Willamette Valley Power Yoga

The Willamette Valley's only Baptiste Affiliate studios offering heated power yoga and more! We exist to create and support extraordinary yoga communities designed to give you access to a lifetime of power and purpose. Locations in Albany and Corvallis!

We exist to create and support extraordinary yoga communities designed to give you access to a lifetime of power and purpose.

Baptiste Yoga for Beginners (getting back to the basics!)

Join Erika at WVPY for a 90 minute class focused on how-to’s and alignment of commonly practiced poses in Baptiste Yoga. The class will be heated to 80 degrees and is designed for those newer to power yoga who wish to deepen their awareness and understanding of the practice.

Tuesday, Feb 25th, 2020
7:00pm - 8:30pm
WVPY Corvallis
$25 (10% discount for members)

Community Vibes Only ✌️

Be Bold Teacher Training starts in just under 3 weeks- and it’s not too late to join us 🤍 this program will open you up to a new experience of freedom in yourself and your yoga practice. Not interested in teaching, all good, just the act of learning to teach will inspire you to bigger heights in the areas of life that mean the most to you!


“Transformation comes not by adding things on, but by removing what didn’t belong in the first place.” -Baron Baptiste
The start of a fresh week means fresh opportunities to let go of what doesn’t belong 🧡
#baptisteyoga @baptisteyoga @baronbaptisteyoga
📷x: @jakep_anderson

We welcome your whole family for an all-ages class focused on movement, mindfulness, creativity, and play! This 5th annual donation based class will support research for teacher Elisabeth's son Ezra's rare disease, Noonan syndrome. During this 60 minute class you will have the opportunity to learn more about Noonan syndrome and connect with your family and the WVPY community in a fun new way! The studio will be not be heated for this workshop.

Saturday, February 15th
2:00pm - 3:00pm
WVPY Corvallis
Suggested donation $10/person

“Yoga is a dance of dealing with what is, and allowing yourself to fully experience whatever you're experiencing right here, in the moment. ...”
- @baronbaptisteyoga

A Candlelit Yin Practice

Treat yourself to the deep tissue release of an extended yin sequence surrounded by the ambiance of candlelight while listening to and learning about the intentions behind the poses. We’ll start with a brief discussion of what Yin Yoga is and how it complements a regular Vinyasa practice, then settle in for 75 min of Yin practice! Room will be lightly heated so wear comfy clothes you can stretch in. We will not generate heat internally so feel free to wear extra layers of clothes and socks.

Lead by Laura Barry
February 14th 7:30 pm
WVPY Corvallis
$25 (10% off for unlimited members)


Name: Jessica Jean Perlenfein

Nicknames: mostly Jess, Jessie (only from my grandma) and sometimes people call me Jen!😉

Hometown: Albany, OR

Born in the 80’s

Proud of 2019: I survived another year of balancing work and motherhood! I am so proud of our amazing yoga team and community. But mostly beyond proud of my children and the amazing humans that they are.

Intention for 2020: To really practice GRACE for myself and my family and we grow from a family of 6 to a family of 7 this summer!
We are beyond excited to welcome a sweet baby 🎀GIRL🎀 to our family!
2020 is going to be such an amazing adventure! I am ready and wish me luck!!!

This mama teaches Yoga Nidra at WVPY Albany on Wednesdays at 6:45pm after her 5:30pm class and Mondays 9:15am in Albany and an occasional Wednesday’s at 8:30am WVPY Corvallis.

We’re so thrilled that her family is growing, and we certainly saved the best for last!
Hope you all enjoyed meeting your teachers this month 🤍


Name: Lauren Bartholomae

Nickname: LB

Hometown: Pittsburgh PA

Child of the 80’a

What’s one thing from 2020 that you’re proud of? This past year I’ve been working on strength of body and strength of mind. It’s a work in progress (and always will be), but I’ve made great strides this year.

What’s your intention for 2020? spend more time outside of my comfort zone!

Lauren has got you on Thursday mornings 7:00am and 8:30am at WVPY Corvallis and Friday mornings 9:15am at WVPY Albany.

