Aikido of Albuquerque, Albuquerque, NM Video July 27, 2019, 1:54am

Videos by Aikido of Albuquerque in Albuquerque. Aikido of Albuquerque is committed to maintaining the highest standards of Aikido instruction and tr

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Bernadette Sensei Birthday Training.

Irimi Nage, AoA
Mateo and Philip Sensei,Irimi Nage #aikido#martialarts

Shomen Uchi Irimi Nage
Philip Sensei and Mateo, Irimi Nage #aikido#martialarts

Flutter kicks
Fitness training.

Conditioning Class at AoA.

Monday Beginner Class
Working hard at AOA. Join us in the new beginners class!

NOW is a Great time to start Aikido! Trial class $20 mat fee

Boxing classes.
Boxing classes are open to ages 12 and up. Come try a class on Tuesday and Thursday from 6-7 pm.

This week’s classes 6-7 pm: Monday -Aikido, Tuesday-Boxing, Wednesday- Weapons.

Back on the mat.

Conditioning class
Come train with us! Email [email protected] for zoom link.

Immerse oneself in the practice.

Resilience, Endurance, Purity of Mind... Keep Going!

Let Go in Body, Let Go in Mind.

AoA Zoom classes, “making harmony in opposition.”

AoA class
Iohan as uke

Class at AoA
Iohan as uke

Friday night class.

Congratulations to Rosa for passing to Shodan.

Congratulations to Mateo for passing to Shodan.

Bernadette Sensei at BNA summer camp.