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Yoga by Julia


Hey, ABQ Yoga Instructors! We are adding more classes to our schedule and looking for a few teachers to join our team!

Our Mission is to help people find lives of fulfillment and purpose, that allows them to be who they fully are. That’s my goal for our team as much for our students!

We are holding auditions August 14 @ 10 am and August 15 @ 2 pm. DM me if you or one of your teaching buddies are interested! If you can't make those times, we can make arrangements.
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Yoga by Julia 🍵 + 40 Day Challenge!!!
Would like to share with your community a lovely talk and kirtan with Swami Nikhilanand from Radha Madhav Dham, Austin Texas. Namaste and Thank you!

Our Mission: "to help people find lives of fulfillment & purpose, and ultimately help them be who they are created to be." At Yoga by Julia, it's more than just yoga - it's an environment of support.

It's a community . . . a place to get help through all the twists, turns & adventures of life. Our goal is a fulfilling life, and you're invited to share in that.

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Yoga by Julia updated their information in their About section. 12/17/2020

Yoga by Julia updated their information in their About section.

Yoga by Julia updated their information in their About section.

Photos from Yoga by Julia's post 11/19/2020

CONGRATS to our 200-hour yoga teacher training grads!!

This is a group of champions. Of overcomers. Of yogis who refuse to be stopped, no matter what life throws their way. These beautiful people graduated last weekend!! 🙌💖🎉

We’re here at the end and they made something of this year. Completing a teacher training is an accomplishment even under ideal circumstances. These yogis loved on each other, supported one another, and shared this journey together. Their asana and their teaching was fabulous this past weekend. Their off-the-mat practice of yoga shined from the first weekend to the last. Their love for each other was beautiful.

As for their trainers, Lori, Leslie & Meg . . . they were standout. Both in the way they adapted and in the results they produced. I was thoroughly impressed by what ALL of the trainees were able to do by the end. Lori, Leslie & Meg had to learn to teach through Zoom, adapt the curriculum through a logistical obstacle course, and plan through unknown and uncertain conditions. They held space for everyone during a difficult (for many in our group, traumatic) time. What came out of them when the pandemic applied pressure was love.

Students, my heart melts over you. Trainers, my heart thanks you. Virtual group hug, y’all . . . WE DID IT!! :D

It is with endearment and respect that I present to you our grads:

Alicia Hammond
Angela Ekman
Ania Klas
Anna Lee
Anne Hall
Bennie Cruz
Brittany Early
Brittney Freer
Brooke Gold
Caitlin Nelson
Charli Raabe
Christine Hipp
Denise McMahon
Dierdre Wilson
Donna Bryce
Elyse VonNeiderhausern
Janelle Deen
Jennifer Alumbaugh
Jennifer Duran
Jessica Holguin
Jessica Wallner
Julie Snyder
Kenzie Snoeberger
Krystal Vigil
Laura Douglas
Linda Klas
Meaghan Cavanaugh
Meg Haese
Melissa David
Mimi Sierra-Browne
Nicole Jackson
Rachael Whitehead
Rocio Torres
Rosemary Pagliaro
S. Chang
Sydney de Ruiter Zylker
Teresa Dow
Thayla Sullivan

A few of these students are still completing makeup work, but they’re thoroughly on track to finish and accomplished plenty to warrant recognition.


Woohoo, we're open! Group fitness classes have been approved at 25% capacity, so we're scheduling classes by appointment for now. Call or text 505-720-4303 or email [email protected] for our current schedule and openings!

We'll of course be disinfecting the studio between classes and following all CDC protocol. Masks are required at all times. Please bring your own props, maintain social distancing, and stay home if you're not feeling well. We're being meticulously careful with all the safety guidelines.

Other than that, have fun!


To all of my Black friends & other POC reading this:

"I'm sorry" is not remotely enough. I want to hear your stories. I want to hear your thoughts. I want to understand the issue. Because I want to help.

Please keep talking. A lot of us out there are listening. Your voice is getting louder.

* * *

It angers me that it took something as heinous as the murder of George Floyd to wake people up.

I took a trip a couple years ago to Washington, DC. It was supposed to be my vacation . . . I love American history and wanted indulgent, unrushed time at the Smithsonians. I didn’t get very far into the museums.

I started with my favorite - American History. Exhibit after exhibit touted the brilliance and superiority of our forefathers . . . and all I could think was, “yeah, but they had slaves.” “Yeah, but look at that picture with the Black guy in the background, in chains.” “Yeah, but he r***d that slave girl.”

I’ve lost track of how many times through the years I’ve pointed that out to history teachers, museum docents, bystanders, etc and their responses have been, “well, he was more friendly toward the slaves. He actually treated his slaves pretty well.”


“Well, you have to understand the cultural context of the time.”

“Well, you have to understand the economic implications of not having slaves.”


These attitudes are pervasive still today.

