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Hi, I'm Janica! I'M A BUSINESS COACH FOR HEALTH DRIVEN MOMPRENEURS WHO ARE READY TO START LIVING THE LIFE OF THEIR DREAMS! I have made it my mission to help moms just like you understand their worth, realize their potential and follow their dreams (yes, even those ones you forgot you had!) I know what it feels like to not know what your own favorite meal is, much less how to prioritize your wants and needs!! The first step is starting within you - NOW. The way you think influences how you feel which influences how you act and we all know how we spend our days is how we spend our lives. (Thank you, Annie Dillard) You have to get a handle on your health & happiness before everything can fall into place, and it does... trust me! Book a free call, learn about my programs, get on my VIP list and join my private Facebook group HERE:

Mission: I help moms just like you understand their worth, realize their potential and follow their dreams (yes, even those ones you forgot you had!) I know what it feels like to not know what your own favorite meal is, much less how to prioritize your wants and needs!! The first step is starting within you - NOW.


🔥 and I have a que of women who still want to join!

If you want to be a part of the *NEW* THE EMPOWERED MOMPRENEUR tribe... consider this your invite!

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IF you are tired of big, obnoxious, spammy groups and want a place to genuinely grow and share your genius without a million and twelve rules, The Empowered Mompreneur is for you!

If you have tried ALL the spiritual mindset things, but still aren’t where you desire to be in your health, love life, business...

{yeah - it’s ALL the same!}

Then I HIGHLY suggest you join us! Together, every Tuesday {or more often} I will host live or prerecorded trainings on my 3 step process to FINALLY "manifest" the life and business you have been dreaming of!




I mean, if you aren't where you want to be... what do you have to lose?? 🤷‍♀️

You know I help women entrepreneurs in controlling relationships reclaim their power and give themselves permission to build their dream business by walking them hand-in-hand through my unique framework which take them from fearful & stagnant to gracefully thriving in their life and business -- even if it seems like the odds {or their spouse!} are stacked against them!

This group makes that EVEN MORE ACCESSIBLE 🙌

‼️ Just wait, you will be blown away at the level this FREE GROUP will take you to! Join us:


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🤷‍♀️ You keep saying you want financial freedom, to know that you could do it on your own {if you needed to}

BUT, I see you settling for less than you're worth, buying things you don’t love, with money you aren’t making for other people {hubs, kids, girls night out} instead of investing in yourself and your future. {savings account anyone??}

I know how you feel and it isn’t your fault! ❤️

We are subconsciously {sometimes consciously} trained to give to others first!

When you do make money you get sucked into the “normal way” of spending: want, buy, regret on loop! It’s basically impossible to feel abundant and in control when you are in this cycle!

It is simple to get out of that unconscious spiral, if you just follow these 3 simple steps!

🔥STOP THE COMPARE AND DESPAIR {create a plan based on how you want your day, week and month to be, get clear so you can drop the overwhelm and panic around money!}
🔥TAKE BACK YOUR POWER {Realize that you have been living by default, acknowledge the limits placed on you over your life and dispel them so you can begin to live on purpose}
🔥SIMPLIFY YOUR BUSINESS {stop taking advice from everyone else and realize that you are called and that you already have what you need to get what you want, you’re just too busy to see it!}

If you are left feeling broke and unfulfilled at the end of each month, see how you can apply these 3 steps and start feeling better immediately!


The Empowered Mompreneur is a {safe} place for moms who want to create their dream business but feel restricted because of the people in thier life... NO MORE!!

AND you can promote yourself and participate in the badass daily threads... without a thousand ridiculous rules 🙄



All of your emotions are connected.

It allows for compassion and understanding.

When you understand where someone is coming from and you can see their pain for what it is... your whole life changes.

You can take your power back when you have the awareness that everything {and all of us} are connected.

We all have stories and histories and issues… but we are all doing the best we can.❤️

What are you holding onto that you could forgive and release right now?

This is how you create space for the things you actually WANT in your life.

Let it go.

Need help? This is your first official invite into the all new TheEmpoweredMompreneur Community!🔥

Full disclosure: there will be f-bombs, caffeine and likely some whiskey, too! 🥃
Link in my bio! @theempoweredmompreneur

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Think about your normal day, what are the things that you enjoy, need, love, hate, appreciate, are truly grateful for? {I want you to write them down so you can see it and read them back to yourself! This is important!}

Next, I want you to consider your boundaries - or lack thereof.

