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My goal is to leave nobody behind, and make sure as many people as possible fully understand how to get fitness results on their own one day.

I've been a personal trainer since 1998, usually working for major corporations like 24hr. Fitness, Gold's Gym, and a few privately owned gyms. I've had certifications in NASM, ACE, APEX, and also certified as a YMCA National Instructor. In the past I've been blessed with the opportunity to train Celebrities such as Shaquille O'neal, Randy Couture, and Chris Mcalister of the Baltimore Ravens. I hope one day again to be able to build a high profile clientele that includes Celebrities and Business Owners. I'm also currently holding Weight Loss Challenges at major corporations like the YMCA, and WalMart Supercenters. I'm a Christian Man, and you'll get the respect and professionalism you deserve. My price list is as follows: 1) Individual 1 on 1 training is 35.00 per hour, and will include all necessary Nutrition advice, along with complete stretching and 1hr. workouts. 2) Youth training (ages 8-18) is 25.00 per hour, and includes all the same as 1 on 1 training 3) Group Training (5 people or more) is 75.00 per hour, and will include the same as 1 on 1 training 4) Personal Workouts are 15.00 each. This is for people that just want an intense workout that will guarantee results, but the client completes the workout on their own. This service doesn't include nutrition assistance. 5) Family Training (2-4 people) is 50.00 per hour. This is normally immediate families that are struggling to lose weight, or achieving fitness results, and want to workout as a family unit. This of course will include all aspects of the 1 on 1 training. 6) Sport Specific Training is 35.00 per hour, and will include all aspects of 1 on 1 training. This is for individuals that are athletes and are training for a specific sport or activity. 7) Personal Training Coaching is 25.00 per hour. This type of training is for individuals that want to become a Personal Trainer, or are struggling to give their own personal clients lasting results. 8) Online Personal Training can be done via Skype, Web Conferencing, E-mail, or even Telephone assistance. 1 on 1 Online Training is 25.00 per 60-75min session. Group Online Training is 50.00 per 60-75 min. session. Personal Training Packages: One hour sessions: Half hour sessions: 1 session: 35.00 1 session: 15.00 5 sessions: 150.00 5 sessions: 62.50 10 sessions: 250.00 10 sessions: 110.00 Half hour sessions only include 30 min. personal workouts, these are suggested for individuals that don't need any nutritional guidance. Half hour sessions also can also be done via online, e-mail, or telephone.

[02/14/14]   I've been asked the question lately, "why don't diets work"? I know my belief is controversial, but here it is: I told this person that diets do work, but people give up too easily! If a diet doesn't work for you, then it's probably something you are doing wrong! Please post on this site all the "diets" you have tried in the past, and why you believe it hasn't worked for you.
I want to help you for absolutely free, and I want to find a program that you are willing to "completely" adhere to. In my opinion, the only program that has ever worked for me is Daily prayer, daily bible reading, and then daily application of what I believe I'm hearing/have read!

[01/04/14]   I really hope this fitness page is helping you to grow in a deeper daily relationship with Jesus Christ. I only offer you fitness help, because Jesus has given me the necessary skills that will guarantee you results! Fitness is a good thing, but it doesn't change you as a person! Fitness doesn't help you treat people better, lead others to christ, or become a person that people love to be around. Jesus Christ is the only entity that can do all those things through you.
If you haven't accepted Jesus Christ as your lord and personal savior, please do so without any further delay!!! I will not promise you an easier life after committing your life to Christ, but you will now have a one on one relationship with the creator of the entire universe. Jesus has all the right answers for all of your problems!!! If you are at a place in your life right now where you are struggling to find answers, please ask Jesus into your life. Please pray the following words, and Jesus will come into your life.
Jesus, I admit that you are the son of God and that you have died for all my past, present, and future sins. Thank you for dying on the cross for me personally! I admit that I have sin in my life, and I want your help to get rid of this sin. Can you please come into my life now, and I want to accept you as my Lord and Personal Savior.
I'm sorry this is a very long post, but I trust fully that the people this message was meant to be read by, will read the entire post!

