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Alicia Cisneros

Transform your body = Transform your life! I’ll help you by, Making fitness rewarding! Simplified

Operating as usual

Photos from 505 Productions's post 03/29/2023

Photos from 505 Productions's post


Make small changes & it will work!

Instead of:
I’m too tired : I am tired, I’ll do yoga instead
I don’t have time : I can still get in 10 minutes
I don’t have workout clothes : I’m wearing pjs!

It’s the small things that count 😉🥳


Have you ever felt ungotten?!

Let me reassure you that it is a real feeling and it happens to everyone multiple times throughout their life!

There are so many things in my life that I want to have a full double handed grasp on but it’s just not the case… Sound similar/familiar??

For example my scoliosis. I go to therapy, I work out, I stretch, I do all the things but it’s going to take time to get better…lots & lots of time. Though I may wish for it to be immediate 😅

Can you relate? Maybe with work, school, workouts, a competition, life in general?! 🤷‍♀️

Well I’m here to tell you that it will all work out one way or the other, trust in God! He knows what you need and will give it to you when it is time! God’s got youI get wanting it NOW but sometimes the best things take longer!

And if nutrition and fitness is something that you’re struggling with, I can totally help you with that! Shoot me a message!


Dreams are nice…

But going after them is better!
And Achieving them is even better that!

I may not dream of being a fitness superstar (maybe sometimes lol!) but I know in order to get far in life with anything that I want to do, I will need my mind & body to be at it’s healthiest.

Because without our heart, mind, body & soul, nothing is possible.


Real talk?!

We all struggle
Motivation isn’t always there
Consistency doesn’t always happen

Regardless if you push past it all, you will find that what you were procrastinating on only will make you feel 10000% better & proud for making it happen!


New year means new everything!

New Commitments!
New Goals!
New Achievements!
New Memories!
New Adventures!

And so much more! And I’m ready! Welcome 2023! Let’s see what you got!


Merry Christmas Eve Eve! If you haven’t spend 30 minutes on “just you” today than stop what your doing & take 30 minutes for you!!!

Holidays are crazy & this is the craziest one of the year! Don’t let it get to you! Don’t let it get away from you either!

Give yourself something that will make you feel GOOD! Take that 30 minutes!


The big question… Are you ready for Christmas???

Umm…almost lol! Please tell me I’m not the only last minute one!?! 😅🎄😬


Today’s a good day!

I know motivation isn’t always there, that’s when consistency needs to kick in!

Drink some energize, dance, turn those tunes up! Do whatever you have to get that motivation kicking! If that doesn’t work just do it anyway!

Because when you do, you will have a good day! Just like me! 🥰🙌🔥


Today I heard this…

(And it really hit me!)

When you're hungry for success don't let anyone feed you crap about slowing down!


So today I made it happen! I got up! Got in my workout clothes & made it happen! Because I know what makes me feel good! And this is it! So I’m not slowing down!


Feeling the pain!

Today my ribs are still sore! So another yoga day for me! My body is thanking me & slowly but surely I am feeling better!

If you ever feel pain, feel sore, feel tight etc. reach out and do this with me!


I’ve come to realize…Tuesday’s are probably going to be my yoga days!

After physical therapy on Monday’s for my back, stretching is everything I need! Thank the lord! Because it’s tuff & I like for my body to get some relief!

Thankfully I have tons of yoga workouts to choose from! So I’m always able to find something for my needs! Yes!


Did someone say sample workout!!

Well don’t mind if I do lol!

Today I did Pilates! Another new program! And wow! It looks easy but man it really sneaks up on you! But I would totally recommend this! I loved it!


Hello & Happy December!

I am going strong in my journey! Loved this sample workout of our new program coming soon!!!!

If you have 8 weeks
30-45 minutes a day
Have sliders & dumbbells
This Is For You!


Phew!! Wow!

It has been a good minute since I’ve done a full on workout! I’ve been taking it easy because of physical therapy but I couldn’t hold back anymore!…

I jumped into a new program called Fire & Flow! And I literally cried! In a good way! I’m just excited to be doing what makes me feel good! And I feel so good!!!


New Stretching Programs!

We have a new stretching program now! It has 13 stretches that are 5-15 minutes each! I had to try this! Of course I loved it! I feel stretched and ready to go!

Yoga mat, sturdy chair, towel, pillow are all optional! All moves can be done with or without! Depending on your comfort & flexibility.

Perfect for everyone!


4 seconds!!!

I would of never thought to do each move slower…4 seconds each time! But that’s what this program is all about!

Yeah 4 seconds doesn’t seem like a lot, but it adds up! My muscles were feeling it for sure! But it’s 10000% doable!

Plus those 4 seconds really make it that much more benefit! And isn’t that the point!


It always starts with 1 thing…You! (Myself)

There will always be a day 1, day 5, day 21 etc.
There will always be a new thing to learn & old things to keep in mind.
There will always be hard days & easy ones too!
There will always be fully motivated days & others not so much!
There will always be weeks where you workout everyday & sometimes only 1 workout for the week.

Point is there will always be something for everyday & every situation but none of this is possible without YOU! You have to make those choices for yourself! You are the main ingredient to make all the magic happen! So get out there and make it happen!!


Day 4! Pilates!

So grateful for this active rest day!! It still kicked my butt but definitely in a good way! Now I can start my day off on the right foot!

And we are that much closer to Halloween! Can’t wait!

Photos from Alicia Cisneros's post 10/27/2022


One day at a time! One pound at a time!

I’m feeling good! Proud! And I can’t wait for day 4! Because it means I’m getting that much closer to day 21! Because it means I’m sticking with it! Because it means I’m choosing my health & fitness as a priority! So many great reasons!

Plus it’s almost Halloween! Happy spooky week everyone!