Name: Adreanna Gore

Nickname: Dre

Home state: Washington

Child of the 90’s

What is something you did in the past year that you're proud of? Completed teacher training & stuck with teaching even when it was hard. Corvallis finally felt like home!

What is your intention for 2020?
Self care! Dedication to being at home and creating a schedule for our doggo, thoroughly enjoy being engaged, and not doing what’s easy!

Dre is behind our front desk at WVPY Corvallis welcoming in all the yogis and teaches at the Community Classes!


Name: Brent Dewey Davis

Nickname(s): My dad called me "Tyke" or "Tyker". My wife calls me Sweetie. My boys call me "Padre". Most other people call me "that Guy"

Hometown: Logan, Utah

Arrived in the 70's

What is something you did in the past year that you're proud of? I started taking piano lessons (with our boy Jared Hale).

What is your intention for 2020: embrace the change.

You get to see Brent on Tuesdays at the Community Class at WVPY Albany, on the mat next to you, and subbing through out the schedule.


Name: Amber Dawn Berger
Nickname(s): have been or are: Sissy, Amber Dawn, Bubs, Bubba

Hometown: Port Angeles, WA

Born in the 80s

What is one thing you did in 2019 that you’re proud of? I celebrated 1 year alcohol free.

What’s your intention for 2020? To minimize, prioritize, connect with and live from my truth.

You’ll find Amber subbing throughout the schedule, taking on lots of Kayla’s classes when she is on maternity leave ✨


Name: Elizabeth Rose Wadlow
Nickname: Beth (used to be Liz but I declared a change when I was in 4th grade!) some highschool friends call me Bethypoo

Hometown: Albany, OR

80’s kid

What is something you did in 2019 you’re proud of? Part of growing and learning and becoming (my word for 2019) is letting my true self show up. There have been times that I’ve pushed that aside, but I can confidently say in 2019 that I honored more of me. I honored my needs, incorporating that with the need of everyone else, and didn’t compromise in some areas where in the past, I might have.

What’s your intention for 2020? Belief that all things are working together for the greater good. Belief in myself, in those around me, and belief that I’ve got everything I need within me.


Name: Nicole Marie Scariano

Nickname(s): Nic, Cole, Snickerdoodle (my grandma gave me this one) and finally....Pickle (my newest one courtesy of Charlie Perlenfein🥰)

Born in Oregon
Child of the 80s

What’s one thing you did in 2019 that you’re proud of? I’m so proud of our new studio, our yoga communities and the phenomenal team I get to work with!

Intention for 2020: to create the life of my dreams...to live, learn, share, teach and love FULLY without fear.

Take an incredible class with this one Tuesday’s and Friday’s at 8:30am and Thursday 12:00pm WVPY Corvallis and every other Monday 5:30pm and Wednesday 9:15am at WVPY Albany 💁‍♀️


Name: Jessica Lee Worden

Nickname(s): Jess, pumpkin

Hometown: SLC Utah

Born in the 90’s

What is something you did in the past year that you're proud of? Started a school garden program where I work.

What is your intention for 2020? Spend more time in my creative space.

Catch this gal at WVPY Albany in Tuesday’s 5:15am and Thursday’s 6:00pm


Name: Joanna Lynn Haugen

Nickname: Jo or Jo-Jo

Hometown: Albany, Or

Child of the 70’s 🕺

What’s one thing you did in 2019 you’re proud of? I survived!!

What is your intention for 2020? kindness, compassion, less judgment and strength of pausing and seeking first.

Take a class form Joanna at WVPY Albany Thursday mornings at 5:15am 🤍


Name: Caitlyn Jo Douglas

Nickname: Ever since I was little I wouldn't let anyone call me "Kate" or "Katie"

Hometown: McMinnville, Or

Born in the 90's!

What’s one thing you did in 2019 that you’re proud of? This year I applied to graduate school after taking about a year and half off. I also got to travel the country and sing some really great music with amazing people. I'm always grateful for every opportunity to do that.

What’s your intention for 2020? I will get excited to do scary things.

You’ll find Caitlyn behind the desk at WVPY Corvallis, on her mat and enrolled in Be Bold Teacher Training!!!


