The Bar Bell Club

The Bar Bell Club of Albion provides adult men and women with 24-hour access to a full line of fitness equipment, cardio machines, shower and sauna. With competitive rates and the convenience of downtown Albion, you should check us out!

The Bar Bell Club of Albion provides 24-hour access to a full line of fitness equipment, cardio machines, shower and sauna. With competitive rates and the convenience of downtown Albion, you should check us out! A barbell club has been operating at this location continuously since 1973, with the Bar Bell Club assuming ownership in May of 2014.

Dickerson Music Company

Thanks Dickerson Music and Kelly Kidder!

This week we thought we'd go outside and get to know our neighbors in downtown Albion a little more. Meet The Bar Bell Club. The Bar Bell Club of Albion provides adult men and women with 24-hour access to a full line of fitness equipment, cardio machines, shower and sauna. With competitive rates and the convenience of downtown Albion, you should check them out!

Thanks guys for letting us crash your work out to film.

Spotted this morning!

Anyone know a person that might be interested in teaching a regular weekly yoga class at the Studio in the Barbell club? Please message me (Jim Stuart) with any leads. THANKS!

[01/07/18]   Hi BBC members - I (Jim S) could use some help tomorrow (Monday 1/8/17) moving stuff around and out of the dance room in preparation for classes that start in there tuesday. If you are free at 4:45 would love some help!

O'Neal working with 205 today. (sorry i forgot the pic the first time - Jim)

Staci and I ran into Rachel working out this morning!

[01/02/18]   Get fit at the Bar Bell Club! 24-hour card access, great rates, friendly people!

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View from N Superior Street - the main entrance to the club.

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[04/29/17]   We're open during construction! Stop by if you see the door open or someone there and check us out!

[11/11/15]   The costs to join the club haven't changed in several years. I can't guarantee it will stay that way...
$100 for 3 months, or
$275 for a year.

To join, or for more information, contact Ken at at 517-262-9634.

[07/30/15]   The tread mill is dead again. Trying to find a new motor...

[05/28/15]   YES, the treadmill is fixed and ready to go! Stop by and see.

[05/15/15]   Call or text me at 517-262-9634 for more membership details!

[03/20/15]   The cost to join the club haven't changed in several years. I can't guarantee it will stay that way...
$100 for 3 months, or
$275 for a year.

So true!!


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[05/21/13]   I'm looking into an iPhone attachment that will us to accept credit cards. Does this sound like a good idea? Would anyone take advantage of that?

[05/04/13]   Jennifer Otmanowski took first place (in her age group) in the Free To Run 5k race in Spring Arbor today! Congratulations Jenn!!

[04/28/13]   Stop by and checkout the "new" equipment.
I'm still looking for a good cable cross-over so let me know if you see one for sale!

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[04/14/12]   The cables are fixed and we installed the new squat rack. Stop by and check it out!

[03/24/12]   Note to EVERYONE:

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[03/17/12]   Interesting shoulder exercise (number 2).

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Shoulder press and T-bar.

Ken Otmanowski

Too Funny!

[12/04/11]   Try Again

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[12/03/11]   Here are two advantages to the Bar Bell Club, A) All members get a key to the door - they can workout any time they want, and B) Free training from a Certified Personal Trainer!

[12/01/11]   There would be lots - but I can't get Tony there to pose!!
AND, he's at 7 days without a beer. I think he needs a reward.......

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