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260x180 Pipe Arena, Solid Wall Round Pen, 16 Stalls, 25 Mile Sand Wash, Horse Walker, BLM Riding, Cutting Flag, Roping Cattle, & More!

Operating as usual


We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas spent with friends and family! Thank you to all of our clients and supporters that helped put presents under the tree for these two happy little girls! 🎁


Thank you lord for this beautiful day, keeping everyone healthy and safe, and a great day of training!


We hope everyone is keeping warm! It’s a bit chilly out here! ❄️


We sure are missing the warm weather this morning! So here’s a throwback to when we were sweating our butts off in the New Mexico heat 🔥


Happy Day of the Horse! They are our friends, coworkers, athletes, livelihood, and much more! We tend to be quite partial to these amazing creatures!


If your horses come home a lil chunky with a new found love for little girls this is why:


Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s some great thanksgiving art from a great artist to give you a giggle! 🦃
Artist: Teal Coke Blake

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No days off! The weather has been great! We are blessed!


Good evening we hope everyone is doing well! It has come to our attention that it is taking around 5- 6 weeks for invoices to arrive to owners through the mail. If you should have an invoice and haven’t gotten one, there’s a good chance that one was sent but please get ahold of us to get another one because some are disappearing as well. We are preparing to file a complaint with the post master as this is completely unacceptable. Please bare with us and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


It’s a bit windy! There’s a kid hiding in there!


Horse trainers everywhere checking the weather this morning to see a 30 degree temp drop-


We just want to pause to say a big thank you to everyone that supports our small business, whether it’s sending us c**ts, referencing us to a friend, or even just wearing a LeFebre Horsemanship cap. You’re helping us put food on the table for our two little girls, you’re allowing us to stay home and raise our own children, you’re paying for junior rodeo entry fees, & a lot of size 2T jeans that wear out faster than they should from so much barn playing! So thank you! You’re not just helping our business, you’re helping our family!

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Thank you very much to everyone that voted us “Best Horse Trainer” in the four corners for yet another year, and what a great surprise that it was a unanimous decision!


Does this count as a headless horseman? Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

Photos from LeFebre Horsemanship LLC's post 10/31/2022

Today is the day for wonderful updates! We often wonder how horses are doing after we send them home and we love days like today when we find out! A black filly we started and put 60 days on went home to Phoenix and is continuing cutting and roping. A blue roan we sent home after 60 days was able to find a new home and ranching job and is doing great! We are so thankful for great owners and so thankful for their trust in us with their horses!


Out of curiosity I tracked how much time we spend in the barn and riding within a week here’s the results:
Daily average: 12 hours
Weekly average: 72 hours
Monthly average: 288 hours
And if we get a day to catch up you can usually find us getting hay or at the feed store getting supplies for the barn!



We love happy clients! 2/3 year old kings kinda has a ring to it! 👑



Source : Unknown


Thank you to everyone that’s voted for us this far! Voting ends Nov. 2 if you like what we do!


Happy Friday! Go ride! 🌞




Really gotta brag on some cool c**ts we have in right now. Started an own son of Smart Chic Olena out of Kentucky on the cutting flag today, got some tricks on a couple 2 year olds, put some great outside miles on a couple with less than 30 days, etc. We absolutely love it when c**ts let us make them shine!


Good enough for horses good enough for Brindle… we can really say EVERYONE got a bath today!


When this c**t came in he was NOT a fan of anything being swung or moved around him. This cool guy is 2 years old and after 30 days with us, I think he could care less now.


Everything can be used to your advantage (even pesky flies 🪰 for desensitizing)! Colts here can see everything from slickers, tarps, bags, balloons, water bottles, ropes, mail boxes, flags, and that’s just a short list!


Well the rain we were supposed to get all summer finally showed up in one day! I guess the arena won’t be dusty for awhile!