[12/26/13]   If you have a fitness goal or Daily Jesus goal, it will only happen if you accept accountability, and remove all obstacles from your path! No human is strong enough to accomplish anything without daily discipline! I personally can only accomplish a fitness goal, if I make myself workout in the mornings. My personal workouts take a hard hit when I try to do them in the evenings or afternoons. Each day is filled with things that only distract you from what you know you should be doing. I encourage everyone who sees this post, to share with others how you overcome obstacles in everyday life. I will gladly help you, all you need to do is ask me.

[12/23/13]   This Christmas, put nothing above Jesus in your life! If your fitness, finances, relationships, etc... are struggling, then it means Jesus wants more control of those areas in your life. I don't care if you're 300 lbs. overweight, and your life depends on it. Jesus will help you take care of that, if he remains first in your life!!

Matthew 6:30-33

[12/11/13]   If you have no idea what to do for a "workout", try nothing more than Jumping Jacks. This is a great example of an exercise that stimulates blood flow into several different muscle groups at one time. Please exercise daily, and stretch, stretch, stretch some more. Whatever muscles you don't consistently use, can start to "shorten" and lessen your natural "range of motion". When your muscles start to "ache", it's not something that needs a doctor. Just start moving!!!

[12/11/13]   Please help me, help you!!! I want to serve each and every person that "likes" this page. Please post your prayer requests, or if they are too personal, then please "personal message me". Jesus Christ has made me a personal trainer for Professional Athletes all the way to a "stay at home mom or dad". I want to give you all the information you need to be successful, and pray for you at the same time!

[11/26/13]   when life seems like it is coming to a very slow halt, and you feel you have no direction, this is God's way of trying to get your attention! Please don't feel like you have to stay busy during the Holidays specifically. Take the "slow" time in your life, and make sure you're praying for "his" priorities to take place in your life. Don't try to impress others at any cost, please do what you feel Jesus is wanting you to accomplish daily. I hope this helps you, and feel free to share your thoughts.

[11/24/13]   If anyone needs some answers to fitness questions you may have, fire away. It's the Holidays, and I'm even up to getting a workout group together somewhere local.

A great guide to nuts thanks to Greatist. We love nuts, they are one of the best snacks you can grab.

Full sized Infographic Here:

Jesus did not come to make God's love possible, but to make God's love visible.

Posture check... how are you sitting right now?

Timeline Photos

Use this pyramid to help you get (and keep) your kids active.

Timeline Photos

[09/14/13]   I've had this discussion lately with a couple people that have told me that "fitness changed their life". I can't honestly say they mean anything bad by saying this, I just don't agree. I'm a man that wants to give credit to where credit should be due.
I've never thought of fitness as something that has ever helped me through relationship issues, family deaths, etc... My fitness level has always dropped when harsh life events occur. I simply view fitness as a means to make life easier to live! Jesus Christ is the only being that can actually give you real change. I do believe that Jesus wants us to act responsibly, so I ask you to be responsible and do some kind of heart rate increased activity for 30 mins per day.

Just trying to gauge things here: How much would you like to see encouragement like this? How much would you like to see fitness and nutrition hints?

Glycemic Index

Agave syrup/nectar is extracted from the agave plant - Mexico’s famous succulent that also gives us aguamiel, pulque, and tequila (from the blue agave). It’s mostly fructose which is why it has a low GI – light standard agave syrup (GI28) is 70–78% fructose; light premium agave syrup (GI22) is 78–85% fructose. It’s about 1½ times sweeter than sugar so you use less, which is just as well as it is on the pricy side. Delicious drizzled over pancakes, porridge, plain yoghurt, French toast. Check out for more info. The easiest way to find all round healthy food choices is to look for the GI symbol. They make you feel fuller for a longer time and help control appetite.

Glycemic Index

Teaching the team Wellness Consultants about the glycemic index today. Learning how to choose foods for smart nutrition. See for more info. A new website answers questions surrounding fructose, sugar, diabetes and the claims made over the "The Australian Paradox” paper that reports the observation that upward changes in the prevalence of overweight & obesity in Australia run counter to changes in refined sugars intake, is launched.

[07/30/13]   GO NUTS! Did you know the folate and vitamin E in peanuts makes them a brain healthy nut? So go ahead and grab a handful when you need an afternoon pick me up.

