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This passage was originally written by Lisette Cheresson:
"We talk a lot about learning to love ourselves in our yoga practice: Your breath, your movement. Listen to your body. Enjoy the stillness of your mind. Be compassionate. Practice loving-kindness. With regular practice, we find these moments on the mat. Applying these lessons in everyday life is more of a challenge.
For yogis, love is compassion, empathy, and truth. To love oneself is not self-absorption. When we are good to ourselves—when we turn away from the darkness—we are, as consequence, able to be compassionate. When we throw ourselves our own lifesaver, we learn how to rescue others. Like every other organism on Earth, we need to be cultivated to grow. Our bodies (and our minds) need to be watered, pruned, and live in the light. Only when our own inner garden has been tended to can we nurture the gardens of others.
Setting a regular routine for self-love doesn’t have to be manifested in detoxifying herbal baths, indulgent desserts, or taking a big trip (though we recommend all of the above). It’s much simpler than that. Changing the way we talk to ourselves is the single easiest way to practice self-love.
It’s much easier to be negative than to see the good. It’s much easier to be drowned in sadness than to recognize the impermanence—and the choice—to be regretful and bitter.
By practicing the loving-kindness that we learn on the mat in our own minds, we learn to be our own lifeboat. That’s what self-love is all about."

Photos from The Energy Otter's post 11/02/2021

Absolutely loving the fall transition up here in the high desert! Simply admiring the beautiful planet Earth we all call home while having a picnic lunch. 😍 🌍


Go Outside!

Friendly reminder to intentionally go outside today and reconnect to the sky, sun, and Earth!


Instant Pick-You-Up

Movement is the simplest and quickest way to boost your mood! Even just 30 seconds of shaking, bouncing, or grooving can make a profound difference. Put on your favorite song and let your body move in a way that feels good! 💃🕺


Digestive Acupressure Tapping!

Digestive acupressure tapping in 3 minutes! Doing this for 2-10 minutes (1-4 deep breaths at each point) after each meal helps me feel my best and gives my body the energy boost it needs to truly absorb the nutrients and goodness. This has really transformed my digestive issues back to stability and health. How does this feel for you?


This was the automatic cover photo for my “you can do the thing” video. Look at that stunning work of art on my face! 👃 😂


Trataka: Yogic Candle Gazing

Feeling the excess vata energy of Fall? Maybe you can’t focus, you have a million ideas, there’s more frequent snacking/ eating, you feel physically cold, etc.? Trataka, or yogic candle gazing, is an excellent meditative practice you can try to soothe and ground this energy back into your body. I feel this in my solar plexus, the center for agni, or fire. This helps remind me that my inner flame can ebb and flow, dance with the wind, and sometimes be perfectly still. All the while, it’s gently burning rather than a blazing inferno. Steady and consistent is the key here.
Have you tried Trataka (candle gazing) before? Where do you feel your inner glow and flame?



Fashion hack: goat 🐐

Fashion hack: goat 🐐


I’m so proud of you! Keep going, boo!

I’m so proud of you. Keep going, boo!


Do the thing!

Do the thing! Learn as you go and start where you are! 💪


Synchronicity: Praying Mantis = Hanged Man

Synchronicities and alignments are everywhere if you pay attention to them. Your guides are always with you! 👼 ✨


Incompatible Chillin’ at Home Clothes

Long time no see! Where my loungin’ people at?


Every BEING has a Place

We may seem divided, but in actuality, our specializations bring us all together and give us a healthy interdependence on one another.


Books that Changed My Life P1


A simple doodle to remind you that you deserve love, always. No matter the circumstances. No matter if anyone taught you you don’t. You are worthy of love simply because you exist. ❤️ 🤗


Take your Power Back from Manipulation

It takes a lot of strength to see reality for what it is without your “toxic masculinity” wall. You are not alone. You can take your power back from the person / people who manipulated you. Forgive yourself and them but take your life back.


Quit Forcing Life to Happen & Relax

Quit forcing your life to happen and simply relax into the flow of abundance. You don’t have to try so hard. ✨ Let that s**t go. ✨


Ommmmmmm nom nom nom


Trust the process


New yoga trend: moo moo! 🐮

New yoga trend: Moo moo! 🐮 What more could you ask for from this soft cotton loose gown? It gives you plenty of breathing room with no restrictions or need to adjust. Give space to your armpits, lady bits, shoulders, and hips. Embrace the moo moo!


Tarot time Sunday 7/35!

Pick a card that resonates most with you. Enjoy your sunny Sunday!

✨ 10 of 🗡 : signifies a painful ending. Could be a mindset, situation, or relationship. Stay strong; this will be for your benefit in the end.

✨ The 🌝: All about the unconscious, the unseen, our shadow side, archetypes, and the feminine. Allow yourself to feel the feelings in stillness.

✨ 5 of 🗡: You may feel accomplished after winning a battle or confrontation, but did you really win? Reflect on your mindset about the situation for the future.


