Judy Torel's Coaching and Training Studio

Judy Torel's Coaching and Training Studio


I’ve been working with Judy in and off for over 20 years. In that time she has supported me physically, through her exercise recommendations and classes and nutrition counseling, and mentally and spiritually through what she used to call lifestyle therapy and now I’d call “coaching”. She has an impeccable ability to support you in examining deep belief systems that effect all areas of your life. Weight loss is not always an easy journey. It involves inner work if it’s to have staying power. Over 20 years time I have needed recalibration and different kinds of support and guidance as I have aged. She is helping me to embrace this process with more grace and understanding. She can do that because she walks this path as well! Judy helps all her clients work towards their true potential with compassion, patience, and understanding! Book up for the New Year. You will not be sorry!!!

Check out Judy Torel's website at www.judytorel.com for class schedules and training opportunities

The Judy Torel's Coaching and Training Studio offers a little bit of everything for the every day person. Judy can design a program for eating and/or exercise just for you! Your options are endless at the new studio, you can set individual workouts with Judy, you can join a group for Boot Camp and Fusion, and you can join the studio to do your own workouts.

I have been posting many workout videos on my newly released subscription page called Judy Torel's Exercise Group at $25/monthly subscription. There are a ton of workout sites, programs and companies providing home workouts especially now in this period of mandatory social distancing.

What I am striving to provide are workouts targeted to the needs of 50+ exercisers. I have workouts targeted for specific joint issues to full hour challenging regimes BUT all geared to 50+!

Here is a sample of the end of my knee rehab workout.

Message me for information on how to subscribe. My goal is for all my clients to emerge from home quarantines in BETTER shape than when we all entered!!

The upgrading of my studio floor has been in play for almost 6 months. The Governor just decreed that all non-essential construction must cease as of tomorrow. I feel so grateful and lucky that my project was able to eek in right at the 11th hour of this new mandate!!

When we are able to return to working out together in the studio, we have an exceptional new floor and look to come home to!!

Having to suspend group workouts allows me to have the opportunity to replace my studio rug with awesome new matting!! So when we re-open my clients are going to LOVE the new addition!

And this doesnt stop me from doing my remote sessions! Nor does it stop my clients from doing my home workouts from my private FB page!! Message or text me if you would benefit from home video workouts especially right now!!

Remote sessions going well at Judy Torel's Health Coaching Studio!!

Because we are all mandated to practice social distancing and that means all the gyms and fitness facilities are on lock down, I have created a FB page where I am posting videos of workouts that are designed to be done at home. I am including workouts that use no equipment. I am also posting workouts that are appropriate for my client population which is 50+ and who have considerations like compromised knees, shoulders, lower backs, etc. For this reason you will find very few exercises that aggravate these conditions and more that are therapeutic. This video is an example.

If you are interested in being a subscriber to Judy Torel's Exercise Group where I will continuously be adding mini-circuit, strength, toning, fusion, yoga and more please IM or text or email me and I will give you the details on how to subscribe!

I believe our lives are going to be changed for more than just a few weeks and so I am providing options for my fitness community to keep or establish a home fitness practice designed for 50+ individuals.

Judy Torel's Studio Home Workouts!!

In this video I talk about what I have put together for my studio community to keep your exercise habits alive and kicking during this mandatory period of social distancing!


15 Antiviral Herbs to Keep You Healthy

There is no immunization against COVID-19 yet but eating clean as we do on our Menopause eating plan is a good step to maintaining a robust immune system.
There is no herb or supplement that will boost your immune system. It takes consistency of daily lifestyle habits to do that BUT if you would like some reference to herbs that you can add to your food or use in teas or supplement with, this is a good comprehensive list!


healthline.com Since ancient times, herbs have been used as natural remedies for a variety of viral infections. Here are 15 herbs with powerful antiviral properties.

Hi Every One!

I am back safe and healthy from overseas!! And upon return learn that I am mandated to close my fitness studio from all group workouts!! The time frame at this point is 2 weeks but I anticipate this will be held in place much longer. 4-8 weeks is my minimum projection.
I also am socially responsibly adhering to the 14 day self-quarantine requested of all people coming through international travel which adds a 2 week period where I cannot interface directly with my one on one clients either.
So here is my plan! For the next 2 weeks all sessions for individuals will be held remotely. I will be recording several Fusion classes per month and make them available to clients to upload off my Facebook Exercise Private Group or individually via email and will deduct a charge of $50 per month or the equivalent off your class package. I hope to have the first one ready by Monday 3/23 so you can use at home for workouts until we can meet together again.
After 2 weeks (Monday 3/30) I plan to take clients one on one in the studio again UNLESS we are required to “shelter in place” in which case I will continue to work remotely until the mandate has been lifted.
Feel free to email or text me with questions or if you are interested in the Fusion uploads. I also hope to make Strength Group available as well as yoga as we move forward! Stay in touch!



