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SwimLabs ABQ


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SwimLabs ABQ is a brand new swim school in Albuquerque and proud to be a sponsor of the ABQ Mom Holly Jolly Holiday at Home Event!

They offer year round in-door Group and Private lessons for children ages 6 months and up in warm water. They would love to have your little ones swim with us! Call today to find out more information - (505) 225-1859!
Limited spots remain....Most of us have significantly altered our season because many racing events have been postponed or cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation. In this time of uncertainty, PARA ENDURANCE COACHING wants to be certain that your training goals remain on track. Many times what first looks like a crisis, can also be an opportunity in disguise. Whether you plan to race later this year or next season, NOW is the perfect time to evaluate and test for bio-mechanical efficiencies, especially in your freestyle swim stroke, as you continue your training goals.
What is the length of the pool? How many lanes? What will the water temperature be?
Just want to say welcome to Swim Labs. Glad to meet Lauren Yesterday.

At SwimLabs, we are excited to help swimmers of all ages & abilities experience the joy of swimming through our warm water tanks & 360-degree video technology.

From bubbles to butterfly, join us at SwimLabs & let us help you swim faster~ faster!

Operating as usual


Michael Andrew showing how it’s done at SwimLabs Albuquerque @swimmermichael @coachpeterandrew


Happy Mothers Day to all of our SwimLabs Mom’s! We wish you a Special Day celebrating YOU!


Photos from SwimLabs ABQ's post 05/07/2022

So Much Fun at the Michael Andrew Competitive Swim Clinic! Everyone is learning so much and putting it into action! @swimmermichael @coachpeterandrew


Getting ready for our 1st swim clinic with Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Andrew! @swimmermichael @coachpeterandrew


LAST CHANCE - SATURDAY ONLY! Get coached by Michael Andrew on Saturday May 7th 7:30am-10am @ SwimLabs ABQ. Only a few spots are left in this Competitive Swim Clinic with Gold Medalist Michael Andrew!!

Call or text (505)225-1859 to register or Click link to sign up now!


Holy cow!!! Michael Andrew Breaks 50 Breast American Record @ 2022 US World Champion Trials!!!

And YOU can get coached by him on Friday May 6th, 5-7:30pm or Saturday May 7th 7:30am-10am @ SwimLabs ABQ. Only a few spots are left in this Competitive Swim Clinic with Gold Medalist Michael Andrew!!

Call or text (505)225-1859 to register or Click link to sign up now!


Competitive Swim Clinic Hostest by Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Andrew

Click link to register!!!




Guess who is coming to SwimLabs ABQ!!! 🤩🏊🥇



Happy Easter! SwimLabs is CLOSED today in observance of Easter!


April Swimmer of the Month


Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Photos from SwimLabs ABQ's post 03/08/2022

Does it get any cuter than this!?

Parent Tot lessons are a great way to bond with your little ones!


March Swimmer of the Month! Congratulations London!


Visit SwimLabs in Albuquerque to learn more about our Group, Private, Competitive, and Video Stroke Analysis lessons!






Today, we welcomed a brand new swimmer to the SwimLabs family! He was incredibly excited about his first day, and we can’t wait to see him again!

Come check out our facility for yourself and become part of the SwimLabs family!


At SwimLabs, we
provide a fun, innovative way for kids to learn
how to swim correctly, safely, and efficiently.
With mirrors on the bottom of the pool,
swimmers can instantly see how they are
moving through the water. This instant feedback
is combined with the guidance of our highly
trained instructors who provide personalized
swimming lessons for children of all ages.


One of our Beginner 2 swimmers has leveled up. Congratulations, and welcome to Intermediate 1!🐠


Merry Christmas to all of our swimmers and their families!!


Today we honor those who have served and who serve our Country. Thank you!! SwimLabs is closed today in recognition of the holiday.

Photos from SwimLabs ABQ's post 05/20/2021

💯Stroke Club Swimmers!! Backstroke! Breaststroke! Freestyle! Yowza!! These kids can swim!! 👍🏻🏆💯


Too cute and ready to swim!! 🥰


Swimming sisters! Getting ready for summer-time fun! These 2 little cuties are getting water safe and loving it! Great job Coach Millie! 🐬💪🏻🏊🏻‍♂️😘


Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Moms who take care of us, love us, cheer us on, believe in us and all of the many things they do that go unnoticed. Moms are rockstars!!

SwimLabs Brand Message 04/23/2021

SwimLabs Brand Message


At SwimLabs ABQ, we strive to enable a lifetime of water safety and water fun by teaching the joy and skill of swimming! Come check us out!! ❤️😁🏊‍♀️

SwimLabs Brand Message At SwimLabs, we strive to enable a lifetime of water safety and opportunity by teaching the joy and skill of swimming!


Check out this little tadpole! All happy and ready to swim wearing his “Happy Nappy” swim diaper by @splashaboutuk !! THE BEST swim diaper - guaranteed!


Back float is a HUGE skill when learning to swim and is key to water safety and survival.
This week’s “Tech Tuesday”highlights the valuable skill of rolling over from swimming on your front to float on your back. This skill is beneficial to both children and adults when feeling fatigued and is helpful when a swimmer needs to rest, breathe and / or regain composure in the water
1.) Push off the wall with face in the water, arrow arms (streamline) and eyes down towards the bottom of the pool, with long legs & blow air out slowly.
2.) To roll to one’s back, use the arm which is on the same side as the direction the swimmer will turn, pull the water down to the side and open up the body for rotation.
3.)With the other arm out in front, begin with rotating the head to the side (like shaking your head “no”)
4.) After the head turns, the shoulders and hips will follow.
5.)It is very important that the head rotates sideways and does not lift up at all (where both ears could come out of water)
6.)To stay in the float, a swimmer must point their chin up toward the sky
7.) Slow, gentle flutter kicks can help to get legs up so the body will be near the surface of the water.
Swimmers can now breathe easily and rest in this position - Happy Backfloating!!


Make a splash dunk at SwimLabs ABQ!! Join the fun today!


Big shout out to Sandy at SignArt! We sure do love our bright and shiny SwimLabs sign - and we LOVE supporting local small businesses!!! @signartnm


Hey Everyone! It’s “Technical Tuesday”! Today let’s check out a parent-tot swim lesson. Working on arm movements to start learning our freestyle arms and swimming to parent. Here are the steps: 1). Using manipulation from instructor, show how the arms should move 2). Allow the tot to try the arm movements by themselves 3). Swim out to parent! The instructor assists with underwater swim to Dad!! Happy swimming little fishes! 🏊🏻‍♂️👍🏻


Thursday swimming! Making sure to keep a good social distance for parents in our lobby To help, please remember we ask that only one parent attend your child’s lesson! Keep those masks on too! Thanks for the help everyone!

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8120 Ventura Street, NE
Albuquerque, NM

Opening Hours

Monday 8am - 12pm
Tuesday 8am - 12pm
Wednesday 2pm - 12pm
Thursday 8am - 12pm
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