Bikram Yoga Albuquerque

Bikram Yoga Albuquerque


Thank you Kristen for a beautiful Sunday am class. I was pleasantly surprised at how much heat I could generate at home just wearing a hat and focusing on breath. I do miss the hot room however I am also grateful to be on the mat again and for the fellowship I could feel through zoom.
Thank you Kimberly for such an amazing Wednesday night class!
Hello my lovely yogis. Do we have any vets in the hot room that perform surgery??? I have a dear friends whose puppy just broke his leg😢 Please let me know. Thanks.
Do you have a drop in option for people considering joining? Thanks
I’m ready to add some amazing side plankers to our class in our new location. Get ready to get fit!!!
Kristin Daugherty I thought you'd appreciate this song my daughter wrote today.
"I want to.... I want to....I want yoga!"
Hey wonderful yogi’s! I hope you are having a great weekend (the last of October😬). If a one hour massage doesn’t fit your needs, I’m at the Carlisle Whole Foods every Sunday from 3-7pm doing chair massage. Only $1/minute. Come down tonight and relax your way into November...... 🙂🦃
And we've got it for you today. 4:30pm. One hour of the hottest yoga in town. See you then!
It's time people!

4:30pm -- HIIT with Shannon Byxbee
6pm -- Bik90 with Cathy Mondloch-Seavey

You can't lose. Just show up!

Experience the magic of ABQ's authentic hot yoga studio! We're here because we believe you deserve to FEEL BETTER -- and all you have to do is get here.

Operating as usual


I won't take full credit for the snow, but I did wash all the cloth diapers last night with the intention of putting them out in the warm sunshine to dry this morning.


It's ok, get out and enjoy the day regardless! ❤️


for sweet students who provide these great reminders that there is so much . The muscari is beautiful!


Here's the latest weather forecast. We'll keep you posted as we know more. 😅


Snow is still falling and temps keep dropping. Stay safe my friends, but the studio is closed for the rest of the day.


Anything is possible. Stay safe out there no matter what! 🥰


Why not??


I need to get some pronto!


Did you sign up for class yet?? 5:45 tonight, come join us and find some


We've got a in case you need it. Class at 5:45 this evening!


Haha, we were basically there, so our beautiful tree is now out of the house. Anybody else??


I see a blanket of and a for this year. Praise the Lord for the mercy of newness each January.


Find some and in your day today. Class at 4pm this afternoon!


Anybody forget to leave💲💰 under the plate yesterday?! 😅 It's ok, we have a


From us to you, wishing you a and


We have a yoga for that too!! Class at 4pm today.


Absolutely love this! We don't change the postures...the postures change us.

We do not change Bikram Yoga, Bikram Yoga changes us.
We do not change the posture, the posture changes us.
We do not change the prescription, the prescription changes us.

That is the whole reason why we practice and kill ourselves for 90 minutes in Bikram's Torture Chamber, to change something within us or something about us. That "something" will be different for every student in every class. Maybe student 'A' needs healing so they want to change their sickness to health. Student 'B' might want to change their weak muscles to stronger muscles. Student 'C' may want to change and improve their flexibility. Those changes and improvements cannot happen if we change the formula of the practice itself.