🔥You have nothing to prove.

When you set a boundary, you are saying: “this is what is ok, if you don’t agree, that’s ok - however, I will not accept less than ____”.

Setting a boundary with love is simply communicating what you want with another person.

😳 IFFFFF you are a people pleaser and the thought of “standing up” to someone to voice your opinion is a real fear - I hear you. This was, and still is, very hard for me sometimes.

But knowing what your values and boundaries are is CRUCIAL to a happy and fulfilled life and business!

→ What are you willing to tolerate?
→ What are you willing to live without?
→ What are you settling for right now that you don’t want to be?
→ Where do you feel taken advantage of?

I’d love to know, do you have solid boundaries in your life, relationships and business?

We will dive ALL THE WAY into boundaries in the NEW FACEBOOK GROUP! "The Empowered Mom" Community!

Wanna learn more?? ↓ Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know.

“Just be realistic for a minute, what is your ACTUAL plan!? Like: if this doesn’t work, what is your backup plan!?”

1} Be confident {heal my sh*t}
2} Share new confidence {share my service}
3} Work with clients {this part makes the money}

Look, this life is different. We are a different breed. Nothing is guaranteed.

“They” might not get it, but my peeps sure do! ❤️

Also, a nice follow up could be “what is YOUR backup plan? You know, if you get fired.”🙄😂

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But inside you are scared. You doubt your ability. You wonder how long you can be strong for?

Maybe you don’t want to be strong, you don’t want to have to be strong. Maybe you are tired and staying and just ready to settle because it would be so much easier.

But, you can’t. If you give up on your business, your dreams, you will regret it for your entire life

So, you keep going.
🤐You keep pretending things are ok, so you don’t have to fight.
🤦‍♀️You keep acting like your business is NBD so he doesn’t feel like he comes in 2nd
😢You keep living a double life {not telling “real” people about your business and telling the online space “all is well” but... sh*t’s NOT good, and you have nothing to hide

HERE’S WHAT'S UP: If you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same results. 🤯

SO, it's time to get clear on what you truly want and start acting in a way that will bring you to that place, NOW.

This means being honest {NOT OVERSHARING, learn the difference!} with them, but mostly YOURSELF
And it means getting support, asking for help, not trying to “change” things but accepting things, taking responsibility and making decisions based on the future you want, not the things you currently dislike.

❌It doesn’t have to be hard
❌You don’t HAVE to struggle
❌AND… it doesn’t have to take a long time

My friends and clients and family tell me all the time how I make the journey seem so easy, that once they have these steps, they can make choices and course correct quicker and more effectively.

This work is life changing, and it isn’t a one and done situation, but once you have the resources, it is applicable forever and in every situation.

I offer a high-touch {think: full attention!} coaching situation where we not only identify where you are and understand WHY - but together we create a plan to get you out of this rut and back on the path to your goals - regardless of the people and opinions around you - both online and off.

🔥 I will show you step by step how to Take Back Your Power in a way that feels good to you and that you understand on a fundamental level so you can repurpose these resources for any situation that feels off - forever. 🔥

A quick messenger convo will determine if this {or another one of my programs} is a good fit for us both. You deserve to feel better now, stop putting it off ;)

When you WANT to approach things from love and kindness but struggle because the other person isn’t holding up their end of the bargain...

“You said you would pay me!”
“You said you would love me no matter what happened”
“You said you would take care of this task!”

The problem with this? You are depending on them to do something to make you feel a certain way, so you react instead of respond.

You want to feel safe, heard, loved, supported, respected…

But, you are upset because you feel disrespected, unsupported, ignored, invisible…

When we depend on other people to make us feel how we want to feel, we hand our power away and we lose all control over OURSELVES.

There is an easy fix, tho!

You can learn to take radical responsibility, set firm boundaries like a MF and never feel like you ever have to prove, fix, control or react again.

Is this something you would like to learn more about? 👇 If so, I’d love to hear from you! {feel free to inbox me if you're uncomfortable commenting, I’ve been there!}

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As moms, we are told that our kids need to come first, we sacrifice our body, our sanity, our time, our health, our careers, our goals and dreams. ❌

And for those of us who have been in or are currently in relationships that aren’t 50/50, not supportive, not understanding and open to communication or change it is so hard for us to admit that we want more, we deserve more, that we ARE more than mothers and wives and girlfriends and daughters and neighbors...

