CrossFit Power Valley

CrossFit Power Valley


My daughter is coming for a long visit and wanted to know if any of you recommend a good Jiu Jitsu studio.
Way to go coach Andrea!! You killed it!
SOOOOO, who is the Halloween contest winner?? 👀🎃
Thanks for being a part of the RRG! We share information for our members on our page. Like us and follow our updates! It's getting close! Check it out! New discount code: THRASH2018
I started at the beginning of March and must say this place is wonderful!
Anyone going to the dirty dash Saturday that can give Grace and her friend a ride?
Had a great WOD today! I was a drop in but felt like I was at home here! Definetly will be back and will recommend you to other people!

Daily WOD's and up to date schedules and events.

We represent one of the three great CrossFit communities located in beautiful Albany Oregon. We believe in community and working towards one goal which is overall health and wellness. To reach that goal we utilize constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements that come in the shape of gymnastics, metabolic conditioning and olympic lifting. CrossFit


This Saturday, March 21st at 9am we are going to meet up at Chip Ross for an optional hike or run - your choice! Do what you want, at your own pace, in your own space.

We absolutely value and can’t stress enough the importance of having a safe amount of space/distance between us all individually.

But we do also feel that being outdoors and just doing fit things around/near each other with space is so nice because we do love seeing each other’s faces and the camaraderie that comes with other humans presence. **If a decent amount of people show we will make sure that if any “groups” are formed that they stay at about 6 people or less per and we spread out throughout the trails.**

So if you want to join us out there and get some fresh air, smiling faces, and air fives, then we will see you at 9am at Chip Ross. Message us coaches if you have any questions 💛

CFPV Announcment

⚠️ Announcement ⚠️

As of tonight we are closing the doors to the box. We are sticking this closure through until April 1st and hope that it doesn’t go any longer than that.

Your safety and health is our number one priority and as much as we don’t want to close the doors, we believe that this is the right thing to do.

This will pass and we will get through this stronger than ever! We appreciate each and every one of you that is a part of this family. Please contact us if you have any questions/concerns.

We love you all. ❤️
- Your Coaches

Hello HIIT Fam!

Coach Jessie and Drea are so excited to start off this awesome HIIT class with you all - however we are sending this email with great consideration and are following required rules to not allow groups of 10 or more into the gym. With that being said we are going to postpone the HIIT Class tentatively to April 2, 2020. We will make sure to contact you with a reasonable amount of time to inform you of any changes.

Please use this time to reach out and invite more people to join! We have four spots still open and plenty of time to get people signed up.

Thank you and please do not hesitate to reach out to us via text or email with any questions or concerns!

In light of the circumstances we are all going through, we want to make sure our youth are still able to have a place to go to ensure their fitness goals stay on track.

Any high school aged athlete is welcome to join in on any class or attend our supervised daily open gym from 10-11am. Workouts are modified and catered to each persons needs and abilities. ***Please know things may change as we get more information day to day***

We also ask our members and anyone who comes to our box to wash their hands upon entry, sanitize equipment after each use, and refrain from attending if you are feeling at all under the weather.

This is the time when community means the most. Let’s rally, stay clean & healthy, and provide a positive space for us and our guests.


#community #wegrowtogether #health #wellness #crossfit #washyourhandsplease

Some candid group photos with the group and some of the boys lifting! Our boys took 7th out of 15 and our ladies took 4th and missed finals by 1 point. Overall a fun day of fitness and great company. Great job to all of the athletes out there today! You did amazing. Today’s done, now we grind for the next. 💪🏽👏🏽

#powervalley #friends #community #growth

We also are supporting a mixup of a team here as well! Chris, Steve, and Mac! Let’s get it boys.
#tracktownsmackdown @nwfitgames #swolesisters #outherehavingfun @ Lane Events Center

The ladies are ready to throw down at @nwfitgames #tracktownsmackdown

Always learning, constantly growing! Today is muscle up day 🤩 All of our coaches try bringing different stuff to the table so our athletes can learn new ways and try out different things and Coach Susie showed us this amazing MU progression where the band ISNT in your face!! Bless up y’all and let’s get these MU’s 😍💪🏽🤸🏽‍♀️
#crossfit #powervalley #constantlyvaried #albanyoregon #linncounty #strongcommunity