Day 2!

Feeling the burn, sweat & soreness! Don’t worry it’s a great feeling! I’m making progress already!

And now day 2 is already done! Tomorrow day 3! And soon 21 days! I already know it will go by so fast!

I’m excited to be on this journey!


It starts and ends with YOU!

Day 1 in the books! It started with me! It started with my decision to get my mind, body & health in check! It started with a simple push play button!

Day 1 ended with me! At mt best! Feeling so much better! It ended confidently with me knowing I’ll make it happen again! I’m the only one who can make me do it & I DID IT!

Start & end this day with you! FOR YOU!


Day 1!

Have you ever started at day 1?
Have you ever started over?
Have you ever made a change?
Have you ever wanted to make a change?

Well get ready because today is that day! Today is the day! Shove any and all excuses aside & get ready to make it happen!

That’s what I’m doing! If you need help or want to join in, LETS CHAT! There’s nothing better than starting with a friend!


Sample workout! 4 weeks for everybody!

Sample workouts are the best!
Try before you commit!
Do it with me!

I just finished this sample workout & I’m already a fan! 🥳🤩💪

30 minutes or less a workout!
3 rest days a week!
4 weeks total/16 workouts total!

Now that’s my type of program! Is it yours too?!


What’s needed…well….

You don’t need a fancy workout outfit!
You don’t need tons of equipment!
You don’t need lots of time!
All you need is YOU, internet & 15 minutes!


It’s all positive!

That’s how I feel after my amazing workout! Feeling so good that nothing is going to get me down! I’ll take even the negative as a positive!

If you don’t feel like this after your workout than girl you need to change things up! You should love what your doing! You should feel a difference after doing it!

I use to go to the gym & never feel this good! Now I feel this good all the time! Of course there’s up & down days like anyone but I have mostly up days! And that’s a huge win! So don’t settle!


Birthday workout!

I love to start my day off right! Especially when I know it’s going to be a day filled with family, fun, birthday cake, etc! So let the party begin! I’m ready for it!

Happy birthday to me! 33 Never looked so good!


I Don’t Know Who Needs To Hear This…

But you got this! One day at a time! Don’t worry! In all stages of whatever journey you are on, YOU GOT THIS!

If you need support, I got you! You need a workout partner, I got you! You need a friend, I got you! You need someone to listen to you, I got you! You need to get out, I got you! I GOT YOU!

I’m always here! I believe in you 100000”%!


I’ve been down for the count! Now time to get back into it! The only way to stay consistent & feel the best you have ever felt is to keep your body moving!

And yoga does so many great wonders! So thankful to have tons of workout videos at my fingertips to help in all stages of my life, health & fitness journey!

What do you need to get your body moving?


Before & After!
Ok guys here they are!

5lbs down & feeling super great! Stronger & getting better at my journey! Sticking with it more & trying new things! Getting uncomfortable & loving my myself!

This has been a great journey & it’s not over yet! This is my life change! My self care! My feeling better journey in so many ways!

I hope you come along for the journey!


I’m so excited! Because I did it! And now I’m celebrating my win!

I love this feeling! Feeling accomplished! Feeling proud! Feeling stronger! Feeling excited with where I’m at! With where I’m going! I love this feeling!

I finished Job1! My workout program & I lost 5lbs but feel 10000x better than that inside & out! And bonus win, I didn’t skip a single day! 💪🥳🙌

You NEED to try this program! Highly recommend!


Last workout!

Omg I am already on my last workout for this program! I can’t believe it! Time sure did fly by! I guess that’s what happens when you actually enjoy what your doing!

I am proud, pumped, excited, happy, and all the things right now! I worked hard to stay on track. Was I perfect, nope…but I did it! And I didn’t skip any days!

It’s not all about the scale number. It’s not about muscle. It’s not about being perfect & looking perfect.

All wins are wins, big and small, high number and low numbers, lots and not so much! It all counts & honestly I don’t care if I lose 2lbs or 20lbs, I know how I feel inside! I know how my life routine has changed! I know the feeling I get like this one today! And all that is 100000x better and worth way more than any scale number!

If any of this hits home for you, or is something you want in your life, let’s talk! I would love to connect with you!


Just me with my sisters dog & supper food shake…and I wouldn’t ask for more!


P.S. Maddie is happy & showing off her smile!

P.P.S. What’s in it?! Protein, enzymes, prebiotic, probiotics, adaptogens, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and omega 3!!


It’s not easier, I’m just getting better!

Days like these really make me appreciate myself! For getting up, for making it happen & for continuing!

I feel better, I feel stronger, I feel lighter, I feel healthier! I feel all the things because I’m not stopping, and neither should you! Keep going! You got this!


Week 3 begins!

Because I choose to keep going!
Because I choose to better myself!
Because I choose to!

What do you choose to do today?


Week 2 is DONE!

What?! I know right! Already! This program is going by so fast! I can’t believe it! That’s what happens when you actually enjoy your workouts!

Just 20 minutes a workout, 5 days a week & 2 rest days! That’s it!! If I can do it, so can you!



Sometimes we just need to push ourselves to get what we want! For example, today I had morning plans so I thought I wouldn’t get my workout in. Lame lol!

Thankfully I pushed myself! I got up, did my workout & rushed my shower & shake. Seriously it was easier than I thought! Plus I had extra time left over!

So before you think you can’t, give it try! You never know & it’s better to try than regret!


Bug bites have nothing on me!

I have tons of bites all over my legs! Beauty of having a garden 😅 totally worth it though! Regardless I will not letting that determine if I get my ME TIME today! I’m getting in these 20 minutes!

And thank God I did because I even found a favorite move today! That’s what happens when you say YES!


In case you haven’t heard…

Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself!

You deserve it & I’ll send all the love & hugs your way too!



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