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Welcome! Thank you for becoming a fan of Wealth Transformations! I'm here to help you radically transform your relationship with your desires to have more influence and power to manifest prosperity, freedom, and love!

Certified Master Coach, speaker, author, practitioner for spiritual healing and awakening, founder of Wealth Transformations Success Systems, Judy K. Katz transforms stressful cultures and the win/lose mindsets for heart-centered, conscious business owners and professionals who struggle with not demonstrating the power and influence to manifest their greatest desires for growth, despite their hard-working attemps to change. Become an eco-friendly business (PPP, people, profits, planet)

[10/02/15]   Please like this page if you are done being a victim of your circumstances, if you are ready to embrace your highest Self!

Wealth Transformations


Why do some of your desires manifest easily and effortlessly and others seem to take forever or...

wealthtransformations.com In all of the 20+ years that I have been teaching, coaching, and mentoring people to attract their heart's desires and to realize their dreams, I've noticed

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My brand new event, Going Beyond Your Shadows of Doubt monthly teleseries has just been launched. You can obtain your free pass by signing up for my free audio guided meditation, Connecting With Spirit, a healing journey into your genius, divine power at www.beyondyourshadowsofdoubt.com registration code:Sheri.

April 15th is the first in this limited series, Going Beyond Your $$$ Shadows. Great for tax day, don't you think!


Mindfulness. Brain Hand Model. Dan Siegel. Empathy and Cognition.

Thank you so much for sharing this Carol Carol C. Courcy. This is a MUST see video, particularly for people who, I believe, want to get a better handle on how to stay present when their buttons get pushed and their fight-flight-freeze reactions tend to take over. Of course, you know this is my passionate subject! Mindfulness works! It's great to have brain science explain why.

Interpersonal Neurobiology. Dan Siegel, M.D., a clinical professor at the UCLA School of Medicine, codirector of the Mindful Awareness Research Center, execu...


How to stay powerful and present when your buttons get pushed. | Wealth Transformations Systems

wealthtransformations.com Lately, have you been experiencing people who are annoying you to the point that you become impatient or defensive with their issues? Do you just want to

This is my newly released book, Beyond Your Shadows of Doubt:ascend out of fear and conflict into confidence and authentic power.
To learn more go to



How To Stay Powerful and Present When Your Buttons Get Pushed and Fear Over-Take

I'm excited to share this important information in this 30 minute interview. This information is detailed in my newly released book, Beyond Your Shadows of Doubt. This interview is a MUST to listen to, particularly if important people in your life push your buttons! And, of course, I believe my book is a MUST read if you are not commanding love and money into your life and you doubt your connection to divine power.

blogtalkradio.com Patricia Hirsch, MCC interviews Judy K. Katz, MCC. Learn how to get beyond your shadows of doubt and fear when conflict and difficult circumstances show up. Ascend into your magical zone of miracles and authentic power regardless of the challenge. Discover the magic and miracles that come from relea...


Some Laughs in Asheville

Wit and wisdom. Flying high and fast in Asheville "New Thoughts. New Ideas. New Approaches. New ways of looking at things. You came for that. You were born f...

[10/16/13]   I just completed the audio meditation, Connecting to Spirit, that will be available as a bonus for registering my book. More to come about that! Ooooo, I'm just so thrilled about what I have in store to really help people ascend into their authentic power and thrive!

[10/16/13]   My book, Beyond Your Shadows of Doubt:ascend from fear and conflict into confidence and authentic power, will be out by my Nov. 4th birthday! What a gift I can share with so many people!


Judy Katz - International Coach Federation - Los Angeles Chapter

I thrilled to be offering a teleclass to the ICF LA chapter of coaches Thurs., August 1, 2013! "How to stay present and powerful when your buttons get pushed. If you would like to know more and attend this free course, you can sign up at

icfla.org Judy Katz, MCC, RScP, is the owner of Wealth Transformations Success Systems, a coaching and training company, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. She has been coaching individuals, small business owners, coaches, and professionals in the USA, Europe, and Canada since Jan., 1997. Judy has earned…

[07/15/13]   Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know. ~Pema Chodron.
I love the brilliance and truth of this quote. It brings meaning and purpose to what I think is undesirable, don't you agree?

