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Juice Plus is the convenient and inexpensive way to add nutrition from fruits and vegetables to your diet every day.

Unlike old fashioned vitamin supplements, Juice Plus provides whole food based nutrition from a wide assortment of nutritious fruits and vegetables. This means that Juice Plus contains a much wider variety of naturally occurring vitamins, antioxidants, and other phytonutrients than traditional vitamin supplements. These nutrients work together to in a powerful combination to provide you more of the nutritional benefits you get from eating healthful WHOLE foods.


Are You Sick or Thirsty? Histamines and Hydration

Drink that Water!

pinterest.com Want to add even more health benefits to your water? These are some nice ingredients to include!


How to Wash Your Fruit - Made From Pinterest


madefrompinterest.net If only I had known sooner how to wash my fruit so it would last longer. But on a beautiful spring day several years ago ( before I knew that Pinterest could show me how to do everything better) I drove over an hour to a farm to pick strawberries only to find that I …

[02/01/15]   February 1! Ok friends, I didn't push you in January I let you ease into the new year. We are now a month into 2015. This month we will focus on ONE SIMPLE CHANGE. I encourage you to post it here! This can be more sleep, more water, less fast food, more vegetables etc... Let's hear it! Let's encourage one another. One change a month adds up to HUGE change over time.


juice plus

Parsley is truly an awesome vegetable, sadly however I have few if any recipes that call for it, I always thought it was just for looks! I had a crazy uncle who would eat it even though it was just the garnish on his plate. We would all laugh! Who's laughing now? Thank goodness there is Parsley in our Juice Plus Garden Blend.

pinterest.com Parsley's volatile oils help to inhibit tumor formation, particularly in the lungs. The activity of parsley's oils qualifies it as a "chemoprotective" food. The flavonoids in parsley help prevent oxygen-based damage to cells. Parsley is an excellent source of vitamin C & A, important for the prevent…


7 Simple Ways to Boost Your Child's Immune System -

I hate hearing about little one's getting sick. I am not a good "nurse mommy" it worries me and I stay up all night watching them sleep, you know to make sure they are still breathing.... Anyhow, please do what you can to keep you and your family healthy. Some helpful tips.....http://www.savorylotus.com/7-simple-ways-boost-childs-immune-system/

savorylotus.com Make health your family's priority this year! Are you looking to revolutionize the health of your family in 2015? We’ve gathered the very best resources and brought them together in one perfect package to help you do it! The absolute best healthy living bloggers have teamed up to share each of their…

[01/08/15]   Keep Gobbling up those Fruits and Vegetables! Also, TAKE your Juice Plus! xoxoxo


Dr. Sears’ Cold and Flu Prevention Tips

Attention! Customers and friends, if you can please come with me to hear Dr. Sears speak about health and nutrition. Friday January 30 at 6 pm.

juiceplus.com Learn Dr. Sears’ quick tips for flu and cold prevention and why he recommends fruits, vegetables, and Juice Plus+ to boost your immune system this season.

[01/06/15]   Hey Friends! Happy, Happy New Year! Wanted to encourage you all in this new year to make ........
One Simple Change. Some ideas are, more water, more movement, less soda, less fast food, more deep breathing. The possibilities are endless. I would love for you to post what your one simple change will be! For my friends on Juice Plus you are already making giant leaps to take care of your health, but lets keep that momentum going.


Food Antioxidants and Cancer | NutritionFacts.org

People, This is WHY I love Juice Plus! So important to do your research.

Antioxidant intake from foods (not supplements) is associated with lower cancer risk.


Zucchini Crust Pizza

Ok, I've done the cauliflower crust pizza and it is awesome, who is willing to give this a try?

pinterest.com Zucchini Crust Pizza

[12/15/14]   Are all of my customers on this page? I want to use this as a way to communicate with you all if that works for you? Will you comment with.... Present, just like roll call.

[12/12/14]   Are you remembering to take your Juice Plus? I want to hear from my customer friends how you remember to take it. Whole Food Nutrition isn't going to work unless you TAKE IT!! I want to hear from you.


I know some of you are starting to think about New Year's resolutions. I want to encourage you. You can do anything you set your mind to! You can make one small change each month to add up to huge change over time. Is there One Simple Change you would like to make even before the New Year?

Mine is drinking tons of water! I am filling up a large Tupperware pitcher twice daily, it sits on the counter and is a great visual reminder to me, of how much I have left. I would LOVE to hear your One Simple Change you would like to make?

All those who comment below as to what that is, will be put in a drawing for a $10 Amazon Gift Card! Ready, Set, Go.......


How easy is the Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise?

Check this out!