Six or seven years ago people started to change Bikram Yoga. The first thing they changed was the time. Apparently, all of a sudden people didn't have time for a 90 minutes class because it's too long. My home studio introduced the 60 minutes Bikram Yoga "Express" at lunch hour, 3 or 4 times a week but the majority of classes were still authentic Bikram Yoga classes - 90 minutes. I understand the business decision of catering to the needs of those who could only practice during lunch hour. Fair enough. Today, six or seven years later the same studio runs 44 classes a week and ONLY 2 out of the 44 are authentic 90 minutes Bikram Yoga classes. All their "Original Hot Yoga" classes are 60 minutes and most are with music. When you change the time/duration of the class, change in the therapeutic sequence is inevitable. Having traveled and taught Bikram Yoga around the world, I observed that each studio that offered 60 mins "express" class had made their own sequence. Not only each studio but in some cases, within the same studio each teacher had their own sequence to teach for the 60 mins class. One of the many reasons why Bikram Yoga is a genius practice is because of the sequence. Bikram's research, his Guru's teachings and guidance and his own personal experience gave birth to Bikram Yoga. We often hear Bikram say that there is no such thing as Bikram Yoga because Bikram Yoga is Hatha Yoga. Bikram Yoga is the name of the sequence of postures taken from the bigger umbrella of Hatha Yoga Asanas. Bikram designed this sequence. The sequence is his genius and his intellectual property.

Today not only is Bikram Yoga being taught as a 60 mins class but there is also BIKYASA (wtf is that? I don't even want to find out.) There are non-certified Bikram Yoga Teachers calling themselves Bikram Yoga Teachers when they haven't even met Bikram. No one talks about the injustice done to Bikram Yoga as a healing modality that is supposed to be respected as the therapeutic tool for mental, physical, emotional and psychological transformation. The 60 mins classes are just one example of how people have tried to change Bikram Yoga. Bikram Yoga is therapy and therapy is no joke. Rehabilitation is not easy. It's hard. It's very uncomfortable and even painful at times. But we all know that there is no growth in comfort. Growth happens when you're uncomfortable, when you are pushed to seek answers and solutions to your problems that make you uncomfortable.

It is important for students to keep reminding themselves that Bikram Yoga doesn't get easier, the student becomes stronger. It's a standard of spending 90 minutes in a room heated to 40 degrees celsius (105 F) performing 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises in a set sequence. For over 5 decades Bikram maintained this formula because it works in bringing maximum therapeutic benefits and fruitful results for the students. You can't expect the same benefits if you change the formula. Bikram came up with this formula after years of research and hard work. The formula makes Bikram Yoga a very unique style of yoga. How? Bikram Yoga is the only style of yoga on the face of the planet that follows a fixed sequence of postures. No other yoga style offers that. The best way to explain the reason behind that is that Bikram Yoga is a prescription. When the doctor gives you a prescription of medications, you're supposed to follow that prescription strictly to make sure the medicine works for your benefit. You cannot just choose to buy different drugs at the pharmacy or change your prescription without consulting your doctor. It's not safe. Similarly Bikram Yoga is a prescription. The heat, the humidity, the mirrors, the Bikram Yoga Dialogue, the Certified Bikram Yoga Teachers are all different parts of the whole prescription. It's a prescription for a life full of vitality, immune to diseases.

Bikram says, "My system works, as long as people let me do my job my way. It is not just the sequence, it is how you do it: the timing, the mirrors, the temperature, the carpet. But if people only do it 99% right, it is 100% wrong. When someone tries to mess with it, the people won't get the yoga benefits."


As a mom, I often wondered how that went down...


I love this!!! 🥰


Find something to do today. Read a book, take a yoga class, sit and breathe for a moment. Take time for you and


The beauty of a beginning yoga practice is that we each and every class. No expectations, no anticipation...purely exploration as we see where the mind and body are today. Come join us and see what's what!


Take a step with us today. Class at 4pm this afternoon!


As we gear up for this this year, let's remember to find beautiful ways to reach others.


Yes!!! Go find a way to today. What a gift you'll be giving to those around you!


It's ok, we'll be in yoga anyway! Come join us this afternoon for some heat and therapy.


Nature is always making beautiful things for us to admire. today and


Don't worry. We have a


Thank you to our amazing . We are thankful for you.


Don't worry -- we've got a here at . See you at 5:45pm!


Come this afternoon. Class at 4pm -- keeping it hot and


May all the you encounter in your kitchen be this adorable.



This made me


Crispy or not, we've got a yoga for that! Class at 4pm today.


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