[01/30/13]   Yay, I've just agreed to publish my book, Beyond Your Shadows of Doubt: Restoring your faith and certainty to create a thriving life of abundance and love. I am thrilled to be publishing this. Please like this if it sounds compelling to you. Thanks so much!!!!!!

[01/22/13]   To be in alignment and harmony with all of your emotions, life experiences, and aspirations is to come into harmony with your Source of life itself. Resistance is the only issue that causes suffering. Acceptance is divine power in action.

Ushering In a New Era- It’s Time to be Wealthy and Thrive! | Wealth Transformations Systems

Happy New Year 2013! To my spiritually awakening friends and deliberate co-creators, I have written this blog post that will inspire your 2013 intentions and desires. If you are in a challenging relationship or having financial challenges, this will give you perspective that can heal you and clear your challenge.

wealthtransformations.com This is an exciting time for many of us. You might be wondering how I can say that, considering many of the dark challenges we have faced during this past year.


Ushering In a New Era- It’s Time to be Wealthy and Thrive! | Wealth Transformations Systems

Happy New Year, 2013 my special deliberate, spiritually awakening friends!

I have written something that is intended to inspire your 2013 intentions and desires. If you are having any challenges right now, it will offer a perspective and exercise that can set you free from its difficulty! http://www.wealthtransformations.com/?p=2256

wealthtransformations.com This is an exciting time for many of us. You might be wondering how I can say that, considering many of the dark challenges we have faced during this past year.

Do you have trouble "keeping your eyes on the ball" when obstacles and problems show up, and you love to live in the world as a creator rather than a reactor?

You really want to check out my upcoming course (retreat) SEE. It will liberate your focus and attention in the face of trouble. In a creators' world, that is GOLD. It is PRICELESS!

TinyURL.com - shorten that long URL into a tiny URL

I'm offering my Strategic Empowered Envisioning virtual mini-retreat Oct. 23rd and 24th. Learn to release fear's grip on you when faced with challenging circumstances with money and love. This will radically uplevel your life!


[10/11/12]   A sense of urgency causes us to act quickly. We can only act fast with things we know. New learnings cannot occur from this state of mind. Engaging in trust takes patience, however, when we trust in the power of love over fear's demand to force and control, our desires manifest quickly. Have you noticed?

[09/24/12]   A flashing thought entered my mind for a client this morning. I thought you would like it too. . .When love or money stop flowing, forgiveness needs to get going! Forgiving our unjustices is unconditional love. It's the divine way, not the survival way. Does this speak to any of you besides me?


Want immunity to your not-so-great circumstances and enter the powerful realm of creation? Soar into

Can you imagine how great it would be if you had the 4 keys that could radically change your life. And, what if you could learn something that contradicts the idea that you must feel good no matter what in order to create something you really desire. And, what if you knew that you are perfect just the way you are and you can manifest exactly what you want.

Sept 11th and 12th are the dates of an experience that will change your REALity! www.wealthtransformations.com/make-it-real-retreat/ A virtual course that is truly an experience! Not to be missed!

wealthtransformations.com If what you deeply desire isn't showing up the way you'd really like, in other words, if you are working very hard to make extraordinary amounts of money, yet

Strategic Empowered Envisioning course

events.linkedin.com What is possible is a wondrous thought, however, that is not the way most of us live. We live from facing our problems and focusing on how we can resolve them? This is a reactive response to our circumstances, the circumstances having the power. In this scenario, we are not bigger than our circumst...

Response is certainly better than reaction. AND, creation is the ultimate. To learn more go to www.wealthtransformations.com/make-it-real-retreat/ a virtual experience 9-11. only 4 spaces remaining. . .

