All In One Fitness, Albany, CA Video July 30, 2018, 5:22pm

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Core/balance and stabilization exercise:

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Add this low back physioball exercises to your workout today!

Add this low back physioball exercises to your work out today!

Listen to how Don was able to avoid knee surgery for 5 years! by training at All In One Fitness. Great job Don! We take great joy in helping you stay strong and healthy! Don’s trainer: Kirk

Interested in small group training? Try Albany's All In One Fitness circuit class! Taught by Holly Reese, personal trainer and class instructor. Watch till the end to learn more about Holly!

Advance functional medicine ball push up.
Gale has been training with us for two years and has made amazing progress. Check out this advance functional medicine ball push up. All In One Fitness

Hey Don! Don and his wife Kim have been members for over 5 years! Dons knee recovery is truly amazing and All In One Fitness and his trainer Kirk are committed to keep helping him in is health journey.

Hey, Marc! πŸ‘‹πŸ’ͺ Our members are so fun!! πŸ˜‚ we also strongly suggest you come join all in one fitness! πŸ’ͺ #fitness #oakland #bayareagym #alameda #albany #gym #allinonefitness

Nick, an elite trainer here at All In one fitness showing how to stay fit. Look we’re fitness can get you. You can be on top of the world!! #allinonefitness #personaltrainer #personaltrainer #fitness #fitnessmotivation #allinonefitnessalameda #albany #elcerrito #keepmoving

All in one fitness Master trainer: Holly!
Meet holly one of all in one fitness master trainers. Fun fact about Holly is she has two black belts, one in raw Keon do and other in chou lay fit kung fu. Amazing!!

Hey Ray! πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹ we wouldn't want you to go anywhere either! Our members are what makes us great! Go all in one fitness! #membertestimonial #elcerrito #berkeley #bayarea #albany #alameda #oakland #richmondca #gym #bayareagym #fitness #seniors

We are joining the pickleball wave! Come join us on Wednesday, January 9th at 3 pm for our free demo week! Just give us a call for more details! We would love to see you! #pickleballaddiction #pickleball #allinonefitness #pickleballrocks #bayareapickleball #bayarea #seniors #seniorgym #health #albanyny #elcerrito #berkeley #richmondca

Hey everyone meet Matt, one of our elite personal trainers here at All In One Fitness. Matt has been with us for 5 years! Fun fact about Matt is he has been a competitive gymnastics coach over 10 years! #fitness #gym #albany #elcerrito #Berkeley #richmond #pinole #bayarea #personaltraining #gymnastics #bayareatrainer #bayareapersonaltrainer

FOR GOOD POSTURE TRY THIS EXERCISE: This exercise presented by the owners of All In One Fitness, Kara and Jasmine, will help you in your quest for developing good back strength, which in turn, will help with improving back posture. Try it out in your next workout.

Meet our new trainer, Ashia!
Hey, guys meet Ashia, our new trainer here at all in one fitness. She is our trainer of the month so stay tuned for exercises presented by Ashia! By the way, If you like Ashia, come into one of our two locations in Albany and Alameda and get 10% off to train with her when you mention fb! #elcerrito #berkeley #albanyca #richmondca #alameda #oakland #bayarea #bayareagym #personaltrainer #personaltraining #gym #fitness #weightloss #cardioworkout #workout

2019 New Year's Fitness Resolutions - Here to help All In One Fitness
Are YOU ready. Get started with your New Year's Fitness Resolutions with All In One Fitness. Contact us about our Membership and Personal Training Specials.

Fitness for 40 plus - We've got you covered!

Harriet has a message for everyone, you have a choice in feeling comfortable and good at any age, exercise!:

A little Harriet sequence, squats with no help @ 95yrs of age. She can get off a chair without using her arms. This is our goal with all seniors as that could be the make-or-break between being dependent or independent:

Almost 95 yrs of age training 3x p. week, pretty remarkable Harriet:

We have our own All In One Fitness "ROCKY"! GALE 70 years young! He totally transformed his body with our trainer Holly in 1 year, he lost over 30lbs and he can outrun his grandchildren πŸ˜€

Father and son session:

Kara and PT Robert cought working chest simultaneously:

Core/balance and stabilization exercise:

A fun abdominals exercise for two:

Exercise to stay fit enough to saddle a tall horse:

EXERCISE OF THE DAY - Weighted V Rotational Abdominal Exercise. GIVE IT A TRY.

Facebook Motivational Workout Group. Want to join???

Want to spice up your workout? Try this exercise.

Spice up your workout and try this exercise.

Motivational Monday! Cable Chest Press. Let's go.

Cardio Tuesday Challenge. Join me.

We can help you achieve any fitness goal:

Simple Kettlebell swing technique. Try it in your next workout!

A snapshot from our member appreciation party:

A snapshot of Rich's sports specific performance training:

Want to release tension, tightness or pain in the knee or hip? Try this technique.

Just tried Nick's Goblet squats. I think I like them😁

Motivation Monday. Have fun with a super set shoulder workout to really build a shoulder pump.

Dynamic pre-workout stretch:

Rosana NASM certified+corrective exercise specialist demonstrating push up with core twist:

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