[07/26/13]   This reallly is an unusual post, but I really do feel that Jesus is asking me to say this to everyone who has "liked" my page.
I haven't created this fitness page to boost my personal training wages! I want this page to be a place where a person can come for good instruction, and to post their prayer requests. If you feel Jesus is asking you to train with me as your personal trainer, then please reach out to me. I only charge people what they feel Jesus is telling them to pay me. Please feel free to post all your prayer requests, because I personally want to pray for you!!!
Included with my personal training sessions, will be that you dedicate yourself daily to reading the bible. If you don't desire to read the bible, simply find yourself a different trainer. I love everyone who is following my posts. I want to work with individuals that are willing to change their entire life, not just how their body looks to the world! I really hope you read the entire post, and thank you for your time in viewing my page.

[07/23/13]   Go NUTS! The lowest-calorie nuts at 160 per ounce are almonds (23 nuts; 6 grams protein, 14 grams fat); cashews (16 to 18 nuts; 5 grams protein, 13 grams fat); and pistachios (49 nuts; 6 grams protein, 13 grams fat). Avoid nuts packaged or roasted in oil; instead, eat them raw or dry roasted... (Roasted nuts may have been heated in hydrogenated or omega-6 unhealthy fats, she adds, or to high temperatures that can destroy their nutrients.)

Info from Health Magazine: "Should you go nuts?"By Amanda MacMillan

Healthly Behaviors sure beat Health Care Dollars when it comes to building a foundation for your health.

Training 4 Christ training page

I've just partnered with a company called Training4Christ. We give people the best workout on the planet, along with reading God's word to them. We challenge them to open the bible daily for 8 weeks! I've been praying for a way to incorporate Jesus into my training method, and I've finally found the means to do it. If you want more information, please view Training 4 Christ training page

Another comparison shopping poster. You could buy fast food, or for much less you could feed you family a healthy meal. Smart decisions just take a little more planning.

Spend carefully and see the difference it will make for your health. This infographic is a great example of just that.

[07/03/13]   Here's a great hint from a Family Circle magazine reader on how she makes sure she's getting enough water...

"I put six rubber bands around my water bottle in the morning. At each refill, I remove a band. By the end of the day I can tell if I've had my six refills. I know it's not the 'daily requirement,' but for this former non-water drinker, it sure helps me keep track or see if I'm not."

[07/02/13]   Remember when it's hot out - like it's been this week - you need to increase your fluid intake, instead of reaching for sugary soda try infusing your water with citrus or mint for sugar free refreshment.

Last one, and some motivation to get outside today - Using a manual or push mower expect to burn about 325 calories per hour. Again remember to maintain proper posture, and activate that core for max benefits.

[06/21/13]   Sitting all day has been linked to a number of health risks. So, if you're sitting at your desk right now get up and stretch or walk around a little.

Did you know? 30 minutes of digging in your yard will burn about 315 calories, the same amount burned by 45 minutes of bicycling on flat terrain. Digging tones the muscles of your calves, thighs, arms and shoulders. If you do it vigorously enough and continue the activity for 20 minutes or more, you can raise your heart rate and strengthen your cardiovascular system.

[06/10/13]   Getting 30 min of activity in everyday is easy - Remember to align your spine, and activate your core and everyday activities can be a workout. Vacuuming for 30 minutes burns about 90 calories. Dusting for 30 minutes burns about 50 calories. Ironing for 30 minutes burns about 70 calories.

Another tip for getting a workout around the house - Scrubbing the bath for 30 minutes burns 200 calories. Removing that stubborn soap scum from your tiles is a great way to tone the muscles of your arms and shoulders. Just remember to keep your shoulders back and your spine aligned. Bend at the knees or waist to keep your back straight.

A tip to start your week - Weeding for 30 minutes burns up to 115 calories, the same amount you'd burn in 15 minutes of weight training. Weeding tones your thighs and buttocks. Just be careful to bend with your legs while keeping your spine straight, or you could hurt your back.

Did you know? Washing your car works your arms and abdominals. For every 30 minutes of car washing, you'll burn around 150 calories.

Your 30 minute workout doesn't have to be all at once, which is what most people think they need to do. Do small little workouts throughout the day after your biggest meals and snacks. The little boost in heart rate, will help you burn off those calories faster!!!! I'm going to start preaching "Baby steps" to everyone including myself, no matter what area of life we're trying to make a positive change with. Several small victories, make the huge victories taste so much better!!!!

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