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Our goal at IKF Karate Albertville is to use karate to build character, confidence, self esteem, control and discipline. Karate also strengthens physical abilities such as agility, balance and focus. I look forward to working with students to help build these important values and skills. Contact us at 256-878-0729 for more information about locations, class times, and prices.

[04/26/20]   Hey guys!

Just an update on classes starting back, I'll be excited to see everyone!

Karate Day - Saturday May 2nd at the dojo!
These are the class times if you would RSVP @ [email protected], the time slot you would like, we will still be doing individual stations, to keep everyone safe!


Classes will resume May 4th
Beginners kids - Monday/Thursday @ 5:00
Advanced kids/all adults - Monday, Tuesday @ Thursday @ 6:30

Summer Camp 2020
June 1,2,3rd 8:00 - 3:00
ninja course, team competition, water slide , capture the flag

Join us in wishing Renchi Camp a very happy birthday!

Thank you for all you do - hope your day is amazing!

Get your gi on! Here’s today’s practice video 🙂

Hi everyone! Here’s today’s practice video!

My heart is heavy as I go through today and the many days to come. My brother was my ROCK. My family is taking donations through Citizens Bank and Trust if you feel lead to donate to help with arrangements, you can call or go through the drive thru and ask for it to be put into Deanna Stallings account. Thank each of you for your calls and texts but most of all the ones that has prayed with me and prayed for me.

Hi everyone! Here’s today’s practice video - put your gi on and train!

Karate viewpoints

Hope everyone came through the storms safe!

We’re working on blocks today!

Everyone get out your nunchuks!

Today’s practice video - get your sais out 🙂

Today’s practice video!

US Yoshukai Karate

More Muay Thai skills from May!

May showing off her Muay Thai skills!

Jesse Enkamp

Am I the only one wearing gi in bed? 🥋

Here’s Saturday’s practice video!

I hope everyone is still practicing at home! Here’s today’s video 🙂

Keep practicing everyone! Here’s today’s video 🙂

Today’s practice video!

Hey all!

Here’s today’s practice video!

Send us a video of you practicing, either to Renchi Camp ([email protected]) or Yondan Dutton ([email protected]), and we’ll post it on our page!

[03/30/20]   We are fully committed to the safety and health of our students at IKF-Albertville, so are discontinuing on-site classes for the time being.

In order to keep some type of normality in our lives during this stressful time, we will be doing digital classes using the Zoom video conferencing app starting tomorrow. It is available for iPhone, Android and home computers, so most should be able to use it.

Watch your email for your Zoom password from Renchi Camp, and watch for updates here on our page.

We miss you all! Stay safe.

This is the latest from Johnna....everyone just please keep praying for John Luke

I still don't have much news to tell. Other than he is still here on this side. Which in its self is a miracle from MY HEAVENLY FATHER! I keep posting to keep his little name being prayed over and over. And I know you are all desperate as me for more information. But as of today, it's been good. His vitals are remaining stable, sometimes he does need some medicine to help maintain his BP. But I just tell him to rest and let the meds work while Jesus is healing his little body. Earlier I went through and wrote some scripture you have shared with me and I have it placed in his bed around his sweet little head and around his little feet. They did let me wash his hair, and if you know my baby you know he is EXTREMELY particular with his hair! It must remain flat and glued to his head! So have slicked down just like he would have it. I was also able to bath him little limbs and rub lotion on him. That helped my momma heart, that I was able to still do those little things for him. Bens momma is going to bring some of his favorite books down later and I am going to read to him. He was learning to read and he was so proud of himself! Please keep sharing his name! Keep his sweet name lifted in prayer all the time! I beg you not to stop!
Specific prayers:
Brain function/ activity
He can keep his vitals stable
Temp to remain in his goal range
And ultimately he be healed on this side of heaven! I know my GOD can still work miracles!! Pray he wills it to heal John Luke in this side!!

Today’s video is for black bets: Baissai

[03/27/20]   Please keep John Luke and the Carver family in your prayers. He needs our help.

And for brown belts and up, here’s a practice video for Seisan!

[03/27/20]   Karate family, we have a member that needs your prayers. One of our little guys, John Luke, has been in an accident and is in Childrens Hospital in Birmingham. Everyone please pray for this precious child and his family.

Hey all! Here’s a nunchuk drill everyone can work on!

[03/27/20]   Start your karate journey today!

Great spin kick Mr Loper! Miss you guys.

For yellow and green belts 🙂

Hey guys! Here’s a video especially for white/purple/blue belts to practice at home!

[03/23/20]   About 30 minutes until our first live stream class!

Be here at 6 pm!

Don’t miss our live stream classes tonight!

Beginners starting at 6 pm, intermediate at approximately 6:20, and advanced at 6:40.