The Juice Plus+ Company is constantly working to make the Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise easy for you to work.



transform30.com Transform30 Guidelines

Tower Garden- Jan Roberto

I love gardening, this is a beautiful way to do it, if you don't have the room, check out this video! http://www.jpvf.info/JPVF.info/Tower_Garden-_Jan_Roberto.html



9 anti-cancer foods you cannot ignore

once again, this article shows that juice plus has the goods in anti-cancer foods!http://www.naturalnews.com/046694_cancer_prevention_superfoods_healing_foods.html

naturalnews.com 9 anti-cancer foods you cannot ignore

[09/06/14]   I feel so lucky to earn a little extra $$$ with Juice Plus+ while helping people do something healthy for their family.


Starting at $24.50/month

Lots of options to get started. Comment below if you have questions.

hollyito.juiceplus.com Help your kids stay healthy without the fight. Lots of different options for all types of families.




Staying Healthy= Eating Your Antioxidants!

pinterest.com Kids are back in school! Fight sickness with antioxidants!


Early Start To Heart Disease? Veggies May Be Cure - NBC News

Talk to me about how easy it is to get kids to consistently eat their fruits and veggies!

nbcnews.com While heart disease almost always strikes in middle or old age, Americans are starting down the road very young — as children and young adults, several studi...


10 Things I Want My Daughter to Know About Working Out

These are MY reasons! I love that someone said it sooo well. I also tune out and tune off when people offer me meaningless motivation. http://wellfesto.com/2013/11/19/10-things-i-want-my-daughter-to-know-about-working-out/

wellfesto.com Mid-way through a recent group exercise class, the teacher lost me. She didn’t lose me because of some complicated step sequence or insanely long set of burpees; I mentally checked out because of ...


What Vitamins and Minerals Can be Stored in the Body? | Kitchen Stewardship | A Baby Steps...

The bottom line: Seriously, it’s clearly very important to eat rich sources of fruits and veggies in their whole forms daily.
Read more at http://www.kitchenstewardship.com/2014/06/20/cheat-your-supplements-what-works-what-doesnt/#jUOCQ1r59IcYECam.99

kitchenstewardship.com Find out if you can take your healthy supplements just on weekends to avoid the Monday-Friday rush or if your body needs a daily supply.


Motivational Video - Overcoming Adversity

Love this!

Please subscribe to my main YouTube channel... http://YouTube.com/WatchDustin360. This is a video that I was inspired to create after stumbling across this s...


30 Summer Salads (Closet Cooking)

Summer Salad Challenge! It's ON! If you make one of these salads and post a picture about it, you will be entered to win a prize!!!http://www.bloglovin.com/viewer?blog=51880&post=1104818837

bloglovin.com With the warmer days here I have been thinking about salads a lot more! Salads are amazingly versatile in that...


Herbal Fly Repellent Mason Jars - Backyard Poultry Magazine


backyardpoultrymag.com Try making these herbal fly repellent mason jars for your coop or next barbeqeue to repel pesky flies naturally.


6 Surprising Asthma Triggers

Many people who take Juice Plus are eliminating or greatly reducing their need for asthma medicines. Juice Plus has been proven to reduce inflammation in the body. I AM LIVING PROOF! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/07/13/asthma-triggers_n_5537568.html

huffingtonpost.com Chances are, you know someone with asthma -- after all, about one in 12 people in the U.S. has the condition. Having asthma means to have airways that are inflamed, which makes them particularly sensitive to substances ranging from pollution to dust....


Juice Plus+® - Juice Plus Official Homepage

Thanks to my amazing husband Jeremy Ito for setting up my new website.

hollyito.juiceplus.com You need more whole- food nutrition. Research shows that Juice Plus+ delivers fruit and vegetable nutrition you need to maintain a healthy diet. Learn more today.


Why Juice Plus Products

Why are you motivated to live life to the plus? Check out Dr. Mitra Ray's responsehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyoMoXw3tDI


5 Healing Foods to Transform Your Health - Natural News Blogs


blogs.naturalnews.com Ensuring that your body receives proper nutrition is an important aspect of creating a healthy body and mind. When I was chronically sick, bedridden and overweight, I was intuitively guided to heal my body from within. I began to turn…


Experts Review Juice Plus+


hi20711.juiceplus.com Many prominent doctors and healthcare professionals recommend Juice Plus+ for added fruit and vegetable nutrition. See why experts say Juice Plus+ is the next best thing to fruits and vegetables.


The Next Best Thing

If you would like more information please let me know!

This 4 minute version of the video tells you almost everything you'd like to know about Juice Plus+. You'll hear from leading health professionals and learn ...


Juice Plus+ Clinical Research and Product Benefits | Ask Dr Sears


askdrsears.com Juice Plus+ helps provides more nutrition from fruits and vegetables into your diet. Learn about the benefits of Juice Plus+.


Juice Plus+ Complete Shake Mix featuring Jan Roberto, M.D.

This is what I have been adding to my diet for the past 4 months, I am loving the way it makes me feel. I struggle to get enough protein which is why I first started looking into it... questions, just ask!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwR3GacVjNA

Dr. Jan Roberto is a family practice physician at the Springfield Center for Family Medicine in Springfield, Ohio. In this video, Dr. Roberto discusses how t...

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