🔥we are fierce, strong, smart, independent women who are caught up in the “shoulds” of normality.

We are living our lives based on the rules we have allowed society to create for us.

But, what if there were no rules? What if you could have it ALL: happy, healthy, well adjusted kids AND a happy relationship AND a successful career AND a team of supportive friends and family AND money AND AND AND… what if we didn't have to sacrifice anymore?

😲 What if we just decided to cancel the bullsh*t rules that have been imposed on us and switch our perspective to that of love and light and abundance.

👉We could forgive the fear and hate.
👉We could move forward with nothing to prove and everything to gain.
👉We could support ourselves and the ones we love in a whole new way.
👉We could be happy.
👉We could be healthy.
👉We could be organized.
👉We could be fulfilled.
👉We could choose to believe that people love and support us for US and the ones who don't will just fall away peacefully, as we send them love and healing vibes.
👉We stop caring so much about what they think, we focus on us and healing our wounds and creating a reality we actually love and then things feel easier and can flow in the direction of our goals instead of constantly feeling stuck and confined.

There has to be more, you think.

There has to be more to life than struggle and doubt and worry and the same things all day every day…

I am here to tell you there is.

You just have to decide that you are worthy of it - whatever that is.

If you are still reading this, you are in one of two places - you know you want more, but you don’t know what that even means, you probably feel guilty for thinking it and you haven't said it out loud to anyone - YET. But, you know it's coming, you are starting to squirm, you know that you aren't living the life you should be but aren't quite ready to rock the boat…

OR you are ready as f**k‼️

Time to rock the boat, lady.

---- ---- ----
🔥I help women entrepreneurs in controlling relationships reclaim their power and give themselves permission to build their dream business by walking them hand-in-hand through my unique framework which takes them from fearful & stagnant to gracefully thriving in their business -- even if it seems like the odds are stacked against them! 🔥

PM me to see if this is a good fit for you!

But, in the meantime… grab my brand new ebook to get an overview I roll and 20+ pages of resources to make your journey quicker and easier:

Holistic Business Guide: How to run your business when it seems everything is stacked against you!

Download the FREE ebook here**:

“I really want to join something! Only problem is I suck at sharing and promoting. I have tried CBD companies, skin care, jewelry, and online boutique and failed them all. I feel you are either a natural at it or you’re not. I have a Ft job that I love but I also want to find something I'm passionate about but I don't have a good mentor to teach me. Any advice!”

I see this post ^^ all the time.

Different people and wording, of course, but the point is, these posts show the poster's level of awareness. It has nothing to do with the company or business, and everything to do with where they are emotionally.

Their “level of sophistication” in entrepreneurship we’ll call it...

Let’s just be real, not everyone is cut out for this, but I would say more are than they give themselves credit for!

Let me explain... by “calling themselves out” or what they think is “being vulnerable” in a post on the 'book, is actually something much bigger which they aren't quite seeing clearly yet.

{{read more on the in the comments}}


I saw a post from a woman who found her husband was cheating, after months of “trying to make it work” she took to a FB group and asked whether she should stay or go, she was seeking advice, support and validation. #reacting

Because when you know, you know - but you probably don’t want to admit it.

You want someone to tell you it will be ok, it's just a phase, he still loves you. But, you know in your heart that their words don’t matter because you already know.

That sh*t is scary and real, we’re talking about your family here, this is no small decision. BUT, like I said, when you know you know. {here’s where most stay “comfortable” but miserable}


→ Do you ask other people for their opinions? {how will you handle people saying things that you don’t want to hear? How will you respond or react?
→ Do you talk with your family? {often they hold hella grudges, which is NOT helpful in this process!}
→ Do you hold it all in, figure it out yourself? {this is impossible, you will get stuck on a loop of the same stories}

You need someone on your side, someone who gets you and understands the situation.

Honestly, the situation isn’t even what you think it is. There’s a much deeper rooted emotional game at play.

It isn’t just “he cheated, I am hurt and mad, so I am leaving” there’s trust, boundaries and wounds that run deep which lead to a situation like this. {I am NOT excusing cheating nor am I blaming anyone!} I am saying that hurt people hurt and that HURT is what needs to be healed for everyone to find peace so they can move on - and not recreate the same situation!


