The Iron Road

Bodywork including deep tissue Swedish massage, myofascial release, and foot reflexology - you don’t have to live in pain! Helping healing arts practitioners, fitness instructors, and anyone who feels they are lacking self-care options or strength training.

You can't have completely strong individuals who are only strong in mind and not in body - and vice versa. You don't have to live and work in pain or feel like you're not strong enough - change that today and send me a message with your goals.

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just a reminder, 15% sale ends tonight! 😺 thanks for your business, everyone!! 🙏

Happy #smallbusinesssaturday ! I hope everyone’s thanksgivings were exactly what they needed. After you’ve worked off all your stuffing, turkey, etc., treat yourself and/or a loved one to some #bodywork 😺 •Follow the link in my bio for gift cards!• >Now offering 15% off ALL gift cards $55+<
🙏 PROMO CODE valid through tomorrow: use SMALLBUSINESS at checkout
PACKAGES valid for SMALLBUSINESS promo code! (buy 4 treatments, get 5th free) - regular prices are 5 x 60 min sessions for $220, 5x 90 min sessions for $320
#massage #massagetherapy #reflexology #smallbusiness #albuquerque #newmexico #coresynchronism #myofascialrelease #nobhillabq #treatyoself #gift


Happy #smallbusinesssaturday ! I hope everyone’s thanksgivings were exactly what they needed. After you’ve worked off all your stuffing, turkey, etc., treat yourself and/or a loved one to some #bodywork 😺 •Follow the link in my bio for gift cards!• >Now offering 15% off ALL gift cards $55+<
🙏 PROMO CODE valid through tomorrow: use SMALLBUSINESS at checkout
PACKAGES valid for SMALLBUSINESS promo code! (buy 4 treatments, get 5th free) - regular prices are 5 x 60 min sessions for $220, 5x 90 min sessions for $320
#massage #massagetherapy #reflexology #smallbusiness #albuquerque #newmexico #coresynchronism #myofascialrelease #nobhillabq #treatyoself #gift


Let’s get in sync everybody - bring me your chronic unexplainable conditions and let’s see what we can do now 🙏👐


FREEFORM 🐛🦋 • a clothes-on 30 to 90 minute #bodywork session where we explore your physical and mental states and do what we need to do to for YOU. an approachable way to flow through several energetic and physical modalities, including (but not limited to): #footreflexology #myofascialrelease #activestretching #polaritytherapy #cranialsacraltherapy #coresynchronism and meridian-based #acupressure. let’s work together soon! #massagetherapy #albuquerque #newmexico #alternativehealth #feelinggood #energywork


Yoga For Strength - 40 Minute Vinyasa Sequence

Take some time out of your day and take care of yourself! If your schedule is crazy like mine, a home yoga practice makes a lot of sense. Yoga is excellent for between massage body maintenance, too! 😀🙏🧘‍♀️ For a community-based approach, check out my pals at YogaZo! Classes 7 days a week...

Yoga For Strength! Join Adriene for a 40 Minute Vinyasa Flow Yoga. This practice cultivates heat, trims, tones, builds strength and flexibility. Adriene work...


COMPLETE BALANCE treatment - one hour of #massage including #deeptissue and #myofascialrelease followed by thirty minutes of #footreflexology into ONE 90 minute session. Find out how your body can heal itself with a firm push in the right direction. Message me today and let’s get to work on your #therapeutic goals! #massagetherapy #albuquerque #newmexico #naturalhealing #alternativehealth #painrelief


#yoga has been a large part of my life for quite some time, but no more so than two years ago when I started going to classes at @yogazo_abq - I’m now paying it forward (formally, now) and offering YogaZo instructors and students $10 off their first treatment with me! This can be a 1 hour, 90 minute, or 2 hour massage - or $10 off a 3 treatment foot reflexology series or a 60 minute foot reflexology session.
Normal rates here - #payitforward #massage #massagetherapy #footreflexology #albuquerque #bodywork


