a laid back approach. We'll see you on the Field!

Barkwriter Photos

TrashTalk Paintball is sending out big THANK YOUs to all our friends that make us look like we know what we are doing out on the field. Please like and share their pages!!!!!!! It’s a thankless job they continue to do for the love of our sport! And if you have an event you would like shot hit them up, there is always a camera or two for hire!

Jaime Tucci!!!!!

Just exploring photography and this is where you'll find my photos. I am a beginner. I also take photos for SPBTV so you can see some of my stuff there.

Photos from TrashTalk Paintball Team's post

TrashTalk Paintball Team's cover photo

[02/11/15]   TrashTalk Paintball will be kicking ass and taking names at West Point Paintball's Spring Combat Classic. We will be along side our family in the holy trinity, Rubber Duckies Paintball Team and THE 518 NINJA SQUAD. These three are trouble together so get ready for a fight!!!!!

[12/25/14]   Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone out there. Hope to see you all soon with all the new gadgets and gizmos for the field!

[11/04/14]   Who else is planning on making the Deep Freeze event?

TrashTalk Paintball at the WestPoint Fall Combat Classic 2014.

[10/16/14]   One more wake up till we are on the road to WestPoint's Fall Classic. 2 more wake ups till we are shooting fools in da faceeeeeeeeeeeee!

TBT. TTPb's 1st WestPoint Spring Combat Classic.

[09/14/14]   West Point Fall Combat Classic is just around the corner. Who is ready????? 518!

[04/07/14]   We had a blast out at West Point for the Cadet's Spring Combat Classic. It was a pleasure to meet and shoot for Rich Telford of XSV and have him right there on the front lines with us! And to top it off we got to shoot at our friend Nicky Cuba of Infamous. As always our 518 ripped it up and shot alot of fools trying to take that hill aways from us. Its ours, we took it, we laid claim, come and get it! Kill WHO????

Travel day. WestPoint. Red or dead. TrashTalk. 518.

Kill whooooooooo?

[03/28/14]   WestPoint is right around the corner. One week till gates open!!!!!!!

[03/13/14]   West Point Paintball's Spring Combat Classic is right around the corner. Will you be shooting at or for the 518?

[02/22/14]   The team had a blast at ASC today for their Hoth game. Our new teammates are fitting in nicely. And thank you to ASC and their staff for a great day. Great turnout to start the 2014 season!

[02/16/14]   Ok since west point is coming soon it would help to get an organization thread going. So here it is.

SPBTV - Scenario Paintball TV

Fallout game CCZ, great shots SPBTV!!!

Sorry it's taking me so long to get this up, I've been busy and my internet is touchy. The photos should be up in a few days.

Great time was had out to CCZ today. Our side lost by 9 points, one hell of a close game all day! The opposing team gave TTPb the Bad Ass MOFO award! Great day out there with all our 518 brothers on both side is the game, the IYAOYAS and all the other players and teams that made it out in the snow today. Thank you yoyos great to finally play with you guys on same side!!!!!

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