HIIT is coming backkkk

Coach Drea and Jessie are ready to bring the heat to this awesome HIIT classes! Morning classes will be at Clutch Time Hoops and evening classes will be at CFPV 👊🏽 to sign up email [email protected]

⚠️ CFPV Friends & Families! ⚠️ We will be helping fundraise for the @crossfit_aos program! Students at this school that complete 100 WODs will receive one of these shirts as a reward and a congrats to their commitment. We will be taking preorders for T-shirt’s exactly as depicted above from now until March 8th. $20 for sizes S-L, and $25 for XL and up. Help us help these students and the amazing staff that make this possible for them!
Contact Elena (Nena) Mendoza if you are interested in purchasing one of these shirts!
Contact info:
IG: @elenabmendoza
Phone #: 541-971-8604

Members! Starting next week on Monday 3/2 - We are adding an open gym! This will be ran exactly as that. A coach will be present and you can come in and lift/work on whatever it is your heart desires or you can come and get the WOD done on your own time during that hour! Happy fitness goals and happy Tuesday everyone!
#crossfit #powervalley #albanyoregon #constantlyvaried #healthandwellness #opengym #comelift

Attention CFPV Fam & Friends! On Saturday, March 14th we’ll be having a potluck style brunch after we workout! Show up, get sweaty, and eat while being surrounded by good a*% company. And we all know it wouldn’t be a brunch without mimosas, so I’ll be sure to make sure it’s there 😎 Can’t wait to see you all! 👀🥂🏋🏽‍♀️🤸🏼‍♂️
#crossfit #powervalley #wodandbrunch #itaintapartywithoutmimosas #community #constantlyvaried #strongertogether

⚠️ DON’T FORGET!! ⚠️
This Friday we are hosting a My Valentines WOD for you and your partner! Come workout and enjoy some fitness with your loved one! Lots of fun things happening, with plenty of time to make it to those dinner reservations. Can’t wait to see you all!! 💞

January CrossFit Total

January CrossFit Total

Happy Wednesday! Come in today for some front squats and a fun yet SPICY workout! There are still FIVE classes you can make it to! 8/9am and 4/5/6pm! See you all there!
#crossfit #powervalley #albanyoregon #linncounty #constantlyvaried #bootygains #bodywork #healthandwellness

What’s in store for tomorrow’s mystery WOD? Show up and find out. 😉 Class starts at 9am, Coach Nena and Steve will be there by 8:30am in for those who like lots of time to warm up! Can’t wait to see you all!
#crossfit #powervalley #albanyoregon #community #constantlyvaried

Tin Roof Boutique

This is what it’s about you guys! Way to kill those your goals 💕 Tin Roof

Fitness and health and why it’s important to me!

Thursday Thoughts: CrossFit Community

Every CrossFit community is different and unique in their own respective ways. Within each box, everyone knows each other. You have your people that will help you with your technique, that you’ll do competitions with, compare times with. This is very different from your regular gym. At CrossFit, you know the people and their stories, and they know yours. So why is community so important?

Every CrossFit community supports and lifts up one another. How often have people worked out next to you to help you finish even though they were already done? How often have you encouraged and cheered on someone that hasn’t finished the WOD yet? How many times have you been that person being cheered on?

The importance of this social support is that it motivates us. When we want to quit, when we don’t want to pick up that bar, when we’re going for that PR and are unsure, we have people surrounding us that encourage us to keep moving because they believe we can. When you have that belief around you, you start to believe in yourself. We accomplish things we never thought we could.

The community and support affects us beyond that. Oxford University did research and found that we released significantly more endorphins when working out with people vs. doing it alone - even if the same amount of work was done. This high release of endorphins is what we all know as a “runners high.”

