Albert Lea Family Y

Albert Lea Family Y


Luke’s 5:15 AM class is cancelled for tomorrow (Wednesday). Enjoy sleeping in!! 😊
Luke’s 5:15 AM HIIT class is canceled for Wednesday morning. Now you can sleep in!
Tori will be teaching Warrior yoga this Saturday at 8:45 AM! Gained ten pounds due to Halloween candy? She’ll whip you back into shape!
Lost dog! If seen, please DON'T CHASE! Call the number on the flyer with any sightings. Please share...
Tomorrow (Wednesday) morning’s 5:15 AM class is cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience!
When do the Family Nights on Friday's start up? We had so much fun last year!
Wednesday morning’s 5:15 AM HIIT Bootcamp class is cancelled (October 9). Sorry for the inconvenience!
9:30 Morning Yoga Class will be cancelled for the following dates: Sep 16th, Sep 17th, Sep 20th, Sep 23rd, and Sep 24th. I apologize for any inconvenience. I am going out of town for a couple of weeks and was unable to find anyone to sub my class. Have a blessed week!
Kristi will be teaching tonight’s 5:30PM class. If you want amazing pipes, come to class! 😀💪
There will be no 5:30 PM class tonight so go out to the fair and get your bicep curls in with a foot long corn dog in each hand!
Monday 6:30 Yoga is cancelled tonight and will resume September 9. I apologize for any inconvience. I simply have too much to do with fair, vacation, and two kids to college. Namaste
Kristi will be teaching tonight’s 5:30 class! Get ready to sweat! 💪🏋️‍♀️😊

For Youth Development. For Healthy Living. For Social Responsibility.

Mission: The Albert Lea Family Y is a part of a worldwide fellowship united for the purpose of building a Christian society and developing in people those qualities of Christian personality exemplified in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Yesterday we were FEELING THE LOVE from our community! Casey's General Store reached out and donated pizza for us to have a pizza party. The kiddos loved and appreciated the nice treat! 🍕

Also, we here at the Y wanted to SEND LOVE to our community! We decorated the front of our building with hearts to let you know we are thinking of you and miss all of you. ❤️

Just remember during this time to pass on the kindness and CARING anyway that you can! 🥰

When we all come together, we can make beautiful music—or at least a killer Spotify playlist, like this one of songs selected by Y staff from across the great state of New York 🍎

Click for playlist:

What songs would you add to a MINNESOTA or MIDWEST themed playlist? ⬇️⬇️⬇️


Something from fitness instructor Ellen!! She's missing her workout family 😘


Yoga Flow Friday!

Join SilverSneakers Trainer Jenny O’Callaghan for a live-streamed SilverSneakers exercise class here on Facebook!

Relax and restore! Move your body through a series yoga poses, movements for core strength and balance exercises that build endurance and improve flexibility.

A chair will be used to adapt poses for a variety of skill levels.

This class is designed to boost your mood and promote an overall sense of well-being.

Click "Get Reminder" to get a notification when the class goes live. We look forward to working out with you.

The Y

We know things are difficult right now. But if you can, try to maintain a Gratitude Attitude. Think of someone or something you're grateful for - a friend, family, a pet, or even just a good cup of coffee. It'll make a difference.

Work It With Whitney- Episode III

Work It With Whitney- Episode III

It has been quiet as of late from our Youth Sports Coordinator. Nonetheless, she has finally emerged with yet another challenge for our kiddos to use against our common foe, boredem!

Whitney also asks everyone at this time to be CARING, another core principle here at the Albert Lea Family YMCA.

In between school work and study sessions we decided to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather yesterday! We got a group of such STRONG kiddos!

Just a reminder that our childcare is ALWAYS open to anyone who may need it!
❤️ 7 a.m.- 6 p.m.
❤️$30/ day or HALF DAY at $15
❤️Financial assistance always available!
❤️Hot spots for eLearning
❤️Free lunches provided by School District 241

If interested in enrolling your kiddos, registration forms are found on our website,

the Y : Your Y at Home - Staying Active

Don't forget, every weekday we're combing the internet for tips on everything from recipes to managing anxiety and sharing them in our Daily Roundup During a time of community-mandated closures and recommendations to shut down programs and limit gatherings, Ys are maintaining connections with their communities at a distance online.

[03/31/20]   Hey workout friends! Shannon took yesterday and did some outdoor running, yay! So that means she doesn’t have a workout video for you today (she records a day ahead of posting) SO if you’ve done all 11 workouts go back and repeat day 1 OR get outside and walk/run for yourself. Then look for Shannon tomorrow for a new video!