Commentary: UAE fights COVID-19 while the rest of the Middle East drags its feet

I am returning from abroad and will be back to work on Wednesday. I wanted to post this article so all my clients know I am returning from one of if not the cleanest countries of Covid-19.


Although travel in aircrafts is also viewed as risky as people who may be in the incubation phase may be on board, I am using alcohol/hydrogen peroxide wipes on my hands and studio surfaces.

For my one on one clients, we always have the option of remote sessions which I regularly conduct with people out of our geographic area.

I will also be webcam recording Fusion class and anyone interested in access remotely can purchase a monthly subscription to my closed FB Exercise Group Page for home workouts until containment is locked down in our area and country. That said, my groups will resume at the studio Wednesday barring anyone with active respiratory symptoms or temperature.

Please text or message me for individual discussion. Looking forward to being back and continuing to help all my clients meet your body goals, which for me, includes maintaining a healthy/robust immune system, intestinal mucrobiome and effective sinus mucosa!!

channelnewsasia.com Despite being an air travel hub, the Emirates has controlled its number of COVID-19 cases through aggressive measures, says Mohammed Abdul Shihab.

I wanted to post how using my InBody Analysis Machine helps me to help clients. Below is the before and current reading for a client in her 30s who's goals are to increase muscle mass and lower body fat by increasing endurance.

I was able to pin point exactly on her body we needed to increase mass and set up a weekly exercise schedule to achieve our specific goals. The second sheet shows the hard earned muscle increase in 2 months and the dramatic fat loss!! But why I am posting this is to show that although we are successfully changing her comppsition, the scale weight has not changed!! Using advanced technology is motivating when it allows you to see progress your scale isnt able to show!!

One of the services I offer is corrective exercise programming for a variety of joint/muscle/nerve pain/numbness/burning syndromes for athletes who have been to ortho/chiro/PT/accupuncture/yoga/gyrotonics/etc yet are still unable to arrest their pain/swelling.....you get the picture!

In order to evaluate I take a health history, activity history, nutrition history, do a body comp analysis, do a variety of muscle/functional movement/postural evaluations and then a run gait analysis with a software program that enables me to slow down the view. This allows things to come to the forefront that you cannot see with the naked eye.

Below are 3 female runners. The first presented with a left hamstring strain (recurrent). You can see when she lands on her right her pelvis stays in relative neutral. But landing left her pelvis pops out to the left causing the line of her shirt to hike left laterally.

The second is experiencing numbness radiating down her right leg and burning at various spots that are not consistent. She has a severe cross over right leg strike placing incredibly high stabilizing forces on the hip stabilizers (think piriformis) which she does well as indicated by the straight hip line upon strike BUT that is most likely squeezing the sciatic nerve hence the nerve impingement symptoms.

The third runner is having right inside foot pain and has had recurrent ITB issues. She has a right medial knee collapsing on strike, a swing out, and a right landing crossing into the center line.

For all 3, using corrective stretching/strengrgening/stabilizing exercise routines designwd from this analysis plus run gait drills to address neuro- muscular patterns, we are arresting the symptoms......finally!!

Can't say enough about how EXCITED I am to be a student in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition 2020 Certification Program for Health Coaching!!

I have just completed Module 4 of 40 Modules that are required for graduation for this year long education in Health Coaching.

Bio-individuality, primary food (relationships, career, physical activity and spirituality), secondary foods (vegetables, protein, fruits, oils, water, etc) and person and community are signature concepts within this degree program.

Integration of what I am learning now into my current practice will serve to help me increase my effectiveness and my reach in who I am able to connect with to make our bodies and our lives the most ideal places to live!!!

Have I mentioned I am excited??? 😍

I am still collecting used sport sneakers of all types to ship to Haiti to help families make a living reselling them in their market place. So far we have shipped 3 batches as a community. All you have to do is drop off your used sneakers into the box at my studio entrance at 116 Everett Road, Albany. I would like to collect 3 more batches by summer 2020. Please consider donating your used sneakers instead of putting them in the landfill!!

For any of my female clients considering Keto here is a screen shot from Dr Stacy Simms on why it is a bad choice for women!!


VICTORY CYCLE WORKS - Mobile bicycle repair and fitting services

My coached clients are not joking around !!!

victorycycleworks.com VICTORY CYCLE WORKS - Mobile bicycle repair and fitting services

2020 is not just a new year but a new DECADE!! What are your goals and dreams for 2020 and beyond?? Rather than make resolutions this year, focus on what you practice. What is serving you and what can you practice that will take you to who you want to be?? Aim BIG!! REALLY BIG on your goals this year and then walk the walk. Do the work. Day by boring day. Goals are achieved by dreaming REALLY BIG and consistency of walking the walk every day!! Join me in my remote sessions for mental changes necessary for weight loss, support for weight loss over 50 and weight loss through menopause and beyond!! #menopauseweightloss
#fitnessover50women #yougotthis #weightlossover50

I get the BEST Holiday presents!!

