New Game Plus - Gaming Center

New Game Plus - Gaming Center


You ready to fight? Let's a-goryuken!

New Game Plus - Gaming Center is working with NM-ISM and the New Mexico Smash Scene to bring you events that test your mettle!

The first three Saturdays of every month will be met with the Fighting Game Community's weekly events at 12 PM. Week one is Tekken, week two is an Anime Fighter (GG Strive, anyone?), and week three will be Street Fighter V! Event and registration details are on their page (NM-ISM), so be sure to check that out for more information. Venue fee will be $10.

And starting Sunday, June 13th at 11 AM, we'll be working with the New Mexico Smash Scene to bring you Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Choose your fighter and prove to the locals how much you can brawl! Make sure to check out their page as well for event and registration info! Venue fee will be $10.

We're excited to be back to doing events! We value the health and safety of all of our community and take proper precautions to make sure our equipment and venue is COVID safe and sanitized - ready for your enjoyment.

See you on the field of battle!
Our friend, Jon Sakura, is a wonderful supporter of Catopia and he has a huge heart for helping cats! Jon is President of Gamers Anonymous and New Game Plus - Gaming Center, which opened this weekend. He works with Animal Humane New Mexico and their Cats Around Town program. His first business found homes for well over 100 cats and he will continue to help even more cats. Please visit one of his awesome stores soon for some fun and to meet this awesome fella!
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So here it is. We're back. Again.

As most of you know, this is just a complicated time for a million different reasons, so we just have to constantly be on the lookout for the best ways to handle business, and with more information comes more responsibility, and all we want to do is to make sure we're doing the most responsible things for our community!

This announcement, however, is here to commemorate us reopening back to the public, with the continued enforcement on masks being mandatory (and that means covering your mouth AND nose inside the store at all times), calling ahead or messaging us for scheduling appointments, and helping us with our limited capacity rules by keeping business to a reasonable pace (we're not gonna kick you out for anything, just be mindful of your time inside to be considerate of other customers waiting outside!).

Additionally, we're working right now on examining what it means to expand our hours. We'll be extending current hours of operation to a 12pm -6pm schedule, seven days a week, to more as our time and staffing situation allows!

It's a constant battle of knowing just how to handle things, and with lots of feedback, research, and decisions we feel are best for how GA is run, we appreciate your understanding in our efforts to find the best medium to walk. It's never easy to have to hop the hurdles of what this year has already thrown at us, but it must be expressly stated that we genuinely thank you for your patience throughout all of this.

We want to return to normal at GA, and while New Game Plus is still being constructed (and hoo buddy are we excited to show you more), we'll be continuing to offer new product in line with shirts, stickers, and other merch to compliment our selection of games.

So, let's celebrate this next milestone by welcoming you back into the shop, and remember to keep your mask on, book an appointment for trades, and be mindful of the store's capacity of five customers.

Thanks again, and we'll see all of you soon back inside Gamers Anonymous!


New Game Plus is a gaming center offering the latest in PC and Console gaming, but also including card, board, tabletop, and classic video game experiences!

Payment models include hourly rates, but also offer package deals for longer term sessions. At New Game Plus, we have different payment plans that will support your needs and time, including hours that can be purchased and stored for later use, or day passes that provide you unlimited access for the day at a lower rate! Plans and prices (excluding tax) are as follows:

1 Hour – $5 – Our standard h

Operating as usual


Are you a lord of the rings? Come be a lord of THIS, ring, the Elden Ring, now available on our store PlayStation systems for you to enjoy! Come explore the latest land, starting today!


Six is the magic number! Just released today, we now have the full Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster available at NG+ to enjoy. Come check out the evolution of this popular series with us and enjoy some excellent memories, or try them for the first time! 💜


A fight is on the horizon. Come check out two of the latest releases before you buy them, but also, come enjoy some KoF15 to try before our tournament tomorrow at noon! Come practice and swing on by to play!


Two Jones, One Cup.

Movies are always a good way to enjoy some time at NGP - come enjoy some Indy classics with us while hanging out and making new friends!


Today we’re excited to have not one, but two new games for you to be able to enjoy! Come check out the newest game in the unique genre of a game where you kill *gasp* Zombies, but also try the new formula for Pokémon and see if it tickles the fancy! Both available as part of your game time, so stop on by to give these games a shot!


New strat: let’s sell you board games or play some of our don’t-get-bored-games! While the majority of our inventory is purchased to be enjoyed on hand, we decided to snag a couple of these cool tabletop experiences that you can fully purchase, should you like them! Stop by to examine, and feel free to call for pricing and availability! Even better - come grab a piping hot cocoa, coffee, or chai latte from our Potion Seller cafe to enjoy while you play!


Hey all! Just updating to let you know we’ll be closing early at 6 tonight due to weather. We should be resuming store hours as normal tomorrow, but just ask that you all make sure to stay safe and warm this evening!


I have a Play, I have a Station!
Unh, Station Play (2)!
Come enjoy the PS2 with over a hundred games to choose from, now stationed in our retro room!


