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Massage is definitely a relaxing way to treat yourself, but it will also allow you to function and move better over time.

Take advantage of the special we have going until the end of July $50 for a 1 hour session of medical massage and cupping!

Call @apollochiropractichealth to schedule and become pain free.

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5 Core Exercises to Improve Balance These 5 effective balance exercises will strengthen your core & improve your balance. Learn more with ACE!


Muscle Tension will lead to pain, reduced circulation, inflammation and reduced movement. You can relieve tension though through:
• Massage therapy or SMR
• Heat pack
• Static stretching, PNF stretching
• Exercises depending on areas of tension

Self care is important and will improve recovery, function, and our moods!


Free workout for Workout Wednesday!💪🏾


Having a routine for your nutrition is more important than ever! MEAL PREP is a great way to CONTROL your portions, ELIMINATE hidden calories and you will stay away from fast food!

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Get Fit 4 You

Finding time in your day to work out might not be the issue, it might be you just dont know where to start. But I got you, "Get Fit 4 you" is a 4 week bodyweight program that provides you with 3 workouts a week that are progressed to keep it challenging and make you stronger. It can be done at your pace in the convenience of your home or at a park!

To get the free PDF version follow the below landing page!




Here is a FULL BODY ROUTINE with absolutely no equipment!💪🏾

CIRCUIT ONE will have you feeling strong mentally and physically, then on CIRCUIT TWO you will really elevate your heat rate plus define your core!🔥

Save this and try! Let me know how it goes!


Athlete Ready Global

Workout Wednesday!

Another "at home" workout comin' atcha!

Fill a backpack or duffle bag if you won't have weights but want to add intensity! You can also add a few more rounds to anything 💪🏼🔥

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Jump rope is my go to for this!

Cardiac output training

Cardiac output training is a method used to train your aerobic system. Commonly this is known as Steady State keeping your Heart rate in the 120-150 range for at least 30 minutes or working up to 90 minutes.

The reason it is important to exercise this way, is it will help improve your oxygen supply . Any low intensity exercise like jogging or jump rope will work aslong your heart rate is in correct range.




Plenty of kettlebells and absolutely no bad energy!


●Eat the correct portions
●Get 6-8 hours of consistent sleep
●Lift things when you can
●Go for a walk on a sunny day


[04/11/20]   Home Workout challenge!

Pick a room you enter a good amount of times through out the day and knock out 10 pushups and 10 squats through out the day! You can still do your normal work out plus this👍🏾


Protein is powerful.

Proteins are building blocks of muscle, hair, enzymes, antibodies, and collagen in our body. We only produce 11 of the 20 amino acids we need, the other 9 we must consume from food which are complete proteins when a food has all 9.

We benefit from eating protein by:
• Controlling our hunger
• Increase metabolism & muscle mass
• Improving our mood
• Helping our focus


Athlete Ready Global

Something we all need to focus more on is proper recovery and mobility 🙌🏼

We thought we'd help you out 😎

Throw this one in on an off day or before bed and feel the difference!

All of the vids are on our app and YouTube page ❤️
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Full body Tone! Save this work out to get your upper and lower body feeling spicy🔥! If you have weights add them to the leg exercises to add more intensity. You can also elevate your feet on pike pushups if you're feeling bold!

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Jump rope is my go to for this!
Give this a try!




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