America's Number One Jewish Icefishermen Team

Brave, eclectic group of Hebraic Hunters.

1. Don't drink and drill.
2. This man is not a member of America's #1 JEWISH Icefishing Team...obviously.

America's Number One Jewish Icefishermen Team's cover photo

America's Number One Jewish Icefishermen Team

Tech Insider

This helpful video was shared by Deborah Gold, not yet a fan, but clearly a potential asset to the team. Note that at no point is alcohol mentioned as vital to ensuring one's safety on the ice.
Keep an eye out for updates on America's Number One Jewish Ice Fishermen Team activities - the season has begun!

How to survive a fall through frozen ice.

Ice fishing in one of the world's coldest cities

This post has been suggested by a couple of fans. From the "tribe" that brought you the polio vaccine, Blazing Saddles, and Facebook - no, our team will not be following the example of these morons. Aleksey Kondratyev photographed ice fishermen in Kazakhstan's capital of Astana. They used plastic bags to shield themselves from the brutal cold.

The Team takes Vermont!

Movie made by Adam - thanks for offering us distribution rights!

2016 - Take 2

2016 - Take 2

[01/31/16]   Jocelyn - you are to be praised for your excellent choice! Welcome!

[01/26/16]   Welcome Stuart - all in the family!

[01/26/16]   Wow! Cousin Laurie and sis of DIL Shana - welcome to an international loosey-goosey group of people with remarkably good taste!

[01/25/16]   Robyn's on board! Woo, woo, woo!

[01/25/16]   Yea Michelle! Welcome, welcome!

[01/25/16]   Amy - welcome to the circle!

[01/24/16]   G'day Erin! Our newest fan - they love us down under!

Defying the laws of physics!!! And now we know the identity of that previously scary figure - Josh!

Terry Collins and Captain Gary exchange tips on how to best motivate team members. Gary generously offered the NY Mets manager a seat on the team bench (in the icefishing hut); Collins politely declined, opting for a shared selfie and a quick retreat to Mets spring training in Florida.

[01/13/16]   Welcome to our newest fan - Brett! This may be the season we extend our reach to 100!

ABC News

Feeling optimistic...any carp in that car?

Note to self - do not park your car next to Lake Erie when it's freezing outside.

The temperature hit a record high today! Desperate times (and temperatures) call for desperate measures. Team captain Gary slyly offers honorary team member Congressman Tonko "incentive" - his very own team mascot - to introduce anti-global warming legislation...IMMEDIATELY!

[12/23/15]   New fan alert! Yea Eric! Looking for a groundswell of cool thoughts - best chance of getting the team out on ice this "Winter". Remember, this isn't one of those sports that can be mocked up, like slapping roller skates on skis - these men need ice and lots of it!

Due to record highs temperatures, the team mascots have assembled themselves into a minyan, prepared to recite the prayers for ice. Wish the team luck in finding ice in the Great Northeast - reports of frozen lakes welcomed!

[01/26/15]   We welcome our newest fan - Abby, we are thrilled to offer you team updates, fashion tips, and advice on how to raise your own little Ice Fisherman - shout out to Henry!

America's Number One Jewish Icefishermen Team

"Return of the Warriors" or "How I Spent the Day in Sub-Zero Weather, Didn't Catch a Single %*#$ing Fish and Still had a Blast" 2014

So-chic chic!   Fashionistas on Ice

"Return of the Warriors" or "How I Spent the Day in Sub-Zero Weather, Didn't Catch a Single %*#$ing Fish and Still had a Blast" 2014

"Return of the Warriors" or "How I Spent the Day in Sub-Zero Weather, Didn't Catch a Single %*#$ing Fish and Still had a Blast" 2014

Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay - Ice Fishing Funny Scene

Took the words out of my mouth - and the mouths of our fans around the world.

