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A typical treatment entails muscle &soft tissue release through Myofascial work or Dry Needling foll


2-hour delay! Challenge excepted!!

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“Vitamin J” for JOY Such an important component of our health! Much needed day out with some family fun! Snow days are some of the best days!!

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Getting a diagnosis can be a scary time! Often times we seek answers as to know what the solution to the problem might be.

Unfortunately, in traditional medicine just because we have a diagnosis doesn't mean that all of our problems will be answered.

In our system, we have to give things a name, but the name should not define how you feel or behave nor should it determine the solutions that you can seek or create limiting beliefs about your body.

Most chronic diseases and pain symptoms are rooted in chronic inflammation.

Even joint pain, back pain, stiff and sore muscles...often all rooted in an inflammatory cause

Inflammation is simply our bodies way of talking to us. It's the way it grabs our attention as to create lifestyle and behavior change!


It can be so Freeing to realize we have a CHOICE! We can choose our thoughts, we can choose to be a positive thinker, we can choose kind words for ourselves and others.
It is incredibly empowering to realize you have a choice.... in your job, your friends, the people and environment we surround your self in!
We all have the opportunity to choose to create real joy and happiness in life - all to allow a true life experience!
Today is going to be a Great Day!


Benefits of being upside down!!

One big piece here is the opportunity to learn about your body... how do you tighten you abs when you're upside down? can you find your glutes the same way? Can you still breathe deeply...

Once you spend some time getting to know yourself here you may enjoy other benefits such as:
🧠 Increase the blood flow to the brain giving it more oxygen and nutrients and making the brain function faster and better. This improves concentration, memory, observation and boosts clear thinking.

😥Tension release (by using all those muscles that usually pull up toward your ears) to push down into the floor.

💪🏻Increase circulation and energy levels, and strengthen muscles.

😌It's also thought to promote emotional growth, calm the mind and spirit, guide energy toward the heart, and help you become more connected with the earth.

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With BFR or blood flow restriction you can use very light weight and create those same strength gains that you would with heavy loads!

💥Basically bio hacking your body💥

🔸 increased strength
🔸 increased hypertrophy
🔸Attenuation of atrophy
🔸Improved bone density
🔸Improved cardiovascular function
🔸 improved aerobic capacity
🔹 enhances the rehab process
🔹 enhance his overall performance

❓How does it work?! I’m glad you asked…

The gist is with limited blood flow into the muscle, this limits the oxygen supply to the muscle as well, and the band partially occludes the blood from from coming back up out of the muscle giving it the same type of stimulation it would have under really heavy load but without the increased stress in the joints and body wears and tear!

A growing body of evidence now supports the use of blood flow restriction at rest, combine with aerobic training, or combined with low low resistance training all to enhance the growth and strength responses of skeletal muscle!


Did you know your thoughts can change your brain, your cells and your genes? Also, your ability to heal from diseases?

This may be far fetched for some of you… but this falls under the same category as research on the placebo effect (which is very real, very powerful, and has a ton of research showing what our brains can actually do for and to our bodies)

🧠 For every thought you have, your brain sends signal to your body and your body has a physiological response to it. The body has no way of knowing if it is true or not.

💭 Imagine this and lets visualize together - Take a lemon and cut it into wedges… now squeeze a wedge into your mouth. Are you already salivating just imagining this? Your brain just manifested a physiological response to your thoughts… only your thoughts, no lemon.

🤯That is exactly what happens with every thought you have in your mind, the body produces a real physiological response.

🙀If you living in fear or overly stressed, then your body will activate the fight or flight response and go into stress mode.

👩🏼‍🔧The body has a natural self-repair mechanisms that can be flipped on or off based on thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that originate in the mind.

⏳Take a moment to check-in with yourself.

😌The more you speak kindly and calm to yourself, the more control you will have over your health. You have more power than you think, no matter what’s going on in life your life!

💫Don’t aim for perfection, aim to be better than yesterday. Set goals and allow for mishaps… health is a journey


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What is Functional Medicine Anyway?!
I thought you might ask 😉

FM is truly getting to the ROOT cause of why we feel the way we do, why we are tired, feel worn down, experiencing hormone dis-regulation, anxiety, disruptive gut trouble, weight gain, autoimmune diseases and so much more.

It is using FOOD as Medicine and the supplementation that our bodies crave that we aren't feeding it everyday, and of course the Lifestyle changes to support our system!