Name: Melinda Luksch

Nicknames(s): M, Ninnie, Lin, Linney-looner-two-ton-booner (thanks dad)

Hometown: Sacramento, Ca

Born in the 80’s

One thing you did in 2019 that you’re proud of? I discovered another layer of what it means to Be a Yes and acted accordingly, even when things got hard (none of which would have been possible without this incredible community).

What’s your intention for 2020?
S P A C E of all kinds, for all people, including myself.

Melinda runs our partner studio @pdxpoweryoga, but you can catch her at WVPY a couple times a month teaching or leading Be Bold Teacher Training 🌟
Today & tomorrow she’s down for a visit as a matter of fact:
Monday 5:30pm
Tuesday 8:30am
WVPY Corvallis


Name: NancyAnn- which I was called all my young life until marriage

Nickname: Cookie lady

Hometown: Nebraska

50’s gal

One thing in 2019 you’re proud of: Picked up grandkids every Wednesday to spend time together.

Intention for 2020: to continue the declaration “I am living my best life” - which I am every single minute of every single day!

Catch Nancy around both studios doing, well, everything! From working the front desk, to welcoming each new student, making the place sparkle and feeding us delicious cookies 🙌 she’s the ultimate team player 🙌


Name: Nicole Catherine Strik Bell

Nickname: Depending on who you ask: Baby Nik (Italy retreat round one), Nigel, Lil Nut

Hometown girl! Corvallis, Oregon

90's baby!

One thing you did in 2019 that you are proud of? Finished data collection on my thesis! Quantifying the influence of wildfire severity on offspring food provisions in a native bee. Mason bees are very mysterious.

Intention for 2020? Focus more about being rather than doing.

Catch Nicole at Friday night beats 5:30pm WVPY Corvallis and Saturday’s at 7:30am WVPY Albany 🌟


Name: Monta Jeen Balkins aka Jeenie

Nickname(s): Sugar bear, yennie, babe

Child of the 1950’s

What is one thing you did in 2019 that you’re proud of? I’m proud of my new skills in pottery and new insights into possibility.

What is your intention for 2020?
Transformation of myself and others, listen generously, expect miracles!

Take a class from Jeenie Wednesday at noon WVPY Corvallis and other times she graciously subs 🤍


Name: Jennifer Jane Alder

Nickname: jenjen, siblings can get away with fern

Hometown: Santa Clarita, CA

Child of the 70s

One thing from 2019 I’m proud of: I sent my youngest off to college and re-learned how to cook a normal size meal instead of teenage-boy-sized meal.

Intention for 2020: To be fearless in creating my life

Take class from this powerhouse of a woman Monday’s 8:30am and Tuesday’s 7:00am at WVPY Corvallis and tons of other times throughout the week on rotation 🥰


Name: Dawn Robin Cole

Nickname: Dawner

Hometown: Iowa Falls, IA
60’s child 🌼

What is something you did in the past year that you're proud of?
To create more harmony and family connection in our home we started beginning our day together as a family listening to 5-10 minutes of scriptures and praying together as a family. In starting the day in this quiet focused way with my family I have noticed a calmer more centered energy in our home. I love it!

What is your intention for 2020?
To become a better listener.

Find this incredible lady behind the desk at WVPY Corvallis and on the mat next to you often 🤍


Name: Kila Elizabeth Swearinger

Nickname(s) - schmoopie muffin cake
Kill-a, Sweet Cheeks, Kila Dahlila

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA
Child of the 70’s (peace, love and happiness lol)

What is something you did in the last year you are proud of? I kept going.

What is your intention for 2020? To take action!

Catch Key-La at 6:00pm Tuesday and Thursday nights at WVPY Albany 🏆


Name: Stephanie Renee Briscoe

Nickname: I don't have any current nick names. I have been called Stephertons and Fluffy. (Also Hip Chakra)

Hometown: Albany, OR
Child of the 80s

Whats something you did in 2019 that you’re proud of? This last year I learned to ski, and wake surf. I have grown in my faith and made some great new friends.

What’s your intention for 2020? My 2020 word is ENOUGH. I am enough and I have enough, finding contentment with where I am.

