The Mikki Bort Martial Arts Foundation

We use traditional martial arts and educational lecture to develop disadvantaged youth and adults with discipline, honor and respect.

We are a Pennsylvania Non-Profit Corporation with IRS 501(c)3 charitable organization status.

Master Mikki Bort has been a lifelong Martial Artist. After losing her parents at the age of 11, Mikki’s grandmother sent her to a local dojo in the hopes that she would find diversion from the tragedy. She found that diversion and more; leadership, family and a life goal of sharing that experience with others. Mikki continued her path through the Arts and soon achieved great respect within the community; from other martial artists and other community members. Master Bort began the next leg of her journey of giving back to the community through the martial arts in 1990, when she accepted her first student at Champion Martial Arts. Master Bort and her students give back to the local community through annual participation in the Albion County Fair, conducting anti-bullying campaigns at local schools and many other activities. The Foundation is governed by the school Master with fiduciary and program oversight by a Board of Directors with a mission to ensure that the valuable experiences of martial arts is not kept from those without the money to pay for them. Strategy and daily operations are managed through monthly Board meetings and semi-monthly reporting on program fundraising and distributions. Fundraising events and other program funding occurs through our donors, volunteers and sponsors.

Mission: To provide an educational and charitable environment where children and teens can come to be supported by a second family which teaches anti-bullying, confidence, self-esteem, leadership; shares traditional values and guides students through life concepts utilizing training in: traditionally taught Martial Arts of Goshin Jutsu Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Tai Chi; structured lecture curriculum and formal youth mentorship programs.

Such a great honor! Thank you so much, WCNJ, we will do our best to carry on Master Bort's Legacy!

Congrats to all of our students that competed this past weekend! Who's looking forward to the next?!

Refuse 2 Lose Martial Arts

MYTH: Martial Arts is a violent sport and people get injured often.

FACT: Martial Arts is so safe that it is actually not even on the list of most dangerous sports for kids.

It is behind activities such as softball, swimming, horse back riding, rollerskating, and basketball. Making it one of the safest sports next to golf.

Check out the list for yourself:

[05/08/19]   🥋 STUDENTS & PARENTS🥋

Please be in full gi with your awards from the tournament and we'll take photos tomorrow!

Wow. After ample recovery time, what can we say? As hard as it was to be one person down, this year was AMAZING! My only complaints were the lack of sunshine, lack of photos (so please share any you have!!!), and missing Master Bort! Thank you to the students and families that helped with any and all aspect; we do this event for you but we also can't do it without you!!!

We're in the Home Stretch! Registrations go up on Wednesday! If you haven't registered (or finished registering) TODAY IS THE DAY! We're also gathering our Chinese auction prizes, so look for a post about those this week! We can't wait to see everyone on Saturday!

[04/25/19]   Sensei Matt should be at the dojo by 5:30, if testers want to get some extra work in!

Discipline. Honor. Respect. Never hurts to be reminded.

[04/20/19]   🥋 ANNOUNCEMENT 🥋
Sensei Matt might be a couple minutes late, but class will begin ASAP!

[04/18/19]   🥋PARENTS🥋

We are 2 weeks away from Champion of the Sword 2019! There are still some things that we need help getting ready at the dojo. If you are able to volunteer time during classes in the coming weeks, talk with any of the sensei's for a list of things to do! :-)

[04/18/19]   Sensei Matt will be coming to the dojo early today! He should be here right around 5: students, if you have questions about:

1. The tournament
2. The upcoming test

Now is the perfect time to come in and get some extra help!

I think the winds of change blew in in earnest last night! We're less than 3 weeks away from #COTS2019!!! Students, be ready to put the work in the upcoming classes! Parents, PLEASE share this post to friends and family and encourage them to come check us out! See everyone at class Thursday!

[04/11/19]   🥋Class Cancelled🥋

Unfortunately, due to sicknesses, we are going to be safe and cancel class this evening. We apologize for the last minute decision and look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

How To Overcome Nerves in Karate (Before Grading or Competing)

Everyone should read this! Have you ever been nervous before a Karate event? You are not alone! Sleepless nights, extra training sessions and negative self-talk is experienced by everyone before competing or grading. These events trigger stress hormones and anxiety. But the problem is not that you’re nervous. The problem is...