She doesn’t need opinions, tips to “make it work”, or advice which ultimately shames her {if you just put out more, lost weight, etc then he wouldn't cheat}

She needs to learn healing, forgiveness, and boundaries like a MF - but that can’t come without self trust and that can’t come in reacting mode. If you know in your heart that things HAVE to change, you need to be gentle with yourself and get some support on going inward. #theempoweredmompreneur #divorce #yesican #gutfeeling

Online Business Phases, where are you??

{The emojis really tell the story 🤷‍♀️😢💰‼️🤪🤓🤯😥🤬🤢🤐🖕😂}

In my experience of over 5 years in the coaching industry, there are 4 basic phases in your online business.

In this phase, you have a vision and dreams. You have so many ideas you don’t know where to start, but you just KNOW you are going to be a millionaire in like 3 months, your first launch is going to break records and you GO HARD!

In this phase you are also watching EVERYONE’S trainings, lifestreams, enrolling in every “free webinar”/ebook/checklist and joining every “expert’s” facebook group.

You probably spend SO much time consuming content that you are overwhelmed with where to start, so you begin to procrastinate OR try to do everything at once {website, email list, sales pages, opt in forms, integrating them all, setting up a calendar and payment gateway…

Oh, yeah… content! That will come when you feel prepared 😜

In this phase you are finally taking some action! Probably doing some writing, journaling and even copy for social media or a blog!

You likely have started a website {hopefully something easy like I talk about in my Holistic Biz Guide!😉} You have set up some systems and are taking steps to get paid!

{some people in this phase are making decent money already!}

You are likely upgrading your situation by investing in courses and books and maybe even coaching! Congrats, knowing you need support and are worth the investment is SO important! 🥳

BUT, you are probably just investing in the coach with the best copy skills - she is speaking to your pain points, you KNOW she knows what you need… but you are probably finding out that she has a “one-size-fits-all” approach and you feel cheated and maybe bitter because you are no further along, just more overwhelmed with “SHOULDS”.

😳 F**K. 🤬

There must be something wrong with you!

In this phase, you are starting to catch on… there are NO RULES! You have to make this sh*t up as you go. By now, you’ve read enough personal development books to realize there is, in fact, nothing wrong with you… entrepreneurship is just f**king hard and we all have to learn the lessons to move to the next phase. 🤷‍♀️

Congrats, you are just like everyone else! 😂

JK, you are finally stepping closer to your power, you are feeling free and like the boss you have been wanting to be! You are probably doing live streams {without sheer panic and doubt!} you are posting regularly - hopefully your people know what you do and why they need you by now!?

You are getting “out there” and selling your work! You are making money, maye not enough yet, but you are f**king doing this!!

You are working with a coach 1:1 - maybe a Mastermind even! You are committed, you’ve come this far - you’re certainly not going to quit NOW!

👉{I should note, a LOT of people quit here. They are SO close to phase 4 - but they don’t know and they haven’t hired a coach who gets them on a personal level and who can truly show them how powerful they are, and they give up, quit and go back to the 9-5 bullsh*t. That’s ok, not everyone is cut out for this life. No shame, just know that if this is you, that’s ok. If it isn’t you and you think quitting is like death by a thousand cuts! 👈

{yes, that T Swift song is now embedded in my brain for the rest of the week!}

So, you push through the discomfort, you take responsibility and you do what you know you need to do to move onto phase 4! {yay you!}

🤷‍♀️ Too bad phase 4 takes YEARS to get to. {well, sometimes}

Most people take small, incremental steps, over and over to get to the freedom phase.

But some people take massive action, they decide this is NOT going to take years and literally have a “quantum shift” {this was not me} they use the energy and momentum and confidence they create to step up fully into phase 4.

You can do this ANY WAY YOU WANT! You make the rules… just, some people believe that to their core - and some people want to believe it. I was the latter for a LONG time. Ugh.


In this stage, you have given yourself permission to fully be the person you want to be, run the business you want to run and you have no f**ks leftover to give to people who aren’t on board.

🔥You are only working with dream clients and they come consistently because you are consistent and clear and you aren’t willing to settle for less.

