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THE app for all Gym Owners, boot camps, garage gyms and all the members that attend them.

Mission: Our mission is to become the very best fitness App used throughout the country. Become a feature rich app that allows atheletes and Box owners to track and log everything they do!

[06/04/14]   Sorry for the downtime all - Just performing some backend updates. We are back up :)


WODFit Global

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App Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wodfit-global/id720812161?mt=8

3.2.1 GO!

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[11/15/13]   Get a free copy of WODFit Global on your iPhone!
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WODFit Global


itunes.apple.com Get WODFit Global on the App Store. See screenshots and ratings, and read customer reviews.


WODFit Global - ReLaunch

For those of you who have subscribed to our email list, I sent out an email: If for some reason you didn't, Check it out here: http://eepurl.com/GC5A5



Welcome to WODFit Global

Our re-Launch is officially underway! Our new website is now open. iOS App (free and paid) submitted for approval in the App Store! Get your Schedules/WOD's and Gym Logos up now! All existing logos are saved! http://www.wodfitglobal.com

wodfitglobal.com WODFit Global

[08/14/13]   Everyone –

I would like to notify everyone of a recent development. We were approached by another company stating that they own the trademark on “XFIT”, and that I could not use it. As a result, we will be TEMPORARILY taking the site and application down. My team and I will be working very hard over the next two weeks to redesign and rebrand the current “XFIT GLOBAL” and re-launching early September (ETA)

Keep in mind that we ARE NOT shutting down permanently. We are simply transitioning over to a new name.

This is how things will play out:

Effective Immediately – App removed for sale from App Store
On or before Aug 16th – Site will no longer be accessible
On or before Aug 16th – App will no longer be accessible
Aug 16 – Aug 23 – Redesign and Renaming of “XFIT GLOBAL”
Aug 24 – Re-Submission to App Store for approval
Aug 24 – Sept 7 – Await App Store Approval
~Sept 7 – Celebrate Re-Launch of the website and application

Because of iTunes approval process, it will take approximately 2 weeks for Apple to approve the app once I submit the new application name.

The new name is not yet decided upon, however we have a few great ideas. We will be trademarking the name once we decide. If you have any suggestions for the new name, please email us!

Thank you all for your patience. I really hope that you all continue to stay with us. We have some awesome ideas for the app and look forward in serving your fitness needs!


[08/14/13]   Our name is changing! If you haven't already received our email, I would like to announce that our name is changing over due to certain legal obligations. Our new name is not yet decided, but we will let you all know via email Very soon! With that being said. This page will ALSO be removed. See you all soon!


xFit Global

Hey Everyone!

V1.1 is now available up in the iTunes App Store!!


We have some pretty exciting stuff coming. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr to get all our latest updates!

...who likes shirts?

itunes.apple.com Get xFit Global on the App Store. See screenshots and ratings, and read customer reviews.

[07/19/13]   Hey Everybody!
When you get a minute, take a look at your email. I sent out an update looking for your feedback. I would appreciate it if you all took the time from your busy schedule to help! Thanks so much!


[07/17/13]   Hello Everyone!
I would like to introduce myself as the new Owner and Operator of xFit Global! My name is Bryan Krufchinski. I am here to Re-Launch this app and get all of your needs and wants, implemented into the app!

I want to build the BEST Crossfit Community Inspired App. For that, I need your help! Within the next month I will be gathering thoughts, ideas, needs and wants for the xFit Global App. How can I make this application suitable for you? How can the website be more effective? What needs improvements? What do you like? What don't you like? I need YOUR feedback to create the best Crossfit App available today!

For a limited time, I have 5 Free Vouchers for the xFit Global App! First 5 People to submit a valid suggestion will receive One (1) download of xFit Global!

Lets think, and build the best Crossfit App for Crossfitters, by Crossfitters!