Message for any questions or info! Happy to chat 🥰


☀️Where Functional Medicine Meets Fitness and Full Body Health

I am so excited to be bringing to light all that I've been working on for the last year! Shortly after opening my new clinic and diving into the world of Entrepreneurship in 2020, I was pulled back into wellness and nutrition based learning. I have a deep calling to serve my patients, family and friends in the deepest way possible!! And for that reason I have had my head buried in books and back in class studying my b***y off to become a Functional Medicine Practitioner!

My commitment as we all jump into 2022 is to do my best to empower you with the ability to create abundant health and push the movement of “fine” is not “fantastic”. We are all meant to live a life of Vitality, but unfortunately our environment pushes us to a state of Illness, poor aging, chronic disease, hormone imbalances, unhealthy weight and fatigue.

This all happens over time, not the fault of aging, but as we age and spend more time eating crap food, consuming and absorbing toxins unintentionally, and living high stress lifestyles with minimal time for self care and joy!

As the patient or consumer, WE must work to become the doctor of the future! Our current medical system is designed for life saving emergent care, not for true health care and longevity.

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My crazy sweet loves! First day back! 2nd grade and Pre-k. They were so excited and had such a great day! Their spirit and enthusiasm always amazes me 🥰.

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Christmas in July! Cutest little camping trip ever. As I watch these 3 grow and as the summer winds down I find myself begging for more summer!! They are all so perfect in every way and I wish it would slow down 🥲.

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Maximum Impact is looking for a new PHYSICAL THERAPIST to add to the team!

Please message me with any interest or tag a friend you think might be a good fit. We are outpatient ortho, cash based

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I am so thankful to have a flourishing practice so early in being open!

I have a few opening this week if you want to scoop one up!

Wednesday at 10:00 am
Thursday at 2:00
Friday at 1:30

You may not need “Physical Therapy” but everyone can benefit from a little care.

Dry Needling is a great form of body work that can really ignite your body’s self healing capabilities and start the process of deep muscle healing!

Message me for an appointment!


I am so happy to have a near full schedule!!
This week I have: Wednesday at 10:00
Thursday at 2:00
Friday at 1:30


Hope Everyone had a healthy happy Thanksgiving!!

I only have a few slots left this week! Message me if you need some help this week!
⏰Times listed in comments

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📱Telehealth Services Now Available!

Tag a friend that you know may need a little assistance but can’t get out of the house!

Times are tough! And shut downs are rough! I would love to help any way that I can.

Reach out or DM if you have questions or would like to schedule!

I will run through an evaluation and movement screen with you, take some info and then begin your corrective exercise program with video and picture attachments so you have no questions left unanswered!

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Maximum Impact is able to continue serving the community as usual! If you need any of my services please reach out!!

✨Dry Needling
⚡️Scraping and Deep Tissue works
🏋🏼‍♀️Corrective Exercise Programs
🚀Muscle Activations Technique

🧘🏼‍♀️Lower Back Pain Program
💥Postural Corrections
🙋🏼‍♀️Shoulder Pain

We just got a new fun piece of equipment! Can’t wait to use it!

Click here to Schedule:

Visit the webpage here to find out more info on any of these techniques:

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Are you suffering from any type of pain or tightness? Dry Needling works in a way to give a deep release of the “knots” in the muscles and release the fascial tension surrounding them. The real magic comes in the Integration of our nervous system to really allow for our body to ignite the healing process to create real and LASTING change! Call me to scheudle (505) 363-4038. No need for a referral! Or you can visit for more information and online scheduling!

I can’t wait to help you start feeling more like yourself again! All this wokring from home and computer posture is the demise of us all!

Remember is more important now than ever!


Struggling with LOWER BACK PAIN
The more sitting we do generally equates to less time using the lower back muscles to support our actual upright and functional positioning.

Be gentle with your body and note that if you have not been doing much movement based exercise, these movements are simple and very effective when done correctly. But, take the rep scheme do wn and be diligentin the movement with plenty of postural breaks!

If you have questions or need corrective help...Just ask! I’m happy to help.

I know forward bending or a deadlift movement can be scary when you’re dealing with back pain, but following a few of these simple cues can get you on the road to moving normally again.