It's almost time!!! 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place blades! And for Grand Champions... TIGER HOOK SWORDS! And yes, they are a pair! Keep training and we'll see you May 4th!

Back in March, we went to Niagara Falls to compete in our first tournament of the year! If any parents have any other pictures, share them in the comments!


Don't forget, today Nick Cain from the MA Tour will be teaching a scorekeepers seminar at the dojo. We are starting no later than 3!

Our tournament is May 4th, but this is the next one on the schedule after us!!!

Mark your calendars June 1st the Syracuse Open!! Right on the beautiful Syracuse University Campus!!! for more info


Keep climbing

[03/25/19]   Whenever you're wondering why your child should consider (or continuing) martial arts, this is the best list to consider.

Top 5 Reasons Kids Should Practice Martial Arts

1. It helps them make new friends.

The bond between martial artists is stronger than most other sports. Martial arts are physical, and they require physical confrontation. When confronted with someone of similar size, strength, and skill, students develop a sense of respect for one another. They realize they are capable, and so are others. Out of healthy respect for themselves and others, long-lasting and rewarding relationships develop.

2. They will learn better human relation skills.

During martial arts training, students need to learn the concept of physical space, how physical contact is both an invasion and invasive. The sport literally and figuratively breaks down barriers. Students will confront people of all types and abilities during martial arts training. This kind of exposure helps to prepare them for a dynamic and diverse social environment.

3. They learn new coping skills.

Your kids deal with a world unlike anything we’ve seen before. The pressures of a social network, expectations, and a world full of need and change are overwhelming for children with no experience to handle it.

Martial arts are an outlet. Their physicality trains physical fitness, which balances the body physiologically and emotionally. But it also emboldens kids with a warrior’s mentality of gratitude, humility, respect, and self-confidence.

The world is full of confrontation. We’ll teach your kids how to thrive with it.

4. They develop better focus and concentration.

Practicing martial arts requires patience and persistence. Not everyone is at the same level of skill, but kids need to know that they can change and grow. A body is the one thing that everyone has that they can always improve. When you show kids that they can get better when they focus on improving their strengths and weaknesses, you provide them with hope that their dreams are possible.

The rewards carry over into every aspect of their lives, like better studying and better behavior at school.

5. They develop better respect for authorities.

In martial arts, as in life, there is always a teacher and a student, and nothing can replace the value of mentorship. Martial arts, more so than other activities, emphasize discipline and respect for authority.

Kids need to learn that they’ll go far on their own, but they’ll go the furthest with the help of others. A teacher’s wisdom is the most valuable kind of guidance. A martial arts teacher sets a standard that helps kids relate better to other figures of authority in their lives, like teachers and parents.

[SOURCE: The Dojo App.]

[03/24/19]   🥋PARENTS AND FAMILY🥋

Champion of the Sword is right around the corner! The biggest thing we need every year is VOLUNTEERS! This Saturday (3/30) we are having a Scorekeepers training with the fantastic Mr. Nick from SMAC and R2L martial arts. We are starting NO LATER than 3pm, after the Saturday open class. Parents, (older) siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, EVERYONE is welcome to come to the training. Can't wait to see everyone!

Ryan Fox

This boy has no idea his dad, who just got home from overseas, is the one fighting him. Wow. 😢 #ThankYouForYourService

Martial Arts Tour

Thank you for a great kick off to the season at SMAC! We are excited to have the 2019 season underway! Here is our schedule for the year!! Make sure you like our page for all the latest updates!

May 4th Champion of the Sword
June 1st Syracuse Open
October 11th and 12th PMAI Fall Classic

[03/12/19]   🥋REMINDER🥋

Classes are resuming regular hours this week!

Thursday; 6-6:45 Drills, 7-8 Belt Workshop

Friday; 6-7 Technique Sheets, 7:15-8 Tournament Practice

Saturday; 12-2 Open Class


Is there anyone available to help inventory this Thursday during class? Contact Sensei Matt for information.