The CrossFit community is where you’ll find like-minded people who want to put all of their effort into a workout and train as hard as you want to. These communities welcome and encourage you to test your abilities in every way possible. We can scream and grunt, collapse on the floor, cry with frustration, and just straight up laugh at ourselves - and everyone can relate and completely understands.

This ‘cult’ as some people say, is one of the most special parts of CrossFit. Lifetime friends are created within the walls of all boxes. CrossFit boxes aren’t just ‘boxes’ - they are a family. And here at Power Valley, this is my family.

#community #crossfit #powervalley #albanyoregon #family #love

Happy Tuesday! Today we’re getting a little leg work done. There’s still a 9am & 4/5/6pm class today. Get in and get the work done. See you in the gym! 👊🏽💥
#crossfit #powervalley #albanyoregon #constantlyvaried #functionalfitness #alwaysastudent

No single day of the #800gChallenge® is that difficult, but the challenge reveals itself in trying to be consistent with the metric across days and weeks. Hitting a high of 1,200g one day just to fall off the next is less ideal than consistency reaching a lower target. In the example shown, the roller coaster graph results in 1,000 fewer grams per week compared to the individual who "just" hits 800g/day. In a month, that is 50+(!) servings of fruits and vegetable missed and the potential effects on health and performance in the long-term become obvious. Even if the 800g target has been too much of a challenge for you, find a target where you can be consistent. We’re getting close to the end; let's finish strong!

#800gChallenge @optimizemenutrition #puttingametriconquality #consitencymatters

Thursday Thoughts:
“Be comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

We hear this all the time in different situations, but most often for us within the confines of our box walls. When I’m in a competition, I know that I’m going to push myself. Muscles are going to ache, want to quit. But even when they’re screaming at me, or even sometimes can’t feel them, you bet I’m gonna keep fighting. I’m going to keep moving. So whenever I workout, I need to “practice like I play” and get uncomfortable. I may compete, but not everyone does. So why is it important for you to be comfortable with being uncomfortable too?

What if you just want to be healthy? Play with your grandkids? Go on those long hikes and not have to worry about if you’ll make it? Well, why did you join CrossFit to begin with? You wanted to lose weight? Look good naked?

No matter what your goals are, majority of us came to CrossFit because we wanted change - we wanted something that would give us results. Well, like just about everything in life, what you put into something is going to directly affect what you get out of it. If you’re constantly putting in the same amount of effort and work and not striving for more, then you bet you will keep seeing the same results.

The very idea of pushing your own personal limits and making yourself uncomfortable is the foundational pillar in succeeding as an athlete whether you’re competitive or not.

So what does “being uncomfortable” mean? I’m not telling you to push yourself so hard you puke, or pass out on the floor. I’m asking you to hang onto that bar for one more rep when you so badly want to let go. I’m asking you to do that next pull-up under fatigue even if means you might fail and not get it. I’m asking you to try to row or run at a little faster pace and maintain it as best you can even though it might mean you’re a little out of breath afterwards.

“Success is not a goal, it’s a bi-product. Being uncomfortable is what gets results.”

Mystery WOD coming in hot! What’s it gonna be? 🤔 Show up and find out! 😎🙊 If you’re bringing a non-member, be sure to bring them in early so waivers can get signed! And if you’re a non-member bringing yourself, just shoot us a message on IG or FB that you’re coming and also come in early for the waiver! Can’t wait to see you all! 🥳🏋🏽‍♀️🤸🏻‍♂️😜
#crossfit #powervalley #albanyoregon #virtuosity #constantlyvaried #expecttheunexpected #community #welovefitness #functionalfitness #healthandwellness

One way to optimize the #800gChallenge® is to maximize the diversity of your choices. Maximize nutrient diversity and keep things interesting by incorporating a broad array of fruits and vegetables. Also, look at long-term diversity: instead of eating the same six items every day, what kind of variety can you get across the days? And for the days you can't hit diversity - that is ok! Fruit and veggie choices, regardless of diversity, have more value than more processed carbohydrates.

@optimizemenutrition #800gChallenge #puttingametriconquality

Fun Fact Thursday: Why is stretching important & why do we do it AFTER we workout?