Chronic inflammation is linked to virtually ALL diseases in many ways. Usually, it is the eventual signs of inflammation in various parts of the body that alert people to the presence of a degenerative disease. Unfortunately, by that time, it has usually been present in the body for years, and has done severe damage internally.

It turns out that inflammation is responsible for 7 out of the top 10 leading causes of death in the US alone! And hundreds of studies and scientific reviews have now proven this.

And the health dangers of chronic inflammation don’t stop there... The evidence suggests chronic inflammation may trigger or worsen autoimmune diseases, neuropathy, celiac disease, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, dementia, heart disease, food allergies & even cancer.

I now have a body analysis machine that measures the level of inflammation in your body. And we can make dietary adaptation to minimize and arrest the inflammatory reaction in your body BEFORE it becomes a disease!!

For more information go to my website www.judytorel,com and click on SHOP and scroll down to InBody 570 analysis. Let's make 2020 your healthiest and fittest year ever no matter what stage of life you are in!!

I think every coach and coached athlete will relate to this email that I received from a cherished client who was my first Kona qualifier!!!

Hi Judy,

This evening I watched the tape of the 2015 Ironman World Championship. It gave me a chance to reflect on the personal significance of that race.

Ever since I was a young boy, I was a wannabe athlete. I tried out for every sport I could--baseball, basketball, swimming, football--and in every one I was a bench warmer, second string, also ran. Not until I went out for track in my junior year of high school did I experience a modicum of success. Lacking speed and dexterity, I realized my greatest asset was endurance. I ran the mile in high school--5:00 PR. Then in my senior year of college I ran on the cross country team and completed my first marathon in 1965--3:20. I thought that was my last race--almost no one ran after college. But then the running boom hit and I resumed marathoning. At age 50, after experiencing achilles problems, I took up triathlon. At last I'd found a sport where endurance was the key to success. In 1999 I went to Lake Placid as a volunteer. After peering into the medical tent and seeing all the spent athletes hooked up of IVs I thought why would anyone punish themselves that much. Yet, I finished my first Ironman at age 60 and got 2nd place in my age group. At age 65 I was a DNF. When I approached age 70 I decided to give it one more try. That's where you came in.

You had more confidence in me than I had in myself. But following your training plan, I was ready for Lake Placid in 2015 and then, 10 weeks later, I competed against the best in the world at Kona--50 years after my first marathon. I find it ironic that I achieved my greatest athletic victory at age 71 long after most of the high school athletes I envied had retired from active competition.

There's a lesson there someplace. Never give up. Don't stop trying. You've got to be prepared. Don't get discouraged. But my personal take away from Kona is YOU'VE GOT TO HAVE A COACH WHO BELIEVES IN YOU.

Thanks for believing in me.


Paul T. Murray
Professor of Sociology
Siena College
Loudonville, New York

[12/06/19]   I received this text from a client who had been to every practitioner under the sun to help arrest her digestional problems. We did analysis and first program session of my Nutrition Assessment Package. Her text says it all. Guideance for eating structure and client adherance combined and seemingly miracles can happen!!

Hi Judy. Just wanted to give you an update. I am feeling much much better. Unbelievable. Thank you. Bowels, normal. Have lost 6 lbs. since I started following your meal plan. Wish I had found you sooner. Have a great day


Judy Torel

This is a portion of a post to the Capital District Triathlon Club page:

Off-season training is in full swing. I hope you had an opportunity to listen to the audio file I shared with you last week. In addition to that, our affiliated coaches each have plenty of training offerings for the winter season. Here they are:

Judy Torel/Judy Torel Coaching and Training
Judy is offering yoga classes from December to April geared towards the repetitive patterns of endurance athletes at 7:15 PM Thursday nights at her studio on Everett Road. It's $20 per class or $180 for 12 classes.
She's also offering InBody Composition Analysis, also at her studio, which includes an evaluation of unbalanced muscle development which if corrected during the off-season will prevent injury and improve performance. The analysis will also show visceral fat, inflammation, and your skeletal muscle mass. The cost for the InBody Analysis is $100 for the test plus a 15 minute analysis which can then be used to guide your coaching and training. Subsequent re-evaluations are $30.
Contact Judy for more information here: www.judytorel.com

judytorel.com Judy Torel's Coaching and Training Studio located in Albany, NY. Helping women in menopause lose weight and achieve their fitness goals.


‎SENS Fitness Podcast on Apple Podcasts

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jim Gazzale of SENSFitness to talk weight loss, eating behaviors, psychology and more. Here is the link to listen. Perfect timing as we enter the next 4 weeks of holiday exposure to the most tempting foods and drinks on the planet!! My hope is you can take a few insights from listening and prevent the weight gain that usually occurs between Thanksgiving and New Years Day this year!!! Please write a comment below after you listen!! I appreciate the feedback and learning it can provide!!

podcasts.apple.com ‎Health & Fitness · 2019

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