👣 3 x 30 minute foot reflexology series - $80
Everything we do and think eventually settles out in the feet, and letting go of the things that don’t serve us can open up many new opportunities. Let’s open things up in your feet and your life - three 30-minute sessions of foot reflexology can be a very effective way of reaching your physical and emotional goals.
Message my page today or text me at (505) 585-3116 and let’s get started! 🙏


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Come see me at @nomadicyogafestival today through 6pm! Donation-based 10 minute treatments of #massage or foot #reflexology! #nomadicyogafestival #massagetherapy #albuquerque #nmtrue #yoga


Please share! Tell the expecting (2nd and 3rd trimester) women in your life that they can get a FREE massage! Call the New Mexico School Of Natural Therapeutics at 505-268-6870 to book - space is limited! 🙏 💜


From mental health clinic nurses, to Jewish community center staff, to yoga teacher training participants and everyone in between, I can do massage for you and your organization on-site for a reasonable fee! Text 505-585-3116 or email [email protected] to book me for your wellness event now! 🙏
Speaking of events.... come see me at NOMADIC Yoga Festival THIS SATURDAY, 5/18, from 9a-6p!


Buy your tickets to NOMADIC Yoga Festival soon! Yoga, vendors, food, and more! 🙏

Did you know that we have massage from two talented individuals offered at NOMADIC Yoga Festival this year? Stop by Jonathan Hawes booth from The Iron Road for a relaxing reset! Stop by Charlsey Leigh McDonald from ELITE-OSM for the perfect Tune-up between classes!

Both are part of our LIVE vendor market from 10am-6pm on Saturday May 18th!


Book an appointment or buy a gift card for someone and come see my new office! Still in Nob Hill, but way more spacious and comfy. Have a lovely rest of your week and a great weekend, everyone! 🙏💚


I'M AT NOMADIC Yoga Festival AGAIN!! 🙏

I will be offering 10 minute sessions of clothes-on therapeutic bodywork to include (but not limited to): Active-assisted stretching, sports massage, and foot reflexology. Suggested donation of $5-10, and if you book an hour (or longer) treatment with me that day, you'll get 20% off that session (rates are $60/hr, $85/1.5hr, $100 for 2 hrs)!


Hello folks! Now that the dust has settled a bit and spring is here... message my page or text me at 505-585-3116 to book appointments! I'm now working out of the New Mexico School Of Natural Therapeutics student clinic at 202 Morningside Dr. SE 💚🙏

Buy 4 1-hour massages and get one free!
Buy a 2 sessions of a 3-session foot reflexology series (3 x 30 min.) and get one free!

Updated rates for 2019:
1 hr. massage, $60
1.5 hr. massage, $85
2 hr. massage (new offering!), $100

30 min. foot reflexology, $35
60 min. foot reflexology, $50


Go see my friends at @heart_n_vine_apothecary today or any Sunday 10am-2pm! This salve is a natural muscle relaxer.. amazing for chronic muscle tightness after a bath and/or right before bed! #buylocal #albuquerque #naturalhealth #salve #naturalmedicine


come see me at @nomadicyogafestival today until 6pm and mention this post for a FREE 10-minute #massage #footreflexology or #polaritytherapy session! #bodywork #albuquerque #505 #ironroadlife #yoga #festival #community #nmtrue


short, but effective work day for #teachers at @abqschools with @por_vida_therapeutics - even a 10 minute #massage can do a lot 🙏 come get a 15 minute one for just $5 at #nomadicyogafestival @nomadicyogafestival at the @rail_yards_market_abq space on May 19 😺🙌#chairmassage #massagetherapy #lovemyjob #albuquerque #newmexico


