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Groundwork Nutrition is an In-home nutritional assessment and counseling service. We provide online coaching packages, meal plans, and personal training.

Bacon, Ham and Egg Wrap - Hello Healthy

Healthy and filling breakfast Idea. Easy to assemble, this meat lover’s wrap rolls up ham, bacon and egg with a tangy honey mustard sauce for a high-protein meal.

If you're looking for a quick and macro friendly " brownie" these are perfect. 1.5f/17c/37p 230 calories. All it takes is putting oven to 400. Mix 1.5 scoops of Elite XT Fudge Brownie Casein protein ( or any other chocolate flavor) , two tbsp of cocoa powder, one egg white, and then enough water to make batter consistency. Give it a try!

ONLINE COACHING Now accepting clients! There is a way where you don’t have to live in the gym, put pounds of plain chicken down your throat every 2-3 hours or waste money on supplements that do not work. You’ve already wasted so much time, money and energy into programs and approaches that don’t work.How long will you continue wastin...

Who can relate? Im pretty excited myself.

[08/16/16]   With my fourth year of college approaching, I have decided to limit my hours as a personal trainer and dedicate more time to my meal plan and online coaching service. I am now accepting more clients and would be very happy to help you reach your goals. Please send me an email or visit my website for further direction.

[email protected]

[07/10/16]   The unhealthiest foods you could possibly eat often have the most health claims on the label. Ironic, isn't it? Think about most breakfast cereals. You're basically eating a bowl of sugar and flour. But the front of the box is packed with health claims:

Low fat!
Heart healthy!
High fiber!
Reduced sodium!
Made with whole grains!

Flip that box around and take a look at the ingredient list: sugar, flour, sugar in another form, sugar in a different color, sugar with a pretty name, etc. It's Type-2 diabetes in a bright box featuring a cartoon character selling obesity and cavities. Be smart with your choices ! Try eating more whole foods and let me know how you feel after 1-2 weeks..

[05/24/16]   One of the biggest factors that goes into changing your eating habits is your surrounding environment.

To create a supportive environment, be explicit with loved ones that you’re trying to eat better and get fit — and why. They don’t have to participate, but ask them to help. That takes the pressure off them to do what you’re doing, and most people (especially kids) like “helping” in some way. (Kids love to nag, so hire them as your alarm clock and workout reminder.)
Pro tip: Involve your family in goal-related activities, such as menu planning, meal prep, and rep counting. This reduces resistance by giving them ownership, meaning you won’t feel you’re the “other”.

[05/18/16]   A calorie is sometimes not a calorie!

There's a study to illustrate the point. It was published in the April 1999 Journal of the American College of Nutrition and looked at two groups of obese subjects put on identical very low calorie diets. One group was assigned an aerobic exercise protocol (walking, biking, or jogging four times per week). The other group was assigned resistance training three times per week and did no aerobic exercise.

After 12 weeks, both groups lost weight. The aerobic group lost 37 pounds, 27 of which was fat and 10 of which was muscle. The resistance-training group lost 32 pounds, and 32 pounds were fat, 0 was muscle. When resting metabolic rate was calculated after the study, the aerobic group was burning 210 fewer calories daily. In contrast, the resistance-training group had increased their metabolism by 63 calories per day.

What you do has a direct impact on whether a calorie is a calorie. You can't separate calories from lifestyle. Take home message is: weight lifting, despite your age is much more beneficial to muscle gain and fat loss. More importantly it improves your metabolism and controls your "HEC". ( Hunger , energy, cravings)

Need help with boosting your metabolism? I'm your guy.

Timeline Photos The website is finally live. Please check it out to learn a little more about me and see what types of services I offer!

[05/08/16]   In honor of Mother's Day today, here is something for everyone to consider, especially women.

About 9 percent of women suffer from an iron deficiency, according to the most recent stats from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—but that number's even higher for physically active women, say experts. How can you tell if your levels are a little low?