I made it through maybe 2 or 3 hours at the American History museum, bouncing from exhibit to exhibit to see if they were all insisting upon the white supremacy portrayal of everything. Still? In today’s day and age? I kept thinking.

“Oh, good - here’s an exhibit about Civil Rights or . . . something Black History.” I couldn’t get through that one, either. A gratuitous mention of events we’ve all heard about that basically amounted to, “we’ve come a long way since slavery!”

After that, I couldn’t go back. I’d planned for a good 5 days or so at that museum. Every time I thought of going back, I shut down. Add to that the all-White 4th of July celebrations happening outside, and my trip took on a different flavor.

I decided to talk with as many Black people as I could about their experiences with racism. Disturbingly, they held most of the minimum wage jobs in DC and few of the executive positions. So I talked with my Uber drivers. The gal making my Subway salad. The grocery store clerks.

Every one of them, without hesitation, said discrimination was part of their everyday existence. I thought it might be like, “yeah, it’s there but it’s not too bad”. No, it was a passionate, “OH, yeah. Every day. Lemme tell you ‘bout . . . “

ALL of them had stories of jobs they’d been passed up for because their skin. Economic hardship was the first thing ALL of them said. Schools they didn’t get into, stores they got thrown out of (that one came up more than once), dehumanizing treatment by the police . . . and that was just my sample of people on the street. I wish I could find a video I saw a while back on stats for % of Blacks vs others who are convicted of crimes and incarcerated.

The issue is very REAL.

I’ve mentioned before that I have a history of abuse. Let’s just say that every time I watch movies about slavery or Civil Rights, I bawl my way through not just for them, but because it hits suuper close to home with my experiences with my abuser. Except their abusers were everywhere. The thought of being treated like that systemically, by society . . . it makes me ask, “how would you recover from that, psychologically? How would you get ahead? How would you not hate people? How would you feel like you had strength to get up and do life? And ohhh, dear - what if you had an abusive situation, a health problem, or other extenuating circumstances at home on top of that??”

I’ve spent a lot of time since that trip thinking of ways to address the issue. Not just talk, but DO something about it (though I appreciate the talk, as awareness helps). I have a number of ideas - more a variety of things than an umbrella project - but they will take years to implement. For now:

Stay strong. We'll stand with you ❤️


In-studio classes are on hold during the crisis, but we'd love to practice with you online!


Hey, everybody! Our Online Studio is live - check it out!


During this time, we hope to help you keep the chaos on the outside. I think of it as if I have a radar that goes out from the center of my being, programmed to pick up information in a factual, objective way . . . no rose-colored lenses, no mass hysteria. If I find myself crawling out of my center and into the fray, I pause and pull myself back in.

I tend my garden of calm in the center of my being, and from that place, allow myself to feel, to analyze, to strategize on the data my radar brings back. Then I see which parts I can control and which parts I can’t. That allows me to make smart decisions . . . and reminds me that there’s more to life than whatever’s trying to take over.

It’s a discipline, sometimes, to stay off the crazy train. But it breaks the cycle. We’re here for you and we’re holding space, to help you with this. Take a breath and do some yoga. You can’t control this virus. But you can make sure it doesn’t control you.





Since it’ll be a while til we’re open again, we have a new way to yoga together. You can still practice with your favorite teachers!

We are creating an online video library for you. Starting next week, we will post a Class of the Day. Classes will remain on the site, so you can watch them at any time. We will provide a variety of levels and styles as the weeks go on. Pilates, too! First we’ll cover our bases with classes that are most popular at the studio.

In this time where so many of us are unable to work, classes are free if you need them to be! We also have the option to pay, if you are able.

We sure do love our students : ) Though we would much prefer to see you in person, it will be fun to play with a new format and explore our practices in new ways! See you . . . er . . . you’ll see us . . . soon!


Hey, everybody. With the way things are progressing in the world, we need to ask everyone to stay home for a while.

Classes are going strong and people have been beautifully supportive, but it’s just not right to stay open right now. We will hold classes through tomorrow evening, to give people time to get the memo, and then suspend through the end of the month. Memberships will be paused during this time.

Times like these make us appreciate our community even more. We miss you already . . . but we will be together in spirit. With every curveball comes growth, and that’s what I hope for all of us during this time.

Talk soon! Much love!


40-Day New Year's Challenge starts today! Commit to one of two goals: 20+ classes in 40 days or 30+ classes in 40 days.

Our Challenge is to make 2020 a yoga year. Commit to a regular practice for 1 year and see what happens. Who could you be by this time next year? What could happen? Where could you go?

Committing to a regular yoga practice is like stepping into a storybook that don't know where it will lead. All you know is you’re guaranteed to be a better person with a better life (and better health) at the end.

Today, I invite you to let go of the past and step into a new life. It’s a new year, a new decade, and you have the power to be a new person.