Live SilverSneakers Workout

💪Total Body Conditioning💪

Join us for an energizing class that focuses on functional fitness, now at a new time! Perform low impact combinations to boost your heart rate and body weight exercises to improve endurance and strength.

No equipment is required for this Facebook Live class.

Click "Get Reminder" below to receive a notification a few minutes before the Facebook Live stream starts.

Whether you're working from home, homeschooling your kids 📚, or just looking to relax, this #Spotifyplaylist of classical piano 🎹 will help put you at ease (and maybe even increase productivity!).

United Way of Freeborn County

Did you know...
Albert Lea Fire Rescue & UWFC are just two organizations collaborating to help our community not just in response to the COVID-19 Crisis, but every single day? We recognize that many community members are worried about their neighbors. We've got a plan!

If you'd like more information or to sign up for the Reassurance Program, call 507-377-4341.
Please share with your loved ones!

To our Y family: your membership goes a long way as we continue to serve the community. Thanks to your ongoing support, we help where we can: child care for essential employees, free meal location for kids, and well-being checks on seniors. #StayWithUs

Hoping you are all staying safe and healthy!

Our kids also wanted to remind everyone it's cool to sneeze/cough in your elbow 😎

Albert Lea Family Y

The Y


Feeling anxious, scattered or overwhelmed? Breathwork is an active meditation technique that effectively vents emotional build-up and leaves you feeling more peaceful and present in your body. You will need a quiet space and soft surface to lie down. Having a specific intent for your breathing session is not necessary but can bring additional focus to your experience.

View the full 10-minute video here:

The Y

Don't forget to stretch!

After a long day of sitting 💺, your spine and back may begin to feel stiff. In this 10-minute video, we'll move and stretch the spine in all directions so you can feel more flexible and limber! 🙆‍♀️You'll just need a yoga mat or rug.

Click here for the full video:

Check back tomorrow at 3pm CST for a new at-home workout!

Check out our article in the Tribune about our School Age Childcare!

We are thankful that we are able to transition our resources to help out our community! ❤️

We want to help make sure older adults can stay active during this time too. Check out these at-home workouts designed just for you.

Work It With Whitney- Episode II

Work It With Whitney-Episode II

In her pursuit to win the victory over childhood boredem, our Youth Sports Coordinator has yet another challenge for the community youth. Today's featured skills were taught to padawan's by their Basketball Masters last season at the Y.

Also, during this time remember to live by one of the Y's core values, RESPECT.

A message from all of us at the Albert Lea Family Y ❤

[03/23/20]   LUNCH BUS IS HERE! 😍
This is a FREE lunch for ALL children age 1-18. Stop out to the bus in front of the Y till 12pm!


How are you feeling today, SilverSneakers friends? Start the day strong with these moves for healthy shoulders:

Legs up the wall pose!

💜Relieve stress & anxiety
🍉helps with digestion
🤦🏽‍♀️relieves headaches
❣️ increases blood flow to the heart
🍑 stretches the hamstrings & glutes
🛏 aids in sleeping well


The Albert Lea Family YMCA, in order to fill an essential need, has shifted our resources to better assist families and children in our community. As a result, the Y, in partnership with School District 241, will offer a Special Session School Age Childcare Service. The cost is $30/day per child. Financial Assistance is available for any family in need.

Our temporary hours of operation are 7am-6pm M-F. The Family Y is also a location for the School’s Food Distribution Bus, which provides free food for all children ages 1-18. For any additional information, please call the Albert Lea Family YMCA at 507-373-8228.

YMCA 360 - Online Exercise

❗❗ Announcing YMCA 360 ❗❗
Your Y's doors may be closed temporarily for working out, but we are still here for our community! That’s why we’re so excited to launch online exercise and youth programs to support the health and well-being of everyone staying home! Barre, Boot Camp, Yoga and more! All free! Visit: #YMCA360 YMCA 360 offers online exercise, fitness, wellbeing, and youth sports classes from the comfort of your own home. Popular classes like yoga, barre, bootcamp, tai chi, boxing, weightlifting and soccer are free for you and your family.

Work it With Whitney- Episode I

Work it with Whitney- Episode I

In an empty YMCA on the far far side of town, our Youth Sports Coordinator Coach Whitney wants kiddos to stay active while at home.

Whitney has gone so far as to challenge the kiddos! Today's featured sport is volleyball.

