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45 Raptor: New Cartridge for a New Platform

From the "when dead is just not good enough . . . it has to be really really dead" Department.

Have you ever looked at your AR-15 and the 458 SOCOM, 450 Bushmaster and thought . . What if I got rid of the R-15 lower and used a DPMS LR-308 or AR-10 lower . . . . . I bet I could shoot through two Moose or 10 hogs . . . . Well . . . I have . . . and finally . . . Someone might have the cartridge for you!

A friend and client, who is a firearms designer and was involved in the 6.5 development, has come up with a new elephant killing hippopotamus stopping round for the AR 10 platform.

The 45 Raptor. It is built on a 308 case. It uses 460 smith and Wesson magnum load data.

This new cartridge uses bullets that weigh from 160gr up to 395gr. The 45 Raptor launches the 160 grain Barnes bullets at 3000 feet per second. Its throws a 200 grain Hornady bullet and twenty seven hundred feet per second.

They have sidestepped the chamber pressure limitations of the ar-15 platform by going to the AR-10 / LR 308 platform.

The cartridges use a modified Lancer l7 magazines. The modifications to the magazines are the insertion of the new follower and the Machine magazine answer which acts as a block to prevent rounds from moving forward and recall.

The rifle itself is pretty much a standard AR 10A or DPMS LR 308.

In general, this cartridge allows the shooter to hold the same point of aim out to 200 yards still have the bullet land in a 6 inch circle

I have not shot it yet. I hope to get to shoot a suppressed example with 500ish gr. Subsonic loads.

Baristas to begin packing guns After three robberies in less than a month at Jitterz Java, employees say they're refusing to be victimized anymore and are preparing to pack heat on the job.

[WATCH] ATF Threatens Gun Shop: "Give Us Your CLIENT LIST Or Be Shut Down!" The small business Ares Armor was in the news not too long ago when the California city of Oceanside that they're based out of tried to shut the store down

Facebook Pressured to Ban Gun Themed Pages - Jan Morgan Media Facebook may announce company policy changes for gun-related pages in the coming weeks, according to an article by VentureBeat. The social network has been under pressure from the powerful Mayors Against Illegal Guns and the Moms Demand Action civic group …

Taurus PT 1911 Range Report The original 1911s, first manufactured over 100 years ago, were handmade by skilled worksmen: that puts it out of reach for today's market. The Taurus PT 1911 performs beautifully at a mid-range price with stellar performance and many options.

Hands On: John McPhee Reviews the new CZ polymer handgun The CZ P-09 proved to be solid all the way from accuracy of the barrel to its performance in austere situations, with a good, clean trigger.

American Rifleman - Glock G42 .380 ACP Pocket Pistol The G42 pistol is built to the same exacting standards as the double-stack Glocks. It has that unmistakable signature look, only smaller.

[11/28/13]   Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

[11/11/13]   Thanks to all you veterans for your service

[11/04/13]   Thought you all might find this very useful.

Documents point to ATF raid on 'Lanza gun shop' being a staged media event Evidence points to a December raid of the Riverview Gun Shop in East Windsor, Conn., where Sandy Hook Elementary School murderer Adam Lanza’s mother reportedly

BREAKING: Springfield Issues Safety Recall for XDS-9 and XDS-45 Pistols Just days after Smith and Wesson issued a safety warning on their Shield line of pistols, their main competitor in the class of pocket pistols, Springfield has issued their own safety recall. Find ...

New App Allows Users to Tattle on Gun Owners

This is not good Adan Salazar | Site encourages users to report gun owners who hold anti-governmental political views.

Tell Mel: He lost firearm, almost a hand

Be careful when choosing ammo. Dennis Ryan picked up his new handgun and 250 rounds of ammunition from Fire-Line Ammunition & Firearms Inc. in Fort Myers and, a few days later, headed for the shooting range.

[05/12/13]   Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there

[05/10/13]   Just in case you needed another reason to carry.

[04/15/13]   Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the Boston marathon bombing.

[03/31/13]   Mountain Man Gun Shop wishes you and your family a Happy Easter!

Guns in America: How to Buy, Sell & Shoot in Every State -

A good resource Take a look at the laws on guns that affect buying, selling, and shooting across the U.S.

[03/08/13]   Anybody headed to the range this weekend?

[03/04/13]   Happy Monday everybody

Magpul | Unfair Advantage

For those of you in Colorado. During this period of high demand, and with the possibility of pending state legislation, we at Magpul are taking steps to ensure that responsible Colorado residents who want to own standard capacity magazines have the opportunity to do so. To meet this need, we have set up a process for CO resident...

Self Defense is a Human Right. | Equal Gun Rights

Watch this video....
Defense is a Human Right. | Equal Gun Rights Equal Gun Rights

[02/26/13]   only a few days left. NRA Life Member deal lasts til end of February. 1-888-678-7894 for the $300 (regularly $1,000) deal.

[02/24/13]   The gun show in salem was the worst I have ever been to.

Massive Gun Ban Introduced - Oregon Firearms Federation

That didn't take long Gun ban, magazine ban, warrantless searches.

Lawmakers give up on major Ore. gun control bills

Some good news for oregon. At least for now. SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Gun control advocates in the Oregon Legislature are abandoning bills to outlaw the sale of semi-automatic rifles and high-capacity gun magazines.

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