SMAC Internationals (Official)

Those that couldn't attend this weekend, tune into the Livestream finale tonight!!! Starts at 7:30

The 2016 SMAC Internationals is going to be off the hook! Come and join us March 4-5, 2016 in Niagara Falls, New York and be a part of it!

[03/08/19]   HAPPY SMAC DAY!!! Good luck to all of our competitors and safe travels!

Last practice is tonight! Then we ship out in the morning! Best of luck to Sensei Matt, Josie M, and the Smith Boys!

[03/04/19]   Good Morning! There are still many things going on in this difficult time. The road ahead of us will not be easy, but we are getting ready to travel it and will keep everyone updated as we can.

We are having tournament prep classes:

TUESDAY, 6-7:30
Kata, waza, and presentation

THURSDAY, 6-7:30
Sparring and last minute practice

SMAC still needs some volunteers, so if you have been on the fence about going this weekend, this could be the best way to go!

See everyone TUESDAY

The Mikki Bort Martial Arts Foundation

It's with the heaviest of hearts that we say that we lost our founder, our teacher, and our friend.

Master Mikki Bort lost her years long battle with cancer this morning, surrounded by loved ones. At this time, we're asking for privacy, and we will make arrangements known as they arise.

Classes will be suspended until further notice, but don't think for one second Master Bort is checking to make sure you're practicing at home.

Sensei Matt

SMAC Internationals (Official)

Our volunteers are the heart of SMAC Internationals! TIME IS RUNNING OUT to get the best prices for SMAC Internationals! Pricing period ends February 28! Don’t delay register today!! Go to

[02/21/19]   HOODIES ARE IN!!!

[02/21/19]   🥋 REMINDER 🥋
This FRIDAY class will be 6-7 ONLY. There will be NO advanced class. See everyone at class!


9 Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids With Learning and Attention Issues Discover nine benefits of martial arts for kids with learning issues and ADHD. Find out what to look for in a martial arts class for your child.

[02/15/19]   🥋FIGHT NIGHT!🥋
We are meeting @5:30 TONIGHT in Albion to get ready and head to Erie to spar with our karate-kin @TKOerie! Message for any questions!

SMAC Internationals - Refuse2Lose Martial Arts

If you're planning to stay at SMAC, get in now!!! Book by 89 USD/night

The importance of karate tournaments for young recreational athletes, and FAQ from their parents

Great article Ask any karate instructor or parent of an experienced karate student and they'll agree: young karate students benefit greatly from tournaments. But why? Read on to understand the top five benefits of karate tournaments for students.

This is what we were talking about in class last night. Karate. Dance. Football. Chess. Whatever you are practicing, taking a class for, just mildly interests you! Don't give up just because you came to an obstacle in your path!

Im for working hard. Im also for taking care of your body along the way.

But you will fail. You will take falls. Get back up. Try again.

Dont quit because its too hard. Push yourself and do what others did to get there. Strive for excellence and learn through failing what it means to succeed.



So we've been looking for ways to be better connected with information around the dojo, and we think we've found the best solution!

NWSD should be familiar with this app! This link should let you join the Dojo group. There, we'll be able to discuss class times, lesson plans, and any other questions or concerns!

If you're have trouble with the app, get ahold of Sensei Matt!

SMAC Internationals (Official)

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!! We are excited to announce that this year we will be giving out $500 to the most supporting school at SMAC!!! Yes you read that right FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!!! See you March 8th and 9th!! Niagara Falls Conference Center, Niagara Falls, New York!!!!

DON'T FORGET! Hoodie orders are due THIS SATURDAY! $20 each! Add your named for $5 more! Let Sensei Matt know, or leave a message here and we'll reach out to confirm!

[01/31/19]   Forecast seems to be clear for tonight, but still cold, so we'll see everyone at class!!!

[01/30/19]   ❄️Weather Reminder ❄️

As of right now, NWSD doesn't appear to be cancelling anything tomorrow, so we will have class as scheduled.

ANY UPDATES will be posted ASAP, but parents please use your own discretion with these frigid temperatures!

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Relay for Life - July 11th
Relay for Life - July 11th
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