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Ninja Fitness Academy provides a premier and professional obstacle course academy. Get Ninja Fit to have the perfect family fitness experience.

It is with the deep sorrow that we announce that we must permanently close Ninja Fitness Academy.
Our hearts are full with sadness having to make this decision. When we started this journey into ninja 6 years ago, we both had no idea where this road was going to take us.

Ninja fitness academy was made for the kid who felt LOST in other sports..

For the coach that never had the right OPPORTUNITY ..

for the family looking for a place they can feel EMPOWERED to be active.

For the athlete who wanted to be the BEST and make it to world finals

A place where you would LEARN things you never thought you would..

Being able to take so many kids and adults toward their fitness goals was more of a blessing than we could have imagined. A massive THANK YOU to all the coaches, members, and friends who had a helping hand in making the Ninja Fitness academy all those things and more.

We walk through Ninja Fitness Academy brought to tears as we are overwhelmed by the memories of kids getting the warped wall for the first time, or the look on their faces when they emerged from the airbag successfully surviving the fall. Seeing the look on the parents face when their kid conquered their fears and got across an obstacle. Our greatest personal memory, Ally and I were married in that building. We have been crippled by the reality it has to come to an end. We remain grateful to have had the chance to effect so many lives in such a positive fashion.

As you know Covid-19 has had a devastating effect on a lot of businesses, we simply can no longer afford financially to continue the gym . We have worked tirelessly to try to find a way, but simply cannot. All current solutions would only dig us further into a well we can't go into anymore.

This may not be the end of Ally and I in Ninja, however it is the end of it for right now.

Effective April 15th we will cease any, and all classes. All accounts have already been dropped, and debts forgiven. If you have any concerns you may reach us at [email protected]

We are extremely thankful for everyone's support for us thus far, we are sorry we couldn't carry the torch further. We ask the community if you are interested to just post your favorite memory at the Ninja Fitness Academy, it would mean a lot to us to be able to read some of those.

Please keep an eye on this page for any updates in the future.

Ally and Charlie Mitchell

The things that make you happier than anything else. #Ninjaletes

Doesn't every day now feel like Friday?
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Today's Virtual Schedule!
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Ninja Fitness Academy has made something for your family
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I miss this.. The sounds of the salmon ladder, slamming weights, the slight bump of music in the background.. not to mention kids learning new skills they have never done before.. I miss this 😔#ninjafitnessacademy

Are your kids working out today?!
Links will be posted 5 min before the start of the class!

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and your kids have nothing to do……

😳YIKES bored kids=trouble.😳

Well we of course know this! So we are stepping in to help.

We want to provide a place to allow you go to work at ease knowing your kids are going to be busy having fun! Enjoying that summer all under the watchful eye of Ninja Fitness Academy.
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Do your kids need something to do?!
Join our members group to get the link
Here are today instructors! Nick Johnson Maia Mango Schmidt Everett Schuh 💪🏻

So now you’re presented with an Issue, how do you be awesome, without breaking the bank, creating a massive mess, and even potentially who knows, give the kids a super memorable event?!

You know who’s SUPER excited about quarantine? BELLA! 🐕 Spend some time with your dog today, having you home Is probably the best thing that has ever happened to them. #Ninjadogs

Join us today for our Virtual Training Schedule! If you haven't joined our private fb group please do so ASAP! Send us a message if you need access to the group, See you soon!

Legs and Abs 45 min HIT!
Each Level will be a progression from the next exercises, each round you can try the harder progression to work your way up to harder skills!
Encourage other families to stay FIT by posting your workout with your kids!


