Project Bouldering

PB stems from a passion for climbing, and in particular, bouldering in New Mexico. We aim to spread the access and awareness of rock climbing in NM.

Project Bouldering is a company that stems from a passion for climbing, and in particular, bouldering. The landscape of New Mexico has an immeasurable amount of rocks to be climbed and fun to be had. Each rock and cliff tells a story, of which we become part of it through climbing or aiding in its preservation. Because of this, we aim to spread the access and awareness of rock climbing in New Mexico. Project Your Self...


Lonnie Kauk Goes All In on 'Too Big to Flail' in the Buttermilks | Standard Definition, Ep. 2

#fbf a little motivation to take the risk to reach new heights today! #freesolo #climbing #bouldering #projectbouldering Get ready for a bit of vicarious palm sweating kids -- pro snowboarder/rock climber Lonnie Kauk is climbing the super high-ball 'Too B...


Lonnie Kauk Goes All In on 'Too Big to Flail' in the Buttermilks | Standard Definition, Ep. 2

#fbf a little motivation to take the risk to reach new heights today! #freesolo #climbing #bouldering #projectbouldering Get ready for a bit of vicarious palm sweating kids -- pro snowboarder/rock climber Lonnie Kauk is climbing the super high-ball 'Too B...


Ben Hanna Sends “Everything is Karate” 5.14c/d Bishop, California

Benjamin Hanna is an absolute monster! It's awesome to see this Santa Fe native continue to crush! 🤘

3rd ascent of “Everything is Karate” for Ben Hanna. Check it out...


Donate to a great cause, and climb a bit!

April 27 from 5-9 pm.


Quartz Psych – Adventure Bouldering in the Ortegas

If this doesn't get you psyched to get out and climb, I don't know what will. The quartzite in the Ortegas is some of the most intriguing climbing in our great state.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Also, lots of the areas are covered in the New Mexico Bouldering Guide. So that's a plus.

See y'all out there!

This is a story about a group of friends and a wilderness of boulders in the high country of northern New Mexico, a story of adventure, discovery and development,…


Stone Age Climbing Gym

The Sandia and Mountainair Ranger Districts are implementing Stage 1 fire restrictions starting next week.


Timy Fairfield

Blast from the past. Thanks for sharing Timy Fairfield! #projectbouldering #keepthepsych 03/06/2018

Rockin' Roy: Canyon near small town has become a bouldering hot spot

#makeroygreatagain Word is getting out among climbers who eschew ropes


“There should be a place where only the things you want to happen, happen.” -Where the Wild Things Are
We must protect these places that are full of wisdom, laughs, cries, struggles, and starry nights...
To help support, please donate to the Bears Ears Education Center here: 09/14/2017

VIDEO: Nalle Hukkataival: The Finnish Line (V16)—Rocklands' Hardest Boulder

Good googly moogly!! Watch Nalle Hukkataival on the first ascent of The Finnish Line (8C+/V16) in Rocklands, South Africa.


Black Diamond

Strive to make the impossible, possible. #projectbouldering

The perspective of difficulty is forever changing. With new ascents, new feats of strengths and new discoveries constantly raising the bar, a climber’s perception of what’s possible is always shifting. But perhaps the greatest proponent behind the ever-evolving standards of what’s truly challenging lies within one simple act … that of giving it a darn good try. As BD Athlete Carlo Traversi writes, “the depth of your will can only be explored through experience.” Check out this amazing film documenting Traversi trying his ultimate challenge—to climb a V14, 5.14, and a 14er in one day:

#liveclimbrepeat #defythedark Video: Chris Alstrin 08/30/2017

To Get to the Summit, Cory Richards Had to Lose It All

Hitting rock bottom can be the opportunity to build a new foundation. On the other side of a traumatic adventure mishap lie nightmares, a never-ending recovery, and sometimes an entirely new perspective on existence itself.


2017 Psicobloc Masters LIVE 7/28/16 7PM MT

It's that time of year again... Let's go Benana a.k.a. Benjamin Hanna!


