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Videos by Hannah Kroner School of Dance in Albertson. All forms of Dance and Fitness classes for all ages.

“It’s A Small World”
We can’t wait to dance for you
Sunday, May 19th 2:00pm
(Last opportunity to get your tickets online this week through) Tututix.com/HannahKronerSchoolofDance

Other Hannah Kroner School of Dance videos

Join HKSD for Zoom Teen/Adult Tap classes: Advanced Tap - Wednesday 5pm Intermediate Tap - Wednesday 7pm and Thursday morning 11am. If interested Email us ASAP: [email protected]

TODAY IS NOT TO LATE TO JOIN US: ADULT/TEEN BALLET CLASSES on Zoom this Summerin July. Today-Wednesday 6pm Tomorrow-Thursday 10am Email us ASAP at: [email protected]

Today, Miraculously at 2pm, the time we would have been starting our Year End Performance, in10sity dance competition put on our company dancers competing our last year’s opening of “We Are The World”. It was so beautiful and Heartwarming as the HKSD staff and students all watched. In the next two weeks, we will virtually be Performing. Thanks to our wonderful staff and Ms. Paige who will bring this altogether. Watch for details.❤️

Here’s a touching and beautiful Thursday Throwback from the year 2000, the show was “As Time Goes by”. The Dance was choreographed by Ms. Ruth for her three daughters, Megan, Colleen and Little Ms. Shannon

Today’s Throwback Thursday is an HKSD Musical Theatre Opening number from our 2013 performance, choreographed by Ms.Carol and Ms. Sharon. As Guests arrive at a Grand Hotel.

Dance lifts us up...

“We Are The World”
I hope everyone is staying well and safe. Here’s a HKSD Company Dance from 2019- choreographers Ms. Shannon, Ms. Olivia, Ms. Sam.

Dancers: Grace, Onjinae, Nike, Amy
Throwback Thursday 2018 performance -THE MAGIC OF DANCE 3rd section HannahKronerSchoolofDance A classical Ballet from “Sleeping Beauty” choreographer Ms. Sharon assistant Ms. Brigid

We miss everyone. So Proud of our Children attendees on their Zoom classes. They are all doing fantastic! Here’s a 2017 Thursday Throwback “TIME DANCES ON”.....

Dear Students, Parents, Family and Friends.With everything that is happening in the world right now, I need to share with you the most amazing, heartwarming day I had today. This afternoon the HK teachers set up a “zoom” meeting and rehearsal for our company team. Online popped up one by one, 21 of our HKSD Company dancers, all ready to dance. I watched each one pouring their hearts into their dances and all from rooms in their homes.They made space so they could move freely around the room. Every company dance taught was done, solos,duets, trios and group routines. When the two hours were up, it was apparent to me that I just saw-what the world needs now. Dance brought them all together. I thought I saw it all in my 38 years of directing the Hannah Kroner School of Dance but today was just what I needed to keep me smiling.... Thanks To all of my HK company teachers and our students for bringing out your best in the worst of times. I hope you always keep Dance in your hearts 💕.

We have a new challenge!! Your next tiktok challenge is to create this tiktok and then nominate one of your fellow dancers! Let’s see how flexible we can be! Thank you Ella for being our first dancer to complete this! Don’t forget to use #hktiktokchallenge

Together We Stand-& Dance. We are looking forward to being together again before too long...... Enjoy a montage from DANCIN ROUND THE WORLD- 2019

Here’s a look back on the same day March 16th the Year of 2019! Hannah Kroner Company Dancers

2019 DANCE MARATHON Everyone had a blast. Join us this Sunday 3/8/20
Don’t forget- This Sunday March 8th 1-3pm is the dance marathon at Hannah Kroner School of Dance. You don’t have to know how to dance to join in the fun. Help raise money for Childhood Cancer Research

Stage rehearsal went great tonight and this duo is ready to compete this weekend!

WISHING ALL OF OUR STUDENTS, FAMILIES AND FRIENDS A WONDERFUL HOLIDAY AND EVERY GOOD WISH FOR THE NEW YEAR. Hannah Kroner School will be CLOSED from Monday, December 23rd through Friday, January 3rd. All classes resume Saturday, January 4th.


This Sunday, September 15th Come see us perform 2PM at the Williston Park Street Fair. Location is in front of the Bank of America. Here’s our talented dancers from last years performance. Dancers Ella and Sophia.

Combo from a master class with Professional dancer and former student Kevin Yee Chan. Please share with your friends.

ESPECIALLY FOR YOUNG CHILDREN -ages 5 to 10. On Wednesday-9/4/19 5-6pm at our school-a very special Master dance Class given by Kevin Yee Chan to young children. Call ASAP to reserve your child’s spot and for more information.

ATTENTION ADVANCED WED. and SAT. Ballet girls. There is a 5:00PM ballet, a 6:00PM pointe class and 7:00PM Ballet tonight, Wednesday, June 26th. Last chance for make ups. Closed next week. Summer classes begin Sunday, July 7th.

Here’s a memory of stage Dress Rehearsal May 27th, 2016. Do you remember?

One week till Our Show “Dancin Round The World” Sunday, May 19th 2PM

Can’t wait to see our HKSD “Madeline’s” dance on Sunday, May 19th in DANCIN ROUND THE WORLD.

“It’s A Small World” We can’t wait to dance for you Sunday, May 19th 2:00pm (Last opportunity to get your tickets online this week through) Tututix.com/HannahKronerSchoolofDance

Congrats to these amazing girls! “Razzle Dazzle” received XTREME PLATINUM, 1st in category, 8th overall, and special judges award “Musical Theatre Appreciation!” “Keep Breathing” received Platinum, 1st in category, and 3rd overall! Footprints in the Sand” & “Criminal” received Platinum! “Paris to Berlin” received Xtreme Gold, 1st in category, and 2nd overall!

Great job to our younger dancers! “Go the Distance” got Platinum, 1st in category, and 1st OVERALL! “Spice up your Life” got Xtreme Gold, 1st in category, and 5th overall!

1,2,3 HKSD! #hksd #company #dance #beyondthestars #beyondthestarscompetition #dancecompetition

Thanks to all of you who helped by Dancing for a cure.

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