Check out the FULL VIDEO TUTORIAL with explanation on you tube here


Knee Pain can have many causes and often there is no one right answer. This is a trick to “decompress” the knees by stretching the elastic (or fascia) from foot to hip! This movement works through your own strength capabilities which is where we gain THE MOST mobility and have the greatest success!
Try it out and let me know how it goes 🤗


Improve Posture! Decrease Pain! Foam Roll Pec & Lats

Foam Rolling the Pecs & Lats

Seated posture of most kinds, especially computer posture innately causes shortening and tightening of both the pecs and the lats. Once these guys shorten and tighten, the back soon becomes overworked and painful!
Taking care of this as maintenance is always a great idea!

Both of these large groups can contribute to shoulder pain and impingement. So if you’ve been having shoulder pain, do a test movement, perform the rolling, and re-test!
Was it less painful? Did you have greater ROM?!?

It can be a painful process! Mobility through movement is the best way to get the best bang for you buck.


I have a few appointments this week if anyone has quarantine aches!!

Wednesday 9/30 @ 1:00
Thursday 10/1 @ 1:00 and 2:00
Friday 10/2 @ 1:00

Message me for an appointment!!


Let’s discuss Muscle ACTIVATION vs Muscle RECRUITMENT
(Anatomy Science NERD alert)!
I LOVE to nerd out on body science! So please ask questions if you have them!

The terms muscle activation and muscle recruitment are often used interchangeably and while they do have some overlap, they also have distinct differences.

We have to be able to FULLY ACTIVATE to be able to maximize recruitment!

Muscle Activation vs. Muscle Recruitment

When looking at a muscle contraction, there is a difference between the number of muscle fibers being recruited versus how active those recruited muscle fibers actually are.
Muscle recruitment is determined by the number of fibers that are actually being engaged within a muscle contraction.

For Example: If a muscle contains 1000 muscle fibers and 500 of them are being engaged, then there is only 50% muscle recruitment, but this does not indicate anything about the degree of actual activation.

The force generated by the individually recruited muscle fibers is how we would define activation, or their ability to contract and generate force.

Ideally, there would always be 100% muscle recruitment and 100% muscle activation, but in most cases, this simply doesn’t happen.

How decreased ROM or Stiff Muscles Diminish Activation and Recruitment
Through repetitive use of muscle tissue during fitness activities or just daily use, muscle fibers gradually become tighter, hardened, immobile and eventually fall into a chronically fibrotic state.

As this progression takes place, the fibers can no longer be contracted as well which then shows decreased force generated by the individual muscle fibers decreases. Consequently, activation is diminished.

One of the most common complaints, in addition to stiffness and pain, is WEAKNESS. In reality, they don’t actually have a TRUE weakness, but a TIGHTNESS that is causing the WEAKNESS. There is a lack of available muscle tissue or a lack of recruitment and diminished activation. If a patient is only recruiting 50% of a muscle, there will be weakness present.
So EXERCISING at this point to increase strength IS NOT an effective approach because the only fibers that are being strengthened are the ones being recruited for use, i.e. the healthy fibers. None of the tight fibers are capable of being recruited or engaged.

Schedule Here:


Do you have a “bad knee” a “bothersome hip”?
The doctor has told you that you have ARTHRITIS

Fortunately, that is not the end of the game! Even with an arthritic joint, helping the muscles surrounding it to move better and to contract through it full range with appropriate timing can help decrease the overall inflammation and pain and help the joint you have to last longer before any need for invasive surgical intervention.

Needling can greatly help with inflammatory decrease followed with MAT (muscle activation) helps with all the muscle contractile capabilities and teaching appropriate timing so that the joint can function at its most optimal level of mechanics!

Arthritis is a simple diagnosis that basically means joint inflammation. It does not mean that you have to stop moving and stop doing what you love!

Understanding arthritis and its course just changes how we may behave due to the pain. When we have pain, it is a natural reaction to stop doing whatever creates the pain... but the deal is with arthritis type pain is that we need to discover where our body is creating compensations
For example: if you have a warn out knee... its bone on bone and a replacement is in the loomy future. Your body is going to often respond in a way to protect the joint. So you may go on a long hike and then notice the knee hurts... the calf is tight... your plantar fascia is irritated etc. Paying attention to symptoms other than pain becomes essential to feeling better along with knowing what to do with those symptoms once you notice them!

Schedule here:

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Struggling with LOWER BACK PAINThe more sitting we do generally equates to less time using the lower back muscles to sup...
Knee Pain can have many causes and often there is no one right answer.  This is a trick to “decompress” the knees by str...
Improve Posture! Decrease Pain! Foam Roll Pec & Lats





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