"What a rock formation!?", she exclaimed.



If you haven't checked out Forest (10c) at Las Conchas, you should. It comes HIGHLY recommended!

Thanks for the rad photo Jason Halladay.




Started from the bottom and we're still here. ⛰


Climbing Magazine

The Godfather.

Fred Nicole has been an important figure in bouldering since the 1990s, and he’ll have something new to offer the community this fall: climbing shoes.


Futurist Climbing

Yeah! Rec center climbing is the future! (Hopefully) #projectbouldering

The Glen Canyon Rec Center in San Francisco just unveiled its new indoor climbing wall, which will officially open to the public next month. This wall was our first design project for a city, and we were honored to have the opportunity to work directly with City of SF senior architects and engineers, as well as our good friends at Leading Edge Climbing Walls to bring the city's first public indoor climbing wall to the San Francisco community. 06/13/2017

Research Shows Bouldering Is a Cure for Anxiety and Depression

Science. New study indicates that climbing can be an important element in the treatment of mental disorders.


Tommy Caldwell

Guy climbs 3,000 foot boulder problem. Says it was "soft". #boulderingislife

My thoughts on Alex's Free Solo.


Спорт-Марафон. Снаряжение для приключений

THEE most beautiful freeway compression problem

Уровень! 05/14/2017

Jamie Emerson on exploring, developing and ethics

"Approach the rock with no expectations, enjoy what you're doing, don't be afraid to fail—and explore!"

Wise words from one of the godfathers of bouldering, and someone who continues to inspire me, Jamie Emerson. #respect Jamie Emerson exploring the Bear Valley Wyoming Photo David Lloyd Jamie Emerson has a deep desire to explore and develop new problems and areas. The Colorado-based climber has spent the majority of his climbing career pushing the boundaries of bouldering in the American West. He has discove


Climbing Business Journal

Heck yes! I can get stronger AND have more fun!? I'm in. #trainingforclimbing

The newest breed of training gear is looking to make climbers stronger and let them have fun.


The RV Project

"Ueli Steck (41), popularly known as ‘Swiss Machine’ in the mountaineering world, was killed in an accident near Camp II on Mt Everest on Sunday morning, multiple sources at the base camp of the world’s highest peak confirmed.

A group of six rescuers discovered a body of the multiple-record holder mountaineer near the Nuptse Face of Mt Everest where he could have slipped and fell on the ice-covered slope. Fellow mountaineers had seen him climbing Mt Nuptse alone at around 4:30 am." 04/24/2017

6 Rules of Etiquette For Outdoor Climbing

Preach! #outdoorbouldering Check out our top six suggestions for responsible outdoor rock climbing!


Project Bouldering's cover photo


Project Bouldering


Project Bouldering


First Day of 2017 Bouldering At Satellite In The Jemez

The gates are open to the Satellites! #gitsome

Our homie John Vigil, @the80hd, put this rad video together of opening day. Enjoy!

Another day trip out to the Jemez. We got lucky and found that the games, which close in the winter, were now open. Our original plan was to go climb at The ...


Professional beer slanger Antal Maurer working hard to ascend "Dead Cat". Upslope Brewing Company supplying the fuel. #gitsome #umound


Black Diamond Equipment Experience

Looking for some psych for your project?

Thanks to Black Diamond, this awesome video of Nalle Hukkataival working The Lappnor Project will be available for FREE for 5 days. (Send at 31:42)

Get psyched! BD Athlete Nalle Hukkataival established Burden of Dreams (V17) after seven years of attempts. Luckily, the process was documented in this great new feature film, The Lappnor Project. For five days only, view this video for free exclusively on our Black Diamond website. Black Diamond Equipment


Glad to see the IFSC is keeping the free streams alive for the World Cup Climbing series. Thanks to all who spoke out on this topic. 🤗

This is good news!

And more so a concrete display of how much influence we together have over large issues. In or outside of climbing.

I constantly hear people say this is just the way the climbing industry is now - get used to it. NONSENSE!