🔥Your income is predictable and steadily growing each month because you know your worth {and you have systems and strategies that have proven effective in YOUR business, not a copy and paste formula from a coach who charges out the ass for a system that doesn’t even work anymore!}

🔥You have learned to roll with the punches, change and adapt as necessary… FB goes down? You’re all set - you have multiple platforms and multiple streams of income.

🔥You don’t NEED anything, you are truly independent and have set yourself up for success. You are EMPOWERED. STRONG. SMART.

And you are still human. 🙌

You have realized that money didn’t make you evil, the people who were judging you were actually just weighing you down and when they skedaddled, a new LOVING tribe of people entered and you were better for it. ❤️

Your life flows.

Your business makes money on automate. You are happy, successful, fulfilled. You are a great mom, living your best life. You still have wants and dreams and goals, but you feel unlimited and free.

You are flowing through life, people say “you are so lucky!” “you make it look easy” “I wish I could be like you” and you feel proud.

You are helping people, spreading your message and being properly compensated for it. You are really making a difference in people’s lives. You did it, you’re doing it, and you will keep doing it - because, it feels so good!


{mine is in the comments!}

*She Believed She Could So She Did*

I am a certified holistic health, business & life coach for Mompreneurs who feel stuck in controlling relationships!

I work with moms who have big hearts and bigger dreams. They know they were made for a big life... but hold back because of the people and circumstances that they have allowed to get in their way!

We ALWAYS start where you are... with the inner work, then we move onto your physical body and THEN we dive into your business. #holisticaf

You can learn more about all of my programs HERE!

  • Are you a serial entrepreneur?

  • Are you a serial mlm-er?

  • Are you constantly searching for the “one thing” you must be missing?

  • Why is it working for all the other people, but not you?

  • You hear all the people saying all you have to do is set an intention, decide, and it’s yours…
  • And your like what the actual eff, I DO want it, I HAVE decided!

    This. Sh*t. Doesn’t. Work.

    No, That ^^ doesn’t work.

    You doubting yourself doesn’t let it it work.

    ❌It’s a lie that you are doing something wrong

    ❌It’s a lie that you need something else

    ❌It’s a lie that you need {insert thing you are searching for: validation, money, clients, safety, security, etc}.

    You have everything you need already. It’s you, not the coach, not the mentor, not the credit limit, not the man or woman, not the car, not the computer, not the thing outside of you.

    It’s you.

    You are all you need. BECAUSE, until you are all you “need” nothing or no one outside of you will be able to help you. Trust me, I know because I had to learn the hard way.

    I let my ego get in the way. I let my self doubt and fear lead the way. I thought I needed EVERY webinar, free download, $7 upsell, $47 ecourse, $99 1-off session… I thought I was “investing” because I was spending my hard-earned money {or credit!} 🙄

    But the only investment that has ever paid off was my investment in ME.

    Let me explain, because EVERY dollar I have invested in coaching, courses, training, systems, tools, all of it has benefited me. I have learned and grown and expanded to new levels.

    👉However, the only time it “stuck” and I learned from it was when I embodied it, all the things I needed to learn, all the things I was ready for. I had to know those things.

    ❌NOT “Coach Y has all the answers and if I just spend the $5k + she’ll give me her secrets and I’ll finally have the results I desire, working with her is the only way I will find the missing link”.

    ❌Not, “I need to work with Coach Y so I can get X result”…

    ❤️🤯but... “I need to feel heard and secure and coach Y understands, she’s been there and I know she can help me get past this.”

    Make sense?

    You have to get to know yourself, learn to trust your gut, follow your intuition, do the things that feel good to you and that you believe will get you results.

    😘 Because I promise, if you keep playing small and taking “advice” from everyone and their mom, you’ll continue to struggle because if you don’t believe YOU are right, you’ll prove yourself right.

    Moral of the story, stop trying to learn from everyone at once just because it’s “affordable”.

    You have to live today like you want to live tomorrow.

    If that isn’t monetarily possible today, then you have to figure out how it will feel and then focus on feeling that so you CAN feel like that tomorrow.

    That’s what my business is all about… commit to yourself, love yourself, trust yourself, be proud of you and know your worth.

    Want to stop playing small and finally feel excited every month that you hit or surpassed your goals, feel better in your body, sleep better, feel less anxious, and finally allow the things you’ve been dreaming of to flow easily into your life?