With the donning of the logoed headband, Congressman Paul Tonko has taken his first step to joining America's Number One Jewish Icefishermen Team! The Captain Gary Ginsburg has wisely delayed informing him of the surgical requirements until they are isolated on a frozen lake in the most northern area of his district.

[08/01/12]   It's August 1, but the heat doesn't dampen the passion of "true believers" and fans! America's #1 Jewish Ice Fishing Team welcomes our newest fan - shout out to Wimps!

[06/06/12]   நல்வரவு to our newest fan! Our first in the exciting and colorful country of India! Bismi - please share your own (ice) fishing stories with your fellow fans - this is the site you've been looking for!

[05/16/12]   Welcome to DL - newest fan and one who can appreciate the special challenges faced by those who indulge in winter sports.

[04/20/12]   Welcome to our newest fan - from 'Bama! I think it's safe to say she didn't have a home team to root for, so welcome aboard!

The Three Stooges: Moe Larry and Curly go ice fishing

Now that the season has drawn to a close, we share stories which are amusing or instructional or both. Which are the real stooges? (With thanks to fan Gary)

the three stooges go ice fishing and mistake moe for a fish and almost drown him

[03/06/12]   Drawing in the fans - another "Hunterite" or "Huntarian" or, well, whatever - welcome!

[03/06/12]   Welcome to our newest fan - a fellow who knows his winter sports and his way around a Seder table too! Big G from Hunner!

[03/06/12]   The photos from the 2012 Finals have been posted! Share!

Finals 2012 - the big "Ice Dance"

The shortened season didn't dampen the enthusiasm of first string team members Hesh, David, Eric, Josh and Captain Gary

The shortened season didn't dampen the enthusiasm of first string team members Hesh, David, Eric, Josh and Captain Gary

[08/02/11]   Here we are in the off season - and we're still welcoming fans! Welcome to Tanja from Down Under and Etan from the team's hometown of Albany. Always glad to see the the circle growing - feel free to share your own ice fishing stories.

1st Round of Regionals NAJIF 2011

Photos courtesy of Josh - Thanks!

Photos courtesy of Josh - Thanks!

Sure he looks a little out of place, but newbie Josh is about to be initiated into the brotherhood.

[01/21/11]   The GPS is programmed; the provisions packed; the fishies warned...Let the 2011 season commence! Cheer on the team! And wish Josh the newbie good luck!

Kathy Griffin: Ice Fishing With Levi Johnston - Bing Videos

When D-listers go ice fishing...please, leave this to professionals! Kathy Griffin is a fish out of water as she goes ice fishing with Levi Johnston.

[06/21/10]   During the ceremony recognizing team captain Gary with a "Young Leadership Award", of particular note were his efforts to bring the joy of ice fishing to his co-religionists and fellow Norwich University alumni. Mayor of Albany Gerald Jennings devoted a full "Whereas" to the team in the proclamation announcing Gary Ginsburg Day. Yes!

Rare 'King of Herrings' found off Swedish coast - Yahoo! News

True fans don't take the season off - so in the interest of satisfying those suffering from "Icefishing Excitement" withdrawal (common ailment), we call your attention to the following find... Rare 'King of Herrings' found off Swedish coast! A maritime expert says a 12-foot (3.65-meter) Giant Oarfish - the world's largest bony fish - has been found in Swedish waters for the first time in 130 years.

[04/12/10]   Everyone knows that Newcastle, UK has coal - but we know it's home to some of the smartest, best looking fans in the world! Thanks for the enthusiasm!

Canadian Ice Fishing Crazy Canucks Insane Fisherman

This clip was submitted by a Canadian Team. It should be obvious that they fish in a different league. What's Canadian for "mishigoyim"?

Any day Canadian Ice Fishing in Northern Ontario Canada. Insane Canadian Fisheman. The Original Olympic Training

[04/09/10]   Michigan is evidently a very cool place! To all our fans at Michigan State - thank you and good luck on your finals - after which you can take some time off and go fishing!

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The Team takes Vermont!



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