1.) Fatigue- The body uses iron to make hemoglobin, the substance in red blood cells that carries oxygen. Therefore, when you don't have an adequate amount of healthy red blood cells, you start to feel exhausted.

2.) Difficulty focusing- Neurotransmitter synthesis may be altered in people with an iron deficiency, leading to lower-than-normal functionality.

2..) Apathy- another consequence caused by irregular neurotransmitter synthesis.

FOODS RICH IN IRON: Red meat , pork, poultry , Iron fortified cereals and breads, dark leafy greens.

Happy Mother's Day!

[05/08/16]   Micronutrients are extremely important to achieving any goal in terms of your body and overall health. Here is just one you may be lacking....

Eighty-five percent of Americans are deficient in magnesium, and that percentage is even higher among athletes. Maybe you think you're immune to such deficiencies because you occasionally buy bananas at Whole Foods, but think again. You'd have to eat nine organic, free trade, non-GMO, fertilized-with-angel-poo bananas to just meet the RDA, let alone meet your increased athletic demands.

Magnesium plays a role in over 300 biochemical reactions in the human body. It's crucial to energy production, protein synthesis, and insulin metabolism. A lack of it results in poor athletic performance, undue lactic acid buildup, muscle cramping, difficulty in losing fat, poor recovery, and even twitchy-heart arrythmias.

The current RDA ( recommended dietary allowance) is set at 400mg per day. Foods rich in magnesium include dark leafy greens, nuts, seeds, fish, beans, yogurt, and bananas.

If you need to follow a diet plan to get back on track, make sure it was designed with your "goal" in mind. (For example: a gym-going person who cares more about looking great and performing well than the ambiguous numbers on a scale). Make sure it takes into account that you want to build muscle and be strong. Hint: Such a diet plan is probably not advertised by a D-list celebrity and does not have a title like "Kale Detox: Tone Your Tummy in Two Days!"
If you need help with your diet or training , I promise you I will get you to your goal. Groundwork Nutrition offers personalized meal plans and complete coaching packages. If you're interested or have any questions contact me.

Email : [email protected]
Phone : 518-258-8849

Can't stress it enough!

We need to do this ab workout more often.
#abs #eatright

[05/06/16]   For those of you who are taking finals this week, here are a few foods to help cognitive function and memorization.

1.) Eggs- There’s a reason why eggs are such an important breakfast staple. They pack quite an amount of choline which is known to be important for memory function and development. They’re also one of the best ways to get lutein and zeaxanthin, which can improve cognitive function. Don’t skip on the yolks! They contain most of the good stuff. Be cautious, if you're trying to lose weight, using whole eggs with the yolk and pack a punch in calories. 70 calories per whole egg! I would suggest 1-2 whole eggs and then 4-5 egg whites. This will still give you the same amount of protein with 1/4 the calories.

2.) Blueberries- These little ones contain compounds called flavonoids that improve cognitive functions, learning, memory, reasoning skills and comprehension. The antioxidants in blueberries stimulate blood flow and oxygen to the brain, which really helps when you’re studying or taking an exam.
The good thing about blueberries is that you don’t have to eat them fresh for the nutrients. Frozen blueberries are just as potent as a fresh ones, so buy in bulk and keep in your freezer for a quick snack or a smoothie. I personally love them in yogurt, oatmeal, or in my morning smoothie.( Whey Protein, Frozen berries, Almond milk, 2tbsp Stevia, 1tsp Cinnamon)

3.) Nuts- Nuts! Almonds, Cashews, really any nuts are full of vitamin E, which has been linked to less cognitive decline as you grow older. They’re also full of healthy fats to help you maintain energy levels during that big exam or study session.

[05/06/16]   When you work out and eat right, it’s not just your body that benefits. Your mind does too, gaining the nutrients, hormones, and neurotransmitters it needs to help you think clearly and maintain a strong emotional balance.

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Groundwork Nutrition

Groundwork Nutrition

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