Snap Fitness, Albertville, MN Videos

Videos by Snap Fitness in Albertville. Snap fitness Albertville has a new ownership on December2015. Modernization process has completed. We offer the best gym in town for our members.

Hi All Snap Fitness members!!!!!
Just in case you missed this we are now OPEN. For The Door start at 8 am.tomorrow.
- Please checking in at the Health station by the door.
- Bring your own water bottle.
- Make sure you are not having any symptoms associate with COVID 19.
- Following rules, signages and 6 ft spacing apart from other members.
- Maximum work out time Maximum at 45 minutes.
- Leave your gym bag in the car or outside the gym.
- Limited numbers for not more than 15- 18 person working out at the time.
- Mask is highly recommended
- Be Kind and Be Patience and Considerate

We are so happy to be back and so excited to see you tomorrow!!!!!

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Hi All Snap Fitness members!!!!!Just in case you missed this we are now OPEN. For The Door start at 8 am.tomorrow.- Plea...

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