Signage for NOMADIC Yoga Festival @nomadicyogafestival is complete - I’ll be offering 15 minute mini-treatments of #footreflexology #massagetherapy or #polaritytherapy ! ...and... if you get a mini-treatment from me at my booth, you get 15% off any full-length treatment I offer...
So go do some #yoga, and/or just come check out the FREE vendor market!
#nomadicyogafestival #ironroadlife #massage #community #supportlocal #albuquerque #festival


Life is hard - but it doesn’t have to be 🙏 Strength - Bodywork - Meditation can change everything 🙌
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"The greatest obstacle to living is expectation, which depends on tomorrow and wastes today." Seneca

All day tickets for NOMADIC Yoga Festival are $10 off through the end of tomorrow (4/26) with the promo code ABQYOGA - don’t miss this unique community gathering and share some positive space with your fellow Burqueño! I’ll be providing #massage, #footreflexology, and #polaritytherapy 15 minute mini treatments 😎

#Repost @nomadicyogafestival with @get_repost
We cannot wait to share some s p a c e in Downtown ABQ. We are just shy of a month away from filling The Yards with Yogis, Teachers, Small Businesses and of course some food & drinks! If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, don’t delay and get your ALL DAY pass or Drop In Class pass this weekend! 📷: @beckley7cr7 .
#yogafestival #yogateacher #festival #yoga #downtown #abq#albuquerque #newmexico #community #yogacommunity #connect #share #space #railyards #market #livemusic #beer #wine #yogaclass #workshop #silentdiscoyoga #silentdisco #smallbusiness #support #local


- Sciatic Pain ⚡️- or diagnosed #sciatica is a very common recurring pain pattern and affects those of us who sit a lot either for getting to work, or for your job itself (or for both!). #massage is great for relieving symptoms, especially coupled with #footreflexology
a 3-treatment series of 30 minute #reflexology sessions may change your outlook on how treatable your sciatica symptoms are. Let’s work together!
#ironroadlife #albuquerque #alternativehealth #treatyoself #sciaticarelief #lowbackpain #bodywork #naturalhealing


h a n g in there, folks🌜 - reset, do what you need for yourself and #treatyoself #rejuvenation #massagetherapy #massage #ironroadlife
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S U N // U R A N U S
Today, as the sun separates from Uranus and moves into Taurus, it foretells something much bigger that is about to happen.
Uranus in Taurus.
On the next new moon, Uranus, the planet of major change, will enter the sign that is responsible for stabilizing life. Grounding it. Bringing it into form. Uranus hasn’t been here for 80 some odd years. The way we work with our resources, the way we build, the way we harness the energy nature offers us, is all going to go through a radical change.
Whatever house Taurus occupies in your chart will go through similar changes. If you have planets or points in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius (nodes, AC, MC, DC, IC, part of fortune, etc) you’ll feel this even more so. Fixed signs are in for big shifts. Cardinal signs will be done with his transit officially by next year. Uranus will will move back and forth between the Aries/Taurus boarder from now until then, but will spend 7 years in Taurus all told.
The shifts will sometimes be at warp speed, and sometimes they’ll settle down and going underground. The most potent moments will most likely be when Uranus is within a degree or two of a planet or aspect. Other times you’ll sense it’s presence, but not necessarily always feel it’s impact. But impact it will have. I highly recommend some good science and science fiction books, @adriennemareebrown book, Emergent Strategies, and other resources that help us stretch our understanding of how to live life respectfully and creatively on an ever changing planet.


SAVE THE DATE - I will be offering #massage, #reflexology, and energetic mini-treatments at NOMADIC yoga festival May 19, 2018 at The Railyards in #albuquerque! A full day of yoga, MANY types of vendors, and people coming together! @ @nomadicyogafestival
#massagetherapy #yoga #nomadic #yogafestival #community #abqyoga #yoganm


Mercury in retrograde got you feeling overwhelmed? Treat your parasympathetic nervous system and get a clear mind with #massagetherapy - for everyone feeling the cosmos today and/or the need to release some tight muscle tissue, let’s talk about starting a body maintenance program. #treatyoself #mercuryretrograde #massage #ironroadlife #albuquerque #alternativehealth #bodywork #relax #deepbreath @chaninicholas