I think one of my favorite parts of our program is we have the opportunity to give our c**ts a mental break from the arena and round pen. They really enjoy riding out in the hills and the sand wash and get to learn how to go outside. Wonderful lessons for rainy days like today!

Photos from LeFebre Horsemanship LLC's post 09/21/2022

Both views in one day! What a beautiful life we get to live!

Photos from LeFebre Horsemanship LLC's post 09/18/2022

I’d call that one hell of a day team roping! Champions in the #13, 1st and 2nd hole at the open rodeo, high money, and all around. Great day spent with our friends! 🔥 We also cant wait to see what the Lutz’s do with the 2 year old filly were sending back home with them to Cave Creek after this weekend!


I think I may like to sleep in those as well 🤔🤣


Thankful for the cool off 🙏🏼💦


We may be up to 53.5 thousand followers on other platforms, but this week we hit into the thousands on this one! Thank you everybody!


More c**ts, more coffee!
Thank you to the four sixes ranch for producing some great bloodlines to work with!



Good morning! Coreys been busy riding but I’ve been busy getting miss Riata under wraps! Now that we’re a little more established I can start getting pictures and videos of c**ts again, stay tuned 🙂


We have a 2 year old in for training right now that we quickly noticed was showing signs of discomfort. We took a peak in his mouth and realized we needed to call our good friend Stormi with Striking S Equine Service to help this guy out. In the pictures below circled in red are hooks on his upper 6’s that had worn through his lower 6 caps causing him pain. Below that is the photo of the finished product after some much needed dental work. Thankfully this c**t “Soda Pop” will be back at it, feeling much better, and ready to train!


A mistake that tends to create a cinchy horse often happens the first time a c**t is cinched up. If the girth is tightened too quickly, too soon, it frightens the horse and makes him feel really uncomfortable. Because he’s not used to having anything on his back, a tight cinch makes the new experience of being saddled even scarier for him, and often, this causes him to overreact and buck. Then the owner usually makes the second biggest mistake – they take the saddle off.

When I saddle a horse for the first time, I saddle him in the morning and keep him saddled all day. I turn him out in a safe area, where he can move his feet and won’t get the saddle hung up on anything. Letting the horse wear the saddle all day gives him a chance to get over being scared, and usually by the end of the day, he’s relaxed and has gotten past his initial reactiveness.

It’s very important to not take the saddle off until the horse has quit trying to get it off his back by bucking, rubbing it off on the fence, rolling with it, etc. For a horse to really accept a saddle, he has to think it’s part of his body, no different than his mane and tail. - Clinton

Have a horsemanship question or looking for more training tips? Check out the No Worries Club ➡ www.noworriesclub.com


(Spots filled)
We had a large group of horses scheduled to come in this month for training but the owner had to push back the dates into October. Which means we now have holes open for a handful of horses! WITH NO WAIT TIME! Which is not very common!
Message or call us to get in!
We provide the hay & payment is not due until 30 days!

💥A few spots have already been claimed, there are still a couple open 💥


Stall cleaner of the year 🥇, keeping the ponies happy!

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We may be up to 53.5 thousand followers on other platforms, but this week we hit into the thousands on this one! Thank y...
More colts, more coffee!Thank you to the four sixes ranch for producing some great bloodlines to work with!#6666Ranch #r...
A few days in the right hands can make a world of difference. Same filly, much better attitude.•We are catching back up ...
Stay cool out there today! We’ve been working late nights, early mornings, giving lots of baths, and keeping everyone he...
Turned out to buck and play, would rather stand and have a bath instead… maybe a little too broke 🤣
Per request, here’s a video of one of our other cool 2 year olds working a rope!
Having a good day chasing steers in the arena on youngins!
Good morning, early morning!
Weekends are for rest? No one told us that…
Workin workin workin ☕️ just might need some more coffee!
So much going on even before noon! And so many sorrel horses! 🔺🔻🔺🔻🔺🔻🔺🔻





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