[07/24/12]   I would like to thank CrossFit Rowan from Salisbury, NC for being our 150th gym to sign up for xFit Global. Its been awhile since i have posted so the list is gonna be long but here is a thanks to all our new friends that have signed up:

CrossFit Norwalk - Norwalk, CT
The Training Pit (Crossfit East Boca) - Boca Raton, FL
USP CrossFit - Hollywood, FL
CrossFit ATP - Dania Beach, FL
Viking CrossFit - Orem, UT
Badger CrossFit - Wauwatosa, WI
CrossFit MiaLife - Hialeah, FL
The Training Box (CrossFit Estero) - Ft. Myers, FL
CrossFit Ocala - Ocala, FL
CrossFit Intense - Fairmont, WV
Ascent CrossFit - Casper, WY
CrossFit Unrivaled - Chesapeake, VA
James River CrossFit - Midlothian, VA
CrossFit 100 - Glendale, WI
CrossFit PHIT - Marysville, OH
SODO CrossFit - Seattle, WA
CrossFit Ad Alta - Renton, WA
Roanoke Valley CrossFit - Salem, VA
Mt. Baker CrossFit - Mt. Vernon, WA
CrossFit Ascencion - Ogden, UT
Hook & Ladder CrossFit - Kent, WA
CrossFit Ogden - Ogden, UT
CrossFit the Point - Bluffdale, UT
CrossFit 98110 -Bainbridge Island, WA
CrossFit Cedar Ridge - Pleasant Grove, UT
CrossFit Spokane - Spokane, WA
CrossFit Hermitage - Hermitage, TN
CrossFit Hendersonville - Hendersonville, TN
CrossfFit Knoxville - Knoxville, TN
Faction Strength and Conditioning - Cordova, TN
CrossFit Hixson - Chattanooga, TN
CrossFit S3 - Fort Mill, SC
CrossFit Brigade - Chattanooga, TN
CrossFit Lancaster - Lancaster, PA
CrossFit Generation - Horsham, PA
CrossFit Iron City - Pittsburgh, PA
CrossFit Vengeance - Myrtle Beach, SC
CrossFit Knights - Cookeville, TN
NEPA CrossFit - Wilkes Barre, PA
Rock Solid CrossFit - Downingtown, PA
CrossFit Kennett Square - Kennett Square, PA
UBC CrossFit NE Philly - Huntington Valley, PA
Lets CrossFit - Scottsdale, AZ
BodyLab - College Station, TX
CrossFit Huskies - Sweet Home, OR
Elevated CrossFit - Springville, UT
CrossFit Gastonia - Gastonia, NC
CrossFit Rowan - Salisbury, NC
CrossFit Indian Trail - Indian Trail, NC

[06/01/12]   Hooray to xFit Global. We just reached 100 gyms that have signed up for our free service!!! From California to Florida, Alaska to Texas, Australia to England! Thank you to all of the gyms that have signed up. Were not done yet world. So many more boxes out there to reach. Here are some of the new boxes that signed up in the past month:

CrossFit Deep South - Biloxi, MS
CrossFit Inferno - San Luis Obispo, MS
CrossFit San Ramon - San Ramon, CA
Tamalpais CrossFit - San Rafael, CA
Lift Strong Run Fast - The Woodlands, TX
CrossFit Magna - Scottsdale, AZ
Method CrossFit - Centennial, CO
CrossFit Fast - Westlake Village, CA
Walnut CrossFit - Walnut, CA
CrossFit North East England - Newcastle, England
CrossFit North Fort Collins - Fort Collins, CO
CrossFit Dominion - Denver, CO
CrossFit Generate - New Castle, CO
XS CrossFit - Parker, CO
CrossFit Red - Grand Junction, CO
Mile High Crossfit - Centennial, CO
Do Work Training Sytems - Oakland, TN
Chino CrossFit - Chino, CA
CrossFit Elevation - Denver, CO
North Haven CrossFit - North Haven, CT
CrossFit Stapleton - Denver, CO
CrossFit Misfits - Woodway, TX
911 CrossFit - Cooper City, FL
CrossFit 954 - Hollywood, FL
CrossFit Jupiter - Jupiter, FL

[04/12/12]   Had some new boxes sign up in the past couple of weeks. Everyone please welcome:

F5 Crossfit - Oklahoma City, OK
Crossfit Poise - Pembroke, Canada
Crossfit Broken Arrow - Broken Arrow, OK
Crossfit Ocean Springs - Ocean Springs, MS
Crossfit St. Charles - St. Charles, MO
Crossfit 26 - Brentwood, MO
Yellowstone Crossfit - Billings, MT
Crossfit Omaha - Omaha, NE
Arctic Crossfit - Anchorage, AK
Dropping Plates Crossfit - St. Robert, MO
Crossfit 650 - San Bruno, CA
LaLanne Fitness Crossfit - San Francisco, CA
Crossfit South City - St. Louis, MO
Crossfit Sausalito - Sausalito, CA

[03/19/12]   Sorry its been awhile since i posted. (Insert excuse here).....Anyways, had a great couple of weeks and we are very excited to have some new boxes using our service. I would like to thank:

