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Dear HeartWaves Community, Please join me in gifting Amber and Kai time together upon his soon to be arrival here within our Ohana (family). I have set up a Take 12 Registry for Amber and Kai. Like most new mom's the thing we wish for most is precious time to spend at home with our new babies and as a small business owner and entrepreneur it is one of the things that is not a benefit easily accessible. Take 12 Registry is a really great way for us who enjoy the HeartWaves Studio Community to help provide this valuable time for Amber and Kai. https://www.registry.mytake12.com/#/registry/ambermccornack What is ... A Maternity Leave Registry™? "Where moms register for the baby gift they need most, time to bond with baby after birth. We continue to illuminate the facts around the maternity leave crisis in the US and create immediate solutions for working parents today so moms can go back to work healthy and prepared after spending sufficient time at home with their most precious gifts."
This is only one of the many aspects of yoga that I appreciate: how it's practice creates space for me to connect with my emotional intelligence. I will be leading beginner's yoga at HeartWaves tomorrow (Monday) at 11:15. I love coming to the mat each and every time with the open hearted approach of a beginner. Register online at HeartWavesStudio.com click on classes, then yoga, the beginner's yoga.
"Take the breath of the new dawn and make it part of you. It will give you strength." Hopi Saying. I am happy to be back at Heartwaves leading beginning yoga for the next 2 weeks starting this Wednesday at noon.
No 8 30 am yoga this morning due to the roads and weather.

Healing Arts and Wellness Center of Albert Lea "Healing Through Movement and Awareness" Ongoing classes, events and workshops at www.heartwavesstudio.com HeartWaves Studio opened with the intention to help the community learn, grow, explore, witness, experience, share, and love what feels good to you.

At HeartWaves Studio we help you listen to your body's voice and find modalities that your whole body feels joy in.

Operating as usual

Ohhhh honeeee! I couldn’t wait to get up this morning and enjoy this honey again! Simply one of the best I’ve ever had. Get yours @wintergreennaturalfoods #madewithlove

Henna tattoos and some amazing conversations too. I will be available for appointments when you want a henna. 💗 Thank you so much everyone! It meant the world to see you. 🥰

Henna tattoos will be available during the “Kinda Crazy Days” downtown in Albert Lea! I will also have some hugs for your pockets to purchase. 💕 I’m asking Free will donations as I’m a newbie to the henna practice with community. Please know I will be prepared for your safety and some fun conversations! Henna tattoos typically last one to two weeks depending on how long you leave the paste on. I’ll have a tent outside of HeartWaves. Please enjoy all the local offerings these next few days!
Thursday, July 16th, 4-7pm.

I felt like I was walking on clouds at Neal’s yoga class last night. Thank you Neal for the love and passion for community and yoga you gift! It felt so good to be with everyone. And my back and hips feel good too. I will be guiding the next one. Tuesday night, 7pm at fountain lake gazebo ( North Broadway). @gjersvikneal #communitylove #loveisourmap #heart.waves.studio

Henna tattoos and little ones too. I think Theo is showing Kai where he should get one. Haha 😆 I have been practicing henna so I can bring it downtown in front of HeartWaves. I’d love some day and time suggestions for offering it.

Bumble bees 🐝 and re-openings. Kai is happily buzzing with a bee and a little weary which is good. As I think about re-opening HeartWaves, I’m feeling the same kind of “buzzing”. I want to start ironing out the protocols and get us open soon. I do feel like it’s all a little overwhelming and for good reason. Doesn’t mean it’s impossible! It’s just important that we all feel safe and completely ready. Classes will change but all of your class passes will be honored once you return. We will be taking some classes outdoors soon and offering some henna tattoo outside of HeartWaves too. Stay buzzed!
Love, Amber

Nourishing Yourself Well

One of the reasons I love summer is the warmer weather and the growing season. These 2 things keep me outdoors in nature much if the day and I know how much this nourishes me most completely. I am working with nature rather than against it or by ignoring it as sometimes happens with me in the other seasons when I sometimes feel isolated and disconnected. You could say I am feeling more "awoke" during this season of summer. Today I added Hyssop to my flower arrangement. Yesterday I made a batch of flower essence (more on those later). The heat is working to grow a bounty of produce. Blessings to you. What are you grateful for today?