If you’ve got a smartphone, you probably know about or have experienced “text neck” firsthand. #massagetherapy focused on neck and upper back muscles that connect to the base of the skull and cervical vertebrae can dramatically improve a case of #forwardheadposture. It takes time and correcting the root cause of the issue, but we can make progress together. #alternativehealth #massage #dontliveinpain #albuquerque #ironroadlife #textneck #triggerpointtherapy #neuromusculartherapy


Sometimes we all need a reset. My preference for this is going for a #hike. Mental health is extremely important as we all know, and #massagetherapy, #exercise, and #hiking are amazing for this. And... this has inspired me to give you folks a deal! Mention this post, and if you prepay for 2 massage sessions I’ll give you the third for 30% off (1 hour is $55, 1.5 is $80)! Hope your 2018 is a peaceful and prosperous one! #happynewyear #nmtrue #ironroadlife #albuquerque #laluztrail #sandiamountains #mentalhealth #takecareofyourself #massage #naturalhealing


Merry #christmas and happy holidays, everyone! In between Christmas Day festivities, I decided to get in a quick #kettlebell #workout. #strengthtraining doesn’t have to be long and drawn out.. you can get in an effective training session in about 15 minutes! Check out the link below for a quick rep pyramid - all you need are two techniques and you’re ready to go! 🎄💪👍
#ironroadlife #albuquerque #strength #kettlebellworkout #kettlebellpress #kettlebellsquats #workoutideas #hohoho #quickworkout #simpleworkout #kettlebelltraining


A friendly reminder as we near that time of year... #gift certificates are still available! Treat a loved one (or #treatyoself) to a #massage and/or #strengthtraining session!
#ironroadlife #alternativehealth #albuquerque #giftideas #newyearnewyou #benicetoyourself #mostwonderfultimeoftheyear #festivusgiftideas


Something I strive to do daily. Don’t get caught up in correcting others, just focus on improving yourself. #stoicism #getyourmindright #staystrong
@dailystoic (@get_repost)
“It’s silly to try to escape other people’s faults. They are inescapable. Just try to escape your own.” – Marcus Aurelius


The Turkish Get-Up #turkishgetup is one of the most effective #workouts - and I don’t just mean in the #kettlebell world. When included into a #workout, it can make for a brutal but simple routine.
#ironroadlife #kettlebellworkout #strengthtraining #strength #getstrong #albuquerque #strengthcircuit #kettlebells #kettlebellfrontsquat #kettlebellswings


Does the pain pattern in red look familiar to you? One of my favorite things to help clients with is pain in this area, since I remember it well from my days at a desk job. This pain pattern, coupled with forward head posture (from leaning forward at a desk or looking down at your phone) is a sign you may need #massage work on one or both of your levator scapulae muscles. Don’t put off relieving your pain!
#ironroadlife #massagetherapy #triggerpointtherapy #dontliveinpain #albuquerque #505 #painrelief #alternativehealth


This is one of my favorite #bodywork services to offer! Complete Balance is a 1 hour full-body massage followed by a 30 minute #footreflexology session into one 90 minute treatment. If you are looking for a massage and are curious about #reflexology, this service is for you. PERFECT for a gift!
#ironroadlife #massagetherapy #albuquerque #relaxation #alternativehealth #alternativehealing #treatyoself #giftideas #505 #takecareofyourself


Another truth shared by Daily Stoic which heavily influences me and my approach to life. Nothing to get anxious or depressed about, just something to keep with you throughout your day-to-day life. Cultivate what you know serves you, and discard the rest. #ironroadlife #stoic #stoicism #wordsofwisdom

“Our life is what our thoughts make it.” - Marcus Aurelius

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Merry #christmas and happy holidays, everyone! In between Christmas Day festivities, I decided to get in a quick #kettle...




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