Crossfit Stoic - Roy, UT
Foundry Crossfit - La Quinta, CA
LAX Crossfit - Los Angeles, CA
Crossfit Carmel - Carmel, IN
Another Level Crossfit - Lodi, CA
Crossfit Beaumont - Beaumont, TX
Crossfit 951 - Menifee, CA
Crossfit Zen - Manhattan Beach, CA
Crossfit Eau Claire - Eau Claire, WI
Hammer Crossfit - Peoria, AZ
Crossfit Primus - Owasso, OK
Crossfit Owasso - Owasso, OK

Like always, i am extremely grateful to all these boxes for signing up for xFit Global and spreading CrossFit to the world!!!

[02/24/12]   xFit Global has signed up over 50 gyms worldwide!!! We had a crazy week. Even with the Crossfit Games starting this week these boxes still took time to sign up for xFit Global. Thank You to:

Crossfit Chaparral - Scottsdale, AZ
Crossfit Lumberton - Lumberton, TX
Crossfit Elk Grove - Elk Grove, CA
Crossfit ION - Fountain Valley, CA
Crossfit North Burlington - Burlington, Canada
Crossfit Proper - Corona, CA
Crossfit Upgrade - Costa Mesa, CA
Crossfit Irvine - Irvine, CA
Humboldt Crossfit - Eureka, CA
Crossfit Hellbox - Rio Rancho, NM
Crossfit DSP - Temple, TX
Crossfit Signal Hill - Long Beach, CA
Crossfit Visalia - Exeter, CA
Crossfit Bishop - Bishop, CA



Have I been slacking? Nope...we just had a bunch of boxes sign up! Check these guys out. We are super happy to have all these new boxes using xFit Global:

Crossfit Rabid - Rainbow City, AL
Crossfit Deer Park - Deer Park, TX
Crossfit 2L2Q - Montgomery, AL
Crossfit HardNOX - St. Augustine, FL
Summit Health and Fitness - Flagstaff, AZ
Crossfit Baytown - Baytown, TX
Hub City Crossfit - Lubbock, TX
Crossfit O-Town - Ottowa, Canada
Crossfit Valor - Cedar Park, TX
Crossfit Prescott - Prescott, AZ
CrossFit Tempest - Scottsdale, AZ

Welcome everyone!! If you would like to see all the boxes that have signed up so far for xFit Global or you are wondering if your box has signed up yet check out - www.xFitGlobal.com/gyms

xfitglobal.com xFit Global

[02/09/12]   The past few days have been great!! We have been getting some very positive feedback and plenty of new boxes signing up. I'm proud to say that the following gyms are now using xFit Global:

Crossfit Veritas from Graham, Tx
Frisco Crossfit from Frisco, Tx
Crossfit .380 from McKinney, Tx
Crossfit Fairbanks from Fairbanks, Ak
Brute Fitness Crossfit from Gadsden, Al
Bulldog Crossfit from Forest Park, Il

Huge welcome to all of you from xFit Global!!

[02/07/12]   I've been so busy lately I have forgotten to welcome our newest members to xFit Global:

Crossfit Boom out of Arlington, Tx
Crossfit Del Rio out of Del Rio, Tx
Crossfit Waco out of Waco, Tx
Commit 2 Crossfit (Flex Studios) out of San Antonio, Tx
Crossfit Enigma out of Missouri City, Tx
Crossfit Fortify out of Lake Jackson, Tx
Crossfit EST out of North Richland Hills, Tx
Crossfit Pampa out of Pampa, Tx

Thanks to all of you and welcome to xFit Global!

[01/26/12]   AMAZEn Boot Camp just signed up for xFit Global. Couldn't be happier to have Channel and all her awesome members use my app!!!!

[01/04/12]   xFit Global is now available to download on the Android Marketplace!!!


App Store - xFit Global

Here it is! The app was just approved and released. If your gym is ready to go contact us at [email protected].

itunes.apple.com Read reviews, get customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about xFit Global on the App Store. Download xFit Global and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


App Store - xFit Global

Here it is! The app was just approved and released. If your gym is ready to go contact us at [email protected].

itunes.apple.com Read reviews, get customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about xFit Global on the App Store. Download xFit Global and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Welcome to xFit Global

Hey Everyone, the new website was just released. Check us out at www.xfitglobal.com

xfitglobal.com xFit Global

[10/11/11]   Get Ready for something great about to be released!!! Countdown Begins....

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