Salt Therapy for Immune Function - Select Salt

I pray you are all doing amazing as we settle into the feelings of the collective. We are all together in such deep ways right now. I pray you are feeling the waves of love our humanity is spreading! When we open again, I really want Halo therapy to become your weekly medicine. It’s becoming more evident why my spirit chose this profound healing tool. In the waves of negative ions, I love you all as wide as the universe.

selectsalt.com In the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, salt therapy may be a viable weapon, and certainly worth considering, when looking for ways to fight the spread of viral infections by strengthening our immune systems.

Mei-lan Maurits

Beloved Ones,

Our bodies, like the surface of Mother Earth, are over 70% water.

Water is programmable through our intention and vibration, as proven by the work of Dr. Emoto. What you speak to water will become held in its crystalline form.

The moon affects the tides of the sea, just as she affects our bodies and minds in a cycle of 28 days.

There is so much wisdom to share about water. I am grateful and honored to offer this live on Ancient Water Wisdom. 💧🙏✨

I invite you to join me as I share this ancient wisdom to you.

With all my heart,
~ Mei-lan


Radio Frequency Radiation (EMF) Threatens Plant and Animal Species with Extinction - Global Research

I could post article after article of scientific facts about how EMF is damaging to our body, mind, emotions and spirit. I go back to what my dad said, “ there are three things that never lie. The plants, the animals, and the soil.” Good news is... Albert Lea has a Salt Cave. Our halogenorator is the best of the best. As soon as we open again I hope you all will come!

globalresearch.ca “Despite widespread denial, the evidence that radio frequency (RF) radiation is harmful to life is already overwhelming.” But in a recent BBC article, they basically did just that: completely ignored the ridiculously large volume of evidence, which any ‘respectable’ news outlet should know e...


A Sanctuary For Natural Healing through Traditional Chinese Medicine

“We also offer Salt Room Therapy. People with autism and ADHD are highly sensitive to Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) exposure. EMF is emitted in electrical devices such as mobile phones, computers, WiFi networks, iPads and other gadgets which are common with our lifestyle. We are continuously surrounded by EMF radiation on a daily basis. Salt Therapy protects your body from EMF as it emits negative ions and neutralizes the positive ions emitted by mobile phones, WiFi and gadgets.”

wingsoflightwellness.com 407-750-3505

Nourishing Yourself Well

Global Meditation event 9:45 tonight. Meditate, your way, for Global Consciousness/Awakeness; Tend your intentions with integrity.

Nourishing Yourself Well

A primary purpose if the practice of yoga is presence; how to be present. In each moment is a choice we make how to best do this. One might say there have been more than the usual opportunities to practice this during these days of isolation. But even in isolation we can find ways to keep the busyness going as a distraction from quieting the mind. Today provided a perfect opportunity for me to practice stillness. I strained my back. The choices were there to push thru, keep doing, possibly increasing the strain. I could have chose to be upset about. Instead I chose to lay in the sun. Today this was yoga.

Eagle Heart Call

What a beautiful day! Wait for it... eagle 🦅 pose surprise. Hi sweet eyes in the sky. I see you (((((((💛)))))))

My friend from a bear friend just shared this Ojibwe teaching from an elder.

"When a bear goes into hibernation, they do it for the health of their community and themselves. In the winter, food is scarce, hibernating allows other animals to have access to the limited resources. It slows the spread of disease and virus among other animals during a season when immune systems are lowered, and energy is limited. It is also a time of conserving health for the bear, a time for reflection. It is a time that allows you to renew, to undergo change, to honor your place in life and food cycles.

It is not a time for anxiety. When it is time for hibernation a bear can finally relax. All of the stress of finding food, territory, and a mate disappears. The bear believe they have done enough and trust in themselves. They will know this process is necessary and they will come out on the other side renewed.

Be the bear. Stay home. Rest. Know you are doing this for something much bigger than yourself."


Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now

Pilates Mat Class at noon today! See you in the virtual world 🌎

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 739 995 9768

zoom.us Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars across mobile, desktop, and room systems. Zoom Rooms is the original software-based conference room solution used around the world in board, confer...