432hz Tibetian Singing Bowl Cleanse

432hz Tibetan singing bowl cleanse. Repeat as much as you need, darling! ❤️ 🤗


$23 Distance Reiki Healings (Valid through 7/27)

In honor of the Aquarius Full Moon on July 23rd, I’m offering $23 distance Reiki healing sessions! No matter your time zone, what state you live in, or how spiritual you are, you too can experience the benefits of Reiki. Comment or PM for details, questions / concerns, and scheduling. Offer valid through July 27th.


The Aquarius Full Moon ♒️ 🌕 is coming up! Feel the feels but also change your perspective. Let your eclectic bone shine through and ignite some change!


Summer Boho Fashion: Sari Wrap Skirt Dress!

Boho summer fashion: Darn Good Yarn Sari skirt dress! I finally figured out how to wrap an ankle length skirt into a dress and am a little obsessed. What a wonderful way to let the girls hang free Photos of the final look are in the comments below.
What’s your summer fashion go-to?


Behold the official Energy Otter logo! I absolutely love the softness and warmth that brings the playfulness of the otter to life in a kind way. It embodies what I want to share with the world. Eternal gratitude to for the hours of love and time you invested into making this a reality. 🙏 ✨ 💕

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✨ 🔮 Donation based tarot / oracle readings! ✨ 🔮 Hello, lovelies! In honor of the New Moon in Cancer and returning to my soul’s home, spirit has guided me to offer donation based tarot / oracle readings. All of my decks are displayed in the pictures above and brief descriptions for each are below. The suggested donation is $10-15 via Zelle, Venmo, or Cash app. PM me for details and any specific intentions you’d like me to call upon for you! 🙏 💕

Herbcrafters Tarot: The healing and guiding spirits of fruits, trees, shrubs, flowers, and Mother Earth herself are present in this deck. Perfect for green witches and/or herbalists!

Modern Witch Tarot: The most similar to the original Rider-Waite tarot deck but with a modern twist. All shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and styles of women are celebrated in this deck!

Wild Unknown Tarot: This is my personal favorite deck. Even though there is a dark theme to the cards, it brings a raw truth and honesty that none of the other decks can draw out with such effortless ease. Recommended for deep divers or complex challenges.

Chakra Oracle Cards: Novices and experts alike can benefit from the in-depth analysis of the chakras this deck has to offer. It even introduces the Earth Star chakra (below the root) and the Soul Star chakra (above the crown). Recommended for those in need of chakra balancing or chakra healing.

Spirit song Tarot: Calling all animal totems and animal spirit enthusiasts! This deck draws upon the guidance of animals weaved into the tarot for an extra boost of inspiration, even with the “negative” cards.

Wild Unknown Archetypes Oracle: We are surrounded by archetypes, whether expressed in our personal lives or in the collective human experience. These overarching energies can be brought to light through this deck. By no means a “quick fix / clear answers” deck; recommended for inquiries you can take some time to sit with and contemplate.

May you all remember how blessed you truly are. Shanti Shanti Shanti (peace peace peace). Om Namaste (the divine in me honors the divine in you).

Photos from The Energy Otter's post 05/11/2021

Hiking is my way of reconnecting to the Divine. Breathing in the crisp, mountain air, feeling the sturdiness of the rocks underneath my feet, and beholding the magnificence that came about from conflict and resiliency in the natural world all inspire me to appreciate my own life journey and the completeness of my being. Life is so much more than keeping busy day-to-day. Life is sacred. Stillness, silence, and rest are essential. May you find the time to consciously hold sacred space for yourself in a way that feels authentic to you. Om 🕉💖


What a perfect ending to a beautiful Saturday! The Universe always has your back and always answers “yes” to your prayers, it just may not look how you intended it to. Keep the faith, darling. You’re doing great. 🙏 ✨

Photos from The Energy Otter's post 05/06/2021

The time has come to step into my power as queen. Ironically enough, through the process of seeing how much I force my own agenda on life and letting go of this struggle, this has gently opened the door to a greater flow with life. Times of solitude and rest are just as vital as times of action and collaboration. There is nothing wrong with my inherent kapha nature, my inclination towards water and earth. They are my strengths. I give myself permission to embrace these qualities and a greater sense of being outside of my limited perspective. Life is happening for me naturally. And so it shall be. Sat nam 🙏 ✨

Photos from The Energy Otter's post 05/04/2021

The Divine has guided me for a long time. Much of that time has been filled with self-doubt, resistance to what is, and forcing my own agenda. Now is a time of surrender to Divine will. Everything I could ever dream of needing will be provided in due time. How blessed am I to be literate and read this book, to be alive during this progressive and modernly challenging time, to have the health to walk, breathe, see, and smile, and especially the intelligence partnered with self-awareness to experience it all. Om shivaya namaha. May this be for the highest good of all beings everything, for all souls in all Universes, including myself. Namaste 🙏 ✨ 💕

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