Good morning, gamers! In honor of MLK Day, we will be open today from 12 PM to 5 PM. Come in and get your game on! #dream #mlkday


It’s Christmas Eve. You know that that means.
We’re open from 12 PM to 5 PM today for all your holiday gaming needs! Come to the dark side. We have cookies. 😈🥰🎄❄️


We all need to relax just a little bit. Reminder that NG+ will be open for abridged hours today from 12-5, will be closed tomorrow, but will reopen on Sunday for our normal schedule. Happy holidays from us to you!


Hey Gamers! In addition to the FGC’s casual fighting game event today from 12-4, We will be closed today from 6-10 for a private Smash Bros event at the shop this evening. If you’re interested in participating, stop by and speak with Zavi, our organizer of tonight’s Melee tournament if you’d like to participate. As the venue is rented out by him for this, he’ll be the guy to speak to regarding attendance. Thanks, and we’ll be back open for all normal store hours tomorrow!


Did you know that NG+ is capable of mobile events? It can require lots of times in advance to plan, but don’t hesitate to let us know if we have any availability to help you run something elsewhere for a few hours!


Look what the Meowth dragged in! We have some stock on Build & Battle Stadium boxes, both big and small, going for $59.95 and $19.95, respectively. Come catch one!


Good morning, Plussers! We have abridged hours today, closing at 5 PM, but we WILL be opening up at noon to bring you a few extra hours of gameplay! Swing on by and we can do a special happy hour pass for ya between 12 and 3. Hopefully we’ll see ya soon!


You can't handle my strongest potions. They're too strong for you.

Or can you?

Now open with a limited menu (more to come soon!), Potion Seller, the New Game Plus Cafe, would love to bring you some delicious drinks to supplement your stay at NGP, or to take with you on the go!

Stop in and inquire with us today to see which flavors are in stock!




One Halo. Infinite ways to play. Now available on our shop systems to enjoy with your friends, on our accounts! Stop by and take a Slay Ride with the chief!

Photos from New Game Plus - Gaming Center's post 11/12/2021

Gotta catch ‘em all? Good thing they can be found at New Game Plus! 🃏 #pokemon #pokemontcg #pokemoncards #magicthegathering #mtg #newgameplus #gaming


Happy Veteran’s Day! To celebrate, we are offering an all day long set of deals - happy hour pass is a sweet deal at $5 for two hours , available ALL day, or a day pass is a full 20% off for $20 for the ENTIRE day. Thank you for your service - we’d love to honor you today. Present your ID with us at time of checkout and we’ll take care of you! 💚


May the Forza be with you! Look what we have, now installed on both our Series S and X. Come race with Mexico’s finest today with your game time!


Ain’t no party like a Mario Party! Come grab some friends and get down with a collection of madness and mayhem across the series’ best mini games! Now available to enjoy at NG+!


A Raffle? At my con? It’s more likely than you think! We are taking $1 tickets which could totally get you some of these sweet goods! Check it, stop by, and share this post, please! 💚

Photos from New Game Plus - Gaming Center's post 10/29/2021

Almost done setting up for @nmcomicexpo! We have our exclusive shirts and 30 exclusive prints for our Geno design. Come by this weekend and stop by the booth to play some games with me, and snag a cool T-shirt while you’re at it!


It was a causal gaming Monday until Marvel champions & Descents legends of the dark just crashed landed here at New Game plus ! 🎲



Now available on the store's Oculus Quest 2! Come snag some VR hours and help Leon throw Ashley into a dumpster to protect her!


Are we gonna Smash, or are we gonna Brawl? With Ultimate’s roster now complete, which game do you see yourself sticking with? Come try both today and make an informed decision!


It’s spooky season. You know what that means.
It’s time to feel the Magic in the air! Gather ‘round at New Game Plus and pick up some new cards today! 🔮 #MagicTheGathering #mtg #ngp #gaming


Look at this perfect little Pokémon 😭😍


Prepare to become a pioneer. Available for purchase at 2PM. Can be purchased as a box or individually. Stop by and snag the newest decks on the block!
*cards not kept in store after hours*


Where Far Cries fear to Dread: Unleashed.
Come check out some of our newest titles at the shop, available to play with your game time on one of our systems. See you there, ‘Troids!

Photos from New Game Plus - Gaming Center's post 10/06/2021

The moment we’ve all been waiting for! A monkey, but inside of a ball. Now available to play at the shop, and also game that will be hosting our monthly challenge! Submit a high score in Monkey Shot Level 1 for $1 per entry, and impress your friends (and win free time!). Let’s Plus!


Want to support some New Mexico Comic Expo Action? Heck yeah! And to help you guys snag tickets, we are now carrying them in-store to purchase and prep for the Con next month. Come snag some, and bring some cash, since they are cash-only purchases!


Happy 64th birthday, Nintendo 25! I mean, um, well, you know. We have our system set up at the shop to enjoy with every game released in the US! What do you want to come play today?


Diabolical! D2R has just made its way to the NG+ PCs, ready for you to come try and enjoy! Stop by and kick the Big D in big B!

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It's Time.
It’s never Game Over. 💜



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1512-D Wyoming Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM

Opening Hours

Monday 2pm - 10pm
Tuesday 2pm - 10pm
Wednesday 2pm - 10pm
Thursday 2pm - 10pm
Friday 2pm - 10pm
Saturday 2pm - 10pm
Sunday 2pm - 10pm

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