Whitney also encourages everyone to remember her four rules during this time.
1. Respect your coach/ parents/ daycare provider
2. Respect your teammates/ siblings/ friends
3. Respect the equipment/ toys at home

REMINDER: The Family Y is a location for Albert Lea Area Schools Food Distribution Bus.

What: Lunch, snack, and breakfast for the next morning
Who: ALL children ages 1-18
When: Monday-Friday, 11 a.m.- noon as long as schools are closed.

We still want to workout together even now during this quarantine. We will be posting videos and workouts right here on our page. Join us! I hope you enjoy video one posted below!

Albert Lea Family Y’s Special Session School Age Childcare Program Information

The Albert Lea Family YMCA has temporarily suspended all fitness and other programs to shift our resources to best meet the immediate needs of our community. As a result, the Y will offer a Special Session School Age Childcare Service for any family in need. Please click the link below for a quick overview of our program as well as the application form.

For any additional information, please call the Albert Lea Family YMCA at 507-373-8228. Albert Lea Family Y’s Special Session School Age Childcare Program Information The Albert Lea Family YMCA has temporarily suspended all fitness and other programs to shift our resources to best meet the immediate needs of our community. As a result, the Y will offer a School Age Childcare Serv...

[03/17/20]   Due to the current situation, our Youth volleyball will be Postponed. we will update on any further changes! 🏐

[03/16/20]   In the best interest of the safety, community, school and collaborative partners, the Albert Lea Family Y will be entering into a program suspension mode of normal operations beginning at 6 pm on Tuesday March 17, 2020.

Our focus will be on the Governor’s and State priorities. The only program that will be operating is School Age Childcare from 7 am – 6 pm, Monday thru Friday. Nothing else will be available at this time. For the safety and security of everyone, the Family Y is following this protocol.

The goal is to resume normal operations Monday March 30, 2020. We will keep everyone posted on the status. You may stop at the front desk to check in for insurance purposes. No one will have access to any other areas of the Y except the School Age childcare program and staff. We are putting procedures in place for parents to check their children in and out of the Y from the front desk.

We hope you understand this challenging time. We need to keep everyone safe and secure while supporting the schools and Governors guidelines.

We have financial assistance available for our School Age Childcare program if you need. Paperwork is available at the Front desk.

Should you have any questions please let us know. The Front desk will be open from 7 am till 6 pm Monday thru Friday during this time period.

Dennis Dieser
Executive Director
Albert Lea Family Y

[03/16/20]   Class Schedule Update

For the safety of our staff, volunteers and members:

As of Tuesday, March 17th The Albert Lea Family Y will no longer hold group fitness classes.

This includes, Swimnastics, SilverSneakers, Group Fitness and Water Classes. Swim lessons (including privates,) Safety around the water lessons. Playroom and Stay for Play will also be closed.

Thank you for understanding.

[03/15/20]   Kids day off will be held tomorrow. Other programs and activities will be decided by Tuesday.
We are following a very focused structure and are in constant communication with the governors office on a state level.We are also working with our State Alliance, National YMCA, Y of Greater Twin Cities and working closely with our school district.
More to come this week. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Just a reminder:
❗️Wash hands for 30 seconds
❗️Sanitize equipment BEFORE and AFTER each use

Thanks for helping keep your local YMCA community safe!

... and so it BEGINS!
We are SO excited for our NEW roof 😍
Thanks again for all your support last year in our 'Raise the Roof' campaign. Without you, this wouldn't be possible!

[03/11/20]   REMEMBER Adult Dodgeball TONIGHT! 😆

*New time change7:15-8:15 p.m.!*

We handed out our first Y t-shirt at our first official program tonight in Fairmont! Kiddos participated in St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans and had a blast. (Just look at that cute little rainbow 🌈) Thank you to all the amazing people that helped us out. We are LUCKY🍀 to have you as part of our team! Looking forward to more fun in Fairmont!

5:00-7:00- pICKUP sOCCER
7:15-8:15- aDULT dODGEBALL

Mark your calendars! - June 13th 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♂️

We got to test out some of our new equipment today at SWAY Day at Southwest. The kids had a blast! What an awesome event to be apart of! 🏀


[03/04/20]   Reminder: Adult Dodgeball is BACK tonight! 6-7 p.m. 🤾‍♀️

nON-mEMBERS/ spectators: $3 EACH

We are SOOOOOOO close! 😃
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Work It With Whitney- Episode III
Work It With Whitney- Episode II
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