[03/23/20]   Don’t miss our live stream class tonight!

Beginners at 6 pm, and advanced at 6:30.

Share a karate memory!
Summer Camp memories


Tae Kwon Do Little kids epic battle

Your Sunday Smile - Social Distance Sparring!

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[03/21/20]   Share Your Karate Story!

“If you choose a job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life.” ~Confucius
Sensei Nichols loved this quote and shared it with his instructors. How many people, though, really get to live it? As I look forward to my 32-year anniversary as a martial artist, I realize that I am one of those very few who have been blessed to live this life.

I will always remember my very first karate class. In 1989 I walked into a dojo for the first time. I was in a violent marriage and looking for a way out. I thought, “If I can just learn enough to fight back then maybe I can leave.” Training first with Rod Lowery, then Jerry Cox, I worked hard and progressed through kyu grades. I entered tournaments and ranked as the No. 1 Women’s tournament fighter in 1991 and 1992. I earned my 1st degree black belt under Mr. Lowery. I began teaching some of the classes and got a taste of what it would be like to be an instructor.

Along the way, karate gave me a way to face my abuser and get myself and my daughter out of an abusive situation and into a safe home. I truly believe that karate saved my life.

Around 1993, friends began travelling to Birmingham to train with Sensei Nichols and I went along. The hour-long drive there and back was a lot but the International Karate dojo in Centerpoint felt like the place I needed to be. I learned a lot very quickly and tested for my 2nd Dan under Sensei Nichols.

With International Karate, under the guidance of Sensei Nichols, I began teaching kids in after-school programs. It was a modest start. I drove 1 ½ hours each way to train a handful of students, but I loved it. As I grew in my training and teaching, I was able to begin an after-school program closer to home, in Union Grove, and eventually in my hometown of Albertville. I was still diving 2 hours round trip – two days a week – to train, but I could teach right there at home.

As I grew in rank, and grew as an instructor and martial artist, something was really nagging at me. Each new “first” in my martial arts journey reminded me of my first class. I knew this was telling me something but I hadn’t sorted out the message just yet.

Life was moving on as I welcomed another beautiful daughter, was working full time, and still had time to train and teach karate after school. Really, everything was good, but I still felt that pull in a new direction. I believe that God has a plan for me. If I am working against that plan, and working MY plan, it won’t work. If God wants you to be doing something, or does NOT want you to be doing something, the signs will be all around you. The signs were all around me. My employer was closing its doors. My karate classes were growing. Sensei was encouraging me to branch out and to consider teaching adults. Everything was pushing me in the same direction. So, one day I just decided that I’m going to do it. I’m going to quit my job and pursue karate full time.

During this time, I still loved competing, but I wanted to focus on teaching and training while raising my children. I wanted to turn my attention away from competition and awards and think about what really drove me to start karate in the beginning. I know that a powerful program can change lives, even save lives, and I wanted to offer that program in my community. I knew I needed to work with adults.

In 2001 I made an agreement with the owner of PowerHouse Gym and started an adult class in the aerobics room two nights a week.

It wasn’t long before we outgrew the training floor at PowerHouse so I rented a slightly bigger space down the road. It was exciting to create a dojo and welcome my students onto the floor that first night. Again I remembered my first class and what drove me to begin training. I knew I needed to do more. Teaching and training were a priority, but I knew that I also needed to start giving back to the organization that had given so much to me and my family. I started exploring volunteer and community service opportunities. Word got out fast and I had several clinics and workshops scheduled. I worked with local churches, Christian Women’s Job Corp, Ogden House (an adolescent residential treatment center), and local school and community groups.

My classes grew larger than I could have ever hoped. We outgrew the rental space, but I couldn’t find another space that would work for us. Sensei said to me, “So build one.” Well, I had never considered that! But I trusted Sensei and was grateful for his faith in me. So, I found a commercial lot, had a building put up, and opened my very own dojo in 2007.

I began using my dojo to host self-defense clinics, community safety and awareness programs and domestic violence awareness programs. Finally I was doing the work that I knew I should be. I was teaching and training, but I was also giving back.


Four Stances

Daily Challenge 100 Stances! Send in your video/pictures to ikf-albertville.com


Spin Hook Kick

Daily Challenge - Spin Hook Kick! Try both sides. Send in your video/pictures to ikfalbertville.com. https://youtu.be/PxNYKH00s6Q


Shodan Bo

Daily Challenge! Your favorite kata 5 times. Send pictures/video to ikf-albertville.com https://youtu.be/g2Oe_I0Lug4


[03/17/20]   Circuit Training Tonight! Come train OSU!


Crescent Jump Crescent

Daily Challenge - Jump Crescent Kick https://youtu.be/nZW7ahswhUc
Send in your picture/viedo to ikf-albertville.com

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