We can - and do - influence the world with our actions and words. And we should continue to do so to keep the spirit of climbing genuine rather than let uncaring business interests shape the future of the sport.

There are positive aspects that come with the commercialization of climbing as well, but it's important that we remember that we DO have a say in what direction climbing in headed. 04/09/2017

First Ascents

Inspiring to see all these first ascents from David Lloyd! Psyched to explore this summer. 😁🌄 First ascents stand out. The ones I've seen, and the ones I've done. I've compiled a slideshow of Wyoming first ascents that I've been luc... 04/06/2017

Drawing the Line: Projecting vs Onsighting

Insightful blog by Santa Fe's strongman, Benjamin Hanna. #projecting #onsighting #process
"The reward for a redpoint is much greater than when I am on-sighting something because the process is longer and I have to work harder. I find that I enjoy delayed gratification." There is something to be said about trying really, really hard for an on-site, but projecting in climbing something long-term has a much larger pay-off for me. Ben Hanna discusses his philosophy in approaching a project.

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Ignition @ Posos
Sunshine and blue skies ARE New Mexico True... How are YOU going to soak these in today? #projectbouldering #childrenoft...
Cody James taking down the classic, Moss Neisley in Roy, New Mexico last year. The season is once again upon us!!! #royb...
Anthony - Rubber Walrus Protector
If you're in Santa Fe, look for our new ad. Also, keep an eye out for Sadie (the dog) making her film debut!! Thanks to ...



Albuquerque, NM
Other Sport & Recreation in Albuquerque (show all)
Enchanted Air Paragliding Enchanted Air Paragliding
9770 Elena Dr NE
Albuquerque, 87122

Join us for the paragliding experience of a lifetime, and see New Mexico in a truly enchanting way.

New Mexico Youth Soccer Association New Mexico Youth Soccer Association
2825 Broadbent Pkwy NE Ste D
Albuquerque, 87107

NM Olympic Development Program is a player identification and development program. It provides age-eligible players an opportunity to represent New Mexico at the US Youth Soccer Region IV level and beyond.

Drol'Odhar Retrievers Drol'Odhar Retrievers

Obedience training for all breeds, hunt test and gun dog training for retriever breeds.

Badweather School Of Hard Knocks Boxing Academy Badweather School Of Hard Knocks Boxing Academy
1605 Juan Tabo Blvd NE
Albuquerque, 87112

We are Academy for pugilism that teaches south north instead of north south. We also teach a Self defense class ages 5 and up.

The Railyard Games The Railyard Games
777 1st St SW
Albuquerque, 87102

How do you prove you will survive Panther Attacks? Register, Compete, and Win the Railyard Games!

R&S Powersports Group R&S Powersports Group
9601 Lomas Blvd NE
Albuquerque, 87112

R&S Powersports Group sells motorcycles, atvs, personal watercrafts, power equipment, and much more!

Longfellow Prairie Dog Cheer & Dance Longfellow Prairie Dog Cheer & Dance
400 Edith Blvd NE
Albuquerque, 87102

Longfellow Elementary of Albuquerque, New Mexico First EVER Cheer and Dance Team.

H D Outfitters H D Outfitters
Albuquerque, 87120

H D Outfitters is a premier hunting outfit that can guide you on your next New Mexico elk hunt.

ABQ Circus Arts ABQ Circus Arts
1715 5th St NW
Albuquerque, 87102

Expanding possibilities through circus.

Jitterbugs Anonymous Jitterbugs Anonymous
2400 Roma Ave NE
Albuquerque, 87106

Your Local UNM Swing Dance Club Jitterbugs Anonymous meets every THURSDAY from 8 pm till 11 pm. Location Hokona Hall Cellar on UNM Campus.

Warehouse Five O'eight Warehouse Five O'eight
508 1st St NW
Albuquerque, 87102

To book Warehouse 508, contact us at [email protected] or call 505-296-2738. ******* Warehouse 508 is ABQ's biggest youth arts and entertainment center located in Downtown ABQ!.