Our dear Stephanie works remotely from Bend, Oregon doing lots of important things behind the scenes...some of you have probably chatting with her on the phone! She’s the best, and we love her.
Today is also her BIRTHDAY 🥳


Name: Cami Hale
Nickname: Minnie
Hometown: Boise, ID
Child of the 70’s
Something you did in 2019 that you’re proud of: Completing Be Bold Teacher Training!
Intention for 2020: Being more positive with others and myself.

Catch Cami behind the desk at WVPY Corvallis and teaching in our community classes 🎉

Name: Jillian Marie Hein (formerly, Kuschel)
Nickname: my entire dads side of the family STILL calls me “bean” or “beanie” ...word on the street is it started as “jilly bean” when I was really little and then eventually dropped the jilly and was just plain bean for as long as I could remember.

Hometown: South Florida, Coral Springs

90’s kid

What is something you did in the past year that you're proud of? I had a baby and became a mother and I am quite proud of both those things, not only the growing of a healthy baby and pushing it out. But also the decisions I make and the intention behind the way I’ve chosen to raise my child thus far and be in a partnership in doing so, which sometimes is more annoying than helpful because I don’t love compromise.

What is your intention for 2020?
Content; Present and grateful for experiences right in front of me.

Catch Jill weekly Sunday’s 8:00am at WVPY Albany and Thursday’s 5:30pm at WVPY Corvallis
.....and at her workshop this weekend!!!

Join Jill for an exploration of Sun Salutations- the full body warm-ups that build heat and set the pace, breathing rhythms, and flow of your yoga practice. They bring your focus further inward, ignite heat inside and mobilize the musculature of the body to get the heart pumping, boost circulation, and prepare the you for the entire practice by taking each joint through its full range of motion.
This workshop will take a deeper look at each pose of the Sun Salutations and help you gain a deeper access and understanding of the asanas. You will leave with a sun salutation that works for your flow!

Saturday, January 11th
WVPY Corvallis
$25 (10% off for member)


Name: Candice Rebecca Benshoof

Nickname: Dido

Hometown: Sacramento, California

Child of the late 80’s

What is something you did in the past year that you're proud of? I completed my 300 hour yoga teacher training

What is your intention for 2020? Showcase my talents and passions in an exciting business venture.

Catch this ray of sunshine holding down WVPY Corvallis on Wednesday nights at 5:30pm & 7:30pm’s $5 community class!

Name: Sandra Marie Roberts
Nickname: Sandy
Hometown: Roseburg, Oregon
Child of the 70s
What’s something you did in 2019 that you’re proud of? Shared yoga practices and created yoga programs at multiple police and firefighters departments.
What’s your intention for 2020? My word is gather: show-up for others, choose with clarity.

Catch the fireball of a woman Wednesday mornings at 5:30am WVPY Corvallis 🤍


Name: Elisabeth Faith Parker

Nickname: Beth, Bethie, Beffie (Mom, Mama, Mommy)

Hometown: Born in Southern California

A child of the 80's

What is something you did in the past year that you're proud of? I led yoga for the second year at the Global Genes Rare Patient Advocacy Summit in San Diego and helped raise over $13,000 for rare disease research for my son Ezra and others like him affected by a RASopathy.

Intention for 2020: To love & lead bigger in my family, yoga & rare disease advocacy.

Catch miss Elisabeth Tuesdays 12:00pm and 5:30pm at WVPY Corvallis 🎉


Full Name: Laura Barry

Nickname(s) - Goose- family nickname since childhood

Hometown3 Mississippi

Early 80’s child

What is something you did in the past year that you're proud of? I found my voice! I’ve always been passionate about things I find interesting, but it was when I found my groove teaching yoga that I finally believed that others might want to hear what I have to say!

What is your intention for 2020? Explore! Keep learning more about the things that light me up!

Catch Laura Sunday’s 4:00pm and Monday’s 8:30am for Mellow Flow and Monday’s 7:30pm all around WVPY Corvallis 🤍

What We Do

We teach Baptiste Yoga™. This practice will empower you to create accelerated results in your overall body strength and confidence. The instruction at Willamette Valley Power Yoga adapts the practices and processes for every body and places emphasis on clear language.

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General information

WVPY teaches Baptiste Yoga- heated power vinyasa classes. We use clear language and accessible techniques to create classes suitable for all levels.
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