EXERCISE 1- Dynamic Warm Up!
*LEVEL 1 Quick feet
Tap your feet in place as quick as possible.
*LEVEL 2 Jog in place
Perform a light jog in place.
*LEVEL 3 High Knees
Bring your knees closer to your chest while running in place
*LEVEL 1 Super plank
From the top of a push up position, lower yourself to an elbow plank one arm at a time. Keep hips from moving.
*LEVEL 2 Tricep plank
From the top of a push up position, walk your hands a little forward, and bend both elbows at the same time. Come up using one arm at a time.
*LEVEL3 Side Plank
From the top of a push up position, Stack your hips to the side keeping in line your elbows and shoulders, hips and ankles. Keep your core tight and remember to BREATH!
*LEVEL 1 Calf Raises
Start close to the wall or anything to hold onto, come up onto your toes and hold the position for 2 seconds
*LEVEL 2 Elevated Calf Raises
Find a elevated surface with something you can hold onto. Let your heels hang off the edge and come up onto the toes to hold the position for 2 seconds
*LEVEL 3 Alternating Calf Raises
On your elevated surface take your hands off with a high chest and a tight core for balance and come onto your toes, you can also alternate the stance with your toes pointed in, and toes pointed out.
LEVEL 1 Assisted Squat
Start standing with your shoulder width apart about 2 feet away from a chair or the couch and reach your butt back keeping your knees behind your toes.
LEVEL 2 Jump squat
Starting from a squatting position, jump and land softly, with knees deeply bent into a squat.
LEVEL 3 Elevated Heel Squat
With heels elevated 2-3 inches off the ground squat down and back up

"I can't image a better place to train myself" 🤩
Try it free here

Due to Government mandate we will be The gym will be closed starting tomorrow March 18th.
Even though we might be closed at the gym, home workouts and lots of online training are going to be available for all members and even some free resources for any family in need.
Join our FREE Fb group with weekly activities for your family during the closure. Join HERE ⏬

As we plan on opening back on April 13th this date can be changed as we monitor the situation. Please understand that you cannot reach us through calling the gym as no one will be there you can reach us by email for any questions you might have.

A letter from our CEO:

With a heavy heart I write this today as I know our world as we know it has been struck by fear…
As a Small Business owner the reality of what could happen to our gym if we close for even a couple of weeks to months is one of the most terrifying things i've personally ever faced. Being a owner of a ninja gym, we face lots of obstacles but never seen one quite like this. As I was sure there was going to be an eventual closure, I have put together TONS of amazing things for you guys coming soon (check your emails)! Please make sure to support your local small business as you as members are the lifeblood of their survival. Ninja Fitness Academy was built off of what we call, impacting warriors. A Impact warrior is someone who stands for acting to impact our kids, our communities, our marriages, and the families of ABQ. Together I believe we can overcome any obstacle and IMPACT Albuquerque.
-Ally Jay

We are striving this year to deliver a summer camp we can be proud of knowing we are solving the Albuquerque kids community need for a home this summer. We are looking to become a bedrock for your summer camp needs for years to come!
We are building a program to be diverse while also providing your kids something awesome to do ALL DAY!
Schedule a Camp Call here

🥳Is your kids BIRTHDAY COMING UP??🎉
Ninja courses, warped walls, airbag, trampoline, and coaching. All in a convenient 105 min time frame to make your birthday party not only easy, but best of all AWESOME. Plus you get to go home after its all said and done and not have this mess at your house to clean up!!

WOW this sounds awesome now your next question is, how do I sign up?
Book a quick 15 min Call here ⏬

Your child will receive our hands on coaching in a personalized environment that ensures they get the attention and development needed, and expected from a homeschool environment🏚💯

Better yet, they will be able to have a community of other kids just like them working to excel within the ninja rankings in order to achieve the fabled level 6 ranking.🏆
Schedule a free kids class here before its sold out! ⏬

Do your kids need something to do?! 🤸🏻‍♀️

Over the next few weeks ninja fitness academy is looking to step up to the plate to help out, in providing care for your kids. 💪🏻

We will be running a supervised open gym from 2-4 every weekday Monday thru Friday. Fitness helps improve mental wellness, physical resilience as well overall health!✅

We are limiting spots to 10 per day to ensure they are properly watched over, and minimize any potential spread of illness.😷

We will allow access via a punchpass system in which we have discounted our pricing for members. If you are interested this is based on a first come first serve basis. If your child for whatever reason becomes ill we would respectfully ask that you keep them home until they are better.

3 weeks during school closure😁
March 16th- April 3rd Monday-Friday
2-4 pm
$20 drop in
Punchpass 25% off for 10 visits $187

Send us a message if you are interested in a punch pass
If you will purchase a drop in please register on the day you’d like though this link⏬

[03/13/20]   A LETTER TO OUR MEMBERS...