    I offer an entire suite of programs designed to help you get clear on what you truly want, take back your power and finally start living your DREAM life. You can lean more about each program and which is best for you where you are right now in your life and business at

    I’ve got a free workshop that will walk you through just this. Go to Simply Happy Mamas and watch the training AND take the FULL course called UNMUTED: 7 days to take back your power, speak your truth and create RESULTS! 👇

    This page is also a GREAT place to learn more about what I do, how I do it and where is the best place for you to start. Watch my videos, join my group... get to know me and my work! I have many ways to learn from me and I offer new ways to work together often, so be sure to check the pinned post to stay up to date on free trainings, bonuses, special offers and watch for when I open my most popular programs {only 1-2 times a year!}

    Holistic Business Guide: How to run your business when it seems everything is stacked against you

    Download the FREE ebook here**:


    Do you ever feel like:

    🔥 Your husband doesn’t support you, maybe he thinks this is just a hobby and you need to get a {dare I say} “real j.o.b.”!

    🔥 Lonely, misunderstood, and fake - maybe you ARE the exception to the rule “if you work hard enough, and don’t give up, you WILL be successful” {eyeroll} but, maybe he is right?

    🔥 Or, maybe there is something wrong with you... you have tried everything, including investing $$$$ {maybe in secrecy?!} and you still feel like you are struggling and living a double life and feel like GUILT for prioritizing your failing business over your kids…

    I know it may not always seem like it, but you really do have the power and control in your life. You are NOT a victim. If I can go through a controlling, unsupportive 13+ year marriage and come out the other side stronger and more empowered, so can you! 😉

    Let me show you how!

    👉You can download my newest ebook Holistic Business Guide: How to run your business when it seems everything is stacked against you! Here:

    I help women entrepreneurs in controlling relationships reclaim their power and give themselves permission to build their dream business by walking them hand-in-hand through my process of vulnerability, connection and finally, how to actually take back their power.🙌


    🔥I’m on a BADASS mission & I want to share it with you🔥

    It is my intention to help the women who were raised to be people pleasers take back their freaking power and be able to create a life for themselves that excites them, empowers them and allows them to change the generational patterns in their families! ‼️

    I am passionate about this because I held myself back for SO long, being treated poorly, letting money slip through my fingers and showing my kids that, because I am a woman/mom/wife, that my wants & needs come last.

    I decided that I needed to set a better example so I worked with a life coach, read a lot of books, attended personal development “things” and hired coaches…

    But it wasn’t until I FELT EMPOWERED that anything could change… or did change!

    💪 Now, I have created programs for groups and individuals, I have written books and developed courses ALL dedicated to helping women step up and fully embrace the power they hold {aka HIDE} deep inside them. 💪

    My mission is clear: help women in controlling relationships reclaim their power and finally be the happy, wealthy and fulfilled woman they have always wanted to be!

    I’d love to know, what is your mission?! Send me a PM or head over to the blog, send me an email or leave me a comment!

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    Fine art limited edition photography.

    Albany Bowling Center & G'Suffa Haus Albany Bowling Center & G'Suffa Haus
    1450 Railroad Ave
    Albany, 56307

    12 Lanes for Bowling and a Full Menu! Banquet/Party Room available for your Event!

    AT Fitness & Wellness AT Fitness & Wellness
    331 Railroad Ave
    Albany, 56307

    We offer 24 hour access gym memberships, therapeutic massage and reflexology, nutritional and weight loss planning and support, and airbrush tanning

    180 Degree Fitness Studio 180 Degree Fitness Studio
    131 8th St S
    Albany, 56307

    180° Fitness Studio is where you can go to enjoy intense fitness classes instructed by a professional personal trainer.

    GP Lures GP Lures
    123 Elm St
    Albany, 56307

    Thanks for visiting GP Lures! Check out all my different fishing setup kits for all types of fish. They are all handcrafted.

    Snap Fitness Snap Fitness
    131 8th St S
    Albany, 56307

    24/7 gym with friendly supportive staff to accompany and support your fitness journey!

    Albany Trailhead of Lake Wobegon Trail Albany Trailhead of Lake Wobegon Trail
    400 Railroad Ave
    Albany, 56307

    Trailhead for access to Lake Wobegon Trail in Albany MN

    MB Jigs MB Jigs
    Albany We create custom & unique fishing jigs