HeartWaves Anahata Bhastrika

heartwavesstudio.com Aloha! The best thing for your heart right now is to recognize the fear and feel it through movement to heal it.. The Bhastrika breath is one of the greatest breath tools to help balance the body. I believe breath is the greatest healer, especially now. Doing this breathing technique increases the n...

The irony... well, I see a beach and that’s all I see. See with Beauty. Love is all around you. Big thank you to Hy-Vee for those amazing smiles and caring work. HeartWaves is going virtual soon. It’s taking me a while to adjust to “what next” and settle more into trust now. I will be adding videos to our website and helping you navigate it. It’s challenging being stuck doing what I feel separates us all so much. Screen time.... The need to be present with you all is more important than my fear of separation . Irony. I’m eternally grateful for all your hearts and messages. It’s helping me stay the light I see in every soul that’s ever existed. I miss your hugs. Feeling them still.

Michael Franti and Spearhead

SOUND ON 🔈 DAY 2 FRANTI’S STAY AT HOME CONCERT WORLD TOUR!!!: so here’s the second installment of our Stay At Home Concert World Tour - bringing the music to you wherever you’re hunkered down!!! Sara is an emergency room nurse and wanted to give y’all a little briefing on the importance of Social Distancing. Then we follow it up with a new song called “I’m On Your Side” that I wrote with the mighty Sean McConnell with the intention of creating an anthem for bringing people of all walks of life together during these turbulent times. Sing along and share it with your friends and keep an eye out for more Baby Taj finger snapping, the moment he decides to deliver mama her yoga pants and then discovers something very interesting about my old guitar in the middle of the song!!! Never a dull moment at our place!!! Great filming by @kirin_power !!!


I See You... I AM Here...

shoutout.wix.com Balance is the underlying foundation of longevity in all things.


I See You... I AM Here...

shoutout.wix.com Balance is the underlying foundation of longevity in all things.

No yoga classes at Heartwaves Studio today. We continue to remain a connected community thru loving, self care, caring for our family, friends & neighbors in whatever ways we are able.

[03/13/20]   Fear is not the intention or the roots of this post. Stillness, community and discernment is. Our roots are connected to all. Our staff at HeartWaves is going to take some time tomorrow and talk about the health of the WHOLE community and make choices that feel safe for us all. We will be discussing the future of our classes and the intent to bring us together in Conscious ways at this time. Possibly virtual alignment as we nest closely to what is valuable in our lives.. family, neighbors and all walks of life. Our roots go down into the earth and we are never alone and always connected. May this space give us clarity and vision towards our deepest desires and gratitudes.
Love you!


Heated Vinyasa Yoga; Wed., 6:30-7:45pm

Sarah Tudor💛

heartwavesstudio.com Heated Vinyasa This class offers the fluid connection of breath and movement along with the warmth our bodies need to obtain optimal levels of flexibility. Vi

Thai Yoga Bodywork with the addition of a heated herbal compress $85 #loveisourmap


Yoga 4 Golfers

shoutout.wix.com Try something new – improve your golf game!

I’m doing an event with Amber McCornack at Wedgewood Cove Golf Course in Albert Lea. Yoga 4 Golfers! Yoga centered around ways to reduce injury and improve your golf game. The second half is partner yoga so grab a partner and sign on up! You can email me with your info at [email protected]


Heated Yoga 4 week Series, Fridays

There’s room for you in our Heated Yoga 4 week series tonight (5:15-6:30pm). If you can’t make all 4, the drop-in rate is $15.

heartwavesstudio.com This 4 week series will help you see results and build consistency through movement and community! Please arrive to your Heated Yoga class by 5:00. Door will


Mixed Level Vinyasa, Thursday 8-9pm


heartwavesstudio.com Using Vinyasa flow sequences to link movement with breath. This moderate paced class helps to build strength and flexibility while exercising your mind, body a


Pilates Reformer/ Cardio Jump-Board

Cardio fun! 12:10-12:50 today.

heartwavesstudio.com *This class must meet a minimum of 2 people to be held. Privates available. Cost: Single class $15 It makes a dramatic change in the body when you use it! O

Devanadi School of Yoga & Wellness

101 year old yoga teacher Tao Porchon-Lynch passed away at 101 recently. Here’s some words of wisdom she left behind from a previous interview.


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