In light of current events we wanted to address the effects this is having on the families of our community.
I think it of the utmost importance to remember our fear passes along just like a sickness. Our youth look to us to set the example of how to handle situations that require great character. As with any dire circumstances please avoid creating panic, or fear as it not necessary nor does it aid in dealing with these high stress situations. We want to lead by example in controlling our own desire to panic, and show our younger generation how to properly conduct ourselves in life, high stress situations included. Ninja Fitness Academy remains committed to respecting the situation on hand however not overplaying its role in our day to day life. Please remember that we can can remain in control of our attitudes in these circumstances. Fear is the greatest virus of them all.
One of the best cures for anxiety and fear is to WORKOUT! To make sure you all can continue to do that we have taken many necessary precautions for the health and safety of our members including the following:

Daily cleaning of our facility will now happen at the beginning and end of every day.

Seating and lobby area will be sanitized after each class for parents

Obstacles will be wiped down in between classes so please have patience with our coaches getting classes started.

Since our classes have always had a small ratio 1:8 class cap will be heavily enforced to keep a small group.

Kids will be asked to wash their hands before and after every class as well as properly teaching them HOW to wash their hands.

If your kids is under the weather PLEASE keep them home, we can help get them in a make up class.

We will continue operations as normal as we know that many kids will need some type of activity to continue to stay healthy.

All Classes will run as normal and if you need to call please be reminded that we only use the phone during business hours 2-9pm M-F

To help ease some of the anxiety of kids being out of school we would like help provide some extra time and care for your kids, if i have enough response from parents then we can open up a 2-4pm session for a drop in price so your kids can get out of the house in a safe environment. Please respond back to this if this would be a benefit to your family.

I'll be praying for your family and their health.

Stay Healthy,
Ally Jay
CEO of Ninja Fitness Academy

Do you want a place your kids will beg you to go? 🙏🏻
Try it Free Here 👇🏻

😳 We WONT live in Fear. 😳

As we are taking lots of precautions to keep the facility sanitized and clean for our members with multiple anti bacterial cleaning shifts before and after classes!
Your health is and always will be our main priority.
Here are some things that can help..
🤚🏻Remember to wash your hands post class, we are stocked up on hospital grade soap.
🏃🏻‍♀️ Keep exercising time keep your immune system strong.
🍏 Eat Healthy and drink LOTS of water!
🤒 If you feel under the weather please stay home.
🛑 STOP letting the fear of the media control your daily life.

Here are some more of the real facts about the Covid-19.

What are your kids doing? 🤔
Looking for all day care, fun activities daily?☀️🤸🏻‍♀️
Thing is we only have 20 spots available each week and people are already just buying out the whole summer which means your window to get in is shrinking by the second!!!! Please ….don't wait….. this summer should be a breeze, let us help! Book your spot now for peace of mind and a sweeetttt discount!
🏆Get 25% off and book a Camp Call here 🏆

Is your kids Birthday Coming up?! 🥳
Dont stress this year we got you covered..
We will blow your kids birthday party up to next level 💥status.

We have been asked in the past to develop a program that would bring the signature Ninja Fitness Academy experience to the home school community that would give them the physical edge needed to excel in all categories🏆
Try a Free class here 👇🏻

This is what a #Ninjaletes practice looks like.. competitive based training to bring out the best in your athlete.

She’s with me step for step. 🐕 Bella’s training has been moving away from platforms and harder objects like q steps and bosu balls. And her confidence is going through the ROOF! 👆🏻🤩 My goal for the end of the year is the teeter beam. I’ll keep you posted 😳 #Ninjadogs

❓Is your life out of balance?! .❓
When it down remember these 👇🏻
💨Take a breath.
🛑 Slow down
✨ Take it one step at a time.. somethings in life are meant to be taken one tiny step at a time

👉🏻 Let me see you drop⠀
"I will have a balanced life in the comments"... 👈🏻⠀
Why? because you believe in yourself is the first step! 🏆

💪🏻 The Ninja fitness academy bootcamp classes are free for 14 days with, Get access to classes, nutrition, progress tracking.. all you’ll have to do is book a orientation



Here are some quick details:

Snowball fights-yes in summer🌞
Time slots for all day 9am-4pm or half days!🤭
Parkour 🤸🏻‍♀️
Rock Climbing🧗🏻‍♀️
Request a camp application here and get 25% off ⏬

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