Yoga will make you a new person. If you’ll commit to it. Let's go!!


Yoga School is our 200-Hour Teacher Training. About half of our students do it to become a teacher and the other half does it simply to deepen their practices. Make 2020 the year everything changes . . . that's what this program is designed to do for you! Learn more at


Yoga by Julia




Exciting Announcement! Bree is taking over as manager at our Paradise location, and Sarena (who was managing both) is focusing her attention on our Academy location!

Sarena - it was a valiant feat to manage both locations, and you did it with a smile! THANK YOU! Bree - your ideas are amazeballs and it's been a blast already!

So looking forward to this next season with you two!!


Meet Your Yoga School 2020 Instructors

Get a sneak peek into our 2020 teacher training with lead instructors Lori, Meg & Leslie! More info at

Get a sneak peek into our 2020 teacher training with lead instructors Lori, Meg & Leslie! More info at


Yoga School 2020

"There's so much more to yoga than I realized!" —common comment we get from Yoga Schoolers

Yoga School 2020 meets one weekend per month, January through September. Our 200-hour teacher training is Yoga Alliance-certified and student-approved! Learn all about it at

"There's so much more to yoga than I realized!" - common comment we get from Yoga Schoolers Yoga School 2020 meets one weekend per month, January through Sep...


Yoga School 2019 Testimonials

When we say Yoga School changes lives, we are not exaggerating. Hear story after story of it in this video (this isn't even all of them . . . I stopped filming after a while).

This could be you, a year from now. Make 2020 the year you get 20/20 vision for your life. Life is too precious to put it off. Here's all the info for next year's program:

Thanks soo much for your vulnerability, you who shared in this video! Here's to ALL of us living our best lives!!

Life-changing story after life-changing story from our teacher training! This could be YOU, a year from now . . . learn more at


Our 200-hour teacher training graduation was last Sunday.
44 yogis (divided into 2 groups) finished their journeys . . .

Dear Yoga School Grads,

You were phenomenal. The shock still hasn't worn off. Your final teaching was so moving, it felt like many of you had been at this for years. Your authenticity, humility, depth, and LOVE brought us to tears . . . over and over. Your insight, the way you made yoga your own, the profound thoughts you shared . . . it was at a level that only happen when you're living it out.

We're completely proud of you. Genuinely grateful. Inspired, excited, and deeply touched by you. THANK YOU for being outstanding people. For being action-takers, for doing the work, for honestly facing yourselves. You made this program the best-case scenario of what we hoped it would be.

Instructors you're the ones who inspired them to be this way. You poured your hearts, your lives, your BEINGS into this. Your dedication came from a place of integrity, both toward the practice and toward the students. You modeled far more than the asanas . . . you lived your yoga behind the scenes.

That's why this changed lives, profoundly. You did more than impart powerful tools. You held the space and gifted the energy for transformation . . . which is the real work of teaching. As a result . . . well, listen to the stories in the video below. You helped student after student enter a new life. Most of our grads gushed that the program went far beyond their expectations "in so many ways". Most of them gushed that they *loved* you!!!


I don't know who needs to see this right now, but...


[08/19/19]   40 Days at YBJ: Posture, July 28 - Sept 5

Practice Confidence

Last week we talked about what your posture communicates to YOU. This week, let's remember what your posture communicates to others!

Next time you have a difficult conversation or a scary situation, stand tall and keep your head on your shoulders.

Practice carrying yourself that way all the time and you'll be used to it, even in the face of challenge.

PS - practice it on the mat, too!

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit and 40 days for transformation to occur. Every 40 days at the studio, we discuss an element of yoga that will take your practice to the next level. You get 40 days to practice it and then we add another one!


“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
― Lao Tzu 10/25/2018

RYT-200 & RYT-500 Yoga Teacher Trainings

200-HR & +300/500-HR

Mysterious & Fabulous Yoga Journeys . . .

The longer I do yoga, the more I learn to embrace its mystery. At first I was skeptical (honestly, wary) of any benefits beyond fitness. Even as I became convinced of its merits, I pursued deeper training and intensives out of an academic desire to learn more.

But every time I did the deep intensives, something profound would come of it . . . epic healing, stunning clarity, full-on radical life overhaul. Every time, it was something I had struggled with for YEARS. Every time, it was unexpected - I couldn’t have scripted it.

Now I jump into new yoga intensives like I’m jumping into a new story. I don’t know how the story will end - don’t even know the next page - and that’s the fun of it. I let it take me on its adventure, freeing and healing and revealing things to me constantly along the way. Forgoing that now feels like leaving stunning treasure unclaimed along life’s path.

If you want to experience what I mean, Yoga School is your ticket in. You can’t put a price tag on the treasure you will gain. Check it out! Indulge your yoga fascination and take your practice to depths you never knew existed. Change your life in the process. Programs both for those who want to teach and for those who want to deepen their practices start Jan 2019!




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