Having a 'Respond' rather than 'React' Attitude gives us a beautiful yet powerful spirited energy that carrys us a long way ♥ Reaction comes from a fear filled mind; Response comes from a heart filled with compassion. When we respond we are positive, when we react to life, that’s negative. BEing composed rather than opposed in answering challenges in life, and having a pleasant rather than hostile response, BEing amicable rather than defensive in all communication; empowers us with a positive attitude toward true success. We disempower ourself when we create opposition without peaceful resolve. If we are required to reply to any conflict - breathe into the moment and gently ask self for inner guidance. Our ego is the protector so will tend to react, our heart responds with a soft, gentle yet strong vibration of graceful energy, allowing for trueness of our soul to fill our heart space. ♥ Happy Heart Day to you! ~ Love Lea ~ ♥ Attitude Goddess


flickspire - Labor Day

Today, Labor Day, is an excellent time to remember that success comes from the seeds of vision and desire that we plant in our rich minds. We don't have to chase after the fruit of our labors. It's a given!!!

flickspire.com Labor Day... A time to celebrate the value of work, the reward or rest and the honor it brings.

Walking in Spirit


Bravo Dr. Joe! This is the only way to live. If this information intrigues you, you'll love my Strategic Empowered Envisioning virtual experience coming Sept. 11th. www.wealthtransformations.com/make-it-real-retreat/

Change your internal environment—the way you think and feel—and then see how the external environment is altered by your efforts. Strive to create an unknown, new future experience. Then when an unforeseen event occurs in your favor, you will be pleasantly surprised. You just became a quantum creator. You just went from “cause and effect” to “causing an effect.”


The 4 keys to unlock your mind and be free to soar into prosperity and love. . . | Wealth Transforma

wealthtransformations.com The SEE Creative Process for Unprecedented Results™

The 4 keys to unlock your mind and be FREE:

Your 4 Fundamental Choices

Claim your birthright to choose.
Choose your identity, I am. . .
Connect with your internal power Source.
Consistently be true to yourself.


Make It Real Retreat | Wealth Transformations Systems

Your seeds of desire contain everything needed to come into fruition, just like the acorn contains the mighty tree inside. I'm teaching a transformational energy system that radically quickens this process. There are still a few spaces left. I've made it so easy to attend.
www.wealthtransformations.com/make-it-real-retreat/ a virtual experience!

wealthtransformations.com BREAKING NEWS: You really CAN Transform Your Deepest, Most Outrageous Desires into Fabulous, Jumping-for-Joy Realities……and I’ll PROVE IT! It all

Imagine never chasing after money again. Imagine, knowing that within the seeds of desire, eveything needed to bring it into fruition is already there, including the money! Just as the acorn contains the mighty tree inside.

"Money is a tool or resource, not the prize. The prize is a wealthy life, which is so not about money." ~ Women of Splendor


Are Emotions of Fear, Guilt, or Anger Driving Your Actions? | Wealth Transformations Systems

Join me September 11th & 12th for a special one of kind virtual retreat!

wealthtransformations.com If emotions of fear, guilt, or anger are driving your actions, you will not reach your conscious desired goal and keep it. Here’s why. . .the yoyo effect. It

[08/26/12]   Ready to fall in love with your divine imagination and soar! Yes, then you'll love this experience. www.wealthtransformations.com/make-it-real-retreat/ a virtual experience


TEDxConejo - Mark Robert Waldman - 03/27/10

This is awesome. Want to expand your brain for greatness? This is a must see video. It is just what we're going to do in my Strategic Empowered Envisioning virtual retreat Sept. 11th and 12th (4 hrs.) www.wealthtransformations.com/make-it-real-retreat/

Mark Robert Waldman is a therapist and an Associate Fellow at the Center for Spirituality and the Mind, Universi ty of Pennsylvania, where he currently co...

Wealth Transformations

Please join my movement and mission to transform business cultures and individual mindsets from a win/lose competitive way-of-being to a win/win abundance conscious way-of-being. The PPP eco-friendly advantage, people, profits, and the planet.
Will you join me in this dream of mine? Please 'like' my Wealth Transformations page if this is your dream too! www.facebook.com/wealthtransformations

Welcome! Thank you for becoming a fan of Wealth Transformations! I'm here to help you radically transform your relationship with your desires to have more influence and power to manifest prosperity, freedom, and love!

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