When you stretch often, you’re helping keep your muscles healthy, strong, and flexible. We NEED this flexibility to allow our joints to maintain their range of motion.

When you don’t stretch, your muscles become tight and shortened. So when you need them and they’re in this state, they are weak and unable to extend the way you need them to. This puts you at risk for strains, joint pain, and ultimately muscle damage.

Stretching once a day won’t magically fix it, the same way as it probably took months for that problem area to get so tight. It takes weeks to get flexible.

But why after we workout? “When everything is cold, the fibers aren’t prepared and may be damaged. If you exercise first, you’ll get blood flow to the area, and that makes the tissue more pliable and amenable to change” - David Nolan, PT at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital. All it takes is a quick 5-10 minute workout of light activity to warm up your body, and then you can safely commence with stretching.

Take care of your bodies. Strength and cardio aren’t all it takes to be fit, it requires so much more. Happy Thursday and happy stretching!

#crossfit #powervalley #albanyoregon #healthandwellness #betteryourself #takecareofyourbody #flexibility #overallhealth #fitineveryway

Happy New Year! 🎉 What better time to start your fitness journey than now? Come check out CFPV! We also offer open gym times to current members, and you get a trial week for FREE! Start tackling your fitness goals head on and see what we’re all about.

To be sustainable, the #800gChallenge® requires consistently making better choices throughout the day. If you are having a hard time hitting that 800g total, how does breakfast look? By putting 200-300g grams “in the bank” at breakfast, you are setting yourself up for success and flexibility later in the day.

@optimizemenutrition #800gchallenge #puttingametriconquality #healthyeatingwithouttheobsession

Happy Friday! Let’s finish this week off strong and get in and get it done! 👊🏽💥
#crossfit #powervalley #albanyoregon

EXCITING NEWS: Those who are participating in the nutrition challenge will get access to an inclusive app called Wodify Rise that you can track everything in! You’ll be able to see your progress and others and you can EARN POINTS for a mystery surprise at the end of the challenge! What’ll it be? Whose gonna get it? 🙊👀🤫 can’t wait to see you all tonight!
#800gchallenge #crossfit #powervalley #nutrition #accountability

You have until THIS Saturday the 4th to get this amazing deal! That’s only 6 days to pay half the price to come join our community at CFPV and see what we’re all about! 🎉
You and a friend/spouse/family member can join for 3 months and pay the price of ONE single monthly membership. That means $120 a month for the BOTH of you for THREE months! If you’ve been waiting for that “opportunity” or “right time”, it’s now! 👊🏽💥🏋🏽‍♀️🤸🏻‍♂️
⚠️ 3 month commitment required
#crossfit #constantlyvaried #virtuosity healthylifestyle #healthandwellness #albanyoregon #linncounty #fitness #wellness #growth

REMINDER: We have our nutrition meeting tonight at 7pm! Show up and you’ll get all of the information you need for the #800gchallenge! If you can not make it but are interested, please send us a message! 🥳🎉🥬🥒🍉🍓
#800gchallenge #eatrealfood #fruitsandveggies #crossfit #albanyoregon #powervalley

Schedule changes for the rest of the year! Normal classes tomorrow and on. Only one evening class on New Year’s Eve, and only a 10am & 4pm on New Years Day! See you all in the gym tomorrow! 👊🏽🥳
#albany #oregon #albanyoregon #linncounty #crossfit #powervalley #fitness

We are CFPV

We represent the true ethos of what CrossFit is. We are a band of friends, a family of goal driven athletes, a tribe of firebreathing fitness enthusiasts. Some call us crazy, and we are. Crazy about changing lives, providing support to those who are tired of just getting by and being the spark that fans the flame of transformation. We believe in community and working towards the goal of general physical preparedness and overall health and wellness. To reach this goal we utilize constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements that come in the shape of gymnastics, metabolic conditioning and olympic lifting. Come and be a part of our movement. Learn more at

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CFPV Announcment




2440 Ferry St Unit E
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Opening Hours

Monday 05:00 - 20:00
Tuesday 05:00 - 20:00
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